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The File Daily - April 27 - May 1, 2024

Saturday through Wednesday.


Bernie Sanders


Data about the West Bank - October 7th, 2023 - May 1st, 2024

Sources: OCHA-OPT, Adameer, Committee on Prisoner Matters, Prisoners’ Club, DCI Palestine


‣ 474 Palestinians killed:

◦ 116 minors;

◦ Over 70% of them in military raids;

◦ 9 Israelis killed, 5 of them soldiers.


‣ About 5,000 Palestinians wounded;

‣ 104 Israelis wounded (69 of them soldiers).


‣ 8,535 persons arrested;

545 of them minors and 285 women.

‣ 5,100 Palestinians working inside Israel were arrested and expelled to the West Bank. Most of them construction workers;

‣ 5,328 administrative detention orders - either new or prolonged;

‣ There are now 3,360 Palestinians in administrative detention, 61 of them minors (as of end of March) - a record number in 57 years;

‣ 9,500 Palestinians incarcerated (detainees and prisoners), 194 of them minors ages 12-17.

Restrictions and unemployment

‣ 193,000 Palestinians prevented from working inside Israel;

‣ Unemployment rates in the West Bank have risen from 13% before October 7th, to 38% at present;

‣ In H2 Hebron Area (under Israeli military control), severe movement restriction of Palestinians since October 7th. 29 checkpoints. School closed down until May 1st.

Demolitions and displaced persons

‣ 1,244 Palestinians were evicted from their homes during October-November 2-23 due to colonist violence and military restrictions;

‣ 1,755 Palestinians (43% of them children) displaced due to demolitions;

‣ 55% of them during military raids.

‣ 37% of them due to demolitions for lack of construction permits;

‣ 8% of them from collective punishment.

Naim Hamamda. Khallet ad-Daba'a. Attacked by colonists

Colonist Violence

‣ 800 colonist attacks were documented by OCHA-OPT

◦ 174 of them ended in casualties.

‣ 31 Palestinians were killed in these attacks (10 of them by colonists, 7 still undecided whether by colonists or soldiers);

‣ 500 Palestinians wounded;

‣ 80 houses and 450 vehicles vandalized;

‣ 11,700 trees uprooted.


Data about The Gaza Strip - October 7th, 2023 - May 1st, 2024

Sources: OCHA-OPT, WHO, MoH GAZA, Palestinian Ministry of Labor, Palestinian Ministry of Education, Palestinian Ministry of Communication.

4-months-old baby-girl. Killed. Rafah


‣ 34,622 Palestinians killed;

‣ At least 10,000 missing;

‣ 14,873 minors;

‣ 300 teachers;

‣ 262 Israeli soldiers since the ground invasion began;

‣ 9,801 women, 6,000 of them mothers;

‣ 496 medical staff workers;

‣ 67 rescue team workers;

‣ 141 journalists;

‣ 6 mass graves discovered at Al Nasser and Al Shifaa Hospital compounds - 454 persons killed;

‣ 1,280 Israelis and foreign nationals killed on October 7th, 36 of them minors.


‣ 77,867 Palestinians wounded;

‣ 1,605 Israeli soldiers wounded in ground invasion. 248 of them still hospitalized;

‣ 4,500 Israelis and foreign nationals wounded on October 7th (1,170 of them soldiers).

Captives and arrested

‣ 132 Israelis and foreign nationals still held in captivity, number of dead unknown;

‣ Number of Palestinian detainees unknown. Somewhere between 2,000 and 5,000. Israel refuses to disclose numbers. They are held at Sde Teman, Ofer and Megiddo prisons;

◦ 28 of them died. The last is Dr. Adnan Al Barash, a senior orthopedist taken from Al Nasser Hospital compound during the raid. According to reports he was tortured to death at Ofer Prison;

◦ Of the detainees, 310 are medical staff members, 20 journalists.

‣ 10,300 workers from the Gaza Strip were inside Israel on October 7th: 3,200 of them were returned to Gaza, 6,441 expelled to the West Bank, 1,000 are missing.


‣ 75 million tons of explosives;

‣ 10% of them have not exploded and constitute real danger;

‣ Over 80% of the schools were either damaged or totally destroyed;

‣ 60% of the schools serving as shelters for DPs were either damaged or totally destroyed;

‣ 11 hospitals are operating only in part (5 in the Northern Strip, 6 in the Central Strip);

‣ 6 field hospitals are fully functional (4 in Rafah, 2 in Khan Yunis).

Sewage overflowing in displaced persons camps, constituting health hazard


‣ 31% of the children under 2-years of age in the Northern Strip suffer malnutrition;

‣ 10% of the children under 2-years of age in the Southern Strip suffer malnutrition;

‣ It is estimated that over 50,000 children suffer severe malnutrition;

‣ 854,000 persons suffer severe malnutrition;

‣ 9,000 cases of viral hepatitis;

‣ Over 712,000 cases of severe respiratory tract infections;

‣ 380,000 cases of diarrhea.


‣ 75% rate of unemployment;

‣ 90% rate of poverty.


Saturday, April 27 - The West Bank


1. Mustafa Suleiman Abed, 22-years-old from Kafr Dan.

2. Ahmad Mohammad Shuahna, 21-years-old from Silat al-Harithiya.

3. Hazem Da’ana, 27-years-old from Husan.

Raids and arrests

1. In the night and day, the following localities were raided by the Israeli army: Burqa, Dura, Beit Ummar, Surif, Habla, Azzun, Kafr Qaddum, Tulkarm, Kafr Ein, Al Jalazone refugee camp, Ni'lin. 22 persons arrested, a minor and a woman among them.

2. A security-custody (10 days) detainee from Sakhnin, former prisoner, died in custody. The number of detainees dead during their time in custody since October 7th has risen to 17.


1. Tulkarm - during a raid, shots fired at vehicle. Casualties unknown.

2. Jayus, north-east of Qalqilya - raid. Confrontations. An Israeli soldier wounded by stones thrown.

3. Azzun - raid and confrontations, including the activation of improvised explosive charges.

4. Al Mughayyir, north-east of Ramallah - confrontations.

5. Husan, west of Bethlehem - during a raid on the village, massive use of teargas. A bakery worker suffocated to death. Palestinians claim the soldiers forced him to leave the bakery door closed.

Dead of suffocation

Attacks against the army

1. Salem Checkpoint, north-west of Jenin - shots from a passing vehicle at the checkpoint army base. Soldiers shot back. 2 persons killed, 2 moderately wounded. Army prevented ambulance access and the dead Palestinians’ bodies.

2. Jalamah Checkpoint, north-east of Jenin - shots at checkpoint.

3. Al-Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron - fire bombs and firecrackers at military watchtower.

4. Bethlehem - explosive charges at northern entrance, neutralized by the army.

Attacks against colonists

1. Einav colony, east of Tulkarm - shots fired at private car. No casualties reported.

Colonist attacks against Palestinians

1. Nahalin, west of Bethlehem - In the morning colonists detain Palestinian farmers including minors. Later, raided again and confronted villagers. Soldiers backing them up shot live fire, teargas and stun grenades at Palestinians.

2. Al Mughayyir - colonists torch farmland.

3. Ein Rashash, east of Ramallah - community left due to colonist violence at outbreak of war - 3 buildings were destroyed during the night.

4. Samu’a, south of Hebron - the Palestinian Ministry of Health claims poison was found in two water holes for watering flocks, and suspect the colonists poisoned the water on purpose as they have done in the past. A colonist armed with a knife invaded the town’s land with his flock. Soldiers summoned claimed he was grazing there for “security purposes”.

5. Susia, Masafer Yatta - colonists blocked trail in the village with stones. A colonist threatened a villager with his knife. When soldiers arrived and wished to remove him, colonists attacked them, even set their dog on them.

6. Khallet ad-Daba'a, Masafer Yatta - colonists attacked shepherds and forced them to leave grazing grounds.

7. Wadi Ma’in, Masafer Yatta - army garbed colonists attack a 20-years-old shepherd, bruising him.

8. Al Mania, south-east of Bethlehem - armed colonists attack farmers at the end of harvest. Palestinians claim the colonists took part of the crop.


Saturday, April 27 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 4 lethal attacks;

‣ 32 persons killed;

‣ 69 persons wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City:

‣ Bombing from the sea;

‣ Artillery fire at Al Zeitoun.

2. Beit Lahia - artillery fire.

3. Beit Hanun - aerial bombing.

Central Strip

1. Nuseirat refugee camp - a day of heavy aerial bombings of the camp and surroundings.

7 houses. Nuseirat refugee camp. 9 persons killed. 40 wounded

‣ From the south - bombing and 7 houses hit. 9 persons killed, 40 wounded;

‣ From the north - 3 persons killed;

‣ Bombing in the camp - 2 persons killed and one wounded;

‣ Raid of the farmland east of the camp.

Nuseirat refugee camp. Child being rescued

2. Al Bureij refugee camp - house bombed east of the camp - one person killed, people wounded.

3. Az-Zawayda - aerial raid.

Explosion. Cart and horse hit

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis:

‣ Drone attack around Al Aqsa University;

‣ Aerial raid of shore in Al Mawasi;

‣ Confrontations east of the city.

2. Rafah:

‣ Neighborhood Al Sa’udi in western part of the city - 6 persons killed, 4 of them children.

Child. Al Sa’udi neighborhood

‣ North-eastern part of the city - 10 persons killed, at least 3 of them children.


Saturday, April 27 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

1. Shomera - missiles fired at army post.

2. Manara - 2 anti-tank missiles fired at kibbutz.

3. Malkia - missiles fired at army post.

4. Alarm sirens at Kiryat Shmona and localities of Upper Galilee.

Attacks against South Lebanon

Kafrkela (one person killed), Kafr Shuba (civilian killed), Naqoura (artillery fire), Aalma El Chaeb (artillery fire), Meiss Al Jabal (artillery fire), Hula (aerial raid), Srebbine (aerial bombing, 14 persons wounded).


Sunday, April 28 - The West Bank

Raids and arrests

In the day and night, the following localities were raided: Beit Sira, Deir Al Khatab, Kafr Qaddum, Hizma, Nablus, Jericho, Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, Alar, Kufeirit, Al Funduq, Silat ad-Dhahr, Faqqua, Jalbun, HaRasa, Burqa, Al-Bireh, Rummanah, Zububa, Azzun. 15 persons arrested, 3 minors among them (a girl and 2 boys).

Arrest in Hebron


1. Nablus - raid in the old city. Confrontations and fire exchange.

2. Azzun, east of Qalqilya - raid and confrontations.

3. Al-Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron - confrontations. Suffocations.

4. Beit Sira, west of Ramallah - raid during which soldiers fired stun grenades and teargas.

5. Al-Bireh - Jabal Al Taweel neighborhood raided. Confrontations.


1. Jalbun, east of Jenin - army force accompanied by bulldozer raided the village from the north and destroyed planted fields, electric poles and parts of the main street near the entrance.

2. HaRasa, south of Hebron - raid and destruction of martyr’s memorial.

Colonist attacks against Palestinians

1. Ein Samiya, east of Ramallah - New outpost. In addition, colonists raided a tent, beat up a husband and wife and threatened them not to summon human rights activists.

2. Bizzariya, north-west of Nablus - colonists block main road and attack vehicles.

3. Khirbet Al Farisiya, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley - colonists prevent Palestinians from grazing their grounds after harvest.

Invading a field of farm crops. Kafr Malik

4. Kafr Malik, east of Ramallah - colonist grazes his flock on Palestinian-owned private land, destroys harvest, steals water and sets his dogs at Palestinian flock. Human rights activist fights him and he reports being attacked (documentation attached).

5. Wadi Tiran, south of Hebron - horseback riding colonists invaded the community, dispersed flocks.


Sunday, April 28 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 7 lethal attacks;

‣ 66 Palestinian killed;

‣ 2 Israeli soldiers killed;

‣ 138 Palestinian wounded;

‣ 8 Israeli soldiers wounded (one of them seriously);

‣ 24 hours.

Nidhar Al Manasi. Al Maghazi refugee camp - his brother was killed, he was wounded (two legs amputated)

Attacks against Israel

1. Alumim - a rocket exploded in the open.

Northern Strip

1. Beit Lahia:

‣ House bombed - 5 persons killed including children. Dozens wounded;

‣ Another bombing - 2 women killed.

2. Beit Hanun - aerial attack.

3. Gaza City - aerial attack of Al Zeitoun neighborhood.

Al Zeitoun

Central Strip

1. Az-Zawayda - bombings.

2. Al-Mughraqa - bombings.

3. Nuseirat refugee camp - aerial attack north of the camp.

4. Netzarim road, separating northern and central Gaza Strip - confrontations. 2 soldiers killed, 8 wounded.

Palestinian-American writer Susan Abu Al Hawa visits Al Nasser Hospital compound. Shares what she has seen

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - 13 bodies rescued from the rubble of Al Amal Hospital compound.

2. Rafah:

‣ Al Janina neighborhood - 4 persons killed, a child and woman among them;

‣ Sabura neighborhood - 6 persons killed, including a 1-year-old baby;

‣ Another house bombed - 5 persons killed.


Sunday, April 28 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

1. 30 missiles fired at Meron (mountain and locality) and surroundings. A soldier wounded.

2. Shetula house directly hit by anti-tank missile.

3. 2 rockets fired at Dov Mountain army post.

Attacks against South Lebanon

1. Aalma El Chaeb (aerial bombing).

2. 6 raids on Maroun Al Ras and Tyre Harfa.

3. Artillery fire at Ramia.

4. Aerial attack on Ayta ash Shab.


Monday, April 29 - The West Bank

Raids and arrests

The following localities raided: Madama, Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, Arraba, Nablus, Ras Hamees, Al Mughayyir, Beita, Azzun, Shu’afat refugee camp, Burqa, Halhul, Jalbun, Burka. At least 12 persons arrested.


1. Al Mughayyir, north-east of Ramallah - barrier erected at western entrance, teargas fired at school compound while students were inside. Confrontations.

2. Azzun, east of Qalqilya - confrontations. 2 persons wounded. 15-year-old by live fire, and 50-years-old by shrapnel.

3. Qalqilya - 20-year-old wounded by live fire.

4. Nablus - confrontations at A-Tur neighborhood.

5. Shu’afat refugee camp, north-east Jerusalem - massive use of teargas while students leave school.

6. Jalbun, east of Jenin - for 9th consecutive day the Israeli army sequesters private homes to serve as army posts, bulldozer destroys infrastructures. Confrontations in the evening.

7. Burqa, south of Jenin - confrontations during raid.

Attacks against the army

1. Jaba’, south of Jenin - shots fired at military force.


1. Khallet ad-Daba'a - colonists attack Naim Hamamda near his home. Beat him up in the head and ribs, and pepper-spray his face.


Monday, April 29 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 3 lethal attacks;

‣ 34 persons killed;

‣ 68 persons wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

Attacks against Israel

1. Rockets fired at Sderot and Nir Am - intercepted.

2. Rockets fired at Ashdod, fell into the sea.

Northern Strip

1. Jabalia refugee camp - aerial bombing. People wounded. Number of dead unclear.

Jabalia refugee camp

2. Gaza City:

‣ Drone bombing of house in Al Tufah neighborhood - 2 persons killed. Several wounded;

‣ West of the city - 5 persons killed.

Central Strip

1. Nuseirat refugee camp - house bombed. 3 persons killed, a child among them. Massive bombings of farmland on the western side.

Nuseirat refugee camp

2. Artillery fire at Al Bureij, Al-Mughraqa, Al Aaharaa.

3. Netzarim Road - fighting. 3 mortar shells fired at military force.

Southern Strip

Rafah. Western part of the city. One of the bombed houses

1. Rafah - rough night. 3 bombing foci (family homes) - 26 persons killed, dozens wounded. At least 7 children and 5 women (3 of them sisters) among them.

‣ Part of the list of people killed in Rafah:

Ahmad Maruf Ali Al Khatib, 23-years-old;

Nada Maruf Ali Al Khatib, 19-years-old;

Ayisha Maruf Ali Al Khatib, 12-years-old;

Faiza Husein Abdallah Abu Taha, 64-years-old;

Naji Ahmad Shaqer Abu Taha, 49-yeasrs-old;

Asma Salim Ahmad Abu Taha, 45-years-old;

Husam Naji Ahmad Abu Taha, 27-years-old;

Hazem Mohammad Salem Abu Taha, 26-years-old;

Baraa Naji Ahmad Abu Taha, 18-years-old;

Huda Naji Ahmad Abu Taha, 12-years-old;

Zaina Naji, Ahmad Abu Taha, 9-years-old;

Difala Mohammad Salim Abu Taha, 1-year-old baby;

Mahmoud Hasan Mahmoud Al Khawaja, 32-years-old;

Nidal Ahmad Hashem Al Shawish, 62-years-old;

Hana Ali Tawfiq Al Shawish, 53-years-old;

Mara Nidal Ahmad Al Shawish, 18-years-old;

Rami Khaled Ahmad Abu Ra’ia, 33-years-old;

Ghayath Rami Khaled Abu Ra’ia, 5-day-old baby.

Survivors. Rafah

2. Khan Yunis - another 6 bodies rescued from Al Amal neighborhood.


Monday, April 29 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

1. 30 missiles fired at Kiryat Shmona and Upper Galilee (target: Gibor camp).

2. Anti-tank missiles direct hit of 3 houses in Metula.

3. 15 missiles fired at Western Galilee: Arab Al Aramshe and Zar’it.

4. Firing at military force in Kafr Shuba.

Attacks against South Lebanon

1. Rachaya Al Foukhar - attack of Hezbollah posts.’

2. Aerial attack of Kafrkela.

3. Aerial attack of Tyre Harfa.

4. Aerial attack of Ayta ash Shab.

5. Aerial attack of Khiam.

6. Artillery fire at Shab’a - one person wounded.

7. Artillery fire at Kafr Hamam.


Tuesday, April 30 - The West Bank


1. Rubhi Mansia, 30-years-old from ad-Dhahiriya.

Raids and arrests

The following localities were raided last night and today: Shuqba, Hizma, Kafr Ni'ma, Ramallah, Azzun, Jalbun, Faqqua, ad-Dhahiriya, Deir Nidham, Anabta, Barta’a, Hebron, Al Khader, Silat ad-Dhahr, Nablus, Askar refugee camp, Rantis, Ni'lin, Qibya, Beita, A-Ram, Sa'ir, Arraba, Duma. 22 Palestinians arrested.


1. Khallet Al Farra, west of Yatta - soldiers attacked a villager near his home, in full view of his daughters. Rushed to hospital.

2. ad-Dhahiriya, south of Hebron - raid in the early morning. Worker out to work is chased by soldiers. Caught, beaten, arrested and fell off roof. Palestinians claim he was thrown off the roof. He was hospitalized in critical condition and died of his wounds.

3. Silat ad-Dhahr, south of Jenin - raid. Palestinian activated improvised explosive charge. Soldiers shot live fire.

4. Nablus and old Askar refugee camp (east of the city) - raid. Fir exchange. Bulldozer began destroying the camp.

5. Hebron - schoolchildren in H2 (area under Israeli military control) returned to their studies after 206 days. The military at the checkpoints had previously prevented their access to schools. Today the Ibrahimi Mosque Checkpoint was partly opened. But then the soldiers raided the elementary school in the Old City and arrested a worker. Fired teargas and suffocated schoolchildren and teachers. Confrontations.

6. Sa'ir, north-east of Hebron - confrontations using live fire.

7. Beita, south of Hebron - raid and confrontations. Massive use of teargas.

8. Arraba, south-west of Jenin - raid. Soldiers situated in school fired stun grenades and teargas at schoolchildren.

9. A-Ram, north of Jerusalem - raid. Inhabitant beaten up and 10 persons arrested, many minors among them.

10. Huwara Checkpoint, south of Nablus - 19-year-old beaten up by soldiers when trying to cross the checkpoint. Rushed off to hospital.

Attacks against the army

Old City of Jerusalem. Turkish tourist stabbing a Border Policeman

1. Old City of Jerusalem - a Turkish tourist (Hasan Saklanan, 34-years-old) stabbed a Border Policeman close to Bab Al Zahara (Flowers Gate) and was shot to death. Later Border Policemen seen clubbing passersby for no reason.

Border Policemen attacking passersby

2. Nitzanei Oz Checkpoint, west of Tulkarm - shots fired at checkpoint.

3. Barta’a, north-west of Jenin - vehicle ran over and injured girl soldier, and escaped. Later, the village was raided and a villager was arrested.


Tuesday, April 30 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 5 lethal attacks;

‣ 47 persons killed;

‣ 61 persons wounded.

Northern Strip

1. Jabalia - 7 persons killed in bombing. 3 children among them.

2. Gaza City:

‣ Al Zeitoun neighborhood - 3 aerial raids hitting 7 houses - 3 persons killed, 10 wounded;

‣ Shuja’iya - 2 persons killed.

3. Beit Lahia - aerial bombing.

Beit Lahia

Central Strip

1. Nuseirat refugee camp:

Nuseirat refugee camp, father and son

‣ Bombing from the sea;

‣ Series of aerial raids - 4 persons killed, among them a child and 15 persons wounded.

2. Deir Al Balah - aerial bombing - one person killed.

3. Al Zahara - artillery fire. 2 persons killed.

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - artillery fire. 9 bodies rescued from city rubble.

2. Rafah:

Her name is Ritaj. Lost her entire family

‣ Bombing from the sea;

‣ Artillery fire in eastern part of the city;

‣ Aerial attack on Shabura refugee camp at city center. 2 persons killed - children, a brother and sister.


Tuesday, April 30 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

1. Anti-tank missiles fired at Dovev and Avivim - fell in open area.

2. Direct hits of two buildings in Metula.

3. 4 missiles fired at Dov Mountain army post.

4. Ramot Naphtali - a truck hit by an anti-tank missile.

5. 3 anti-tank missiles fired at Western Galilee.

Attacks against South Lebanon

1. Aerial attacks of Kafrkela, Khiam and Wadi Al Aassafir areas.

2. Artillery fire at Kafr Hamam.

3. Aerial bombing of Aaddousiyyeh.

4. Artillery fire at Tyre Harfa, Blida and Aitaroun.

5. Aerial bombing of Ayta ash Shab.


Zoom In

Rafah. Kareem and Muna Jareda. Siblings. Died of their wounds after their home was bombed.


Wednesday, May 1 - The West Bank

Raids and arrests

The following localities were raid today and last night: Qalqilya, Bani Na'im, Kafr Qaddum, Hebron, Duma, Al Fawwar refugee camp, Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, Al Qubeiba, Deheishe refugee camp, Biddu, Ein 'Arik, Kafr Malik, Ein Al Sultan refugee camp, Al Sawana neighborhood (East Jerusalem), Udala, Qusra, Fahma, Nabi Salah. 22 persons arrested, 2 minors among them.

Qalqilya. Everyday harassment


1. Udala, south of Nablus - raid with stun grenades.

2. Nabi Salah, north-west of Ramallah - confrontations.

3. Qusra, south-east of Nablus - town raided with teargas and stun grenades. Suffocations. Earlier to remove… Palestine flag.

4. Hebron - soldiers surrounded 2 houses, 8 families from Jaber neighborhood with barbed wire. Prevented entry and exit.

Attacks against the army

1. Nablus - shots fired at army post on Gerizim Mountain.

2. Azzun, east of Qalqilya - soldiers neutralized explosive charge on road 55.


1. Birin, south of Hebron - two-story house demolished, demolition orders issued 3 houses and water well.

2. Jabal Mukaber- south-east Jerusalem - facility and fence demolished.


Wednesday, May 1 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 4 lethal attacks;

‣ 33 persons killed;

‣ 57 persons wounded;

‣ 12 Israeli soldiers wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

Arad. Aid truck vandalized on its way from Jordan to Gaza Strip

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City - aerial bombing of Al Jal’a Street in city center. Dead and wounded.

Shots fired at rescuers.

‣ Al Zeitoun neighborhood - aerial raid, 2 persons killed.

2. Jabalia - aerial bombing.

Central Strip

Central Strip. Parents and their children, killed

1. Gaza Wadi - 2 incidents in which Palestinians were shot while trying to cross towards the Southern Strip. 2 persons wounded, one killed.

2. Deir Al Balah - 2 rounds of aerial attack.

3. Al Bureij refugee camp - aerial attack.

4. Nuseirat refugee camp - 9 persons wounded and damage to houses. Massive bombings north of the camp.

5. Al Zahara - 6 persons killed.

6. Netzarim Road - mortar shells fired at military force.

Southern Strip

1. Rafah - artillery fire and airplanes especially east of the city.

2. Abasan al-Kabira - drones in aerial attack.

Child. Al Shabura refugee camp. Rafah. Survived bombing


Wednesday, May 1 - Northern Israeli Border

Attacks against Israel

1. Alarm Sirens at Netu’a.

2. Ramot Naphtali - report of 2 persons wounded by missile attack last night.

3. Biranit - anti-tank missiles fired at army base.

4. Shetula - 2 buildings damaged by anti-tank missile.

5. Metula - direct hit of anti-tank missile.

6. Dov Mountain - missiles fired at army base.

Attacks against South Lebanon

1. Aerial attack on Jabal Balat.

2. Aerial attack on Tyre Harfa - one person killed, Hezbollah activist.

3. Aerial attack on outskirts of Kafr Hamam and Rachaya Al Foukhar.

4. Artillery fire at outskirts of Aalma El Chaeb.

5. Drones over Ramia.


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