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Who we are

We are a group of normative Israeli citizens, people who care about human rights and the future of the state. We oppose the occupation and act to put an end to it. In the meantime we participate in inter-organizational activities in order to prevent as much as possible the harming of Palestinians’ rights in the Occupied Territories.


Our purpose here is clear: raising consciousness of the general Israeli public and exposing it to reality in the Occupied Territories, without the media’s mediation but simply as reflected by us, activists on the ground.


In our protest encampment, we speak about human rights, morality, the loss of humaneness, power relations of occupier and occupied, and that even under occupation there are laws, duties and red lines that should not be crossed.


Through videos, leaflets, lectures, activities and encounters with artists and activists who know the ground are willing to hold a discussion with anyone, we try to make people look occupation in the eye, reach the many who understand and know but choose to ignore it, those who are aware but prefer not to know, and those who hear and see but are afraid to take sides…


We believe that change begins slowly and gradually infiltrates reality. Thus, too, a change of consciousness is so sorely needed by Israeli society, crossing over from an occupier-mind to a recognition that solution must be found.


We ask the Israeli public to take its head out of the sand and look at harsh reality without softening filters: we do things to the Palestinian people that under international law are defined as war crimes. Harm to Israeli society is enormous: moral and value decline, violence that permeates our society, traumas that remain with those who have served in the Occupied Territories.

We wish to look at occupation in the eye and understand where this is taking us all.

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The project Looking the Occupation in the Eye is  operating under the Center for Advancement of Peace Initiatives (Registered association).

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