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Accompanying Shepherds

This activity aims to protect Palestinian shepherd communities from harassments and abuse by violent extreme settler-colonists, inhabitants of the illegal outposts created in the Palestinian Jordan Valley in the past few years. The Palestinian communities in this area are presently undergoing increased harassment day and night by the army and settler-colonists including false arrests (lengthy at times), threats, confiscation of property, nightly ‘visits’ and home demolitions.

Their purpose is obvious: to clear the region of Palestinians in favor of the settler-colonists and to annex it to the State of Israel, while the colonies and outposts built illegally are expanding at record paces, with full backing of the ‘security’ system. The violence of outpost settler-colonists towards Palestinians has soared and the Israeli authorities do nothing to curb it.

We, a group of volunteers present in the Palestinian Jordan Valley every day, are unfortunately the only buffer between the shepherd communities and these settler-colonists who act in extreme brutality against the shepherds in order to crowd them out of grazing grounds and farmland.

We are there every day. Our presence in the Palestinian Jordan Valley is important in order to gather data and document the illegal actions of the settler-colonists and their uniformed mates, and bring them to the attention of the Israeli public and decision makers here and abroad. We are also active judicially in order to struggle with acts of injustice and their perpetrators.

In addition, human ties have been made with the communities that also help us contribute to other forms of aid: gathering and distributing equipment, clothes, toys, English lessons, help in restoring water holes and demolished infrastructures, and legal aid when necessary. In general, we try to meet their basic needs so as to survive and not have to leave their homes. The members of these shepherd communities know they can turn to us at any time for help.

We need more volunteers to join our shifts going out every single day to accompany Palestinian shepherds in the grazing grounds of the Palestinian Jordan Valley, near their communities.

Please join the shepherd accompaniers

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