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The Daily File - October 31 - November 6, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Tuesday through Monday.


Data from OCHA-OPT in the West Bank, as of 7-31.10.23.

‣ 123 Palestinians killed, 34 of them minors.

‣ 8 of them by colonists’ live fire, one of them a minor.

‣ 115 of them by soldiers’ live fire, 33 of them minors and one elderly

50% during confrontations caused by arrests or raids, 35% in demonstrations, 10% after attacking soldiers or colonists or when colonists were attacking them.

‣ 2,209 wounded, 201 of them minors.

‣ 52 of these by colonists, 9 by colonist live fire.

‣ 1,200 in demonstrations.

‣ 275 of the wounded by live fire.

‣ 178 attacks by colonists (documented, in actual fact more).

‣ 26 attacks concluded with casualties, 121 with damage to property, 31 with both.

‣ Over 35% of the attacks accompanied by armed threats or live fire. In 50% of the attacks, soldiers were present.

‣ 76 Palestinians, 35 of them minors, remained homeless as a result of demolitions in Area C and East Jerusalem.

‣ 23 Palestinians, 13 of them minors, remained homeless by demolition as collective punishment.

‣ 828 Palestinians, 313 of them minors, left their homes because of colonist violence and ever-tightening limitations by the army.

In the photo - villagers of Zanuta, in Massafer Yatta, expelled by colonist violence and draconian limitations. Photographer: Avishai Mohar.

Data from the Gaza Strip as of 7-31.10.23

Taken from OCHA-OPT and EORO MED human rights monitoring.

OCHA data:

‣ 8,525 killed, of these at least 3,542 minors, 2,187 women.

‣ 995 not yet identified, 228 of them minors.

‣ 1,950 missing, 1050 of them minors.

‣ 192 families lost 10 or more members.

‣ 136 families lost 6-9 members.

‣ 444 families lost 2-5 members.


‣ 9,056 killed, of these 3,718 minors, 1,929 women, 8,198 civilians.

‣ 21,543 wounded.

‣ Only 13 of 34 hospitals functional, 21 have ceased to function.

‣ Only 9 medical centers still functional.

‣ 1,470,000 refugees.

‣ 44,300 residences totally destroyed.

‣ 136,000 residences partially destroyed.

Data about Israel as of 7-31.10.23

Data 7-31.10.23 from OCHA and Israeli media

‣ 1,400 Israelis killed, 1,138 identified, 826 of them civilians, 315 soldiers and at least 31 minors. 1,064 names released for public knowledge.

‣ 40 missing.

‣ Over 5,400 wounded.

‣ At least 240 hostages, 30 of them minors. So far five were released.

‣ 12 soldiers killed within the past 24 hours, since the ground invasion of Gaza began.

‣ Over 8,500 shells and rockets (as of October 30th) were launched in the Gaza Strip. 10% of them failed.

‣ Over 130,000 persons were evacuated.

Gaza Strip Data October 7-November 6, 2023

From OCHA-OPT reports, based on data publicized by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip:

‣ 10,022 killed.

‣ 4,008 minors.

‣ 2,550 women .

‣ 598 elderly.

‣ At least 6,120 of the killed are members of 825 families.

‣ 192 families lost 10 or more of their members.

‣ 136 families lost 6-9 members.

‣ 444 families lost 2-5 members.

‣ 2,260 missing, 1,270 of them minors. Presumably they are buried under the rubble.

‣ 25,408 wounded.

‣ Over 1.5 million refugees in the Gaza Strip.

‣ 717,000 seeking refugee in 149 UNWRA structures.

‣ 122,000 in hospitals, churches and public buildings.

‣ 110,000 in non-UNWRA schools.

‣ Total blackout, no electricity since November 11th.

‣ 4-6 hours average waiting time for a serving of bread.

Data of the West Bank October 7-November 6, 2023

OCHA-OPT data based on the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Health data (wounded and killed).

‣ 147 Palestinians killed by army live fire, 44 of them minors.

‣ 8 Palestinians killed by colonist live fire, one of them a minor.

‣ 55% of the killed in confrontations, 30% in demonstrations, 8% from colonist live fire, 7% while attacks soldiers or colonists.

‣ 2,340 wounded by army live fire, 248 of them minors.

‣ 64 Palestinians wounded by colonist attacks.

‣ Over 50% of the wounded in demonstrations.

‣ 208 colonist attacks were documented. In actual fact - more.

‣ 28 of the events concluded with casualties.

‣ 147 concluded with damage to property.

‣ 33 concluded with both.

‣ 111 families consisting of 905 persons, 356 of them children, left their homes because of colonist or army violence.

Israeli Data October 7-November 6, 2023

From OCHA-OPT reports based on Israeli Ministry of Health and army data.

‣ 1,400 killed, most on October 7.

‣ As of November 3, 1,159 of the persons killed were identified - 828 of them civilians, 31 of them minors.

‣ 30 soldiers killed since the beginning of the ground invasion.

‣ 3 Israelis killed by Palestinians in the West Bank.

‣ Over 5,000 wounded.

‣ 240 hostages, at least 31 of them minors.

‣ 133,000 evacuated from their homes in the southern and northern arenas.


Monday, October 30


1. Amir Abdallah Sharabji, 25-years-old, from Jenin refugee camp.

2. Nawaras Alb’ajawi, 28-years-old, from Jenin refugee camp.

3. Wiam Al Khanun, 27-years-old, from Jenin refugee camp.

4. Musa Khaled Jabarin. 23-years-old, from Jenin Refugee camp.

5. Fuad Abu Sabaha, 23-years-old, from Yatta.

6. Adam Abu Alhawa, East Jerusalem.

7. Ahmad Nufal, 23-years-old, from Ras Karkar - shot by colonists several days ago, died of his wounds.


123 arrested, at least 12 of them minors (11-years-old, too).


1. Jenin refugee camp - ground invasion, attack from the air (unmanned aerial vehicles) and bulldozer. Confrontations, 4 killed, 0 wounded by live fire. The bulldozer ruined lanes connecting the camp to the city, entrance gate to camp and martyr memorial.

2. Beita, south of Nablus - raid, entrance and wholesale market closed down, arrest. 2 persons wounded (a man and his wife, parents of the arrestee).

3. Al Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem - raid, confrontations, 2 persons wounded by live fire.

4. Yatta - confrontations at entrance to town, one person killed.

5. East Jerusalem, Nablus Road - policeman fires at person suspected of stabbing attempt. The suspect critically wounded, later dies of his wounds.

6. Hebron - confrontations in demonstration in Bab A-Zawiya (city center). 22 wounded by live fire. One critically. Many suffocations by teargas.

7. Zuwata, west of Nablus - confrontations, 14 wounded by live fire, most of them minors. Army also fired at an ambulance.

8. A-Ram, north of Jerusalem - confrontations, 2 wounded by live fire.

9. Dura Al Qar’a, north of Ramallah - confrontations, one person wounded by live fire.

10. Safa, west of Ramallah - confrontations near Separation Wall that crosses the village. Minor wounded by live fire.

Colonist attacks

1. Hizma, north-east of Jerusalem - by Palestinian reports, colonists wearing police uniforms demanded a home be demolished (Khatib family home), threatening to arrest the family members. Later left.

2. Tuba, Massafer Yatta - nightly attack during which electric cable cut at home of widow living outside the community.

3. A-Safai, Massafer Yatta - raid and house incineration. Neither army nor police never got there although summoned several times.


Tuesday, October 31


1. Jah Rukh Sawapta, 65-years-old, from Tubas.

2. Mohammad Al Kharaz, 14-years-old, from Zuwata - died of his wounds, critically sounded last night in confrontations in the village.

3. Abdallah Mukabel, 16-years-old, from Beit Ummar.


52 persons arrested.


1. Tubas - raid and confrontations. One person killed, 9 wounded, among them two in severe condition.

2. Qabatia, south of Jenin - confrontations during raid. One person wounded by live fire. Suffocations by teargas.

3. Al Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem - raid to conduct arrests. One person wounded by live fire.

4. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron - demonstrations, confrontations, one minor killed.

5. Farha, south-west of Salfit - the army cutting down olive trees.

Colonist attacks

1. Dayr Dibwan, east of Ramallah - colonists erect tents on privately-owned Palestinian land.

2. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron - a colonist fires live bullets at Palestinian farmer and chases him away from his own land while working.


Wednesday, November 1


1. Wiam Alhariri, from Jenin refugee camp.

2. Mohammad Jara, from Jenin refugee camp.

3. Yinal Hamdan Al Hashimia - shot and killed close to the government hospital in Jenin.

4. Majdi Zakaria Awad, 65-years-old, from Tul Karem.


62 persons arrested.


1. Jenin refugee camp - army forces accompanied by bulldozers raided the city from various directions and situated themselves on the outskirts of the camp. Drones shot and shelled one of the neighborhoods, killing 2 and wounding one person. Live fire at houses, ruining the roads and entrance to the camp confiscating and turning it into an army post, raiding homes and demolishing them, shooting close to the government hospital in the city - a paramedic wounded by live fire. Team members and patients suffer suffocation by teargas, another person killed next to the hospital.

2. Tul Karem - raid, firing at houses. A 65-year-old person with special needs killed while at home.

3. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron - shooting at funeral of minor killed a day earlier. 2 wounded by live fire.

4. Ya’abad, south of Jenin - raid, one person wounded by live fire.


1. Dayr Balut, west of Salfit - a bulldozer confiscated.

2. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - demolition of 2 residential buildings and 5 farm structures.

Colonist attacks

1. Ras Karkar, north-west of Ramallah - colonists took over fields and began works for construction.

2. Shush’khala, south of Bethlehem - colonists attack and demolish ancient structures.

3. Dayr Istia, north-west of Salfit - colonists took over lands at the Al Qa’ada area and placed caravans there.

4. Qusra, south-east of Nablus - colonists backed up by soldiers attack olive harvesters and fire at them.

5. Hebron, eastern part at Wadi Hassin area - colonists backed up by soldiers raid a home and beat up its inhabitants. A 14-year-old evacuated with bruises on his entire body.


Thursday, November 23

Israelis Fatalities

1. Elhana Klein, 29-years-old, from Enav colony.

Palestinians Fatalities

1. Hamdan Amer Hamdan, 14-years-old, from Zuwata - died of his wounds after being shot a few days ago during a raid. The second person killed (both 14-years-old) from same raid.

2. Qusai Qar’an, 19-years-old, from Qalqilia.

3. Iham Al Shaf’I, 14-years-old, from Al Bira.

4. Yazen Uthman Shiha, 25-years-old, from Anata. Shot and killed at Al Bira.

5. Ibrahim Mustafa N’an’ia, 26-years-old, from Jenin.

6. Suleiman Shtiti, 31-years-old, from Jenin.


65 persons arrested. 1,900 persons arrested since October 7th.


1. Yatta - soldiers filmed themselves harassing arrestees, some naked. This in addition to many videos posted showing harassment of Palestinian arrestees.

2. Ni’alin, west of Ramallah - raid on home of town council head. Damages to contents. David Star sprayed on his car, and he was arrested.

3. Bithunia, west of Ramallah - one person wounded by live fire close to the town.

4. Qalqilia - riad on the city. One person killed, 3 wounded by live fire. One in severe condition.

5. Al Bira - riad. 2 killed, one of them a minor. 2 wounded by live fire.

6. Jenin - night raid, combined forces of undercover agents and military auxiliary. Confrontations, 2 killed, 3 wounded, one of them in severe condition.

7. Huwara Checkpoint, south of Nablus - shots at Palestinian, critically wounded.

8. Salfit, northern entrance - with their rifle butts, soldiers attack Aziz Salmu, resident of nearby Marda, as he entered. Evacuated to hospital.

Attacks against colonists

1. Enav, east of Tul Karem - shots at Israeli car. The car overturned and the driver killed. Colonist on his way home from reserves duty.

Colonist attacks

1. A-Tayibe, east of Ramallah - in view of soldiers, colonists invade shepherd community compound, fire live bullets, beat up residents, steal vehicle and the entire flock of a villager. Following the attack several families decide to leave.

2. Al Mughayar, north-east of Ramallah - colonists bring their flock to the village lands and vandalize 250 olive trees.

3. Karyut, south of Nablus - colonists threaten villagers with pamphlets saying “Colonists will burn the olive trees if the [Palestinian] farmers come to harvest”.

4. Jit junction, south of Nablus - colonists burn olive trees. In a nearby event, they ambush vehicles and throw stones, all in full view of soldiers.

5. Dayr Sharaf, north-west of Nablus - colonists attack in the presence of soldiers, ignite vehicles, businesses and fields.

6. Northern Palestinian Joran Valley - colonists attack a Palestinian in his vehicle. The car is damaged, the man manages to escape.

7. Sha’ab Al Botom, Massafer Yatta - colonists raid a home, chase away its 9 inhabitants and vandalize it and all its contents.


1. Beit Hanina, East Jerusalem - wall and stable demolished.

2. Al Jalame, north of Jenin - stands of fruits and vegetables destroyed.


Friday, November 3


1. Wasim Zayud from Jenin refugee camp - killed during raid that began a day earlier.

2. Ya’man Jarar, from Jenin refugee camp.

3. Muataz Abu Nadi, 26-years-old, from Jenin refugee cap.

4. Mohammad Said Alaza, from Al Fawar refugee camp.

5. Wadi’a Yahya Al Najar, from Al Fawar refugee camp.

6. Ibrahim Za’id, 29-years-old, from Qalandia refugee camp.

7. Yusef Mohammad Shahin, 33-years-old, from Budrus.

8. ‘Isam Abed Ramadan, from Til - died of his wounds incurred a few days ago during a raid and clashes in the village.

9. Mohammad Ja’abari, 17-years-old, from Hebron.


37 persons arrested.


1. Jenin refugee camp - the number of persons killed in the raid that began last night went up to 5. Another 6 wounded, one critically.

2. Al Fawar refugee camp, south-west of Hebron - raid with live fire, confrontations, 2 killed and several wounded by live fire.

3. Qalandia refugee camp, north of Jerusalem - confrontations, one person killed, 2 wounded by live fire, one severely.

4. Budrus, west of Ramallah - confrontations at entrance to the village during a raid. One person killed.

5. Askar refugee camp, east of Nablus - demolition of home of Khaled Kharoshe who helped his father perpetrate terrorist attack in which 2 Israelis were killed. Confrontations began, no wounded persons reported.

6. Hebron - confrontations following demonstration in Bab A Zawiya area, one person killed, 2 wounded by live fire.

7. Shu’afat refugee camp - colonists open fire and wound a resident. Confrontations with police who entered the camp.

Colonist attacks

1. Beit Lid, east of Tul Karem - colonists damage infrastructure that supplies water to 8000 persons. The municipality worker trying to fix it was threatened by armed soldiers and chased away.

2. Sha’ab Al Botom, Massafer Yatta - colonists attack farmers and activists during olive harvest in the presence of soldiers. 3 cellular phones confiscated, 4 phones smashed after noticing that soldiers are filmed.

3. Al Mazra’a Al Qiblia, north of Ramallah - cutting down olive trees.


Saturday, November 4


1. Hamza Zaid Sawafta, 18-years-old, from Tubas.

2. Wasim Hassam ‘Ayesh, from Rafat.

3. Rami Aude, 17-years-old, from Izariya. Shot on Friday and died of his wounds on Saturday.


55 persons arrested.


1. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron - confrontations. 8 wounded by live fire. Soldiers raided homes and shops and after holding searches, hoisted Israeli flags, tore up posters showing martyrs’ pictures of this town.

2. Rafat, west of Salfit - Wasim ‘Ayesh, with special needs as Palestinians reported, detained by soldiers in one of the checkpoints. Missing for several days. Brought back today by soldiers, dead with harsh violent marks on his body.

3. Al Fawar refugee camp, south-west of Hebron - raid and numerous arrests. Flag hoisted on mosque.

Attacks against the army

1. Tyassir checkpoint, south of Tubas - a resident of Tubas tried to stab a soldier at the checkpoint and was shot to death.

Colonist attacks

1. Al Luban A-Sharqia, north-east of Ramallah - colonists attack olive harvesters, steal the crop and threaten to kill the harvesters if they return.

2. Burqa, north-west of Nablus - colonists shoot at olive harvesters.

3. Khirbet Yarza, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley - about 20 armed colonists raid the community encampment and threaten the inhabitants with weapons. One person wounded, bruised in his entire body.

4. Khirbet Qawas, Massafer Yatta - colonists attack olive harvesters and steal crop.


Sunday, November 5


1. Musa Diaa Za’arur, 22-years-old, from Abu Dis.

2. Mohand Afana, 20-years-old, from Abu Dis.

3. Nabil Halbia, 20-years-old, from Abu Dis.

4. Ahmad Dababas, 22-years-old, from Bit Awla. Killed at Nuba.


About 45 persons arrested.


1. Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem - raid and surrounding a house, bulldozer began demolition of house, its inhabitants inside. Harsh confrontations, 3 persons killed. 6 wounded, two of them severely. The body of one of the killed, a wanted man, taken by the army.

2. Nuba, north-west of Hebron - raid with live fire and teargas. Confrontations, one person killed, another wounded (his brother).

3. ‘Usrin, south of Nablus - raid with live fire. One person wounded.

4. Hebron, Ras Al Jora (northern neighborhood) - shots at Palestinian vehicle, one person critically wounded.

5. Hussan, west of Bethlehem - closure of shops enforced, soldiers situated on roofs.

6. Beit Jala, north-west of Bethlehem - soldiers smashed windshields of vehicles parked at rehabilitation hospital.


1. Hares, north-west of Salfit - bulldozers uprooted 70 olive trees.

2. Salfit - northern entrance blocked by dirt dyke.

Colonist attacks

1. Kablan, south-east of Nablus - armed colonists secured by soldiers march in the village streets, waving Israeli flags.

2. Taqu’a, south-west of Bethlehem - expansion of outpost.

3. Dayr Al Khatab - colonists attack olive harvesters and chase them away.

4. Sebastia, north-west of Nablus - 15 armed colonists raid the town and the main well that supplies water to the area’s communities. Throw stones at vehicles.

5. Eli colony, north of Ramallah - stones thrown at Palestinian vehicles.

6. Qusra - farmers out to harvest olives in coordination with the army found all the trees uprooted by colonists - 500 in total. In another event, colonists took over village lands close to Duma and uprooted olive trees with a bulldozer.


Monday, November 6

Israelis Fatalities

1. Rus Elisheva Lubin, 20-years-old, from Kibbutz Sa’ad, a Border Policewoman.

Palestinians Fatalities

1. Mahmoud Alatrash, 21-years-old, from Halhul.

2. Mohammad Farukh, 16-years-old, from Issawiya.

3. Az A-Din Awad, 25-years-old, from Tul Karem refugee camp.

4. Jihad Maharaj Shehada, 22-years-old, from Tul Karem refugee camp.

5. Mo’aman Said Bal’awi, 20-years-old, from Tul Karem refugee camp.

6. Qassem Rajab, 20-years-old, from Tul Karem refugee camp.

7. Yusef Tqatqa, 18-years-old, from Beit Fajar.


70 persons arrested.


1. Halhul, north of Hebron - raid on the town. One person killed, 5 wounded, among them 3 severely.

2. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - confrontations, one person moderately wounded.

3. Rumana, west of Jenin - soldier prevent olive harvest.

4. Taqu’a, south-east of Bethlehem - soldiers prevent olive harvest.

5. Tul Karem refugee camp - special force opens fire at vehicle and kills all of the passengers. Wanted men. A 14-year-old boy wounded while crossing the road there.

6. Ya’abad, south-west of Jenin - confrontations, one person wounded by live fire.

7. Azzun, east of Qalqilia - vehicle driving family attacked. Soldier beat up driver, he is hospitalized suffering bruises in his entire body.

8. Beit Fajar, south of Bethlehem - confrontations, one person killed and 3 wounded by live fire.

Attack against the army

1. East Jerusalem, Shalem station close to the Flowers Gate - a 16-year-old from Issawiya stabs 2 border policepersons. A policewoman is severely wounded and later dies of her wounds. Another policeman wounded.

Colonist attacks

1. Karyut, south of Nablus - colonists attack olive harvesters and shoot at them.

2. Dayr Nizam, north-west of Ramallah - colonists take over Palestinian-owned farmlands and uproot 60 olive trees.

3. Ein Al Hilwa, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley - colonists block the junction and attack Palestinian cars.

4. A-Rakiz and Mofaqara, Massafer Yatta - colonists attack houses, vandalize water tanks, irrigation pipes, solar panels.

5. Burin, south of Nablus - igniting olive trees.


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