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The Daily File - October 22-24, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Sunday through Tuesday.


Data from OCHA-OPT, Yesh Din reports, and Haaretz newspaper

Gaza Strip

‣ Within 24 hours, 704 Palestinians killed, of them 305 children

‣ 5,791 killed, 68% of them women and children (over 2,000 children)

‣ 1,550 persons missing, of them 870 children

‣ 16,297 persons wounded

‣ 1.4 million refugees

‣ 590,000 persons seeking refuge in UNWRA institutions (one of which now contains 11 times its capacity), 8 of these sites have been bombed

‣ 12 out of 35 hospitals are no longer functional, and 46 out of 72 medical facilities - are either hit or out of fuel.

‣ 133 families have lost 10 members or more. 108 families lost 6-9 members. 403 families lost 2-5 members.

‣ 16,441 residences have been totally destroyed, 11,340 are uninhabitable, 150,000 partially destroyed. In total, 45% of residences in the entire Gaza Strip have been hit.

The West Bank

‣ 95 killed, of them 29 minors.

‣ 1,883 wounded, of them about 180 minors. 28% of the wounded were by live fire.

‣ 135 settler-colonist attacks ending with damage to both property and casualties (recommended following the constantly updated list of Yesh Din).

‣ 607 persons expelled from their land by settler-colonist violence, over half of them children.

Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip

‣ 1,400 killed.

‣ 5,431 wounded.

‣ At least 220 taken hostage.

‣ 1,106 fatal casualties identified so far, 886 of them publicized by name so far, about 600 of them civilians.


Sunday, October 22


1. Mohammad Hussein Abed, 30-years-old from Jenin refugee camp.

2. Malek Jamil Shirqawi, 26-years-old from the old Askar refugee camp.

3. Mohammad Abdallah, 27-years-old from Dayr Balut, killed at the Jenin refugee camp.

4. Ubaida Nasser Kamil, 19-years-old, from Qabatia.

5. Qatada Ghanimal, 20-years-old, from Surif, killed at the Al Arub refugee camp.

6. Adnan Bani Aude, 19-years-old, from Tamun.

7. Jihad Salah, 29-years-old, from Zu’ata.

8. Mohammad Abu Zar, 17-years-old, from Zu’ata.

Clashes with the army

1. Jenin refugee camp - weaponized drones shelled Al Ansar mosque, where wanted men were fortified. 2 men killed, 3 wounded. The mosque was damaged.

2. Askar refugee camp, east of Nablus - camp raided. Confrontations, 1 man killed, 3 wounded.

3. Qabatia, north-west of Jenin - the town raided. Confrontations. One person killed.

4. Tamun, south of Tubas - Raid. Confrontations. One killed, 6 wounded.

5. Al Arub refugee camp - shots at vehicle entering the camp. The driver wounded and bled to death. The army took his body.

6. Zabuba, west of Jenin - shots at olive harvesters.

7. Jilabun, east of Jenin - preventing harvesters from accessing olive groves.

8. Kablan, south-east of Nablus - preventing harvesters from accessing olive groves.

9. Zu'ata - west of Nablus - raid, confrontations, 2 killed, one a minor. 2 wounded, one severely.

Colonist attacks against Palestinians

1. Kisan, east of Bethlehem - colonists attack Palestinians, among them the head of the local council, injuries incurred.

2. Ras Karkar, north-west of Ramallah - preventing olive harvest.

3. Khirbata, west of Ramallah - preventing olive harvest.

4. Umm Safa, north of Ramallah - preventing olive harvest and uprooting olive trees.

5. Dayr Amar, north-west of Ramallah - preventing olive harvest.

6. Dayr Jarayer - live fire to chase away olive harvesters.

7. Yasuf, east of Salfit - attack against the village, vehicles ignited, 70 olive trees cut down.

8. Huwarra - town raided at night, shots at houses, vehicles ignited, celebratory dancing in the town center.

9. Sa’ab Al Botom, Masafer Yatta - attack, theft of water pump and farming equipment, vandalizing olive trees and vines, cutting electric cables.

10. ‘Imatin, east of Qalqilia - attacking olive harvesters, cutting down olive trees and taking over land.

11. Susia - theft of water pumps and cutting pipes.

12. Al Makhrur, north-west of Bethlehem - takeover of land and works to expand colonist outpost.

13. Jorat Al Khil, south of Hebron - igniting property.


58 persons arrested.


Monday, October 23


1. Mahmoud Al Tarash Nakhla, 20-years-old, from Al Jilazun refugee camp.

2. Mohammad Nidal Elian, 22-years-old, from Al Jilazun refugee camp.


123 persons arrested.

Clashes with the army

1. Al Jilazun refugee camp, north of Ramallah - raid in order to conduct arrests. Confrontations in which 2 are killed, 6 wounded, 4 of them severely.

2. Iskaka, east of Salfit - soldiers chase away olive harvesters by armed threats.

3. Qalqilia - confrontations at the northern entrance to the town, one person wounded in his hand by live fire.

Colonist attacks against Palestinians

1. Burin, south of Nablus - colonsits accompanied by soldiers chase olive harvesters away, then take their equipment and all the harvested fruit.

2. A-Rashida, south-east of Bethlehem - a colonist grazed his flock on village lands and damaged olive trees.

3. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - colonists destroyed farming structure.

4. Sha’ab Al Botom, Masafer Yatta - colonists took over water hole and erected tents on Palestinian villagers’ land.

5. Turmus Aya - colonists accompanied by soldiers chased villagers out of their own land inside Area B.

6. Awarta, south of Nablus - theft of olive saplings.

7. Kufr A-Deeq, west of Salfit - 40 olive trees uprooted.

8. Marda, west of Salfit - a colonist opens fire at a car close to Barkan colony. Car harmed, no casualties.


Tuesday, October 24


1. Khaled Salam Fuqaha, 19-years-old from Anabta - the 15th person killed in the raid on Nur Shams refugee camp a week ago. Was critically wounded and died Tuesday at dawn.


51 persons arrested.

Clashes with the army

1. Ras Karkar, north-west of Ramallah - soldiers raided the village. Confrontations, in which 3 were wounded, one in critical condition. Another taken in custody.


1. Jabel Mukabar, south-east Jerusalem - a home with 6 people demolished.

2. Sur Bahr, south-east Jerusalem - commercial building demolished.

Attacks by colonists against Palestinians

1. Huwara, south of Nablus - armed colonists attack the town.

2. Talfit, south-east of Nablus - colonists ignite house on the village outskirts.

3. Beit Iksa, north-west of Jerusalem - colonists vandalize 10 vehicles.

4. Sha’ab Al Botom, Masafer Yatta - colonists attack and beat up a Palestinian family, threatening to destroy their home. Father and son taken to hospital.

5. Ras Karkar, north-west of Ramallah - a colonist in his car collides with a Palestinian car and shoots, severely wounding 3 passengers.

6. A-Zuwaidin, Masafer Yatta - armed colonists invade the village olive grove with their own flock, threaten to shoot and throw stones. Wound a small child in the legs.

7. Arab Al Melihat, west of Jericho - stone throwing at houses.


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