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The Daily File - August 23-27, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Wednesday through Sunday.


1. 35 Palestinian minors were killed since the beginning of 2023. This equals the total number of 2022.

2. The UN has documented 423 cases of violence against children and schools by the occupying forces and by settlers. These include shooting and demolitions of schools. More than 50K children were affected or denied access to education and welfare.

3. According to OCHA OPT there are 565 roadblocks in the West Bank. These vary as follows:

‣ 49 are manned 24/7;

‣ 139 are manned occasionally;

‣ 304 blockades of various kinds;

‣ 73 dirt and other walls; Plus:

‣ 80 barricades between H2 (Israeli ruled Hebron) and H1 (Palestinian managed Hebron). These are mainly magnometers, cameras and facial recognition devices. (just a reminder, Ben-Gvir lives in Hebron).

‣ All in all there are 645 blockages affecting movement, travel accessibility to roads, cities, education, medical care and agricultural land.

‣ West Bank residents require passes to enter east Jerusalem through 3 barriers.

In 2022 (during the Benet-Lapid government) 15% of Palestinian requests for medical access were denied. 20% of denials for family members. 93% of ambulances with parents were delayed due to the need to transfer parents to an Israeli ambulance.

‣ 20% of the West Bank is blocked off as army firing ranges.

‣ 10% of Palestinian agricultural land was annexed to settlements. Most farmers only have access to their land twice a year.

4. Today marks the memorial day for the unburied Shahids. Since 2015, Israel holds 142 bodies that have not been buried by their families. There are 75 missing persons reported since 1967.



1. Ezz El-Din Kanaan, Aged 20. From Jaba'. Member of al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades. Shot in the head during a raid on Jenin Refugee Camp on the 3rd of July. Died on Friday. According to Palestinian sources he was on his way to donate blood and did not participate in the altercation.


Arrests and detainees

1. Arrests

73 Palestinians were arrested between 23-37 of August: Jaba' 4; Silat ad-Dhahr 1; Nablus 3; Tell 1; Silat al-Harithiya 1; Al Yamun 1; Aqabat al Jard 1; Tulkarm 2; Seida 2; Bayt Rima 1; Burqa 1; Beit Ummar 1; Issawiya 2; Al-Aqsa 1; al Fawar 13; Al K'ahlil (Hebron) 2; Shuafat 1; Biddu 1; Aqbat Jaber 3; The Container checkpoint 1; Bethlehem 2; Qabatiya 4; Beit Sahour 1; Hamra checkpoint 2; Barta'a checkpoint 1(minor); Shuweika 1; Zieta 3; Shuqba 1; Nabi Ilyas 1; Anata 1; Ni'lin 1; Sur Baher 1; Sheikh Jarrah 2; The Old City, Jerusalem 3; Kafr Dan 2 (1minor); Aqraba 2.

2. Detainees

‣ Qusai Nasser, from Issawiya. Detained on Wednesday. Attacked while in custody. Beaten, sprayed with pepper gas. Sustained injuries on his body.


Attacks on Palestinians by the Occupation forces (IOF)

In chronological order. Recording attacks which turned into altercations. Other attacks will not be reported due to an overload of information.

1. Al Khalil - Hebron, Wednesday dawn. Raid on Kha'let Manna using stun grenades. Near the home of family El Shantier, whose sons Mohamed and Shaker are suspected of the attack south of Hebron, which killed Batsheva Nigri last week. The forces took measurements of the house in preparation for demolition, as part of the collective punishment practice. Altercations developed. No reports of injuries. On Thursday there was another raid involving gunfire. Friday morning another raid with altercations in several locations.

On Sunday the occupation forces attacked and damaged Al Shibli mosque. The city is under severe movement restrictions since last week. There is a new iron gate in the northern part of town.

2. Jaba', south of Jenin, Wednesday, dawn. Raid and confiscation of a detainee's vehicle. Altercations, gunfire.

3. Shuafat Refugee Camp, north east of Jerusalem, Wednesday morning. Raid with altercations. No reports of injuries.

4. Halhul, north of Hebron. As part of the restrictions and searches around Hebron after the deadly attack. Wednesday morning raid and altercations. Another raid on Thursday.

5. Beit Rimma, north west of Ramallah. Raid and arrests early Wednesday morning. Altercations.

6. Seida, north east of Tulkarm, Wednesday. Altercations during a raid. One Palestinian was injured by a live bullet and detained.

7. Aqraba, south east of Nablus. Under full lockdown for 7 days. No school, no work.

On Thursday morning, a raid on the home of Issa Bani Fadel, whose son Osama is a suspect of the attack in Huwara last week. Snipers were stationed on the surrounding rooftops. Searching the house, measuring it for demolition, arresting the father and brother. Altercations developed. A few hours later, teargas was fired at teachers who were trying to get to the school.

8. Ya'bad, south west of Jenin, Thursday. Raid with intense stun grenade shooting. Palestinians detonate improvised devices.

9. Al Fawar Refugee Camp, south of Hebron, Thursday morning. Clashes involving gunfire and arrests of 13 people. According to IDF reports ammunition was confiscated.

10. Aqabat Jaber Refugee Camp, south of Jericho, Thursday. Raid for arrests. Clashes. Reports of suffocating injuries. Started with special forces and then the army came in too.

11. Azzun, east of Qalqilya, Thursday morning. Raid, arrests, clashes. Reports of suffocation injuries.

12. Ni'lin, west if Ramallah, early Friday morning. Raid on the home of Sheikh Sallah Al Hawaja, father of the attacker from Dizengoff st. Searching the house, arresting the father and confiscating his car.

13. Al-Arroub Refugee Camp, north of Hebron, early Friday morning. Clashes and suffocation injuries.

14. Bab al-Asbat (the Lion's gate), old city of Jerusalem. As people were entering the city for Friday prayer at the mosque, forces attacked the people waiting in line, probably because one of them refused to show his ID. Stun grenades and clubs were used. 8 Palestinians injured, among them an elderly woman with a fractured leg from the grenades. 3 policemen were also injured. All minor injuries.

In another incident near Bab Al Khalil (Jaffa gate), 7 police officers attacked a suspect, apparently unarmed. Police say he had a knife.

15. Bayt Dajan, east of Nablus, Friday. During the weekly march against the annexation of their land, teargas and stun grenades were used. Mohamed Abu Thabet, a reporter documenting the march was brutally attacked by the soldiers.

16. Kafr Qaddum, east of Qalqilya, Friday. During the weekly march protesting the land theft, clashes erupted, as they usually do. Palestinians threw stones, soldiers replied with rubber bullets, stun grenades and teargas. Suffocation injuries were reported.

17. Krayot, south east of Nablus, Friday. As every Friday, settlers raided the village spring damaging the fence surrounding it. The villagers confronted them and soldiers used teargas to disperse them. Suffocation injuries.

18. Beita, south of Nablus. During the weekly demonstration against the land theft on Mt. Sabih (where Evyatar settlement is located) locals set some tires on fire. The occupation forces used stun grenades, teargas and rubber bullets. No reports of injuries.

19. Sheikh Jarrah, east Jerusalem. During the weekly protest on Friday protesting the house theft, two activists (Palestinian and Israeli) were detained for carrying a Palestinian flag. The local police officer in charge had proclaimed this illegal, even though it isn't. The Palestinian was hospitalized for injuries he sustained during the arrests.

20. Kafr Dan, northwest of Jenin, Saturday morning. Raid on the village, gunfire and arrests.

21. Jabel Mukaber, south east Jerusalem, Saturday morning. Clashes during raid.

22. Husan, west of Bethlehem, Saturday. Clashes during raid in search of ammunition.

23. Tulkarm Refugee Camp, Sunday dawn. Raid on the camp, probably for arrests. Clashes developed for more than 3 hours. 5 residents were injured by live ammunition and shrapnel. They were evacuated to Thabet hospital, which was consequently attacked by the occupation forces. No arrests were made. The forces withdrew.

24. Al-Ram, north of Jerusalem, Sunday. Forces raid the town using massive teargas and stun grenades. Clashes. No arrests, no injuries reported.

25. Burqa, northwest of Nablus, Sunday evening. Altercations. One injured by a rubber bullets and suffocation.


Demolition, Confiscation and Blocking

1. Ya'bad, south west of Jenin. Blocking the agricultural road with boulders and dirt.

2. Sur Baher, southeast Jerusalem. Iman Davash had to demolish his home and storage facility or the municipality will destroy it and charge him for the costs.

3. Issawiya, south east Jerusalem. Demolition of a car wash facility.

4. Shuafat Refugee Camp, Northeast Jerusalem. The supreme court rejected a okee allowing the demolition of the family house of 13 year old Muhamed Zalbani, after he stabbed a borderguard policeman on a bus. A security guard killed the officer while trying to shoot the boy, who was injured. His parents and 3 siblings live in this house. The youngest is 3 years old.

5. Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron. Stricter reinforcement of travel restrictions and confiscation of vehicles for 8 shepherd communities.

6. Hebron, prohibiting sheep trading in the local market.


Palestinian Attacks against the Occupation Forces (IOF)

1. Tulkarm Refugee Camp. Shooting at helicopters.

2. Gerizim mountain, Nablus. Shooting at the military post.

3. Beit Ummer, north of Hebron. An improvised explosive device on a military post.

4. HaRasa triangle near Dura, south of Hebron. Shooting at a military tower.

5. Nahalin, southwest of Bethlehem. Fire bombs on a military camp that started a fire.

6. Jalamah checkpoint, northeast of Jenin. Shots fired.


Settlers attacks against Palestinians

1. Silat ad-Dhahr, southwest of Jenin. Settlers were throwing stones at the car of the Al Kadi family as they were driving on Route 60. The father was injured.

2. Burqa, east of Ramallah. A new illegal outpost was established on the village lands. A settler was grazing his flocks on the village lands.

3. Susya, Masafer Yatta. A settler entered the village riding a horse and fired shots in the air. According to him, he wanted to take a walk in the village. The residents tried to drive him out, but the army drove away the residents instead.

4. Beit 'Anan, northeast of Hebron. For several days, settlers have been blocking the intersection while attacking vehicles and chanting racist slogans, all under the protection and guard of the army.

5. al Fawar Refugee Camp and Khirbet Qilqis, south of Hebron. For several days, settlers blocked the road, and even blocked the path of an ambulance. The Palestinians confronted them about it.Chanting racist slogans, all this under the army's protection.

6. Ein Ar Rashash, north of Ramallah. A lot of pressure has been put on this community recently, through daily harassment by settlers, in order to make its members leave, like the 3 communities that have already left. This time their herds were driven away.

7. Khallet Makhul, north of the Jordan Valley. Settlers attacked a shepherd while he was grazing his flock, and drove him away.

8. Hares, northwest of Salfit. A settler's car collided with Yakoub Daoud Maksara's car. When he went out to check his vehicle, he was run over by another settler. He is Suffering from a pelvic fracture.

9. Huwara, south of Nablus. Settlers were throwing stones at a truck. The driver was injured.

10. Madama, south of Nablus. On Saturday, settlers threw stones at houses in the village. On Sunday (according to a Yesh Din record) settlers came down from Yitzhar accompanied by an RSC vehicle (army-appointed civilian security) and soldiers.

They cut down and destroyed olive trees before throwing stones at the residents. They approached the village and started throwing stones at houses. All the while the soldiers stood by. When the settlers left, the soldiers fired teargas into the houses that were attacked.

11. Mazra'a al-Arabiya, northwest of Ramallah. Settlers attacked residents' houses and were confronted with them.

12. Qusra, southeast of Nablus. Armed settlers (probably from "Esh Kodesh", an illegal outpost) attacked the outskirts of the village.

13. Tuqu', southeast of Bethlehem. Settlers uprooted 40 olive trees in an area east of the town, and destroyed sheep pen doors.


Attacks by Palestinians against settlers

1. Ramallah. Rocks thrown on a car east of the city. Damage reported to the car.

2. Deir Istiya, West of Salfit. A masked man opened fire on a group of settlers near Deir Istiya. No reports of wounded. Extensive searches in the area.

3. Azzun, east of Qalqilya, 2 incidents of rock throwing, both with reported wounded.

4. Beit El, north of Al-Bireh. Shooting at the settlement fence.

5. Avnei Hefetz, southeast of Tulkarm. Shooting towards the settlement fence.


The Gaza Strip

1. The navy opened fire at fishermen's boats north of Gaza. One fisherman was wounded by a rubber bullet.

2. Shooting of live ammunition and teargas at farmers east of the city.

3. Firing water guns on fishing boats.


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