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Protests in Israel

Activists of the Looking the Occupation in the Eye movement are presently holding several protest actions within Israel-proper, opposite conferences and events held by the extreme right-wing movements, facing police stations and government offices, as well as in front of offices of firms that collaborate with the occupation and harass human rights activists.

Since the outbreak of protest against the judiciary coup and the struggle over the image of Israeli democracy, Looking the Occupation in the Eye as an organization has taken an active and significant part in the bloc against the occupation created within the central protest demonstrations in Israel’s large cities. Our activists participate in demonstrations throughout the country and presence the occupation everywhere. They are there with their banners and shirts that remind everyone of the links between democracy and equal rights to all, and thus between the demand for democracy and the duty to put an end to occupation. The slogan “Democracy and occupation cannot co-exist” has become popular to the point that it guides our activity in numerous demonstrations.

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