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Our vision

The Vision of ‘Looking the Occupation in the Eye’


Who are we?

We are a group of Israeli women and men who are certain that military domination of Palestinians and the colonization of the Occupied Territories are the two major problems of the State of Israel. We act to change this for the good of all Palestinians and Israelis.


Our vision

Placing the dire need to end the occupation and its injustices at the center of Israeli public discourse, while supporting all efforts to instate a just peace.


Our action principles



The members of this group participate in acts that serve the purpose stated above while taking personal responsibility.

We act in three areas:

  1. Defending Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and supporting them.

  2. Publicly protesting in the Occupied Territories and inside Israel through demonstrations and advocacy.

  3. Publicizing in the social media and mass communication channels.


Rapidity and flexibility

Reality in the Occupied Territories and in Israel demands a rapid and determined response by our activists to the challenges taking place.



‘Looking the Occupation in the Eye’ cooperates with Palestinian, Israeli and international bodies that maintain a similar worldview.



‘Looking the Occupation in the Eye’ protects its independence, careful to be politically and financially free.



Members of ‘Looking the Occupation in the Eye’ are volunteers. Our policy and modes of action are set by the leaders of the organization, in full transparency.



The organization and its members are committed to non-violence.

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