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Activities in Palestine

Activists of the Looking the Occupation in the Eye movement maintain permanent links with the Palestinians and try to solve problems that come up as part of life under military occupation. There are times on seething summer days when the army or the illegal settler-colonists prevent drinking water tankers from moving. Often their movement is enabled thanks to intervention by our activists, whether through communication with the army or by physical accompaniment of the tankers.

In addition, the Palestinians face colonist violence from the illegal colonies and outposts, often prevented from tending their fields, grazing their flocks, picking their olives or harvesting their grains. This comes in addition to edicts issued by the army to prevent those farmers from reaching their land. Our activists try to serve as human shields against this violence in order to enable the Palestinian farmers to work.

For a long time now our activists have been carrying out various protest actions throughout Palestine. We call them “our quiet protest” – activists stand with large banners and signs at friction points because Palestinians are not permitted to protest there. An outstanding example is the Za’atara Junction (Tapuach Junction as Israelis call it), where we stand weekly in quiet protest. Every Friday morning we stand there with our signs in Hebrew and Arabic, facing the soldiers and the settler-colonists, as well as the Palestinians. We feel it’s important to let the Palestinians know that there are many in Israel who believe in peace and are acting to put an end to the occupation. We feel it’s important to let the Palestinians know there is still hope for life of freedom and equality, and to make our message present in Palestine as well.

Please join our activities throughout Palestine…

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