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The Daily File - September 2-6, 2023

Updated: Jan 28


‣ On Monday, an investigation by B'Tselem, and an article by Amira Hass about the incident of July 10, 2023 was published, and it was reported as follows: At 1:30 am, a force of dozens of masked soldiers, armed and accompanied by dogs, raided the compound of Ajluni family in Hebron. 26 family members were taken into one house. Three were arrested, including a 17-years-old minor, and taken to another apartment. After that, the men were separated from the women and the children.

Two masked female soldiers took one of the women to a room where her children, aged 4-7, were sleeping. The children woke up in a panic. The soldiers did not let the mother to approach them, and threatened to release the dog if she did not fully undress. Thus she was forced to stand naked in front of her children.

After she got dressed, the children were taken to the living room, and her to a separate room. Then they took three more women and a minor to the same search process, forcing them to undress. They gradually separated all 13 children ages 3 months to 14 years-old from the mothers, and kept them in the living room. One of the women who hid her cell phone was threatened.

During the searches, a bag with gold jewelry worth NIS 40,000 was taken. According to the forces, they thought there were bullets in there. The bag was returned only after the family's insistence at Kiryat Arba police. A sum of 2,000 NIS that was also taken, according to the family, was not returned.

According to B'Tselem, more than 20 cases were recorded, in which the forces attacked Palestinian women psychologically or physically. Most women who are attacked choose not to complain.

This event, immediately after it was published, was a trigger for several Palestinian attacks on the forces during the period under review.

‣ The State Attorney's Office decided not to challenge the acquittal of the policeman who killed Eyad al-Hallaq. Today his parents submitted a petition to the Supreme Court.



1. Ayed Sameeh Abu Harb, 21 years-old. Resident of the Nur Shams Refugee Camp. Named after his uncle, who was killed 22 years ago by the occupation forces in Ramin.

Early Tuesday morning, during a raid on the camp, clashes began. As far as is known, Ayed took part in the clashes and the resistance to the forces. He was shot in the head, and was taken to the city hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

2. Mohammad Yousef Zubeidat, 16 years old, resident of Zubeidat. Shot and killed during an exchange of fire with forces in the village, where he escaped to after shooting earlier in the air at a kiosk near the Argaman junction in the Jordan Valley. A police officer was moderately injured during the exchange of fire.


Arrests and detainees

1. Arrests:

During the month of August, 510 Palestinians were arrested, 44 of them minors. On September 2-6, 86 Palestinians were arrested in the West Bank: Ein Yabrud 2; Azzun 1; Faqqu'a 1; Al-Aqsa 5; Birzeit 3; Aqabat Jaber Refugee Camp 2 (1 minor); Jalbun 1; Kobar 2; Askar Refugee Camp 2; Tammun 1; Deir Sammit 2; Jenin Refugee Camp 4; The Old City 3 (1 minor); Huwara 1; al-Khader 2; Shuafat Refugee Camp 4; Kfar Malik 1; Kafr Qaddum 1; al-Azariya 2; Jalazone Refugee Camp 1; Halhul 5; Al-Arroub Refugee Camp 7; Ya'bad 2; al-Am'ari Refugee Camp 3; Kafr 'Aqab 2; Anata 2; Issawiya 3 (2 minors); Jabel Mukaber 5; Ramallah 1; Silwan 2; al Jib 3 (1 minor); Al-Bireh 1; al-Ram 1; Hebron 2; Beit Rima 1; Nur Shams Refugee Camp 1; East Jerusalem 1; Surif 2; Si'ir 1.

2. Administrative detainees:

‣ Since the beginning of 2023, 2,200 administrative arrest warrants have been issued. HaMoked (Center for the Defence of the Individual) reports that there are currently 1,264 administrative detainees, a quarter of all Palestinians who are behind bars. This is a record high of the last 30 years. Seventy administrative detainees boycott the military courts and do not recognize them.

‣ Three administrative detainees on hunger strike: Kayed al-Fasfous and Sultan Ahmad Khallouf (for both of them this is the second time they are on hunger strike) - 34 days; Abdel-Rahman Baraqa - 27 days.

3. Detention:

‣ At the end of August, during a raid on Silwan, 14-year-old Abdel-Rahman al-Zael was shot and mortally wounded. Since then, he has been in intensive care in an Israeli hospital, and discussions on the extension of his detention were held without his presence.

On Sunday he was transferred to the Ayalon (Ramla) prison clinic without informing the family.

‣ Detainee Maher al-Akhras has been on hunger strike for 14 days and his health is deteriorating.


Attacks on Palestinians by the Occupation forces (IOF)

In chronological order.

1. Burqa, northwest of Nablus, Saturday. The troops raided early in the morning. The residents threw stones and fire bombs. No arrests or injuries were reported.

2. Deir Ibzi, west of Ramallah, Saturday. The forces shot rubber bullets, stun grenades and even live ammunition at Palestinians who gathered around cars, involved in a traffic accident. The reason was not clear.

3. Azzun, east of Qalqilya, Saturday. A raid following stone throwing at settlers' vehicles. Clashes during which two, including a minor, were injured by live bullets.

4. Al-Arroub Refugee Camp, north of Hebron, Saturday at noon. Clashes with the forces. No injuries were reported. Tuesday, heavy clashes during a raid. Exchange of fire. The Palestinians throw fire bombs and hit a military vehicle. The soldiers are forced to withdraw. Fire bombs were also thrown on the military tower at the entrance. Wednesday morning, another raid and arrests.

5. Kafr Qaddum, east of Qalqilya, Saturday evening. A raid in the area of the Omar ibn al-Khattab Mosque. Two were injured by rubber bullets. Suffocation injuries.

6. Raids without confrontations on Saturday: Nablus, Dura (south of Hebron), Zababdeh (west of Jenin), confiscation of surveillance cameras, Sebastia (northwest of Nablus).

7. Birzeit, north of Ramallah, Sunday, 3 am. Raid for arrests. Conflicts develop. The esidents threw stones. One injured by a rubber bullet to the head.

8. Masafar Yatta, south of Hebron, Sunday morning. The forces attack a delegation of representatives of Fatah and the Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee, who visited a besieged community there. A number of bruise injuries.

9. Askar Refugee Camp, east of Nablus, early Monday morning. Home raid and arrest.

10. Kaubar, northwest of Ramallah, early Monday morning. A raid on and arrest of a sixty-years-old woman, whose two sons were under administrative detention. Clashes developed including fire bombs and stones throwing.

11. Tammun, south of Tubas. A raid at 2 am. Confrontations. Exchange of fire. Improvised charges on military vehicles. Arrest and withdrawal. A sixty-year-old woman was wounded by shrapnel in the head. Her condition is stable.

12. Aqraba, southeast of Nablus, night raid on Monday. Breaking into a warehouse where they suspected that a person, wanted for an attack in Hawara, was hiding. Not found. withdrawal.

13. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, Monday. A raid. Shooting at the troops. Retreat without arrests. On Tuesday, dozens of female students from the elementary school, suffered suffocation injuries, after the forces fired teargas nearby, while the students were in the classrooms. Conflicts followed. Exchange of gunfire and teargas. Two wounded by live bullets in the knees. Suffocation injuries.

14. Jenin Refugee Camp, Monday morning. The camp sirens were activated when a special forces unit was detected on the outskirts of the camp. Military reinforcement of about 40 vehicles, accompanied by drones and a helicopter. A "suicide" drone exploded on a vehicle, no casualties. Another vehicle was attacked by gunfire. One Palestinian wounded. Another drone was shot down by the residents. Heavy exchange of fire, and improvised charges. The forces raided the house of a senior member of the Fatah movement.

Three detainees, two of whom were wounded, wanted on suspicion of trying to fire rockets at settlements and towns in Area 48. Five gunshot injuries in minor condition.

On Wednesday morning another raid: special forces in a commercial vehicle with a Palestinian license plate entered the camp. Snipers took positions in building. A raid on several houses. Military reinforcements. Exchange of fire. improvised chargers. Ex-prisoner arrested. No injuries reported.

15. Ya'bad, southwest of Jenin, Monday. The forces were deployed in the area, and erected roadblocks, in response to a shooting at the nearby Dotan checkpoint. They attacked and injured two motorcyclists. The motorcycles were confiscated. According to the Palestinians, soldiers were seen riding the motorcycles for personal use towards Imreiha. On Tuesday, another raid and clashes. No injuries were reported.

16. Nur Shams Refugee Camp, east of Tulkarm, Tuesday at dawn. A large force accompanied by bulldozers raided several houses. The bulldozers began to destroy the main road to Tulkarm. On their way they also destroyed parking vehicles and shop fronts. Clashes began, including exchange of fire. An explosive device explodes near one of the bulldozers.

ne was kill, another seriously wounded. Ambulances had difficulty reaching the injured due to the roads condition. After three hours the forces retreated without arrests. This was the third raid in two months, in which they destroyed the main street and the camp, using bulldozers. On Wednesday, a raid on a house and an arrest.

17. Kafr 'Aqab, North Jerusalem. Clashes during a raid. A military vehicle was hit by a fire bomb.

18. Jabel Mukaber, Southeast Jerusalem. Clashes. The Palestinians shot fireworks and firecrackers at the troops.

19. Silwan, East Jerusalem, Tuesday evening. The forces raid Dayr Ayyub and fire rubber bullets. Arrest two.

20. El Jib, northwest of Jerusalem. Establishment of a military checkpoint in the main square. They stopped a car, in which two young men and a minor were traveling, detained them, and confiscated the vehicle.

21. Al-Auja, north of Jericho, Wednesday early morning. A raid on several houses. Clashes during which the forces fire teargas and stun grenades.

22. Issawiya, Northeast Jerusalem, Wednesday morning. Raid. Later during the day, undercover police forces arrest two minors.

23. Zubeidat, north of Jericho. A raid on the village after an exchange of fire with a minor, who was killed. The police raided his house and arrested his mother and sister. Checkpoints in the village. Vehicles inspection.

24. Si'ir, northeast of Hebron, clashes on Wednesday. Detention.

25. Ramallah. Clashes during which stones and fire bombs were thrown at military vehicles.

26. Burqa, east of Ramallah. A fire broke out, as a result of light bombs, fired by forces in the area.


Demolition, Confiscation and Blocking

1. Tuqu', southeast of Bethlehem. Confiscation of a bulldozer, that was preparing land for construction.

2. Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron. After confiscating private vehicles, the forces confiscated two tractors, in two separate incidents, while working.

3. Al-Aqsa. Confiscation of textbooks from students in Shariyah and Riyadh Al-Aqsa schools, as part of an ongoing conflict between the schools in East Jerusalem and the Ministry of Education over the curriculum, because the flag of Palestine is drawn on them.

4. Tura al Gharbiya, west of Jenin. Demolition of a residence.

5. Ein al-Dyouk, west of Jericho. Demolition orders for 40 houses.

6. Duma, southeast of Nablus. Demolition orders for 50 houses.

7. Qarawat Bani Hassan, west of Salfit. 23 Construction stop orders.

8. Anata, northeast of Jerusalem. Early morning raid and demolition of 12 buildings: 2 two-story residences, 9 commercial buildings and a car wash.


Palestinian Attacks against the Occupation Forces (IOF)

1. Al-Arroub Refugee Camp. Fire bombs on the military tower at the entrance.

2. Silwad, northeast of Ramallah. Throwing stones at military vehicles.

3. Dotan checkpoint, southwest of Jenin. Improvised charges, in two separate incidents.

4. Jenin Refugee Camp. Shooting at patrol drones.

5. Bab el Hutta, the Old City, Jerusalem. Fatma Emrana, 44, from Jenin, allegedly tried to carry out a stabbing attack on a policeman. She was detained. After that, the forces blocked the entire entrance and attacked passers-by. (Videos above and below)

6. Huwara checkpoint, south of Nablus. shooting.


Settlers attacks against Palestinians

1. al-Mughayyir, northeast of Ramallah. Attacking shepherds with sticks. Two wounded.

2. Burin, south of Nablus. Attempted attack on a house on the outskirts of the village.

3. Beita, south of Nablus. Gathering of settlers at the Evyatar outpost and clashes with the town's residents.

4. Ni'lin, west of Ramallah. Uprooting and destroying dozens of olive trees.

5. Hebron. The provocative Shabbat march in the old city.

6. Qusra, southeast of Nablus. Conflicts between settlers and Palestinians. The army attacks the Palestinians. Six injured by rubber bullets, two by stones.

7. Awarta, south of Nablus. Ascension of settlers in the middle of night to the tomb of Bnei Aharon (Itamar and Elazar), under the security of the army.

8. Dayr Dibwan, east of Ramallah. Setting fire to residential tents.

9. Beka'ot, the Jordan Valley. A settler attacks a shepherd with threats.

10. Radim, south of Hebron. A number of events (a sharp increase in attacks): Aim a laser pointer at the encampment to dazzle and frighten children in the middle of night. Robbing an ancient cistern and stealing a trough stone. Settlers attacked a young shepherd and threaten that next time they will burn her. Scattering sheep carcasses.

11. Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron. Settlers attacking a shepherd who was on his way home, stole the donkey and all the equipment on it.

12. Ein Sukkot, Jordan Valley. Attacking Palestinian shepherds.

The reporting regarding attacks in the Jordan Valley region, the mountain ridge (east of Ramallah, west of Jericho) and south of Hebron is partial. The number of attacks is much higher.


Attacks by Palestinians against settlers

1. Silwan, East Jerusalem. Fire bombs on a settler's outpost in Batan al-Hawa.

2. Azzun, east of Qalqilya. Throwing stones at two buses. A settler was injured and vehicles were damaged.

3. Sinjil, northeast of Ramallah. Throwing stones at a settler's car. Damage to the car.

4. Bat Ayin, north of Hebron. shooting.

5. Beka'ot, the Jordan Valley. shooting.

6. Psagot, next to Al-Bireh. shooting.

7. Argaman Junction, Jordan Valley. A Palestinian opens fire on a kiosk at an intersection. Shoots in the air. He runs away towards Zubeidat. An exchange of fire with the forces develops, and a soldier is moderately wounded. The young Palestinian was killed.

8. Jaffa Gate - Bab al-Khalil, Old City Jerusalem. Bassel Lafi, 17 years old from Jabel Mukaber attacks passers-by with a butchers' knife. Three wounded, one seriously. The attacker was arrested.


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