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The Daily File - December 3-6, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Sunday through Wednesday.

As we promised, the brief will expand and include an overview of data from the Gaza Strip. The two foci – the Gaza Strip and the West Bank – will be reviewed separately.
Source of data from the Gaza Strip: UN’s OCHA-OPT relying on data by the Palestinians Ministry of Health controlled by Hamas (although similar data are reported by the Israeli military spokesperson) regarding casualties.
More data rely on reports of aid organizations representatives in the Gaza Strip. Other data rely on reports by WAFA news agency (supporters of the Palestinian Authority). I try to focus on sources that are not propaganda, but there is always room for bias…

The Gaza Strip

Bombing of the Supreme Court


As of December 6th.


‣ 16,248 persons, 7,112 of them minors and 4,885 women (70% of all killed).

‣ 1.550 families with numerous persons killed.

‣ Over 7,500 missing persons (most assumed buried under the rubble).


‣ Over 43,616 persons wounded.


‣ Over 50,000 buildings totally demolished.

‣ Over 250,000 buildings partially demolished. Namely, over 60% of Gaza Strip’s residences unfitting for human habitation.

‣ 339 schools and kindergartens demolished.

‣ 26 hospitals and 56 clinics no longer operable.

‣ 3 churches and 88 mosques demolished.

From OCHA-OPT’s daily report


Sunday, December 3

‣ Until noon, 316 persons killed, 660 wounded.

‣ The Israeli army demands immediate evacuation (not specifying exact time of execution, contradicting international law) of 20% of the Khan Yunes area and eastward, and Rafah. Area inhabited by 117,000 persons and another 50,000 refugees from the north, concentrated in 21 shelters.


‣ Limited allotment of flour and water only in Rafah. None in the other parts of the Strip.

‣ About 100 fuel tankers enter Rafah crossing, delivering 69,000 liters and aid trucks.

‣ 556 holders of foreign/double citizenship are evacuated to Egypt. 11 aid workers enter the Strip.

‣ Massive bombing from the air, the sea and the ground of the northern Gaza Strip – Beit Lahiya, Al Shujaia, Al Daraj, Al Zeitun neighborhoods of Gaza City. Central Gaza Strip – Dayr Al Balah and Jebalya refugee camp. Southern Gaza Strip – Al Karara and parts of Rafa. No crossing from the south either to the north or center of the Strip.

Al Nusirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip


Monday, December 4

‣ Until noon, 349 killed, 750 wounded.

Kamal ‘Adwan Hospital

‣ The most massive bombing so far since October 7th. In the northern part of the Gaza Strip: Israeli drones bomb Kamal ‘Adwan hospital that shelters 10,000 refugees in addition to the wounded. Bombing of Al Shujaia, Al Tufah, Al Zeitun and the Old City of Gaza. In Al Zeitun neighborhood – 30 members of a single family killed in a single attack. Central part of Gaza Strip: Al Nusirat refugee camp and Dayr Al Balah. Southern part of Gaza Strip: Ground invasion in Khan Yunes expanded. A journalist and her entire family killed in the Rafah bombing.

Khan Yunes

‣ Today, too, 100 fuel tankers and aid trucks entered the Strip (during the ceasefire, 179 entered every day).

‣ At the Rafah crossing, 583 holders of foreign/double citizenship cross over to Egypt, and 25 wounded persons.

‣ Limited allotment of flour and water only in Rafah.

‣ Internet and media failure make coordination among aid and rescue organizations difficult.

‣ UN Humanitarian Coordinator declares that they cannot provide aid, the existing shelters do not function and there is very real threat of spreading pandemics.

Israeli soldiers…


Tuesday, December 5

‣ Since the renewal of fire (December 1st), 1,207 Palestinians were killed. This is not a final number – many are still buried under the rubble.

‣ Since yesterday, aerial, naval and ground attacks and bombings have massively increased, in addition to ground combat between the Israeli army forces and armed Palestinians especially in the eastern part of the Strip, such as Jebalia refugee camp and eastern parts of Khan Yunes.


‣ Shelling of a refugee shelter at Al Faluja (west of Jebalia). Shelling of Khan Yunes and Al Nasser Hospital there.

Shelter at Al Faluja

‣ Emergency Aid Coordinator Martin Griffith announces there is no safe place in the Gaza Strip, no one is safe there, not even children or aid workers and medical teams.

‣ Expansion of missile launchings from Gaza into deeper targets inside Israel.

‣ Allotment of water and flour only in Rafah.

‣ Data streaming is very partial due to blackout and screening of media.

Sparing you difficult graphics of killed and wounded in evacuation centers and hospitals.

Wednesday, December 6

‣ Massive bombings continued for the third day. In the early morning, a block was bombed in the Jebalia refugee camp (northern Strip) and 100 persons were reported killed. Palestinians continue to claim that the Israeli army uses phosphorus bombs in contradiction of an international convention. Kamal ‘Adwan Hospital in the camp has been closed due to the fighting, lack of basic medical supplies, water, food and fuel. 20 ill persons could not be evacuated and remained in the closed hospital. 2 small clinics are the only ones left open in the northern part of the Strip.

Rafah; Al Bureij (central part of Strip); Khan Yunes;

‣ Al Nusirat refugee camp, Gazan neighborhoods of Al Tufah, Al Bureij and Al Shajaia bombed. Massive bombing in Khan Yunes (southern part of the Strip) and Al Fukhari (east of Khan Yunes).

Khan Yunes

‣ The Israeli army has issued evacuation orders to 25% of Khan Yunes. 178,000 persons inhabit the area warned in addition to 170,000 refugees – they must be evacuated to two neighborhoods of Rafah (south of Khan Yunes).

‣ At the Rafah crossing, 80 trucks of aid and fuel have passed (unlike the daily average 170 during the ceasefire and 500 before October 7th).

‣ This is the fourth day that allotment of water and flour takes place only in parts of Rafah. None in Khan Yunes due to the fighting. No contact with the northern and central parts of the Strip.



The West Bank

Fatma Salem, known to many of us from demonstrations at Sheikh Jarrah, a woman who struggled against being evicted from the house in which she was born, got married and raised her children and grandchildren – died of cardiac arrest. May she rest in peace.


October 7th – December 6th. Taken from OCHA-OPT reports.


‣ 253 persons killed, 66 of them minors. 8 killed settlers, 2 by settlers and/or soldiers. 2 killed during a terrorist attack in Jerusalem (in which 3 Israelis were killed).

‣ The number of persons killed at this time constitutes over 50% of those killed since the beginning of the year (the most lethal since the organization began to monitor data).

‣ 67% killed during raids and arrest operations. In over 50% of these there was no gunfire exchange.


‣ 3,341 persons wounded, 530 of them minors.

‣ 45% wounded in demonstrations.

‣ 46% wounded in arrest operations.

‣ 44% of them wounded by live fire (compared to 9% prior to October 7th).

‣ 84 wounded by settler attacks, 18 by settlers and/or soldiers.

Settler attacks

‣ 318 attacks. A certain decrease noted in recent weeks.

‣ 77 of the attacks ended in casualties.

‣ In 33% of them firearms were used.

‣ Over 50% of the attacks with presence/involvement of soldiers.


‣ 1,014 refugees, 388 of them children – violently expelled by settlers.

‣ 283 refugees, 149 of them children, among the rubble of their homes in Area C.

‣ 63 refugees, 31 of them children, in collective punitive demolitions.

Total November Data in the West Bank

Taken from the Committee Against Colonies and Separation Wall of the Palestinian Authority.

‣ 1,472 attacks by Israeli soldiers

‣ 220 settler attacks

‣ Settlers uprooted 3,232 trees, mostly olive trees during the harvest season.

‣ Settlers stole 70 heads of cattle.

‣ 6 cases of olive theft.

‣ 9 cases of farm equipment theft.

‣ The Civil Administration/Jerusalem Municipality carried out 64 house demolitions, 37 of them inhabited homes.

‣ The Israeli army confiscated 20 dunams of Palestinian farmland with an official order for military purposes.


Sunday, December 3


1. Adnan Asam Zaed, from Qalqilya.


87 persons arrested. 21 of them from the Hebron area.


1. Qalqilya – dawn raid for arrests and searches, using live fire. An uninvolved 21-year-old, on his way to work in a bakery, was shot in the head and died. No more casualties reported.

The moment the young man from Qalqilya is shot

2. Umm Al Khair, Masafer Yatta – soldiers carried out a night raid on homes and caves, searching, threatening, harassing and confiscating cell phones. A 17-year-old was arrested. For 20 hours no one knew what had happened to him. He returned wounded and bruised and reported that rather than being questioned, was the object of ongoing violent abuse the entire time. He was freed without any investigation or indictment. Needed medical attention. Nearby village of Hilawa village was object of night raid too, and after harassing the villagers, soldiers confiscated a vehicle.

Ajdi’a al Hadlin, 17-years-old from Umm Al Khair, 20 hours of violent abuse

3. Hizma, north of Jerusalem – a new barrier was erected at the entrance, townspeople report harassment, humiliation as well as blows as they pass.

4. Husan, west of Bethlehem – raid and confrontations. House roofs turned into observation posts. No casualties reported.

5. Jenin – raid for arrests. Confrontations. No casualties reported.

6. Si'ir, north-east of Hebron – raid for arrests. Confrontations. One person wounded by live fire.

7. ‘Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem – raid for arrests. Blocking all entrances. Confrontations. No casualties reported.

8. Al Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron – raid on the camp with massive use of teargas. Suffocations, of children as well.

9. Askar refugee camp, east of Nablus – an army bulldozer vandalizes infrastructure and destroys roads.


1. Beit Hanina, north Jerusalem – Osama Al Rajbi forced to demolish his own home by the municipality.

2. Sur Baher, south-east Jerusalem – 2 inhabitants forced to demolish their own home by the municipality.

3. A-Tur, East Jerusalem – demolition order for a 5-storey building.

Settler attacks

1. Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron – settlers destroyed infrastructure providing water for the A-Safai, Mughabar Al Abid and Tuba communities.

2. Dayr Qadis, west of Ramallah – settlers open fire and wound two minors - 12- and 14-years-old.

3. Wadi al Qilt, West of Jericho – settlers escorted by soldiers raid 5 tents and carry out questionings, threats.


Monday, December 4


1. Ibrahim Alqam, 32-years-old from Qalandia refugee camp.

2. Inas Isma’il al Farukh, 23-years-old from Si’ir.

3. Mohammad Sa’adi al Farukh, 22-years-old from Si’ir.

4. Alaa Nazal from Qalqilya.

5. Imas Karake’a from Qalqilya.


60 persons arrested, 3,540 persons arrested since October 7th.


1. Jenin refugee camp – raid from several directions, confrontations. No casualties reported.

2. Qalqilya – dawn raid. Clashes and fire exchanges. 2 persons killed (involved in gunfire). Their bodies taken after ambulance access was prevented. 2 more wounded. One of them – a member of the Palestinian Police. Another wounded man arrested.

3. Kufr ‘Aqab and Qalandia refugee camp, north of Jerusalem – massive raid on the neighborhood and refugee camp nearby, Soldiers escorted by bulldozer. Confrontations. The soldiers fired live and rubber-coated bullets, teargas. One person killed (Palestinian customs officer) and 15 wounded. 10 of them by live fire, 4 in severe condition. In addition, persons wounded by rubber-coated bullets in eyes, shrapnel of live bullets in the fact and blows. Soldiers were reported raiding shops, vandalizing contents (eggs, for example).

Qalandia, Confiscation of dangerous weapon – eggs…

4. Tulkarem – raid on western part with live fire. No casualties reported.

5. Si’ir, north-east of Hebron – clashes in the southern part. 2 critically wounded, died of their wounds several hours later.

6. Bani Naim, east of Hebron – raid and confrontations. 3 wounded by live fire, among them a 14-year-old in critical condition.

7. Al Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem – raid with live fire. 15 persons arrested. No casualties reported. Soldiers distributed leaflets warning camp residents of participation in demonstrations.


1. Al Ubaida, east of Bethlehem – 6 Palestinian farming structures, close to Boaz settler outpost.

Settler attacks

1. Al Farssiya, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley – settlers, son of Rotem colony’s security official among them, and other youngsters attacked the encampment. They threw stones, entered homes, threatened and attacked. In the meantime, one of them began flattening the ground in order to sow wheat as a way to take over. Israeli accompaniers (activists accompanying shepherds) were attacked: a 70-years-old activist was attacked with pepper stray and stones. The other, 39-years-old, was attacked with stones and blows. Both needed medical attention.

The activists who were attacked


Tuesday December 5


1. Mohammad Hasan Manasara, 25-years-old from Qalandia refugee camp.


43 persons arrested.


1. Jenin city and refugee camp – 15th raid since October 7th on city and camp. Lasted 9 hours. Over 50 military vehicles and 4 bulldozers accompanied by drones. Snipers situated on the roofs of tall buildings. Siege on the government hospital, ambulance team attacked physically while rescuing. 15 persons arrested, 7 wounded, among them a woman in critical condition, and a minor. House blown up by shoulder missiles. Fire caught another house as a result. Much damage to infrastructures around the Al Zahara neighborhood and roads leading to the camp.

2. Qalandia refugee camp, north of Jerusalem – raid. Shots at house that caused the death of one of its inhabitants. His brother arrested. Second person killed in the camp in less than 24 hours.

3. Khirbet Qilqis, south of Hebron – Israeli reserves soldiers arrest Tareq Abu Abed, a person with special needs, for ID inspection. He is stressed, bends down and tries to distance them. They shoot him at close range and wound him.

4. Baq’a Al Khatab, east of Qalqilya – raid and confrontations. 2 persons wounded by live fire.

5. Al Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron – confrontations at entrance to camp. One person wounded by live fire and many suffocations.

6. Nahalin, west of Bethlehem – uprooting 30 olive trees.

7. Beit Laqia, west of Ramallah – raid and confrontations. No casualties reported.

8. Beit Kahil, west of Hebron – raid and confrontations. 2 persons wounded by live fire.


1. Beit Hanina, north-east Jerusalem – demolition of the home of Jamal Idris, a house with 3 apartments and 13 family members. Soldiers attacked family members who tried to prevent the demolition.

Settler attacks

1. Teqoa, south-east of Bethlehem – settlers attack a Palestinian east of the town. They beat him up. Soldiers arrest him.


Wednesday, December 6


1. Mua’ez Ibrahim Zaharan, 23-years-old from Al Far’a refugee camp.

2. Abed Al Rahman Bani Aude, 16-years-old from Tammun.

3. Ahmad Ghanam, 30-years-old from Tulkarem. Died of his wounds. Shot a week ago.

4. Abed Riahi, 24-years-old from Balata refugee camp.

5. Omar Mahmud Abu Baker, 16-years-old from Ya’bad.


42 persons arrested.


1. Al Far’a refugee camp, south of Tubas – raid by soldiers from the Hamra checkpoint. Clashes at the entrance of the camp. 11 persons wounded by live fire and shrapnel. One killed.

2. Tammun, south of Tubas – raid to conduct arrests. Confrontations, during which a 16-years-old minor is killed.

3. Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus – special forces raided the camp and surrounded a house. Confrontations broke out. Auxiliary forces with 2 bulldozers join. One person critically wounded, officer in the Palestinian Security Forces, 25-years-old. Later died of his wounds.

4. Husan, west of Bethlehem – Israeli soldiers fired on a vehicle that consequently ran into a wall. The driver was arrested, his condition unknown.

5. Ya’bad, south-west of Jenin – raid and confrontations, 2 persons wounded by live fire, and a minor killed.

6. Al Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem – raid on the camp. Confrontations. 3 persons wounded, one severely. Arrests.


1. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem, Rumm Rokba south of the town – demolition of a 2-storey house, flattening of Palestinian farmland in order to pave a road for Jews only.

2. Al Zwaidan, Masafer yatta – demolition of 3 houses, another at Umm Kussa. When family members tried to collect their things, uniformed settlers stopped them and fired in the air.

3. Silwan, East Jerusalem – Jalaljil family home demolished.

4. Hizma, north-east Jerusalem – commercial buildings demolished.

Settler attacks

1. South of Bethlehem – settlers fire at vehicle on main road. No casualties.

2. Birin, south-east of Hebron – settlers prepare road on Birin land that would connect Benei Hever colony with the settler outpost 3 kilometers away.




October 7th – December 6th.

‣ About 1,200 killed on October 7th. 1,162 of them identified, 36 of them minors.

‣ About 5,400 wounded on October 7th.

‣ 138 still held hostage, 2 of them minors.


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