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The Daily File - November 7-14, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Tuesday through following Tuesday.

I have no way of confirming which of the killed or wounded persons were armed and who were civilians. The report focuses on dry facts and only on the West Bank. Our purpose is to raise consciousness about the goings-on in the West Bank and the steep rise in the numbers of persons killed and wounded by live fire, and colonist violence. Beyond things reported by Israeli media, this report is no support of any organization nor of any kind of terrorism. - Adi Ronen Argov


Data for the West Bank, as of November 14th:

Based on the daily report of the UN’s humanitarian bureau (OCHA) and reports by the Palestinian Ministry of Health (of the Palestinian Authority)

‣ 182 Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces live fire since October 7th. 46 of them were minors. In addition, 8 Palestinians killed by colonists’ live fire since October 7th, among them one minor. 426 Palestinians killed in the West Bank since the beginning of the year.

‣ 65% killed in clashes responding to raids or arrests.

‣ 26% killed during demonstrations, 6% while attempting to injure soldiers or colonists, 2% killed by colonists, 1% during a house demolition performed as collective punishment.

‣ 2,650 wounded since October 7th, 278 of them minors. 33% wounded by live fire. 50% during demonstrations. In addition, 74 wounded by colonists.

‣ 244 colonist attacks against Palestinians were filmed. 30 attacks concluded with casualties, 177 with damages to property, 37 with both.

‣ 1,149 Palestinians, 452 of them children, were forced to leave their homes because of colonist violence or severe military limitations. 135 Palestinians became homeless because of demolitions in Area C.

‣ 45 Palestinians, 24 of them children, became homeless because of home demolition as collective punishment.

Data from the Gaza Strip, as of November 14th

Taken from the daily report by OCHA, relying on data of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, controlled by Hamas. Furthermore, the number of killed persons has not been updated since November 10th because of communication difficulties.

‣ 11,708 killed (as of 10.11), 3,027 of them women, 4, 506 of them minors, 678 of them elderly persons.

‣ 3,600 missing, 1755 of them minors.

‣ 312 families have lost 10 or more members, 189 families lost 6-9 members, 549 families lost 2-5 members.

‣ 27,490 wounded.

Attached are diagrams with data and segmentation publicized by OCHA.

Data about Israelis, as of November 14th

Taken from OCHA, based on official state reports

‣ 1,162 killed have been identified so far – 845 civilians, at least 33 of them minors. 51 soldiers (male and female) killed since the beginning of the ground invasion. One hostage killed. 2 other hostages killed and their bodies held by Hamas. 4 Israeli civilians and soldiers killed by Palestinians in the West Bank.

‣ Over 5,400 wounded.

‣ 239 hostages, 31 of them minors. At least 3 killed.

‣ About 130,000 evacuated their homes or became homeless.


Tuesday, November 7


1. Musa’eb Hamid, 19-years-old, from Beit Anan.

2. Sa’ed Nimer Farukh, 24-years-old, from Sa’ir.


56 persons arrested. 2,150 arrested Palestinians since October 7th.


1. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem – raid, confrontations, teargas fired. No wounded reported.

2. Beit Anan, north-west of Jerusalem – Palestinians shot at close to the Separation Wall, ambulance prevented from approaching for two hours. 2 wounded, one of them died of his wounds while waiting for medical help.

3. Sa’ir, north of Hebron – raid, confrontations, one person killed and 2 wounded, one of the critically.

4. Beit Duku, north-west of Jerusalem – martyr memorial in the village destroyed.

5. Tul Karem refugee camp – raid that began last night. All roads to the camp are blocked. 2 bulldozers destroyed the main street, electricity poles downed, shop entrances and vehicles vandalized, transformer shot at and incinerated. 6 wounded, one of the severely.

6. Arabe, south of Jenin – raid, confrontations, 2 wounded by live fire.

7. Sha’av Al Botom, Masafer Yatta – one vehicle confiscated, 2 more vehicles destroyed

8. Qalandiya Checkpoint, north of Jerusalem – Palestinian woman wearing Hamas flag and holding knife proceeded slowly to the checkpoint. Shot and wounded. No Israeli casualties.

Colonist attacks

1. Qawawis, south of Hebron – colonist from Havat Talia outpost enter prayer sites and conduct searches, steal pipes and water pump. In a similar event, colonists entered a home and vandalized vehicles.


Wednesday, November 8


55 persons arrested.


1. Shu’afat refugee camp, north-west of Jerusalem – in February, 13-year-old Mohammad Al Zalbani was taken off a bus at the checkpoint by Asil Su’ed, a Border Policeman. He took out a knife and attacked the policeman. A security official on site shot and killed Al Zalbani. Tonight, the Israeli army raided the camp in order to demolish the Al Zalbani home. During the raid, schoolchildren and residents were attacked. The whole camp came under curfew. The house was demolished.

2. Bir Zeit, north of Ramallah – town and university raided, one person wounded by live fire.

3. Bethlehem – special forces enter later needing auxiliary force. The home of Hamdi Al Kamel was surrounded for 8 hours. Confrontations, 65 wounded, 11 of them by live fire, 2 in severe condition. Event concluded without Hamdi Al Kamel’s arrest.

4. Al Mughayar, north-east of Ramallah – raid and confrontations. 17-year-old severely wounded by live fire.

5. Sebastia, north-west of Nablus – town raided around the antiquities area. One person wounded by live fire.

6. Qusra, south-east of Nablus – raid with massive use of teargas. Many suffocations.

7. Tarqumia, west of Hebron – town raided, 2 council members arrested. Palestinians claim that gold jewelry was looted from the home of Ziad Jafer where a search was conducted.

8. Huwara, south of Nablus – raid on the shop of Salah Aude that apparently called on people to demonstrate in protest of enforced shop closure.

9. Ya’abad, south-west of Jenin – raid and searches.

10. Qalqilia – raid and numerous arrests.

11. A Safai, Masafer Yatta – a cave is raided where a family that had to leave its home in nearby Tuba was staying, after colonist harassment. Searches in the cave, threats.

Colonist attacks

1. Brukin, west of Salfit – colonists attack 2 farmer brothers during their work. They throw stones at the farmers and beat them with sticks. The two were hospitalized, one with a head wound, the other with bruises.

2. Kufr A-Deeq, west of Salfit – colonists steal 10 sheep, soldiers chase away olive harvesters.

3. Karyut, south of Nablus – colonists attack olive harvesters in Area B. Rock barrier erected in order to prevent access to olive harvest. Live fire at anyone getting close.

4. Al Farisiya, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley – flocks are taken into the shepherds’ territory and grazing is damaged.

Attacks against colonists

1. Gitit junction, east of Nablus – shots fired at Israeli car. 2 colonists wounded.


Thursday, November 9


1. Naser Abu Atwan, 25-years-old, from Dura.

2. Mohammad Farid Thawabta, 51-years-old, from Beit Fajar. Died of his wounds, incurred last night during a raid on Bethlehem.

3. Hussein Abu Nada, 47-years-old, from Jenin refugee camp.

4. Iham Alamar, 24-years-old, from Jenin refugee camp.

5. Rafat Abu ‘Aqel, 21-years-old, from Jenin city. Killed during the raid on the refugee camp.

6. Mohammad Zaid, 15-years-old, from Al Yanum. Killed in the refugee camp.

7. Lutfi Al Huwaiti, 21-years-old, from Jenin. Killed in the refugee camp.

8. Kais Dweikat, 21-years-old, from Balata refugee camp, killed in the Jenin refugee camp.

9. Mohammad Al Saba’, 30-years-old, from Jenin refugee camp.

10. Mo’atasem Issa, 32-years-old, from Anin. Killed in the Jenin refugee camp.

11. Mohammad Naser Nutahan, 30-years-old, from the Jenin refugee camp.

12. Mohammad Hussein Alfaid, 19-years-old, from the Jenin refugee camp.

13. Ahmad Shafiq Khalaf, 18-years-old, from the Jenin refugee camp.

14. Ibrahim Abara, 25-years-old, from Al Yamun. Killed at Jenin refugee camp.

15. Ahmad Abu Katana, 22-years-old, from Jenin refugee camp.

16. Thair Abu Katana, 23-years-old, from Jenin refugee camp.

17. Mohanad Alhaq, 29-years-old, from Al Amari refugee camp.

18. Qadri Azmi Khatab, 22-years-old, from Balata refugee camp.


55 persons arrested.


1. Tabaqa (suburb of Dura town), south of Hebron – raid and confrontations, one person killed.

2. Beit Furiq, east of Nablus, around Khirbet Tana – 20 families forced to leave houses, caves, and tents as the army demolished their residences. They were not permitted to return and retrieve their livestock. In addition, sheep pens and bee hives were destroyed. Later, the town was raided. Confrontations, 9 wounded by live fire, 1 by a rubber-coated bullet.

3. Al Amari refugee camp, Ramallah – raid and confrontations. One person killed, 6 wounded by live fire.

4. Jenin refugee camp – lengthy raid with bulldozers, infantry, weaponized drone launches missile towards a group of people. Siege on the government hospital in Jenin and ambulance approach prevented, hundreds of schoolchildren trapped in schools. Confrontations, 14 killed, 20 wounded by live fire, among them paramedics.

5. Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus – raid on the camp. Confrontations, one person killed, 17 wounded by live fire.

6. Aqraba, south-east of Nablus – raid, confrontations, one person wounded by live fire.

7. Ni’alin, west of Ramallah – raid, vehicle making a U-turn was shot at. Driver wounded.

8. Nahalin, south-west of Bethlehem – soldier confiscates donkey carrying olive crop, takes it to Beitar Ilit colony. Neither donkey nor crop returned to its Palestinian owner.

Colonist attacks

1. Karyut, south of Nablus – colonists filmed stealing olives and breaking olive trees in the village.

2. Kufr Qadum. East of Qalqilia – colonists uprooted 300 olive trees laden with fruit and ready to be harvested.

3. Kisan, south of Bethlehem – colonists in the presence of soldiers attack the village, firing live bullets. Several villagers wounded. The army blocked the village entrance and prevented Palestinians from exiting. In another event colonists with soldiers present returned and attacked villagers and their homes. Soldiers stood by as colonists threw stones.


Friday, November 10


1. Lith Mohammad Nsasira, 21-years-old, from Beit Furiq – wounded last night during confrontations there, died of his wounds today.

2. Mohammad Ali Aziak 17-years-old, from Aida refugee camp.


44 persons arrested.


1. Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem – raid at dawn. Confrontations, minor shot in the chest. The army prevented access of medical teams and arrested him. Two hours later he was declared dead and his body was turned over to Red Crescent.

2. Hebron – homes demolished of two prisoner brothers, sealing of publicity firms.

3. Al Aqsa – prevention of access for people coming to pray.

4. Wadi Joz, East Jerusalem – raid, confrontations, teargas.

5. Ya’abad, south-west of Jenin – confrontations during raid. One person wounded by live fire.

6. Taqu’a, south-east of Bethlehem – raid of schoolhouse in order to take down Palestine flag.

7. Beita, south of Nablus – raid and confrontations. One person wounded by live fire.

8. Hizma, north-east of Jerusalem – raid, massive firing of teargas at houses.

9. Al Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron – raid, confrontations, arrests. Filming the use of a detainee as human shield.

10. Kafin, north of Tul Karem – raid, confrontations, one person wounded by live fire and suffocations.

11. Kufr Qadum, east of Qalqilia – weekly protest march. Confrontations. No woundings reported.

12. Beit Fajar, north of Hebron – raid, confrontations and arrests.

Colonist attacks

1. Kissan, south of Bethlehem – colonists and their children secured by soldiers march on the main road to the village calling out “May your village be burned!”.

2. A-Tawane, Masafer Yatta – colonists vandalize water infrastructure.

3. Karyut, south of Nablus – colonists steal olives with soldiers present. Vandalize and break down olive trees. Prevent harvesters from accessing trees.

4. Birin, south of Hebron – colonists attack olive harvesters and chase them away.


Saturday, November 11


1. Wasam Jamal Hamran, from Arabe.


38 persons arrested.


1. Yatta, south of Hebron – raid on homes, Palestinian shot and severely wounded during arrests.

2. Tul Karem, Shweika suburb north of the city – Morning confrontations, one person wounded by live fire.

3. Qalqilia – lengthy confrontations, one person wounded by live fire.

4. Arabe, south of Jenin - raid, confrontations, one person killed. According to reports he was unarmed, nor took part in confrontations. He exited his home and surprised a group of soldiers who shot him on sight.

5. Khirbet Tana, east of Nablus – confrontations, 2 persons wounded by rubber-coated bullets.

6. Hebron – demonstrations at city center, Baba A Zawiya area. Confrontations.

7. Karyut, south of Nablus – soldiers invade home of Abadallah Musa, search it. They beat him with their rifle butts and proceed.

8. Madama, south of Nablus – soldier prevent olive harvesters from accessing their lands and confiscate their farming equipment.

Colonist attacks

1. A-Tawane, Masafer Yatta – armed colonists accompanied by a soldier known as a local colonist prevent the olive harvest. The soldier was filmed passing over his weapon to one of the colonists.

2. Sinjil, north-east of Ramallah – a known colonist grazes his cattle on privately-owned land and damages the crop. At the same time, soldiers prevent villagers from harvesting their olives.

3. Al Mughayar, north-east of Ramallah – with backing of soldiers, a known colonist from the outpost Malachei Ha-Shalom (Angels of Peace…) enters cattle into farmland and causes farming damages. At the same time the army prevents olive harvest. In addition – colonists take over farmland belonging to villagers – cut down olive trees, and flattening the ground as preparation for an outpost.

4. Jama’in, south of Nablus – colonists attack olive harvesters with stones, pepper spray, sticks and a dog. 2 women, aged 66-67 are wounded from stones and pepper spray. A third man is bitten by the dog and a fourth falls and hurts himself while running away from the colonists.

5. Tuba, Masafer Yatta – colonists vandalize water tanks and empty them.


Sunday, November 12


1. Muntaser Mohammad Seif, 34-years-old, from Burqa.

2. Amir Maher Arkawi, 23-years-old, from Jenin.


67 persons arrested.


1. Burqa, north-west of Nablus – dawn raid. Several houses searched. Explosion of vehicle of arrestee. One person killed during arrest.

2. Arabe, south of Jenin – raid, confrontations, one person wounded by live fire, suffocations.

3. ‘Urif, south of Nablus – raid, confrontations, 15-year-old wounded by live fire.

4. Jenin – re-entry in order to destroy more roads between the refugee camp and the cityh. Confrontations, one person killed.

5. Umm Al Khair, Masafer Yatta – soldiers raid the community close to Carmel colony that has been expanding on the village lands. Searches are conducted, construction equipment confiscated. Searches caused because Karmel colonists feel threatened.

6. Tubas – town raided from several direction. Confrontations, 2 wounded by live fire.

7. Til, south-west of Nablus – raid, confrontations, live fire and teargas. No casualties reported.

8. Budrus, west of Ramallah – confrontations during raid, live fire, teargas and stun grenades. No casualties reported.

Colonist attacks

1. Wadi Jheish, Masafer Yatta – colonists invaded community and destroyed wind turbine, internet out for this community as well as nearby communities of Susia, Khirbet A Nadi, Khirbet Jawin.

2. Khirbet Jubat, east of Ramallah – colonists from Malachei Ha-Shalom outpost vandalized and looted equipment left after members of the community left in early October because of colonist violence.

3. A-Tawane, Masafer Yatta – two masked, armed colonists, wearing parts of military uniforms, came with a car (no license plate), entered school, threatened, tried to take down Palestine flag. Left after villagers summoned the army.

4. Kufr A-Deeq, west of Salfit – 70 olive trees cut down.

5. Turmus Aya, sorth-east of Ramallah – stone throwing at Palestinian vehicles. Damages incurred.

6. Jama’in, south of Nablus – stone throwing at Palestinian vehicle. Damages incurred.


Monday, November 13


1. Issa Tamimi, 66-years-old, from Hebron.


55 persons arrested.


1. Khirbet Jabat, north-east of Ramallah – On October 8th, 30 community members were chased away by the army. When they came back today, the soldiers greeted them with live fire.

2. Zabuba, west of Jenin – soldiers fired at olive harvesters close to the Separation Wall.

3. Qalqilia - two raids on one day. This morning the raid ended with one arrest and one person wounded.

The evening saw another raid and 4 persons wounded by live fire, one severely.

4. Habla, south-east of Qalqilia – confrontations, one person wounded by live fire.

5. Hebron – a raid to close the Islamic Charity Association. During this raid the soldiers fired at a 66-year-old taxi driver in the head as he was passing close by, and he died. The army spokesperson claimed that soldiers fired because they heard shots. Perhaps a case of mistaken identity.

6. Silwan, East Jerusalem – Israeli policemen paint an inscription “The People of Israel Lives” as well as a Star of David over a wall painting of a Palestine flag.

7. Taqu’a – raid and confrontations. No woundings reported.

8. Balata and Askar refugee camps, east of Nablus – raid, two persons wounded by live fire.

9. Aqbat Jaber refugee camp, south of Jericho – raid, two persons wounded by live fire.

10. Yatta, south of Hebron – demonstration and confrontations, two persons wounded by live fire.

Colonist attacks

1. Sha’ab Al Botom, Masafer Yatta – colonists attack a house for the third time, breaking door, windows, solar panel, destroying greenhouse and several fruit trees.

2. Wadi Tiran, south of Hebron – 4 masked colonists came from the outpost Havat Yehuda, smashed car windshields and a tractor, emptied water tanks and destroyed solar panels. The previous day they came armed and threatened the villagers to leave within 24 hours. Police was alerted. Did not arrive.


Tuesday, November 14


1. Mohammad Ali Hadaida, 21-years-old, from Tul Karem.

2. Hazem Mohammad Al Hadri, 28-years-old, from Tul Karem.

3. Musa’en Alghul, 21-years-old, from Tul Karem.

4. Jihad Khaled Ghanem, 25-years-old, from Tul Karem.

5. Said Abu Tahun, 32-years-old, from Tul Karem.

6. Walid Masa’I, 26-years-old, from Tul Karem.

7. Abed Mu’areq Jarban, 33-years-old, from Tul Karem.

8. Yamin Kamal Athik Albasha, 18-years-old, from Jenin – died of his wounds 2 weeks after being wounded during a raid on Jenin.

9. Mohammad Abed AlHlaika, 20-years-old, from Al Shuyukh. Shot after trying to injure soldiers at the Beit Anun junction.


28 persons arrested.


1. Tul Karem refugee camp – raid lasting 15 hours. Drone exploded into a group of Palestinians, sniper fire, bulldozers destroyed main streets both in camp and close by in the city, ambulances prevented access, teargas fired at city’s government hospital. 7 killed (32 since October 7th), 18 wounded by live fire, 4 of them in critical or severe condition.

2. ‘Urif, south of Nablus – home demolition of one of the terrorists who attacked in Eli colony in June 2023.

3. Husan, west of Bethlehem – raid, soldiers smashed car windshields.

4. Beit Anun, north-east of Hebron – Palestinian shot at military group and the soldiers wounded him by live fire. Prevented ambulance from approaching until he died. Earlier he filmed a video where he took leave and asked to avenge what was happening in Gaza.

5. Kufr Dan, west of Jenin – raid, confrontations, 3 persons wounded by live fire.

Colonist attacks

1. Ein Al Hilwa, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley – colonists backed up by soldiers block the junction for Palestinian cars.


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