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The Daily File - March 19-23, 2024

Tuesday through Saturday.



Data from the West Bank - October 7, 2023 - March 25, 2024

The data is incomplete, updates of data relayed in previous reports.


‣ 434 Palestinians killed (126 since the beginning of the year);

‣ 10 killed by colonists, 3 by colonist-soldiers;

‣ 16 Israelis killed, 6 of them soldiers.


‣ At least 5,000 Palestinians wounded (725 of them minors);

‣ 109 Israelis wounded.


‣ 7,770 Palestinians arrested since October 7th;

‣ The Committee for the Prisoner emphasizes a rise in arrest violence.

Displaced persons and demolitions

‣ 1,600 Palestinians displaced;

‣ 54% during military operations;

‣ 38% due to house demolitions in Area C and East Jerusalem;

‣ 8% in collective punishment;

‣ 1,240 (600 minors among them) evicted from their homes (20 shepherd communities) due to colonist violence.

Data sources: OCHA-OPT daily report (numerical update from the reports), data of the Committee for the Palestinian Prisoner.


Data from the Gaza Strip - October 7, 2023 - March 25, 2024

These data are only updates for data previously reported.


‣ 32,333 Palestinians killed (not including missing persons) - by body count;

‣ 1,260 Israelis and internationals killed on October 7th (including the person whose body was kidnapped to Gaza);

‣ 251 Israeli soldiers killed since the beginning of the ground invasion.


‣ 74,694 Palestinians wounded;

‣ 5,200 Israelis and internationals wounded on October 7th;

‣ 1,509 Israeli soldiers wounded in ground invasion so far.

Updates on sickness

‣ Project Hope report from their 3 clinics (one in Rafah, supplying medical services to 100,000 Displaced Persons) a sharp rise of Hepatitis A;

‣ The Gaza Ministry of Health reports about one million persons suffering from infectious diseases;

‣ A survey examining 891 patients showed multiple cases of skin disease, respiratory tract disease, ear infections;

‣ Also, sharp rise in meningitis cases;

‣ Most medical services are held in a tent without water, sterilization materials and a serious lack of medical equipment. About 300 patients a day.

Nur Abu Huda


‣ Action Aid International report that the average supply of clean water is 1.5 to 3 liters per person, while the necessary minimum is at least 15 liters for drinking, sanitation and hygiene;

‣ Only one of 3 pipes supplying water from Israel is functioning;

‣ Most water infrastructure has been destroyed by bombings;

‣ The DP camps depend on water from tankers whose capacity is limited and only partly accessible.

Data sources: Action Aid International, OCHA-OPT


Tuesday, March 19 - The West Bank


1. Facher Bani Jaber, 40-years-old from Aqraba

2. Ziad Hamdan, 30-years-old from Hashemiya.


1. At least 15 persons arrested, a woman-journalist among them.

2. 61 journalists have been arrested in the West Bank since October 7th, 23 of them are now held in administrative detention, without legal proceedings.\


1. Al-Yamun, west of Jenin - night raid during which houses were searched. Confrontations. 2 persons arrested.

2. Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus - raid with bulldozer. Improvised explosive charge operated against the bulldozer.

3. Meithalun, south of Jenin - confrontations during raid.

4. Al Bireh - confrontations in Jabal Al Tawil area.

Attacks against the army

1. Beit Fajjar, south of Bethlehem, near Gush Etzyon - a Palestinian fires and wounds two Shabak agents with whom he had an appointment. One of them is seriously wounded. They managed to shoot and kill him.

2. Azzun, east of Qalqilya - explosive charge discovered close to the town entrance. Neutralized. All entrances to the town blocked.

Colonist attacks

1. Aqraba - colonists attacks houses on the eastern side of the village. The villagers confront them. The colonists, secured by the army, shoot a villager in the chest and kill him at the entrance to his home.

2. Al Mu'arrajat, north-west of Jericho - colonists raid 20 deserted houses of the Ka’abna community that were expelled in November 2023. They graze their flock in the village fields.

Colonists raid the deserted Ka’abna community which they evicted in November 2023

3. Deir Istiya, west of Salfit - colonists break into a farm structure, vandalize and steal equipment.


Zoom In


December 13th, 2023 - Amar Sweidan, 17-years-old, chased by an army jeep as he rides his electric bicycle (in the town of Azzun). The jeep hits the bicycle. A soldier comes out of the jeep and hits wounded Amar with the door of the vehicle. Another soldier shoots him point blank, stands over him and shouts - Die! Amar remains paralyzed in all 4 limbs.

Source: Wafa News Agency


December 2, 2023 - Kareem Sharab, 8-years-old from Awarta, stands near his home during a raid on the village. He was shot in the neck by a soldier standing 15 meters away. Remained paralyzed.


Tuesday, March 19 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 9 lethal attacks;

‣ 93 persons killed;

‣ 142 persons wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

‣ One Israeli officer killed in the Shifa Hospital Compound:

‣ 8 Israeli soldiers wounded;

‣ Canada declares embargo on arms to Israel.

Northern Strip

1. Jabalia refugee camp - UNRWA storage room and house bombed in the eastern part of the camp. 8 persons killed.

2. Gaza City:

‣ Sheikh Radwan neighborhood - 6 persons killed;

‣ Samer Junction - a woman killed and 3 wounded including children;

‣ Al Jal’a Street - 9 persons killed in house bombing;

‣ The center of town - 15 persons killed in house bombing;

‣ Al Rimal neighborhood, Al Shifa Hospital - confrontations of Israeli army and the Al Aqsa Brigades. The army lays siege to the compound, retreats from the buildings but attacks around it. 2 buildings in the northern section completely destroyed, bombing in the southern section of residential building, mosque bombed on the western side. The army continues to prevent ambulance access to rescue wounded and evict the dead from the neighborhood;

‣ Al Kuwaiti roundabout (Al Zeitoun neighborhood) - attack against organizers and coordinators of aid delegations and people waiting for food - 30 persons killed (according to OCHA), among them the person responsible for coordinating food distribution.

Central Strip

1. Nuseirat refugee camp:

‣ Bombing of UNRWA headquarters in the camp - 5 persons killed, including 2 children;

‣ One person killed west of the camp;

‣ Bombing of a 3-storey building - 27 persons killed.

2. Deir Al Balah - extensive damage to DP tents due to fierce rains.

Deir Al Balah. Rain in the Displaced Persons camp

Southern Strip

1. Rafah:

Target bank in Rafah

‣ Bombings of Khirbet Al Adas (north of the city) - 14 persons killed;

‣ Al Musabah (north of the city) - number of casualties unclear;

‣ Al Janina (east of the city) - 6 persons killed, members of the same family.

‣ Hamed - 3 more bodies removed from the rubble.


Tuesday, March 19 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

‣ Missiles on Biranit, Malkia, Manara (2 soldiers wounded), Khalat Al Tihat (military force attacked), Al Marj (military force attacked).

Attacks against South Lebanon

‣ Aerial bombing - Odaisseh, Meiss Al Jabal, Naqoura, Kafrkela, Marwahin, Rab El Thalathine;

‣ Artillery - Meiss Al Jabal, Al Fawar.

Attacks against Syria

‣ Aerial bombing of military targets near the city of Yabrud.


Wednesday, March 20 - The West Bank


1. Ahmad Hani Barakat, 20-years-old from Jenin.

2. Mahmoud Rahal, 31-years-old from Jenin.

3. Mohammad Abu Al Shadi, 20-years-old from Jenin.

4. Mohammad Al Faed, 24-years-old from Jenin.


1. At least 30 persons arrested, a woman and a minor among them.


1. Jenin - a drone bombs a vehicle carrying a man wanted for a terrorist attack.

3 persons killed and one person critically wounded who died of his wounds the next day. Inhabitants of the refugee camp confront the Palestinian security forces calling to free political detainees. 6 persons wounded in the confrontations.

2. A-Ram, north of Jerusalem - night raid and confrontations.

3. Tulkarm - raid on the western part of town. Confrontations including the use of improvised explosive charges. Bulldozers have begun to destroy infrastructures.

4. Sir, north-east of Hebron - raid with live fire.

5. Husan, west of Bethlehem - what began as fire bomb throwing at colonist vehicles developed into confrontations with the Israeli army.

6. Ein Sukkut, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley - shepherd arrested during grazing.

7. Masafer Yatta, near Mitzpe Yair - masked soldiers who refused to identify themselves chased away a shepherd from his privately owned land. Same elderly shepherd who was taken to a colonist outpost a few days ago by army-garbed colonists.

8. Al Jwaya, Masafer Yatta - a shepherd was taken from his village lands by soldiers who refused to identify themselves. Taken to the Susya base.

Attacks against the army

1. Qalqilya, northern checkpoint - an improvised explosive charge.

2. Jayus, east of Qalqilya - an explosive charge was neutralized.


1. Deir Istiya, north-west of Salfit - entrances blocked by dirt piles. 3 hours later the villagers remove them.

Attacks against colonists

1. Karmei Tzur, north of Hebron - improvised explosive charges.

2. Nabi Elias, east of Qalqilya - stone throwing.

3. Nablus - south of the city, stones thrown. A colonist was wounded and his vehicle damaged.

Colonist attacks

1. Burqa, north-west of Nablus - a farmer attacked by 8 masked colonists with clubs. His vehicle ignited and he was hospitalized.

2. Burin, south of Nablus - colonists attacked shepherds close to the high school. Both taken to the nearby military watchtower.

3. Arab Al Malihat - armed colonists prevented shepherds from going out to graze.

4. East Jerusalem - two events: in one, a Palestinian bus driver was attack by a helmet-wearing Jew; In the second, a provocative procession in Al Wad Street leading to Al Aqsa Mosque and blocking people from praying at the Al Aqsa compound.

5. Susia, Masafer Yatta - colonists from the nearby colony began to vandalize olive trees and a fence. When a solidarity activist came to photograph this, they set their dog at him, who bit and wounded him. The police was summoned but did not arrive.

6. Madama, south of Nablus - the security official of the nearby colony attacked two Palestinians, bruising them.


Wednesday, March 20 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 10 lethal attacks;

‣ 104 persons killed;

‣ 162 persons wounded;

‣ Within less than a week, Israel attacked aid centers 8 times. In these attacks, about 100 persons were killed;

‣ 291 Israeli soldiers are still hospitalized, 26 of them in serious condition.

Due to lack of equipment, they did not manage to remove his family from the rubble

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City:

‣ A mosque attacked. 10 persons killed of one family;

‣ West of the city, a family home bombed. A mother and her son killed;

‣ A-Shati refugee camp - 20 persons killed in a bombed residential building;

‣ Al Shifaa Hospital Compound - 90 persons killed so far since attack began. Massive bombings around Al Rimal neighborhood. Another Al Jazeera journalist arrested. Rough confrontations when Israeli army is attacked with RPG missiles;

‣ Bombing in Al Daraj, east of the city. Number of casualties unclear.

2. Jabalia refugee camp - group of people attacked. 3 persons killed, 10 wounded. In another attack, one person killed, 3 wounded.

Mohammad Al Najar suffers malnutrition. His brother Nohand already dead of malnutrition

Central Strip

1. Al Nuseirat refugee camp - number of persons killed in yesterday’s bombing rose to 27. In a bombing west of the camp today, 9 persons killed, 3 women among them. In another bombing, 9 more persons killed, a woman and children.

2. Deir Al Balah - 2 ill patients died of lack of oxygen when generator fuel ran out.

3. Al Bureij refugee camp - 7 persons killed in aerial bombing.

Mother taking leave of her son

Southern Strip

1. Rafah:

‣ East of the city, 6 persons killed;

‣ House bombed - 4 persons killed, a woman and 2 children among them.

2. Bani Suheila - 2 bodies removed from the rubble.


Wednesday, March 20 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

Kiryat Shmona, Manara, Misgav Am, Margaliyot. Missile at soldier gathering at Avivim (Hezbollah claim direct hit), rockets at an army post in Kafr Shuba.

Attacks against South Lebanon

‣ Live fire at shepherds in Al Wazzani;

‣ Aerial bombing of Kafrkela, Marjayoun (twice on residential building), Marwahin, Ghazouria, Yarun, Hula, Kantara (one person killed).


Thursday, March 21 - The West Bank


1. Nidal Abu ‘Ubayad, 23-years-old from Nur Shams refugee camp.

2. Iyad Al Ladha, 19-years-old from Nur Shams refugee camp.

3. Mohammd Jab’awi, 20-years-old from Nur Shams refugee camp.

4. Abdallah Al Qassi, 20-years-old from Nur Shams refugee camp.

5. Abed Al Rai Zeitoun, 63-years-old from Hebron.

6. Mohammad Salhia, 18-years-old from Al Am'ari refugee camp.

7. Ibrahim Qatash, Aqabat Jaber refugee camp.


1. 25 persons arrested, including 2 minors.

2. Palestinian Mother’s Day - 28 mothers incarcerated as of today.


1. Nur Shams refugee camp, east of Tulkarm - a little past midnight, a large army force declared the camp a closed military zone. No access for media or ambulances. Houses raided. Interrogations. Drone attack on Al Manashia neighborhood of which 2 persons were killed.

People were forced to go outside and soldiers turned homes into military posts. Bulldozers began destroying infrastructures in the camp and its surroundings. Confrontations broke out, including fire exchange and improvised explosive charges, lasting 10 hours. 2 more people killed.

2. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - close to El’azar colony, an army unit (soldiers born on colonies) shoots a 63-year-old Palestinian who did not try to hurt them. The man, resident of Hebron, began Judaization processes 4 years ago and is well known in the Jewish colony at Hebron. The first version - stabbing attempt. Second version - investigation of Investigative Police.

3. Al Am'ari refugee camp, south of Ramallah - raid and confrontations during which a young man was shot in the head. His death was later declared in the hospital. 2 more wounded by live fire.

4. Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, south of Jericho - special force surrounded house where 2 brothers were arrested. In the confrontations a Palestinian was shot to death, 2 more wounded, among them a minor wounded by shrapnel.

5. Jenin refugee camp - the Jenin Camp Brigade executed a Palestinian accused of collaborating with the Israeli army and giving information that led to the killing of the 4 Palestinians a day earlier. Among the executioners - his brother.

6. Kafr 'Aqab, north Jerusalem - confrontations during a raid, one person seriously wounded by live fire.

7. Irtas, south-west of Bethlehem - raid on the village and confrontations.

Attacks against the army

1. Huwara Checkpoint, south of Nablus - an improvised explosive charge.

2. Al Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron - fire bombs at the army watchtower.


1. Idhna - a building demolished.

Attacks against colonists

1. Tuqu’a, south-east of Bethlehem - explosive charge made of a gas tank blew up in a bus stop and damaged a bus. 3 colonists hurt.

Tuqu’a, the damaged bus

Colonist attacks

1. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - colonists took over 150 dunams.

2. Khirbat al-Mufkara, Masafer Yatta - colonists attack shepherds.

3. Tuqu’a, south-east of Bethlehem - colonists took over the home of a Palestinian violently expelled a few months ago.


Thursday, March 21 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 7 lethal attacks;

‣ 65 persons killed;

‣ 92 persons wounded.

Palestinian Mother’s Day

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City:

Saja Jnayed, 4-years-old, suffering burns after her home in Jabalia was bombed. Hospitalized in Al Shifaa and treated there. Had to escape with her father (the rest of the family died) when army raided the hospital

‣ Al Shifa Compound and Al Rimal neighborhood - fourth day since the raid began. 140 persons killed so far. Hundreds of arrestees including journalists and medical team members who report humiliations and harassment. The Israeli army bombs specialist clinics building, leaflets notify people to evacuate, otherwise the building will be bombed. The entire compound is surrounded with tanks. Hundreds still captured inside. 13 hospitalized patients have died: for lack of water, food, or anyone to take care of them. 4 of them connected to ventilators died when army disconnected the electricity. World Health Organization lost contact with medical staff captured in the building. Helicopters bombed nearby buildings and caused one to catch fire;

Al Shati, Al Rashid Street bombed - number of casualties unclear.

Drone bombing of 4 persons and a horse. The unbearable ease of pressing the trigger

Central Strip

1. Al Nuseirat refugee camp - 9 persons killed of a single family.

2. Deir Al Balah - house bombed, 10 persons killed.

Khan Yunis. Early February. Drone hits and kills Palestinians who came to check the rubble of their home. Following video gone viral, Israeli army stated that the issue will be looked into

Southern Strip

1. Bani Suheila - 9 persons killed in a bombed vehicle

2. Rafah - bombing on the border with Egypt - number of casualties unclear.


Thursday, March 21 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

Metula (direct hit), Dovev, Malkia, Avivim (army post), Zar’it (direct hit), Ramot Naftali (army post hit).

Attacks against South Lebanon

‣ Aerial bombing - Ayta ash Shab, Chebaa, Odaisseh, Majidiya, Dhahira (house hit), Hula, Tyre Harfa.

‣ Artillery - Marjaayoun, Aitaroun, Khiam.


Friday, March 22 - The West Bank

Israelis killed

Sergeant Major Ilai David Gurfinkel, 21-years-old from Sitria.

Palestinians killed

1. Majahad Barakat Mansur Karaji, from Deir Ibzi.

August 21st, 2023, Beita village. The moment Amid was shot in the back of the neck

2. Ameed Ghalev Al Jaghub, 34-years-old from Beita. Shot in the back of the neck (not being armed or posing any danger when he went to help a wounded man) on August 21, 2023, and died of his wounds today.

Shooting a Palestinian close to Al Khader on March 21st. We clearly see him raising his hands and then being shot


At least 12 persons arrested, among them a minor released a few hours later.


1. Osarin, south-east of Nablus - raid and confrontations. 3 persons wounded by live fire.

2. Anabta, east of Tulkarm - raid and confrontations. A 17-year-old wounded in the back by live fire.

3. Shu’afat refugee camp, north-east Jerusalem - confrontations near the checkpoint. A fire broke out in a shop as a result of teargas canisters hitting it.

4. Al Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron - improvised explosive charge against army watchtower, soldiers returned fire.

5. Tubas - raid and confrontations. Fire exchange and improvised explosive charges.

Tubas, the next day

6. Qalqilya - raid and fire exchange.

7. Qaffin, north-east of Tulkarm - raid and improvised explosive charges against army vehicle.

Attacks against the army

1. Deir Ibzi, west of Ramallah - in the early morning, a Palestinian - former policeman in the Palestinian security forces - opened fire on a transport vehicle close to Dolev colony. He hit the vehicle and a secured ambulance at its side. He escaped to Deir Ibzi (where he lives) and for 4 hours he was chased including drones and a helicopter, and confronted the forces. 7 persons wounded, 2 of them seriously, and one person killed (Duvdevan combatant). The shooter was killed. Afterwards, raid on Deir Ibzi, searches and arrest of his family members.

Dolev. The transport vehicle

2. Jenin - improvised explosive charge at military vehicle close to town.

Attacks against colonists

1. Shaked, west of Jenin - shots fired at the locality.

Colonist attacks

1. Al-Lubban ash-Sharqiya, south of Nablus - colonists attack a house on the eastern side of the village. Smash windows, throw stones on the main road.

2. Burqa, east of Ramallah - attack during the Friday prayers. Soldiers also raided the village and fired teargas canisters.


Friday, March 22 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 9 lethal attacks;

‣ 82 persons killed;

‣ 110 persons wounded;

‣ 11 soldiers wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

Basem Al Maqusi, 9-months-old. His parents waited 12 years to have him. He is their only son. Killed

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City:

‣ North-west of the city - 10 persons killed in a bombed house;

‣ Al Shifaa Hospital compound, the 5th day - 3 more persons dead due to lack of medication and staff;

‣ A-Shati refugee camp - 2 persons killed in aerial attack;

‣ Bombings of Tel Al Hawa, Al Rimal and Al Nasser neighborhoods.

Central Strip

1. Bombings of house at Deir Al Balah and north of Nuseirat refugee camp - number of casualties unclear.

Deir Al Balah

Southern Strip

1. Rafah - Al Nasser neighborhood - 8 persons killed of a single family, 3 children and 3 women among them. One person killed in attack on a group of people.

2. Khan Yunis - a drone kills 3 people. The city hospital received 20 bodies in the past 24 hours.


Friday, March 22 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

‣ Army post attacked in Metual, suspected drone penetration, attack on army site in the Western Galilee, attack on military force in Kafr Shuba.

Attacks against South Lebanon

‣ Aerial attack - Ayta ash Shab, Al Khiam, Al Taybeh, war planes expanded their routes beyond the Litani River.

‣ Artillery - A Mari, Aitaroun, Hula, Kafrkela.


Saturday, March 23 - The West Bank


1. Mohammad ‘Arsan, Jenin refugee camp (minor, precise age unknown) - wounded critically in Palestinian confrontations with the Palestinian security forces in the camp during funerals on March 20th. Died of his wounds today.


At least 15 persons arrested.


1. Kafr Malik, north-east of Ramallah - a soldier fires live bullets at Palestinian farmers trying to reach their fields at Ein Samiya.

2. Al Jwaya, Masafer Yatta - for the third time this week, soldiers attack and arrest an elderly shepherd grazing in his privately owned land. In previous times he was released after several hours.

3. Deir Ibzi, west of Ramallah - at night, forces raided in order to measure the home of the Barakat family in preparation of demolition as collective punishment (the father was the Palestinian who shot soldiers in Dolev last night and even killed one of them). Confrontations broke out in the village.

4. Al Mughayyir, north-east of Ramallah - soldiers forced farmers to leave their lands and even fired shots at them.

5. Tulkarm - raid with live fire. Arrests. House searches. Vandalism of contents. Confrontations including improvised explosive charges.

6. Arraba, south of Jenin - raid. Confrontations including live fire.

7. Hizma, north-east of Jerusalem - raid including live fire and teargas.

8. Zeita, north of Tulkarm - confrontations.

Attacks against the army

1. Salem checkpoint, north-west of Jenin – shooting.

2. Fasa'il, Palestinian Jordan Valley - 2 armed men caught, must have penetrated the area from Jordan.

Attacks against colonists

1. Huwara, south of Nablus - stones thrown at vehicles

2. Husan, west of Bethlehem - fire bomb at vehicle.

Purim celebration in a high school

Colonist attacks

1. Maghayir al 'Abeed, Masafer Yatta - colonists attack a father and son with blow and stone-throwing. The child wounded.


Saturday, March 23 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 7 lethal attacks;

‣ 72 persons killed;

‣ 114 persons wounded;

‣ One Israeli soldier killed in combat in Gaza City;

‣ 24 hours.

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City:

‣ Al Kuwaiti Roundabout - again shots fired at people waiting for food. 19 persons killed, 23 wounded;

Al Kuwaiti Roundabout, 19 persons killed

‣ Al Shifaa Hospital Compound, 6th day of attacks - 170 persons killed so far.

5 more patients dead for lack of medication. According to Palestinian sources, a senior doctor who refused to leave his patients in spite of Israeli army warnings, was killed. They claim he was executed. Harsh confrontations in Al Rimal neighborhood, around the hospital.

2. Beit Hanun - 2 persons killed in an attack.

Central Strip

1. Deir Al Balah:

‣ 2 persons killed by aerial bombing;

‣ 8 persons killed in aerial bombing of house sheltering DPs.

Southern Strip

1. Rafah:

‣ Eastern part of the city - 12 persons killed in aerial attack;

‣ Northern part of the city - 5 persons killed in a bombed house - a 65-year-old grandmother and her 4 grandchildren, ages 3 to 12.

Grandmother and her grandchildren. Rafah

2. Khan Yunis - 40 aerial bombings, covering a massive ground attack at night and siege on Al Nassar and Al Amal Hospitals. Number of casualties not yet clear.


Saturday, March 23 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

Margaliyot, Misgav Am, Shamir, Sedeh Nehemya, Amir, Lahavot Ha-Bashan, Neot Mordechai, Kfar Szold, Snir, She’ar Yashuv, Dan, Ha-Goshrim, Daphna, Ghajar - alarm sirens;

Ramim army base attacked;

‣ Attacks on army posts in Kefar Blum, drone;

‣ Attack on radar site at Shab’a Farm.

Attacks against South Lebanon

‣ Artillery - Ayta ash Shab, Ramia, Wadi Saluki, Khiam, Kafrkela;

‣ Aerial attack - Naqoura, Dhayra, Ayta ash Shab.


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