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Looking the occupation in the eye

Who we are:

We are a group of law-abiding people, who care about human rights and the future of our country. We belong to the left wing of the political and social spectrum in Israel and act in order to put an end to the occupation. We take part in events, sometimes collaborating with other organizations, to stop violation of human rights of the Palestinian population, by being present in the occupied territories.

As we are wandering around in Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley and East Jerusalem, we are witnessing severe violations of human rights, destruction of property, physical and emotional abuse, denial of the right to make a living, denial of freedom of movement, denial of freedom of expression and denial of the right to equality, when facing the justice system.

Our  sole purpose is clear - We  wish to raise awareness and expose the public to the reality in the territories, the way  we witness it, without the filtering of the media. We are trying to make people look the occupation in the eye, and reach as many people as possible, especially those who choose to turn a blind eye, keep silent, and ignore what is going on. 


We established a camp, where we are discussing human rights, moral standards, the loss of humanitarian image, the interaction between conqueror and conquered and pointing out that even under occupation, there must be limitations, red lines and clear boundaries that mustn’t be crossed. 

We use  leaflets containing information about films and lectures and engage in activities together with artists and creators, who are open to start a discussion with anyone who is willing to listen. 


Changes are gradually happening. Our message is getting through and penetrating.

Society has to undergo a change in awareness, from the state of mind of a conqueror, to a state of mind of understanding that the conflict has to reach a solution, and we must enable the Palestinian population to make a living, raise their children and live without fear from neither the settlers, nor the army.

We ask the public to stop turning a blind eye and see the harsh reality. Our  government’s actions are violating international laws and are considered war crimes. The damage to Israeli society is devastating, dissolving our moral standards and values. Violence is penetrating into Israeli society. Soldiers’ souls are scarred and they are left traumatized long after they are discharged from their military service in the occupied territories.  

We are asking to look the occupation in the eye and to ask yourselves: “Where is this taking us?”

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