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The truth about attacking Rafah

The amazing thing in the arguments about “Attacking Rafah, yes or no” - is the total ignoring of the fact that for weeks Israel has been attacking Rafah constantly, night and day. Here is a list of the attacks just of this past week:

‣ March 19th -

  • 14 persons killed in the northern part of the city;

  • In addition, a family of 6 persons was killed.

‣ March 20th -

  • 4 persons killed, 2 children and a woman among them.

‣ March 21st -

  • 8 persons killed of a single family, 3 children and 3 women among them.

‣ March 23rd -

  • 12 persons killed in the eastern part of the city;

  • 5 persons killed - a grandmother and her 4 grandchildren, 3 to 12-years-old.

‣ March 24 -

  • 8 persons killed, a woman and 2 children among them;

  • 11 persons killed of a single family;

  • 21 persons killed, including numerous children.

‣ March 25th -

  • 36 persons killed in multiple attacks on 6 buildings.

‣ March 26th -

  • 17 persons killed of a single family;

  • 12 persons killed of a single family.

This list is only of cases where multiple persons were killed. It is partial, and shocking.

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Mar 29

I heard your staff was attacked by a “peaceful” Palestinian. It’s a good thing you guys were going to protect the Palestinian shepherds.


Mar 29

How come no one is talking about what happened today on the bus in the West Bank?


Mar 29

Yes. The stunning inaction by the world powers in this ongoing situation are horrifying.

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