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The Daily File - January 7-11, 2024

Updated: Jan 28

Sunday through Thursday.

The West Bank

The Gaza Strip



The West Bank as of January 11th

Palestinians killed

‣ Since October 7th, 334 Palestinians have been killed, 84 of them minors. 8 of them by settlers. 39 of them schoolchildren.

‣ Since the beginning of 2024, 23 Palestinians have been killed, 3 of them minors.


Israelis killed

‣ 8 Israelis killed after October 7th, 4 of them soldiers, one by an Israeli soldier.

‣ Since the beginning of 2024, one woman-soldier was killed during a military operation.

Palestinians wounded

‣ After October 7th, 4,157 Palestinians were wounded, 630 of them minors, 116 of them by settlers or settler soldiers;

‣ 282 of them were schoolchildren;

‣ 52% wounded in military operations;

‣ 33% wounded by live fire.

Israelis wounded

‣ After October 7th, (as of January 2nd), 48 Israelis were wounded, 10 of them minors.


‣ After October 7th, 5,800 Palestinians arrested;

‣ Since the beginning of 2024 until January 11th, 320 Palestinians arrested;

‣ After October 7th, 85 schoolchildren arrested, and 71 teachers and educators.

Displaced persons and demolitions

After October 7th -

‣ 1,208 Palestinians were evicted, 586 of them minors;

‣ 453 Palestinians, 227 of them minors, lost their home in demolitions at Area C and East Jerusalem;

‣ 602 Palestinians, 263 of them minors, lost homes in military operations when 94 houses were demolished;

‣ 95 Palestinians, 42 of them minors, lost homes due to collective punishment;

According to Nir Hasson (Haaretz daily newspaper), the pace of home demolitions in East Jerusalem increased since war broke out.

‣ Throughout 2023, 140 residential buildings and 84 commercial buildings were destroyed - about 60% more than the previous year, at the rate of 10 buildings a month;

‣ Since the beginning of the war, the pace increased to 17 buildings a month;

‣ Since the beginning of 2024, 3 buildings were demolished and 60 olive trees uprooted.

Settler-settler attacks

‣ After October 7th, 404 settler-settler attacks were recorded;

‣ 88 of them ended with casualties - 8 killed and 116 wounded;

‣ 33% of the attacks involved the use or threat of live fire.


Data from the Gaza Strip - as of January 11th

Palestinians killed

‣ 23,469 killed - 70% of them women and children (these numbers do not include terrorists killed on October 7th);

‣ 4,257 schoolchildren;

‣ 227 teachers and principals;

‣ 337 members of medical staffs;

‣ 116 journalists, including 14 women;

‣ About 8,000 missing persons, presumably buried under the rubble.

Mourns the death of his granddaughter

Israelis killed

‣ 1,328 killed in the October 7th massacre, including soldiers, and 38 minors;

‣ 184 soldiers since the beginning of the ground invasion.

Palestinians wounded

‣ 59,604 persons wounded;

‣ 7,777 schoolchildren;

‣ About 1,000 children lost their legs (10 a day), most of them amputated without anesthesia;

‣ 6,200 wounded persons facing death due to the lack of medical supplies and needing emergency evacuation to Egypt. Only 707 have been evacuated so far.

Yusef, 17-years-old. Lost his leg to an aerial bombing of his Khan Yunis home

Israelis wounded

‣ 4,834 wounded in the October 7th massacre;

‣ 1,085 soldiers wounded since the beginning of the ground invasion.


‣ 980,000 residences demolished - over 60% of the total residences in the Gaza Strip;

‣ 150 health institutions either totally demolished or partly damaged;

‣ 30 hospitals no longer functional;

‣ 53 health centers no longer functional;

‣ 121 ambulances totally destroyed;

‣ 281 government schools and 65 UNRWAS schools annihilated;

‣ 195 historical sites annihilated;

‣ 143 mosques annihilated;

‣ 3 churches annihilated;

‣ 222 attacks on UNRWA facilities, 63 of them direct hits.

Displaced Persons

‣ As of January 8th, 1.9 million displaced persons;

‣ 1.72 million are concentrated in 155 UNRWA facilities, 160,000 of them in the Northern Strip;

‣ In Rafah proper there are now 1.4 million displaced persons. The city numbered 300,000 prior to October 7th.

Humanitarian crisis

1. Aid delegations - since early January, only 3 out of 21 delegations intended to work in the Northern Strip have actually been active due to the Israeli army’s delays - considerably delayed at checkpoints, or diverted to undrivable tracks.

Between January 7th and 10th, all appeals to transfer medical supplies to a central pharmacy in the Northern Strip have been rejected, 6 attempts to transfer clean water and fuel have been rejected as well.

2. Hospitals - at the moment, 15 out of 36 are partly functional. 3 hospitals in Khan Yunis risk closure due to Israel’s demand to evacuate and ongoing bombings. Beds are occupied over 340% capacity. Wounded persons are 4 times the clinical capacity of the hospitals. Most of the wounded are on the floor. Many of them untreated. In initial treatment, half-a-million cases of infectious diseases were noted. This number is expected to rise.


Sunday, January 7 - The West Bank

Killed Palestinians

1. Hazaa Darwish, 27 years old, from the village of Mothalth Ash Shuhada.

2. Rami Darwish, 22 years old from Mothalth Ash Shuhada.

3. Ahmed Darwish, 24 years old from Mothalth Ash Shuhada.

4. Alaa Darwish, 29 years old from Mothalth Ash Shuhada.

5. Razakallah Suleiman, 18 years old from Mothalth Ash Shuhada.

6. Muhammad Yaser Esshous, 25 years old from Mothalth Ash Shuhada.

7. Vadie E’Seshous, 17 years old from Mothalth Ash Shuhada.

8. Ahmed Mahmoud Makharev, 28 years old, Abwein.

9. Rukia Abu Dahok, 3 years old. Biddu.

10. Muhammad Abu Eid, from Beit Iksa.

11. D’ha Abu Eid, from Beit Iksa.

12. Amar Mansour, 33, Beit Hanina.

Killed Israelis

Shay Garmai, 19 years old from Karmiel, killed during a military operation.


Around 17 arrests among them one minor female.


1. Mothalth Ash Shuhada - south of Jenin. A raid on the village. Strong confrontations. A bomb was set off on a military vehicle – killing one woman soldier and injuring 3. A drone shelled a group of young people. 7 dead, including 4 brothers and another pair of brothers (detailed story below). The army's claim - they operated an explosive. Witnesses' claim - they were not the ones who activated the bomb. A bulldozer destroyed roads.

Umm Alaa Darwish in the hospital

2. Abwein - northwest of Ramallah - raid through the 2 main entrances. confrontations. One person killed (shot in the stomach) and 2 wounded by gunfire.

3. Deir Sharaf - west of Nablus - soldiers beat a 21 -year-old man at a checkpoint and he was rushed to the hospital.

4. Khirbet Ma'in - Masafer Yatta - soldiers attacked farmers and shepherds and denied them access to the lands. They confiscated the agricultural equipment.

5. Beit Iksa checkpoint - northwest of Jerusalem – an allegation of a runover attempt. 2 police officers were slightly injured. A married couple who were in the suspect vehicle was shot dead. A 3 -year-old child in another car was also shot in the head and died.

A 3 -year-old girl was killed at the Beit Iksa checkpoint

6. Zeita - north of Tulkarem - soldiers attacked a resident and injured him. Transferred to medical treatment.

7. Yatta - raid on several neighborhoods. Confrontations during which 2 persons were injured by gunfire.

8. Al Arroub refugee camp - north of Hebron - raid on the camp. Confrontations. No injuries were reported.

9. Qalqilya - raid and clashes. No injuries were reported.

10. Al-Bireh - raid and clashes - no casualties reported.

11. Nahalin - southwest of Bethlehem - a military force invades the village, confiscates a digger, and evicts farmers from their land.

Palestinian attack

Wadi al-Haramiya - north of Ramallah - a Palestinian vehicle blocks a vehicle with an Israeli license plate, and shoots at it. The driver of the vehicle, a Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem, was killed. A woman who is also a resident of East Jerusalem was seriously injured.


1. Khirbet an-Nahla - south of Bethlehem - settlers uprooted 250 olive trees.

2. Masafer Yatta (exact location of the incident is unclear) - south of Hebron - settlers are chasing shepherds and denying them access to pasture.

3. Al Jwaya - Masafer Yatta - armed settlers backed by the army raided houses, attacked residents, destroyed the contents of houses, threatened to continue the attacks if they did not leave.

4. Al Farisiya - north of the Jordan Valley - settlers attacked the community camp. One person wounded.

5. Umm Safa - north of Ramallah - the digging work of a settler accompanied by soldiers continues. The village is blocked off and any approach to the checkpoint or excavation the army responds with live fire.


Zoom In

Zoom in on a mother whose sons, all of them, were killed in Mothalth Ash Shuhada - Umm Alaa Darwish (based on a report by the Wafa news agency).

Sunday, January 7, 2023, the village of Mothalth Ash Shuhada south of Jenin. Confrontations. Police officer Shai Garmai was killed and 3 others were injured. 7 Palestinians were killed (on that terrible day 12 Palestinians were killed, including a 3 -year-old girl):

Hazaa Darwish, 27 years old, • Rami Darwish, 22 years old, • Ahmed Darwish, 24 years old, • Alaa Darwish, 29 years old, • Razakallah Suleiman, 18 years old, • Muhammad Yasser E'Sahous, 28 years old, • Wadie E'Sahous, 17 years old.

4 brothers from the Darwish family, 2 brothers from the E'Sahous family. The army shot and killed them. The allegation: they threw explosives. According to witnesses - they did not throw explosives. In the hospital in Jenin, Umm Alaa walks around and can't believe that her four sons are gone: where are my children? All gone, no one left.

Let's go back: Umm Alaa was born and grew up in the village of Mathlet until she married a Jordanian and moved to live in Jordan. They had 9 children and they lived in poverty and deprivation. Hazaa had kidney disease and needed dialysis and a kidney transplant operation. Rami was injured and lost an eye. They were unable to provide them with a medical solution and she decides, 8 years ago, to return to her home village with her 9 children. The father was not given a transit permit and he remains in Jordan.

Umm Hazaa and her sons worked hard. They dreamed of building a house where they could all live. In reality they lived in a house that was too small to accommodate everyone and Ahmed used to sleep in the yard. "My children were my friends, my brothers, and all my relatives."

On the evening of January 6, they spent time at home. Rami prepared dinner, Ahmed smoked a hookah, Hazaa hugged his mother. On the day of the event - Muhammad calls her at dawn. He tells her that there was a drone attack on a group of young people in the village square. He asked her about his brother. She hurried to open her cell phone and saw a video of a group of young people lying on the ground and bleeding. She noticed Alaa. Worried and frightened, she decides to go to the scene of the incident. There she was told that Rami was also killed and that Ahmed was injured. At the hospital she realized that all 4 were killed.

At the other end of the village, the mother of Muhammad Wadia E'Seshous sits mourning as well. 5 years ago she lost her eldest son in a car accident and today she lost his two brothers. She remained childless. by herself.


Sunday, January 7 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

113 killed and 250 wounded.

Relief trucks

116 through Rafah Crossing, 102 through Kerem Shalom.

Northern Strip

1. Al Fallujah - shelling of a house. 20 dead.

Central Strip

1. Deir el Balah - 10 dead and dozens wounded in the shelling of the al-Aqsa martyrs hospital. A delegation from the World Health Organization visited the hospital (the only one functioning in the district) - they reported that most of the staff and 600 patients had to leave for unknown destinations. Life -saving operations and other essential interventions had to be stopped. Described dire scenes of people of all ages being treated on the floor.

2. Al Maghazi camp - shelling of a medical center - 4 dead. Among them is a woman. In addition - drones shoot at houses and aerial bombing.

3. Nuseirat camp - a fire broke out due to a massive bombardment from the air. Shelling on the eastern side - killed.

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - shelling of a house in the center of the city - 12 dead. Al Amal neighborhood including a hospital - shelling. 3 dead. Injured. Most of them children.

West of the city - shelling of a house. 17 dead, including 12 children. East of the city - 6 dead including 2 girls in a shelling on a group of people. According to reports, during the night between January 6 -7, 71 bodies were brought to the hospital.

Muhammad Rami Awad. Shortly before, and after his death. Boy.

2. Rafah - shelling of a building hosting displaced persons, 7 dead. A drone bombed a car with journalists in it. 2 dead. 3 injured.

The shelling of the journalist's car

Among the dead was Al Jazeera reporter Hamza al-Dahdouh, the son of the head of the news desk in Gaza, and Al Jazeera's Wael al-Dahdouh, who had already lost his wife, son, and daughter, and was himself wounded. North of the city - 11 dead. The beach - 7 dead.

The last photo that Hamza al-Dahdouh took. shortly before his death


Monday, January 8 - The West Bank


1. Yusuf Ali al-Khol, 22 years old, Iktaba.

2. Ahad Musa, 23 years old, Iktaba.

3. Tarek Shahin, 24 years old, Iktaba.


About 40 arrests, including 4 minors, including a 9-year-old boy.



1. Iktaba - east of Tulkarem (a suburb of the city) - a special force accompanied by reinforcements raided the town while shooting at a vehicle and then at one of the houses. 3 dead. According to documentation, a military vehicle ran over one of the dead (it is not clear if he was already dead) during the retreat. Another injured person who was arrested. Ambulance access was denied.

Caution trigger violence. Predator car.

2. Beit Ummar - north of Hebron – a raid on houses. Destruction of their contents and confiscation of a vehicle. Clashes began during the raid. Strangulation injuries were reported.

3. Ya'bad - southwest of Jenin – a raid on a house and destruction of its contents. Soldiers beat up the home owner because he had photos of shahids on his cell phone. He was rushed to the hospital.

4. Tell - southwest of Nablus - raid and clashes. Wounded by gunfire.

5. Hebron - Arrest of a father and his 9 -year-old son who was released after several hours. The father remains in custody.

6. Al-Bireh - raid and clashes. 2 wounded by gunfire and 3 arrested.

7. Dura - south of Hebron - raid on houses while blowing up doors.

8. Qusra - south of Nablus - raid, tear gas. live shooting strangulation injuries.

9. Wadi Ejheish - Masafer Yatta - the residents went out to plow their land. Settler soldiers stopped the tractor and prevented them. The police were called and allowed the plowing to continue. The settler soldiers returned when the police left the place and threatened the farmers with weapons.


Birin - south of Hebron – a demolition of a house and a barn, as well as the uprooting of fruit trees.


1. Arab al Malihat - west of Jericho - settlers from Mevo’ot Yericho, accompanied by soldiers who helped them, placed pillars in preparation for building a fence on Palestinian lands.

2. Tarqumiyah - west of Hebron - settlers destroyed an agricultural building.

3. Al Jwaya - Masafer Yatta - Settlers and soldiers planted trees on Palestinian lands.


Monday, January 8 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

249 Palestinians killed. 510 wounded. 9 Israeli soldiers were killed.

Khan Yunis, this is how the wounded are treated

Central Strip

1. Al Nuseirat camp - shelling of a house. 12 dead. During the night before, 8 were killed in shelling.

2. Al Maghazi - aerial bombardment of the UNRWA school. Killed. It is not clear what they were.

3. Al Zawayda - 5 killed in shelling.

4. Deir el Balah - shelling of a house - 8 dead including children. Shelling in the center - 18 dead including children. Another shelling - 4 dead.

Samir Radi, a reporter of Palestine TV, mourning the death of his wife and two children

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - shelling of the school housing displaced persons who did not receive an evacuation notice - 5 dead, including a 5 -year-old boy. City center, Manara Square area - 8 dead, including children. Shelling on the south of the city, 4 dead. Shelling on the east of the city, 2 dead.

2. Rafah - 3 killed in a drone attack.


Tuesday, January 9 - The West Bank


Ibrahim Samer Jayous, 31 years old. Ein Siniya.


About 30 detainees, including an elderly man with cancer.


1. Tulkarem and the refugee camps Nur Shams and Tulkarem - a raid that lasted 6 hours (all night). Entrance from the south and from the west. Positioning in the lanes leading to the Tulkarem refugee camp. A drone fired a shell inside the camp - 9 wounded. The army delayed 2 ambulances at the entrance that were carrying 2 of the wounded and prevented them from being transferred to the hospital. A bulldozer destroyed a monument to martyrs, shops, vehicles, school doors (it was turned into a military post).

Tulkarem camp. An ambulance is delayed and an injured person is arrested

In the Nur Shams camp, infrastructure was destroyed. Snipers on the rooftops. Drones over the camp. searches and arrests. The raid began 3 hours after the death of 3 in the eastern suburb of Tulkarem.

Tulkarem and Nur Shams

2. Qaffin - north of Tulkarem - infantry force entered the town while firing live everywhere. Wounded by a live gunshot to his stomach.

3. The old Askar camp and the Balata camp - east of Nablus - raid from the eastern side. Explosion of a house (in which 12 tenants live, including 4 children). confrontations. 14 injured. From there they continued to the Balata camp with a bulldozer and destroyed a main street.

4. Al-Thalla - Masafer Yatta - they arrested a number of farmers and prevented them from reaching their land.

5. Jalamah - Northeast of Jenin - The resident of the village was wounded by live fire while working his land during a raid.

6. Al Fawwar refugee camp - soldiers raid a house and deface a mural of local martyrs. as well as burned photos.

7. Hableh - south of Qalqilya - raid. Vacancies in houses and destruction of contents.

8. Kafr Qaddum - east of Qalqilya - raid, searches. Arrests.

9. Husan - west of Bethlehem - raid. House searches. Arrests. confrontations. No injuries were reported.

Attacks on the military

Ein Siniya checkpoint - north of Ramallah - a Palestinian killed by gunfire. According to the army - a stabbing attempt. According to witnesses - he did not have a knife.


Sur Baher - Southeast Jerusalem - The explosion of the house of the terrorists who were involved in the attack in Jerusalem at the end of November. In which 3 civilians were killed and in addition a fourth was killed by a soldier's fire.


1. A Samu - south of Hebron - area B - a settler from Otniel grazing on Palestinian lands opened fire on a group of farmers. The army adds and shoots at the farmers and expels them. 2 arrested. 2 wounded.

2. Al Rakeez - Masafer Yatta - settlers set up a caravan. Probably an extension to the Abigail settlement.


Tuesday, January 9 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

126 killed, 241 wounded. An Israeli soldier was killed.

In the frame of conquerors and boasters

Relief trucks

131 trucks passed through the Rafah and Kerem Shalom checkpoints.

Northern Strip

1. Jabalia Al Balad - rescue forces managed to retrieve 2 bodies from the ruins of a house.

2. Al Zeytun - number of people killed in an aerial bombardment.

3. The organization ActionAid International reports from Al Awda Hospital in the north of the Gaza Strip: surgeries are performed with headlamps. The hospital was besieged for 20 days and all services were stopped. 170 staff members, patients were trapped and struggling to survive. 6 medical personnel were killed in the last days of the siege. Pregnant women were killed trying to get to the hospital. The hospital renewed the delivery room services - many women come to the hospital suffering from bleeding because their child is on the way to the hospital or in displaced persons camps. Many need blood transfusions. There are none.

Mohammed Al Minawi. A fragment entered the brain. Needs evacuation and surgery

Central Strip

1. Nuseirat camp - shelling of a house west of the camp - 16 dead. Shelling on the UNRWA school - a child was killed.

2. Al Maghazi - 4 dead. The ambulance was unable to come and rescue them. Shelling on the school in the camp - killed.

3. Deir el Balah - shelling of a house. Number of casualties. It is not known who they are.

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - shelling of a displaced persons camp of Doctors Without Borders. 4 injured. Drones attacked displaced persons and also the vicinity of Nasser Hospital. In the south of the city, aerial bombardment of a mosque and several houses. 13 dead in 20 hours.

A girl who survived the attack on Tel al Sultan in which 15 were killed

2. Rafah - shelling of a residence - 15 dead (Tel El Sultan).

Shelling of a queue for food distribution in Rafah


Wednesday, January 10 - The West Bank


1. Fahim Ahmed Al Khatib, 25 years old, married and the father of a two-year-old son. A resident of Beitunia. He was shot two days ago in the stomach during clashes in the city. Died of his wounds.


27 arrested.



1. Nablus - a special force invaded the market in the old city. Search a house and arrest a resident. Military reinforcements entered the old city and blocked the entrances. Snipers were positioned on roofs. Raiding houses and destroying contents. Explosion of a cafe and Fatah offices. 10 injured, including a minor and a 70 -year-old woman.

2. Jenin and the Jenin camp - the 31st raid since October 7. Lasted 11 hours and started last night. Blocking entrances to the camp, bulldozers. drones. Snipers on the rooftops. Confrontations involving live fire. 3 arrested and heavy damage to houses, trade stands, vehicles. infrastructures.

3. El Rashaida - east of Bethlehem - raid on a clinic and destruction of its contents.

4. Beit Ummar - raiding houses and destroying their contents.

5. Aboud - northwest of Ramallah - clashes during which 3 were wounded by live fire.

6. Ya'bad - southwest of Jenin - clashes. Wounded by a live gunshot to the back.

7. Shuafat Camp - Northeast Jerusalem - Clashes.

8. Issawiya - Northeast Jerusalem - Clashes.


1. Silwan - East Jerusalem - Demolition of a building in Wadi al Rababa.

2. Kifl Haris - northwest of Salfit - demolition of 2 commercial buildings and a car wash facility.

3. Tel Rumeida - central Hebron - demolition of 6 dunams of private land and uprooting of 50 olive trees.

4. Sur Baher - South East Jerusalem - Demolition of the Khatib family home. Earlier they were attacked. Among other things, one of the elders of the family was injured. 8 family members were left homeless. The house is 23 years old.

5. Anata - northeast of Jerusalem - demolition of a building.


1. Kufr al-Dik - west of Salfit - settlers set fire to an agricultural building and ancient olive trees in the northern part of the village.

Settlers set arson in the village of Kufr al-Dik


Wednesday, January 10 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

147 dead, 243 wounded. An Israeli soldier was killed.

A paramedic mourns the death of his friends in the shelling of the ambulance in Deir el Balah

Relief trucks

193 trucks.

In the frame of conquerors and boasting to the camera

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City - shelling of the beach in the southwestern part of the city. 6 dead.

2. Jabalia - shelling of a house. The number of dead is unknown.

A grandfather mourns the death of his son and grandchildren

Central Strip

Deir el Balah

1. Shelling on Al Maghazi and Al Bureij - at least 20 dead, most of them children.

2. Deir el Balah - shelling of a building in the area of al-Aqsa Hospital. Among the dead is a journalist. An ambulance team that came to rescue the wounded was also shelled and all were killed. 13 dead.

Southern Strip

1. Rafah - shelling of a house north of the city - 5 dead, including 3 children and an infant.

2. Khan Yunis - 7 killed in shelling.


Thursday, January 11 - The West Bank


1. Majdi Peshapsha, 37 years old from Jaba.


35 arrested. The activist Khaleda Jarrar (60 years old) was transferred to administrative detention for 3 months.


Jaba. including abuse of the injured

1. Jaba - south of Jenin - raid by special forces combined with military reinforcements that blocked all entrances to the village. The special force raided the house of a former prisoner and clashes began. The wanted man was killed and several others were injured. Documentation of a military vehicle dragging one of the wounded on the road.

2. ad-Dhahiriya - south of Hebron - raid on the town and confiscation of vehicles.

3. Jabara checkpoint - south of Tulkarem - attacks and arrests at the checkpoint.

4. Raids without confrontations: Jericho, Qalqilya, Azzun, Jayus, Al Bireh, Beita. Kafr Ni'ma, Al-Yamun, Ya'bad.

5. Beitunia - west of Ramallah - arrest raid and distribution of threatening leaflets to residents.

6. Jenin and the Jenin camp - the 32nd raid since October 7 - a raid on the eastern neighborhood from several directions. blocking it. Confrontations. A bulldozer destroyed street infrastructure. Live shooting and tear gas. Houses were searched. No casualties were reported. 6 arrested.

Jenin, 32 times since October 7

7. Husan - west of Bethlehem - clashes during a raid. strangulation injuries. They forced the shop owners in the area to close and set up roadblocks.

8. Shuafat refugee camp - raid on the camp and search of houses. strangulation injuries.


Thursday, January 11 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

112 killed, 194 wounded.

Relief trucks

194 trucks.

Northern Strip

1. Gaza city - west of the city near the beach. Shelling on people who were waiting for food. People were killed, unknown number.

2. Beit Hanun - aerial bombardment. It is not clear how many were injured.

Central Strip

1. Massive shelling of al-Nuseirat, Al-Maghazi and Al-Bureij camp. It is not clear how many were killed. A transformer factory in the Nuseirat camp area was bombed. All 4 central generators collapsed resulting in problems with the electricity supply.

2. A new evacuation order for the Al Mawasi area and Salah a Din Street (4.6 square kilometers) where 18,000 residents live and another 9 shelters (it is unknown how many are sheltered in them) towards Deir el Balah. The UN expressed concern because Israel is still shelling Deir el Balah.

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - shelling of a residential building - 7 dead including a woman and two children. 25 injured. They are all members of the same family. Another shelling from the east of the city - 6 dead. The shelling in Al Manara neighborhood killed 8, including civil rescue forces who tried to rescue the wounded.

Shelling in the Manara Square area. Aid forces that came to rescue also fell victim to gassing

2. Rafah - east of the city shelling of a house - 9 killed.


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