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The Daily File - April 22-26, 2024

Monday through Friday.



Data about the West Bank - October 7th, 2023 until April 26th, 2024

Sources: OCHA-Opt weekly report, DCI Palestine, Committee on Prisoners and Released Prisoners, Adameer, Palestinian Ministry of Health, The Daily File (ongoing reports).


‣ 475 Palestinians killed (165 since the beginning of 2024):

◦ 120 of them minors (39 since the beginning of the year);

◦ 10 with certainty killed by colonists;

◦ 7 killed by combined action of soldiers and colonists, not certainly set which of them killed;

◦ 38% of the killed persons are from 16 refugee camps;

◦ 59 of those killed are from the Jerusalem district;

‣ 9 Israelis killed (5 of them soldiers).


‣ 5,000 Palestinians wounded:

◦ 1,660 by live fire;

◦ 172 of them wounded by live fire in Jerusalem district.

‣ 104 Israelis wounded.


‣ 8,500 persons arrested:

◦ At least 540 of them minors, 280 women (including 4 pregnant women).

‣ 66 journalists (23 of them held in administrative detention).

‣ 1,325 held in custody are from Jerusalem district (155 sentenced to prison time).

‣ 9,500 imprisoned, 3,660 of them in administrative detention (no indictment sheet) including 22 women and 40 minors.

‣ Since October 7th, 5,210 administrative detention orders have been issued/renewed.

‣ 16 of those imprisoned from the West Bank died in prison, some from violence or medical negligence. Harsh testimonies of released prisoners about denial of basic rights.

‣ In the Jerusalem district alone, 68 distancing edicts from Jerusalem issued, mostly prior to Ramadan month.

Demolitions and displacement

‣ 1,760 Palestinian evicted by demolitions:

◦ 54% of them in military operation and bulldozer action;

◦ 37% of them due to lack of construction permits in Area C and East Jerusalem (unobtainable).

‣ 133 houses demolished in Jerusalem either by owners themselves or by the city authorities and a steep fine.’

‣ 9% of them demolished as collective punishment.

Colonist attacks

(As of April 24th)

‣ 794 attacks documented by OCHA-Opt.

‣ 172 of them ended in casualties.

Ein Auja

Summary of military operation at Nur Shams refugee camp on April 19th-21st

‣ 55 hours;

‣ 14 Palestinians killed, 3 of them minors;

‣ 50 Palestinians wounded (17 of them by live fire including paramedic treating the wounded);

‣ 20 persons arrested;

‣ 500 persons detained and interrogated;

‣ 10 Israeli soldiers wounded;

‣ 65,000 persons under curfew;

‣ 11 buildings were completely destroyed and 55 people, including 16 minors, were displaced;

‣ 8 houses badly damaged;

‣ 500 houses partly damaged;

‣ Heavy damage to infrastructures of electricity, water supply, sewage and communication, directly impacting 4,000 persons.


Data about the Gaza Strip - October 7, 2023 through April 27, 2024

Sources: OCHA-Opt, Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, Palestinian Ministry of Communication in Gaza, Palestinian Civil Defense, WHO, The Guardian


‣ 34,388 bodies not including missing persons, of which:

◦ 14,778 are minors;

◦ 9,752 are woman, of these 6,000 are mothers;

◦ 485 members of medical staffs;

◦ 67 rescue team members;

◦ 141 are journalists;

‣ At Al Shifaa compound, 381 bodies were discovered.

‣ At Al Nasser compound, 324 bodies were found 165 of them identified, the rest unidentifiable. Call for independent inquiry, and suspicion that 20 of them were buried alive.

‣ 31 children died of malnutrition;

‣ 9 children died due to lack of dialysis service and while waiting for evacuation.

Kareem. 7-years-old. Writes his name on his forearm. In case he is killed, he could be identified.

‣ 1,270 Israelis and foreign nationals were killed on October 7th, 36 of them minors.

‣ 260 Israeli soldiers killed fighting in Gaza.

‣ Number of hostages killed while in captivity in Gaza Strip still unknown.


‣ About 7,209 Israelis and foreign nationals were wounded since October 7th. Of these:

◦ 1,584 soldiers wounded since fighting in the Gaza Strip began.


‣ Number of persons held in custody from the Gaza Strip unknown, Israel unwilling to give data.

‣ Estimates hold 2,000 - 5,000. At least 27 of them died after their arrest.


‣ 256 were kidnapped on October 7th.

‣ 112 were released alive.

‣ 12 bodies were rescued.

‣ 133 remain captive, 35 of them are dead with certainty.

‣ Number of living unknown.


‣ 37 million tons of rubble.

◦ 300 kilograms per square meter.

‣ 14 years will be required to remove and neutralize bombs that were not activated )100 trucks a day) - The Guardian

‣ 80% of the farmed fields were destroyed.

‣ 31 out of 36 hospitals were destroyed either completely or partly.

‣ 73 attacks were carried out on a monthly average on medical centers.

‣ 65% of the buildings serving displaced persons were directly or significantly hit.

‣ 73% of the schools were hit either directly or significantly.

Child in the rubble of his home

Displaced persons

‣ 264 square kilometers comprising 67 % of the Gaza Strip were defined by the Israeli army as requiring evacuation.

‣ Rafah district is now inhabited by 1.1 million people, most of them displaced. This is a density of 50,017 persons per square kilometer.

Hunger and disease

70% of the Gaza Strip inhabitants suffer hunger at various levels.

‣ 9,817 requests were made for evacuation due to medical condition. 5,263 were met, some unperformable due to prevention of access.

‣ Between April 1st and 24th, only 57% of the aid delegations to the Northern Strip achieved their mission.

‣ The Palestinian Health Ministry warns that due to the flooding of sewage (destroyed sewage infrastructure) density and high temperatures, there is a real risk of spreading epidemics.

‣ Significant rise in reports of meningitis and hepatitis among the displaced.


Data about the Northern Israeli Border - October 7, 2023 until April 26, 2024

‣ 344 Palestinians killed in South Lebanon;

‣ 20 Israelis killed;

‣ 1,998 attacks from South Lebanon, estimating 4,000 rockets and missiles launched;

‣ Israel divulges no data about its attacks. The number exceeds 5,000.


Monday, April 22 - The West Bank

Raids and arrests

Throughout the day and night, the Israeli army raided Arraba, Beit Ummar, Bizzariya, Shu’afat refugee camp, Nablus, Silat ad-Dhahr, Balata refugee camp, Dura, Qalqilya, Duma, Bethlehem, Tubas, Meithalun, Ras Khamis, Hebron, Azzun, Habla, Deir Sharaf, Jalbun. At least 27 Palestinians were arrested.

Before and after (from left to right): Omar ‘Asaf released after 6 months of administrative detention; Professor Ahmad Barghuti after administrative detention; Abdallah Barghuti after administrative detention


1. Shu’afat refugee camp, north-east Jerusalem - confrontations around the checkpoint. One person wounded by live fire.

2. Bizzariya, north-west of Nablus - raid and fire exchange.

3. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron - 2 raids, one at night, the other 12 hours later. Confrontations. Suffocations.

Balata refugee camp

4. Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus - raid with bulldozers. Confrontations, fire exchange, improvised explosive charges. A soldier wounded. A Palestinian wounded. Bulldozers destroyed infrastructures in the camp.

Balata refugee camp

5. Duma, south-east of Nablus - raid, house surrounded, confrontations. According to the Shabak, the Palestinian who killed 14-year-old Benjamin Achimeir near Al Mughayyir was arrested.

6. Silat ad-Dhahr, south of Jenin - confrontations and fire exchange.

7. Tubas - special forces later reinforced by auxiliaries surrounded a house. During the raid they destroyed vehicles. Confrontations including fire exchange. A Palestinian wounded by soldiers’ blows. Arrest. Later, lighting bombs torch a farm east of the city and the army prevents access of firefighters.

8. Jalbun, east of Jenin - raid during which an improvised explosive charge is activated.

9. Azzun, east of Qalqilya - raid with live fire.

10. Halhul, north of Hebron - shots fired at vehicle. 3 Palestinians wounded, a man and 2 women.

Attacks against colonists

1. West Jerusalem, Romema neighborhood - 3 persons lightly-moderately wounded by a terrorist run-over attack. After it, the terrorists tried to fire a Carlo rifle but the arm was blocked and they escaped. Later arrested in Hebron.

2. Ma’ale Shomron, east of Qalqilya - explosive charge found on the colony fence.

Colonist attacks

Trying to smuggle into Al Aqsa for the slaughter

1. Al Aqsa Mosque, east Jerusalem - Jews try to smuggle in lambs in order to slaughter them in the compound.

On the way to Al Aqsa

2. Khirbet Al Halawa, Masafer Yatta - colonists fire at shepherds and sheep. Kill a sheep.

3. Kafr Ra’i, south of Jenin - colonists backed up by soldiers threaten with gunfire and prevent farmers from accessing their own land. Colonists fence it with barbed wire.


Monday, April 22 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 6 lethal attacks;

‣ 54 persons killed;

‣ 104 persons wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

Yassin. 10-years-old

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City: World Health Organization reports that fuel and medical supplies delegation did not reach Kamal Adwan Hospital for the second time this week.

‣ Al Daraj neighborhood - aerial bombing of a house. A child killed, 3 persons wounded;

‣ Shuja’ia - aerial bombing. One person killed;

‣ Al Zeitoun - bombing.

2. Beit Hanun - repeated raid by army. Mortar fire on military force. Israeli drones fire at displaced persons.

3. Beit Lahia - aerial raid.

4. Jabalia - confrontations east of the camp.

Central Strip

8 persons were killed and 67 wounded during the day.

1. Al Zawayda - aerial attack, another attack at cemetery west of the town - 6 persons wounded.

2. Al Bureij refugee camp - at the focus of numerous bombings. One of them at a school yard sheltering displaced persons. 4 persons killed.

3. Nuseirat refugee camp - several aerial raids and artillery fire. One of them hit hospital compound inside the camp, destroying solar panels. Drones bombed tower next to the mosque.

4. Al Maghazi and Al Mughraqa - aerial attacks.

5. Deir Al Balah - bombing of vehicle and more aerial attacks. Wounded persons.

Deir Al Balah

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - 283 bodies discovered so far in 3 mass graves at Al Nasser Hospital compound. Bombing at south-eastern part of town.

2. Abasan Al-Kabira, east of Khan Yunis - artillery fire.


Monday, April 22 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

1. Several rounds of rockets launched: alarm sirens at Arab Al Aramshe, Hanita (rocket fired at military force), Kiryat Shmona, Safed and Ein Zeitim (35 rockets fired, mostly falling in open space), Biranit.

Attacks against South Lebanon

1. Al Dhahira (house completely bunt), El Mahmoudiyah, Odaisseh, Yarun.


Tuesday, April 23 - The West Bank


1. Shadi Issa Jalaita, 44-years-old from Jericho.

Raids and arrests

During the night and day, the Israeli army raided Jericho, Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, Ein Al Sultan refugee camp, Nablus, Qusra, Tulkarm, Kafr A Labad, Beit Ummar, Al Mughayyir, Umm Safa, Jalbun, Rummanah, 'Anin, Al Fandaqumiya. At least 9 Palestinians arrested.


1. Jericho and the two refugee camps, Aqabat Jaber (south) and Ein Al Sultan (north) - raid begun at Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, expanded to city and second camp. Confrontations and fire exchanges. Sniper shot to death a Palestinian, married and father of 3 children. In the confrontations, a minor was wounded (seriously) and another uninvolved person (moderately). During the raid, houses searched, a court house surrounded, 2 persons arrested.

2. Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus - raid on eastern part of the city, during the retreat close to the camp - confrontations and fire exchanges broke out.

3. Qusra, south-east of Nablus - confrontations.

4. Beit Ummar - confrontations. 3 persons wounded by live fire.

5. Al Mughayyir, north-east of Ramallah - raid of houses with live fire.

6. Jalbun, east of Jenin - house turned into an army post, erection of barrier from which shots were fired at inhabitants who confronted the army.

Attack against the army

1. Azzun, east of Qalqilya - improvised explosive charge found close to the road.

Colonist Attacks

1. Ain al-Hilweh, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley - armed colonists raid houses and threaten to kill if inhabitants won’t evacuate them.

2. Sebastia, north-west of Nablus - armed colonist opens fire at houses, property damaged.


Tuesday, April 23 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 3 lethal attacks;

‣ 32 persons killed;

‣ 59 persons wounded;

‣ An Israeli army officer killed in the Northern Strip;

‣ 24 hours.

Her name is Tulin Al Khatab, killed at Deir Al Balah

Attacks against Israel

1. Sderot - rockets fired. Fire broke out at industrial plant after rocket debris fall.

2. Nir Am - rockets.

3. Zikim - alarm sirens.

Northern Strip

1. Beit Lahia - army publicizes threat to evacuate. Drone attacks group of people - one person killed, several wounded. Aerial raids and heavy artillery fire during the day.

Evacuating Beit Lahia

2. Jabalia - artillery fire east of the camp.

3. Gaza City - artillery fire and aerial attacks of Al Tufah, Shuja'iya, Tel Al Hawa, Sheikh Ijlin, Al Zeitoun - 3 persons killed, 10 persons wounded. Al Zeitoun suffered huge fire.’

Central Strip

1. Al Zawayda - bombings from the sea.

2. Al Bureij refugee camp - aerial attacks and artillery fire, especially east of the camp. Later, helicopter attack.

3. Wadi Gaza - aerial attack.

4. Al Maghazi refugee camp - aerial raids.

5. Nuseirat refugee camp - house bombed. 5 persons killed, including a girl. A woman missing. Repeated attacks north of the camp.

Al Ruh (spirit) Gud’a was taken out of her mother killed with father Shuqri and sister Malak. Al Ruh survived for 5 days, then died. A baby girl

Southern Strip

1. Rafah - artillery fire east of the city. House hit - 3 persons killed including a child.

2. Khan Yunis - another 35 bodies discovered at mass graves in Al Nasser Hospital compound. Bodies count now reaching 310. Most unidentifiable. Some of them showing signs of shackling and vandalism. Hundreds still missing.


Tuesday, April 23 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

1. Alarm sirens at Metula.

2. Rockets fired at Shomera, Zar’it.

3. 3 rounds of alarm sirens and interception north of Acre.

4. Drone intercepted at Naharia.

5. Alarm sirens at Kiryat Shmona and Manara.

6. 4 rockets fired at Margaliot.

7. Rockets fired at Dov Mountain.

Attacks against South Lebanon

Bint Jbeil, Yarun, Aadloun, Hanine, (vehicle attacked, 2 persons killed, 4 wounded), a person killed at ‘Arzun, Ayta A Shab, Blida, Aalma El Chaeb, Naqoura, Hula.


Wednesday, April 24 - The West Bank


Mimuna Abed AlHameed Harahsha, 20-years-old woman, from Bani Na'im.

Raids and arrests

Askar refugee camp, Halhul, 'Anata, Kafr Ni'ma, Ya'bad, Azzun, Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, Dura, Kafr Malik, Ni'lin, Shu’afat refugee camp. At least 15 persons arrested.


1. Azzun, east of Qalqilya - raid. Confrontations. Improvised explosive charge activated.

2. Kafr Malik, east of Ramallah - raid with live fire.

3. Yatta - raid and confrontations.

4. Samu’a, south of Hebron - town raided with teargas. Vehicle confiscated.

Attacks against the army

1. Kiryat Arba - 20-year-old Palestinian woman shot and killed at checkpoint near Kiryat Arba, after soldiers claimed she tried to stab them.

Stabbing attempt close to Kiryat Arba

Colonist attacks

1. Ras Al Ein, north of Jericho - a group of colonists charged at a house of one of the villagers (which they had torched two weeks ago), photographed and left.

2. Al Mughayyir, north-east of Ramallah - new colonist outpost founded south of the village.

3. Qarawat Bani Hassan, west of Salfit - colonists uprooted 70 olive and almond trees.


The Gaza Strip - Wednesday, April 24th

‣ 6 lethal attacks;

‣ 79 persons killed;

‣ 86 persons wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

Hirsch Goldberg Polin

Attacks against Israel

1. Alarm sirens at Kisufin, Ibim.

2. Rockets fired at Sderot (direct hit), Be’eri, Nahal Oz.

3. Video publicized of hostage Hirsch Goldberg Polin.

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City:

‣ Al Shati refugee camp - Amina Hamed (poet and journalist) and her two children killed when their house was bombed;

Amina Hamed and her son, killed by bombing of Al Shati refugee camp

‣ Artillery fire at Tel Al Hawa;

‣ Artillery at Sheikh Ijlin;

‣ Aerial attack at Al Zeitoun;

‣ Bombing of Yarmuk market in town - 3 persons killed, 12 wounded.

2. Jabalia - artillery fire hits Kamal Adwan Hospital sheltering many wounded children.

3. Beit Lahia - ongoing artillery fire east of the town.

4. Beit Hanun - artillery fire.

Central Strip

1. Nuseirat refugee camp - 4 persons killed and others wounded in an attack on a group of people in the western part of the camp. Artillery fire from the north and fighting in the area.

2. Al Zawayda - bombing of farmland.

3. Al Bureij - aerial attack. One person killed, others wounded.

4. Deir Al Balah - bombing close to displaced persons’ camp. Palestinian woman and her children wounded.

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - 51 more bodies rescued from mass grave at Al Nasser compound. 30 of them identified. 9 more bodies rescued from the city rubble. Bombings of Ma’an and Al Hawasi neighborhoods - 2 persons killed and 7 wounded.


Wednesday, April 24 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

1. Rockets fired at Shomera, direct hit of two houses at Avivim, direct hit at Zar’it, hit in Majdal Shams, launching at tank in Metula.


Attacks against South Lebanon

1. Tyre Harfa (artillery fire), Hula (aerial attack), Ramia (artillery fire), Ayta A Shab (several aerial attacks), Marin (aerial attack).

2. The Israeli claims it has attacked 40 targets in response to the hit at Avivim.


Thursday, April 25 - The West Bank


1. Khaled Raed ‘Arqawi, 16-years-old from Jenin, living in Ramallah.

Raids and arrests

The night and day saw raids on Beit Furik, Beit Dajan, Ramallah, Burqa, Qalqilya, Tulkarm, Sebastia, Al-Bireh, Ya'bad, Dura, Duma, Tura, Faqqua, Al Jalamah, Nabi Salah, Jalazone refugee camp, Madama. 15 persons arrested, 4 minors among them, 3 13-years-old from Jalazone camp.


1. Jalbun, east of Jenin - improvised explosive charge activated at military force. Raid and confrontations during which fire bombs and stones were hurled. No casualties reported.

Three 13-year-olds arrested at Jalazone refugee camp

2. Beit Furik, east of Nablus - raid, one person wounded by live fire.

3. Beit Dajan- east of Nablus - confrontations.

4. Ramallah - several neighborhoods raided, resulting in confrontations. Minor killed by live fire. Son of an officer in the Palestinian Intelligence Services.

5. Tulkarm - Confrontations and fire exchange. Minor wounded by blows.

6. Al-Bireh - raid, during Israeli retreat - confrontations.

7. Salomon’s Pools, south of Bethlehem - army chased away Palestinians in favor of colonists, confrontations broke out during expulsion.

8. Nablus - special force kidnapped a Palestinian from city center.

9. Husan, west of Bethlehem - confrontations. Suffocations. Closing off Al Muthina area, and village entrances until further notice.

10. Dura, south of Hebron - town raided, confrontations.

11. Hebron, Bab A Zawiya neighborhood - curfew in favor of colonist march to Ibrahimi Mosque (Cave of the Patriarchs).

12. Sebastia, north-west of Nablus - archaeological site raided, curfew on Palestinians to secure colonists’ visit.

13. Madama, south of Nablus - confrontations during a raid.

Attacks against colonists

1. Sinjil, north-east of Ramallah - stones thrown at bus.

2. Husan, west of Bethlehem - fire bombs thrown at private cars.

Colonist attacks

1. Jorat al-Sham'a, south of Bethlehem - colonists attack Palestinian farmers.


Thursday, April 25 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 5 lethal attacks;

‣ 43 persons killed;

‣ 64 persons wounded;

‣ 11 Israeli soldiers wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

Attacks against Israel

1. Rockets fired at Re’im army base.

Northern Strip

1. Beit Lahia - house bombed.

2. Gaza City:

‣ Aerial raid on north-eastern part of the city - 8 persons killed, aid workers;

‣ Al Zeitoun - aerial attacks and artillery fire;

‣ Al Rimal, Tel Al Hawa, Sheikh Ijlin - artillery fire. 10 persons wounded;

‣ One person killed and 2 wounded in attack on a horse-drawn cart.

Bombing a horse-drawn cart in the Northern Strip

Central Strip

1. Nuseirat refugee camp - confrontations.

2. Al Maghazi - aerial attack.

3. Gaza Wadi fence - 5 persons killed, among them women and children trying to return to the Northern Strip.

4. Al Bureij refugee camp - one person killed and others wounded.

5. Al Mughraqa - confrontations.

Southern Strip

1. Rafah:

Sara Abu ‘Amer. 6-years-old, killed by bombings at Rafah

‣ Al Janina neighborhood - home of journalist bombed. 8 persons killed, 10 wounded;

Rafah. Al Janina neighborhood where journalist home was bombed. 8 persons killed, 10 wounded

‣ Body of a child found in the neighborhood rubble, a month after being killed;

‣ House bombed east of the city - 3 persons killed;

‣ Bombing of Al Nasser hospital in town.

2. Khan Yunis - at Al Nasser compound, 392 bodies found. 165 of them identified. Signs of Abuse, some of them are of medical staff and patients. According to Palestinian sources, the army dragged them with bulldozer to mass graves.


Zoom In

Lara Sya’a, 19-years-old, exited her home at Al Zeitoun along with her mother, through the ‘humanitarian safe corridor’ towards Rafah, in order to reach Egypt. On the way there, with no water and in seething heat, she and her mother had heat-stroke. The Israeli army prevented ambulance access to rescue them. Lara died. Her mother is in a coma. The army refused to transfer the body to her church.


Thursday, April 25 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

1. Interception above Ma'alot-Tarshiha. Rockets fired at Arab Al Aramshe. Rockets fired at Dov Mountain. Rockets fired at Margaliot.

Attacks against South Lebanon

1. Baalbek (aerial bombing), Aalma El Chaeb (artillery fire), Naqoura (artillery fire), Yarun (artillery fire), Kafr Shuba (aerial attack).


Friday, April 26 - The West Bank


1. Saed Abu Ghanem, 27-years-old from Lod.

Raids and arrests

Nablus, Al Jalazone refugee camp, Jayus, Samu’a, Qabatiya, Balata refugee camp, Ya'bad, Tubas, Qusra, Arraba, Bir al Basha.

At least 13 persons arrested. Among them a 33-year-old woman teacher, mother of four and pregnant, from Jalazone camp.


Joseph’s Tomb

1. Nablus, Joseph’s Tomb - Large army force charged the tomb area to secure colonist pilgrimage to the site. Fire exchange, teargas, improvised explosive charges.

Close to Joseph’s Tomb

2. Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus - special force surrounded a house, military auxiliary force joined later. Confrontations broke out including fire exchange. Arrest.

3. East Jerusalem - Border Police forces prevent people not allowed to enter Al Aqsa Compound to pray close to the Lions Gate. They even attacked a journalist with a club.

Journalist being beaten with a club

4. Qabatiya, south of Jenin - raid during which a vehicle was fired at. Arrests.

5. Arranah, north-east of Jenin - confrontations.

6. Al Samu’a, south of Hebron - raid on the village, in order to enable colonists to come to the archaeological site.

7. Tubas - confrontations and fire exchange.

Attacks against the army

1. Salem Checkpoint, north-east of Jenin - shots fired.

Attacks against colonists

1. Makukh colonist outpost, north-east of Ramallah - two Palestinians caught with firearms and axe trying to penetrate the outpost.

2. Jorat al-Sham'a, south of Bethlehem - stones thrown at vehicles.

3. Ramla - a Palestinian citizen of Israel stabs and seriously wounds woman inhabitant before being shot to death.

4. Bat Hefer, west of Tulkarm - shots fired at locality.

Colonist attacks

1. Al Mughayyir, north-east of Ramallah - armed colonists attack farmers and fire live shots.

2. Ain al-Hilweh, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley - colonists raid encampment and confiscate objects they claim are stolen. Activists say this is their tactic.

3. Kisan, east of Bethlehem - colonists try to steal a water tank and farming equipment but villagers manage to prevent this.


Friday, April 26 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 5 lethal attacks;

‣ 51 persons killed;

‣ 75 persons wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

Northern Strip

1. Beit Lahia - artillery fire.

2. Gaza City:

‣ House bombed at city center - 3 persons killed;

‣ Shuja'iya - 3 unpopulated houses bombed;

‣ Al Zeitoun - aerial raids;

‣ House bombed at western part of the city - 3 persons killed - a father, mother and newborn son. The mother is the eldest daughter of poet Refaat Alareer, killed in December;

‣ Mosque in Al Tufah neighborhood bombed.

Central Strip

1. Al Zawayda - artillery fire. One person killed and people wounded.

2. Nuseirat refugee camp - farmland bombed, aerial raids.

3. Al Mughraqa - residential block bombed.

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - Al Faisal Hospital bombed west of the city - 3 persons killed.

2. Rafah - bombing east of the city (Al Jaradat area) - wounded people.

3. Fisherman killed while fishing at Rafah shore.


Friday, April 26 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

1. Anti-tank missiles at Dov Mountain outpost during works on protective wall. Israeli civilian truck driver killed. Afterwards, over 50 rockets fired during 5 attacks within 40 minutes at Upper Galilee, Northern Golan and Hermon Mountain.

Attacks against South Lebanon

1. Over 159 artillery shells at Kafr Shuba, Shab’a outskirts and Hula - 35 houses damaged.

2. Bombing of vehicle in Baqa - 2 persons killed.

3. Aerial attack on Kafrkela, Tyre Harfa, Al khiara, and Jabal Abou Rached.

4. Yarun - house went up in flames after being bombed.


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