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We demand that the Israeli public take its head out of the sand and look the occupation in the eye, see harsh reality as it really is: The State of Israel is doing to the Palestinian people things that international law defines as war crimes. This is not the end – the harm done to Israeli society by its occupation of Palestine is tremendous – economically, socially, mentally, morally, even to the most basic values.

Our goal is to presence and prioritize the occupation on the Israeli agenda! We wish to raise consciousness among the general public and expose it to the harsh realities of the Occupied Territories without the media’s mediation, but as we reflect it, activists who are present on the ground every day, and as reflected by the Palestinians who live there. We believe that change begins slowly and gradually infiltrates reality. Thus, too, a change of consciousness is so sorely needed by Israeli society, crossing over from an occupier-mind to a recognition that solution must be found.

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