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The Daily File - November 28th – December 2nd, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Tuesday to Saturday.


Data from the West Bank, October 7th – December 2nd

Taken from the Palestinian Authority’s Health Ministry, Red Crescent, Wafa news agency, UN’s OCHA-OPT.

Palestinians killed

‣ 244 killed, 65 of them minors. 9 killed by settlers.

‣ In addition, 2 Palestinians killed in a shooting terrorist attack after killing 3 Israelis. The 4th – an Israeli citizen killed by an Israeli soldier.

‣ These constitute 50% of the total number killed since the beginning of the year.

‣ 67% killed during arrest and search operations.

Israelis killed

‣ 8 persons killed by Palestinians, 5 of them civilians.

Palestinians wounded

‣ 3,270 wounded, 516 of them minors.

‣ 45% of these during protest demonstrations.

‣ 33% by live fire, compared to 9% until October 7th.

‣ In addition, 83 wounded by settlers. 18 by settlers and soldiers.


‣ 3,415 arrests since October 7th.

‣ 2,070 are currently held in administrative detention (without due process).


‣ 1,014 persons, 388 of them minors, have been expelled by settlers and/or soldiers.

‣ 220 of these, including 114 minors, in house demolitions in Area C. 63 of these, including 31 minors, in collective punitive demolitions.

Settler attacks

‣ 305 documented attacks. 37 of these ended with casualties.

Umm Al Khair – ‘Kidnapping’ by soldiers of a 17-years-old from Umm Al Khair in Masafer Yatta. For about 24 hours no one knew what had happened to him.


Data from the Gaza Strip, October 7th – December 2nd

Sources: WAFA news agency and UN’s OCHA-OPT who since November 18 have relied on the Gaza Communications Ministry (controlled by Hamas), as the collapsed hospitals and Gaza’s Health Ministry have stopped reporting.


‣ About 16,000 killed.

‣ 69% of them women and children.

‣ About 6,500 children and 4,500 women.

‣ About 1,400 families have lost over 2 members. At times, some families have lost dozens of members. There have been 700 persons killed in the last 24 hours.


‣ About 38,000 persons


‣ On November 23rd, 6,500 persons were reported missing. The number has not been updated. Most of them are buried under the rubble.


‣ About 1.8 million, constituting 80% of the Gaza Strip inhabitants.

‣ 1.1 million are seek refuge in UNRWA facilities. 86% of them are in the southern part of the Strip, in 99 facilities.

Shaja’iya. Bombing of 50 residential buildings.


Data from Israel, October 7th – December 2nd


‣ About 1,200 killed, most in the October 7th massacre.

‣ 77 soldiers killed since the beginning of the ground invasion.


Last data prior to the ceasefire:

‣ About 5,400 wounded on October 7th

‣ Over 1,000 soldiers.

No updated data since.


‣ 86 Israeli citizens, 24 citizens of other countries – freed.

An estimated 133 are still held in captivity, including 2 – a baby and an infant.


Tuesday, November 28


1. Mali Majd Da’arah, 17- years-old from Kafr Ein.

2. Amar Jamil Wuhaden, 14-years-old from Tayasir.


47 persons arrested, 11 of them from Beit Furik.


1. Deir Ammar, west of Ramallah – during the demolition of the family home of Daud Faez – perpetrator of the terrorist vehicle ramming attack on August 31st, in which soldier Maxim Mulchanov was killed and 4 others wounded – confrontations broke out, 2 persons wounded by live fire.

2. Kafr Ein, north-west of Ramallah – during a raid and consequential confrontations, a 17-year-old was killed (shot by 3 live bullets).

3. Dheisheh refugee camp, south of Bethlehem – raid using live fire, searches in several homes.4 persons wounded by live fire.

4. Tubas and Tayasir (east of Tubas) – raid and a house surrounded. Reports of using detainees as human shields. Firing a shoulder missile at the house. A 14-year-old killed (shot in the chest), 3 others wounded by live fire.

5. Al Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron – during a raid a Palestinian was shot and wounded. The army prevented extraction and detained medical teams. He was finally taken to hospital, in critical condition.

6. Jenin city and refugee camp – another raid on neighborhoods in the city and camp. The camp was declared a closed military zone. Soldier lay siege to the governmental Ibn Sina Hospital and prevented ambulance traffic, detaining and inspecting the wounded. Bulldozers continued destroying roads that began in previous raids. 2 persons wounded by live fire, including a minor, and dozens of suffocations.

7. Beitunia, west of Ramallah – Tuesday dawn and evening, shooting at families waiting for prisoners to be freed in the hostage exchange deal. At dawn Tuesday, one person killed (reported in the previous report), in the evening – one person wounded by live fire, and suffocations.

8. Issawiya, north-west Jerusalem – raid with stun grenades and teargas. Suffocations and the home of Salama ‘Ubaid burnt.

Teargas fired on houses at Issawiya


1. Bani Naim, east of Hebron – demolition of a 2-storey house of the Manasara family. Inhabited by 20 persons.

2. Al Dirat, east of Yatta – demolition of a 2-storey house of Yasar Al Adara. Inhabited by 5 persons.

3. Abu Sha’aban, east of Yatta – demolition of the home of Fares Jamil Awad. Inhabited by 5 persons.

4. Wadi Fukin, Husan, west of Bethlehem – 1,500 dunams of land confiscated in order to pave a Jews-only road.

Settler attacks

1. Arab Al Malihat, west of Jericho – 3 times in a single day settlers attacked the Bedouin shepherd community (lately pressured violently to leave). Members of the community, including women, were beaten up, and sheep stolen.


Wednesday, November 29


1. Adam Samar Al Ghul, 8-years-old from Jenin.

2. Basel Sliman Abu Al Wafa, 15-years-old from Jenin.

3. Wisam Ziad Hanun, Jenin refugee camp

4. Mohammad Jamal Zbeide, Jenin refugee camp


35 persons arrested. Reports of the death of 6 arrestees since October 7th. The freed arrestees report harsh conditions in the detention facilities, and heavy harassment by wardens. Blows, sexual harassment, no shower, sleep on the floor, Israeli songs and slogans heard on the loudspeakers, denial of medical treatment.

Karim – 12-years-old, from Jalazone refugee camp, detained by soldiers who showed him videos in which children are killed, and threatened to kill him if he throw stones


1. Jenin city and refugee camp – in an action begun yesterday and lasting over 13 hours, the army forced inhabitants of the Al Damaj neighborhood to leave and destroyed its electricity, water and drainage infrastructures, and shot missiles into homes. Massive arrest rampage. Confrontations. 2 minors, one of them 8-years-old, were shot in the head by snipers, and were denied medical treatment for a long time. Their death was established at the hospital.

Death of an 8-year-old in Jenin

2 more persons killed, wanted men dead from shooting their houses. 2 persons wounded by bullets and vehicle ramming, and prevention of medical treatment. Total – 4 persons killed, number of wounded unclear. Infrastructure heavily damaged.

2. Tell, south-west of Nablus – raid and confrontations. Suffocations.

3. Ein Sultan refugee camp (north-west of Jericho) and Aqabat Jaber refugee camp (south of Jericho) – night raids. Confrontations, no casualties reported.


1. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem – girls’ high school wall demolished

2. Ras Al amoud, East Jerusalem – Fadi Abu Subih forced to demolish his own home. 60 sq.m. inhabited by 6 persons.

Settler attacks

1. Khirbet Yanun, near Aqraba, south of Nablus – settler steal olive crop from village lands and prevent Palestinian harvesters’ access.

2. Karyut, south of Nablus – settlers ignite farmland west of the village. Note that this is inside Area B which they have overtaken and prevent farmers’ access.

3. Kisan, east of Bethlehem – a group of settlers chases away Ali Issa Nabarin from his own land close to the Ibei Nahal outpost.

4. Qarawat Bani Hassan, north-west of Salfit – settlers accompanied by a bulldozer and soldiers have begun preparing a Jews-only track leading to Havat Yair outpost on Palestinian land. They fired at Palestinians trying to get to these lands.


Thursday, November 30

Israelis killed

1. Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman, 73-years-old from Ashdod.

2. Hannah Ifergan, 67-years-old from Beit Shemesh.

3. Livia Dickman, 24-years-old from Har Nof, Jerusalem, pregnant

4. Yuval Doron Kastelman, 38-years-old from Mevaseret. Shot and killed by an Israeli soldier.

Palestinians killed

1. Fadi Badran, 21-years-old from Beit Ur al-Tahta. Shot and killed in Bitunia.

2. Murad Nimer, 38-years-old from Sur Baher, shot to death while committing a terrorist shooting and killing of 3 Israelis. Former prisoner and Hamas activist.

3. Ibrahim Nimer, 30-years-old, from Sur Baher, shot to death while carrying out a terrorist shooting and killing of 3 Israelis.

4. Karam Bani Aude, 25-years-old from Tammun. Shot to death while committing a terrorist vehicle-ramming attack near Beka’ot colony.


At least 40 persons arrested.

Attack on family waiting for their prisoner son about to be freed in the hostage exchange deal

Attacks against Israelis

1. Jerusalem – at the entrance to the city, 2 Palestinians came by car, armed with M15 rifles, came out of the car close to a bus station and opened fire. 3 dead, among them a pregnant woman. An Israeli civilian shot one of them to death. Later a soldier from the ‘Desert Frontier’ unit (settlers turned soldiers) shot the second terrorist, and shot to death the Israeli civilian in spite of the latter’s raising his hands and identifying himself. 4 killed, 6 wounded.

Soldier shooting Israeli civilian after the latter surrenders

2. Beka’ot colony, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley – a Palestinian vehicle rammed 2 soldiers before its driver was shot to death.


1. Bitunia, west of Ramallah – At dawn on Thursday, confrontations near Ofer Prison after the release of arrestees in the hostage exchange deal. One person killed, 5 wounded by live fire, 2 wounded from falling on the ground.

2. Tulkarm city and refugee camp – massive raid on the city, especially it southern and eastern neighborhoods as well as the camp. A bulldozer heavily damaged infrastructures, vehicles and shops. Soldiers situated close to the central hospital, searched ambulances. Confrontations broke out. Number of wounded unclear. Many arrests.

3. Khirbet Yanun, south of Nablus – soldiers detained and beat up farmers on their own land.

4. Idna, west of Hebron – soldiers shot and wounded a Palestinian close to the Separation Wall

5. Karama, south of Hebron – An 8-member Palestinian family was evicted without prior warning, its home turned by soldiers into an army post.

6. Arraba, south of Jenin – raid and confrontations, one Palestinian wounded by live fire.

7. Ein Sultan refugee camp, north-west of Jericho – raid, confrontations, arrests. No wounded reported.

8. Sur Baher, East Jerusalem – Iham Mash’al forced to demolish his own home.

Settler attacks

Some of the attacks are carried out by settlers who are now drafted by the military to reserves duty.

1. At-Tuwani, Masafer Yatta – soldier-settlers from Havat Maon colony attacked a family that grazed its flock in a field next to its house bordering on the outpost. They physically attacked the father, and threatened – with their weapons – to kill the family if it dares graze again. One of the family members was kidnapped into the nearby woods and thrown to the road after several hours. The army-uniformed settlers threw stones during this event.

2. Kufr Al-Diq, west of Salfit – Settlers uprooted olive trees and prevented Palestinian harvesters’ access.

3. Deir Ballut, west of Salfit – settlers blocked the entrance to the village with rocks.

4. Wadi Kelt, east of Jericho – uniformed settlers took apart structures of the shepherd community.

The event reported as Wadi Kelt is described in detail on Friday, December 1st, under the heading Al Ka’abna community.


Friday, December 1


During the ceasefire (one week) 210 Palestinian arrestees were freed. 260 arrested.


1. Kafr Qaddum, east of Qalqilya – in the weekly protest march, 2 villagers were targeted by live fire.

2. Si'ir, east of Hebron – Raid of the Wadi Hanis area, 17-years-old wounded by live fire.

3. Al Fawar refugee camp, south of Hebron – the camp raided with massive use of teargas and stun grenades. Suffocations.

4. Teqoa, south-east of Bethlehem – lengthy clashes, no casualties reported.

5. Dura, south of Hebron – soldiers heat up 2 Palestinians until these needed medical treatment. No circumstances reported.

6. Qaffin, north of Tulkarm – town raided with live fire and teargas. House searches and confiscation of security cameras in shops and industrial plants.

7. Madama, south of Nablus – town raided, one person wounded by live fire.

8. Al Aqsa Mosque – for the 8th week no entry allowed for prayer.

Settler attacks

1. Jalud, south-east of Nablus – at night, settler throw stones at houses and ignite several vehicles in the village, calling out nationalist slogans.

2. Jawiya, Masafer yatta – settlers attack farmer families on their land. Chase them away and threaten them.

3. Khirbet Yanun, south of Nablus – settlers attack olive harvesters.

4. As-Sawiya, souoth of Nablus – settlers (probably from Rechelim colony) vandalize a shop, smash windows, break doors and steal items.

5. Al Ka’abna, Wadi kelt area, west of Jericho – settlers attack the shepherd community at night (about 30 persons), threaten with weapons, throw stones, vandalize a vehicle and block access.

6. Qarawat Bani Hassan, north-west of Salfit, settlers accompanied by soldiers attack and vandalize a martyr memorial, vehicles, and steal money. The soldiers fire teargas at villagers.

7. Qusra, south-est of Nablus – settlers, probably from Esh Kodesh outpost, uproot 50 olive trees.


Saturday, December 2


1. Sharif Ahmad Al Sha’er, 16-years-old from Jalamah, shot on October 9 during a raid on Jenin (11 others killed), died from his wounds today.

2. Yazen Majdi Arub, 14-years-old from Nablus.

3. Ahmad Mustafa

4. Asafi, 38-years-old, father of 6, from Qarawat Bani Hassan.

Attacks against soldiers

1. Al Murabba’ah Checkpoint, close to Tell, south-west of Nablus – a force at the checkpoint detained a 14-year-old minor for questioning. They claim he drew out a knife and was shot on sight. Medical aid was prevented and he died later of his wounds.


1. Beita, south of Nablus – in the morning, confrontations at the entrance of the village. 2 Palestinians wounded by live fire. In the evening the soldiers returned, confrontations broke out, many suffocations.

2. Jaba’, south of Jenin – raid, a minor chased, shot by live fire and severely wounded. Hospitalized.

3. Awarta, south of Nablus – a raid during which confrontations ensued. 4 persons wounded, among them 3 minors, one 7-years-old (shot in the neck). His condition is critical.

4. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron – raid and confrontations. 2 persons wounded by live fire, one of them a minor.

5. Umm Al Khair, Masafer Yatta – soldiers raided homes, confiscated cell phones and kidnapped a minor. He was taken blindfolded and shackled into the trunk of a car, disappeared for about 24 hours during which the army claimed it didn’t have him. The police arrested ?? who was then freed.

Settler attacks

1. Wadi Ejheish, south of Hebron – soldiers and settlers prevent Palestinians from accessing their land. Confiscate a vehicle and force its driver to unload the sheep it carried.

2. Deir Ballut, west of Salfit – settlers attack shepherds around El Ein, chase them away under threat of gunfire.

3. Qarawat Bani Hassan, north-west of Salfit – settlers accompanied by soldiers raid the town, shoot at houses, vandalize a vehicle and attack other houses in Al Ras neighborhood. The townspeople confront them. The soldiers use live fire again them. 3 persons wounded by live fire of soldiers and settlers. One person killed, his body found in the fields after hours. He was married, father of 6.

4. Yasuf, east of Salfit – settler attack farmers, wound 4 of them, take their cell phones and IDs.

5. Madama, south of Nablus – settlers raid the town, burn a vehicle, throw stones at a house.

6. Khalat Taha, south of Hebron – settlers accompanied by soldiers attack a family. The soldier is documented threatening, beating up and cursing the Palestinians.

7. Mevo Yericho – settlers attack a shepherd community. Nationalist slogans and stone throwing.


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