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The Daily File - August 14-17, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Monday through Thursday.


School year begins on Sunday, August 20, in the West Bank. Here is the data:

‣ In one year, Israel destroyed three schools, attended by seventy-eight students. Fifty-eight additional schools are at risk of demolition.

‣ Forty-one minors have been killed since the beginning of the year in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, six of whom still attended high school.

‣ About six hundred minors have been arrested since the beginning of the year. Seventeen of them did not take the matriculation exams, because they were behind bars.

‣ One hundred and seventy minors are being held in detention or in prison these days, including nineteen administrative detainees (without charges, without visible evidence). Most of them are being held in harsh conditions in Damon, Ofer and Megido prisons.

The bellow was published in a previous brief, but worth re-posting:

According to Save the Children report (a non-political human rights organization whose goal is to raise funds to save children in crisis zones) published on July 10, in a sample of 228 Palestinian minors detained by the occupation forces during the last three years:

‣ 86% were beaten, usually with guns or sticks;

‣ 42% were injured during their arrest, including live shooting or beatings;

‣ 70% were subject to various psychological tortures: systematic threats to harm them or their family members, death threats;

‣ 44% were forced to watch abuse of other detainees, or listen to such abuse;

‣ 69% were stripped naked for search purposes. Some reported sexual abuse through systematic beatings on the genitals and prolonged touching;

‣ 70% were starved;

‣ 58% were denied water;

‣ 68% were denied medical treatment;

‣ 58% were denied contact with family members during the detention period;

‣ 19% were tortured by blindfolding for extended periods;

‣ 41% were tortured by sleep prevention.



1. Muhammad Ribhi Nujoom, 25 years old, resident of the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp. Worked as a lifeguard at the pool in Kibbutz Kalia. Shot in the chest and seriously injured during a military raid on the camp. His involvement in the clashes was not reported, nor any activity in resistance organizations. He was taken to Jericho hospital in critical condition, and was pronounced dead there.

2. Qusai Omar al-Walaji, 16 years old, a resident of Jericho. His family comes from the village of Al-Walaja in the Bethlehem district. Shot in the chest and mortally wounded during a military raid on the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp. No involvement in clashes was reported. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

3. Mustafa al-Kastouni, 32 years old, resident of Jenin. Ex-prisoner, active in the Fatah movement. A few months ago he was injured by the forces and arrested. He was shot in the head, chest and stomach during an attack on the city of Jenin. Mustafa took shelter in a bakery, and according to his mother, he was willing to turn himself in, but the forces sent dogs and then raided the bakery and shot him. He died on the spot. The forces blew up the bakery.

4. Ahmed Abu Snina, a resident of East Jerusalem. He was shot about two years ago during Ramadan 2021 clashes in Al-Aqsa. Lost his eye and suffered skull fractures. Last July his health deteriorated and he died from his wounds.


Arrests and detainees

1. Arrests

During the period under review, 69 Palestinians were arrested: Gaza Strip 2 (fishermen); Nablus 2; Beerzeit 1; Qabatiya 1; Bab al Amoud 1; Jalazone refugee camp 3; Hebron 2; Sheikh Jarrah 2; Burqa 2 (1 minor); Za'atara checkpoint 1; Aqabat Jaber refugee camp 1; Beit Ummar 5; Arraba 1; 'Ayda refugee camp 1 (minor); Huwara checkpoint 2; Silwan 3 (minors); Qalqilya 1; Surda 1; Jenin 5; Kafr Thulth 1; Anata 1; Beit Fajjar 1; Atil 1; Bal'a 3; Shuafat checkpoint 1; al-Azariya 3; Abu Dis 1; East Jerusalem 3; Nur Shams refugee camp 3 (minors); Balata refugee camp 2; Al-Auja 2; Jubara checkpoint 1; Al-Arroub refugee camp 3; Bethlehem 1; Sheik Salb 1; Rummanah 3 (women); Bil'in 1; Al-Aqsa 1; Allenby bBorder Crossing 1; Jaba' 1.

2. Administrative detainees

‣ Nine administrative detainees are on hunger strike. Among them is Kayed al-Fasfous, who previously went on a hunger strike for 131 days. This is the 15th day of his current strike.

Shadi Mohammed Janem, from Burqin. Second extension for two months.

Muhammad Hamza Tariq, fifth extension for four months.

3. Arrests

Shadi Daraghmeh, 32 years old from the Qalandiya refugee camp. Disabled in a wheelchair. Arrested at a military checkpoint while returning from Jericho. Was forced to get out of his vehicle (a car with auxiliary equipment for the disabled), and the vehicle was confiscated. He is an ex-convict who was in prison from 2014-2016.

Adem Ayat, 14 years old from Jerusalem, was arrested early morning May 24. He was taken to the interrogation room where he was forced to kneel on his knees with his hands tied behind his back and his eyes blindfolded. Suffered from an injury to his left leg and therefore, after an hour, he asked to stand up. He was dragged into a nearby room, where his head was slammed against the plaster wall, then thrown to the floor and beaten. After 23 days in Migrash Ha'rusim detention center he was transferred to Megido prison. Since then he has been interrogated 11 times, most of them violently. His trial was set for September 13.

4. Prisoners

Early Thursday morning, reinforced Israeli forces raided the wing of Hamas prisoners in Ktzi'ot prison, forcibly transferred prisoners to other prisons, in preparation the visit of minister Ben Gvir. In response, about 1000 prisoners declared a hunger strike.


Attacks on Palestinians by the Occupation forces (IOF)

The report is chronological, marking the date of the attack.

1. Shuafat refugee camp, North East Jerusalem. Monday morning raid and clashes. A raid on Wednesday early morning. Serving of demolition orders. A raid on Thursday morning.

2. Issawiya, North East Jerusalem. A raid on Monday at noon, another one on Thursday, this time with a skunk sprayer.

3. Nablus. A 2 AM raid in a number of neighborhoods. Arrests. On Tuesday around midnight, the Palestinians began preparing for another settlers invasion to Joseph's tomb in the east of the city. They burned tires. The settlers, secured by many forces, invaded through the Beit Furik checkpoint east of the city. The forces, using a bulldozer, blocked paths with mounds of dirt, and fired teargas. The Palestinians responded by improvised grenades. One fatally wounded by a gunshot to the chest, six by shrapnels (two were taken to the hospital), three by bruises (one of them was hit by a military vehicle), one boy with teargas canister burns on his face and 85 suffocation injuries. After that, the forces continued to Balata refugee camp, east of the city.

They closed all the entrances to the camp, and advanced to the market street. Fire Exchanged. The forces shot at journalists who were covering the events. The forces fired anti-tank missiles at two apartments: the Fatah headquarters in the camp and the apartment of Abu Shalal family. According to the Israel Defense Forces spokesman, these were explosives laboratories. According to the Palestinians, the ammunition presented was not found in the apartment. The events ended on Wednesday morning.

4. Raids without confrontations at 2 AM: Jalazone refugee camp, north of Ramallah (arrests), Birzeit, north of Ramallah (arrest), Qabatiya, south of Jenin (arrest and searches), Qusra, south of Nablus (searches) , Shuqba, west of Ramallah.

5. Ya'bad, southwest of Jenin. A raid on Tuesday morning, after an incident at the nearby Dotan checkpoint. Searches and confiscation of video from security cameras. Another raid on Thursday. Clashes and exchange of fire ensued. Israeli snipers were positioned on roofs of civilian houses. No woundings were reported.

6. Al-Auja, north of Jericho, Tuesday early morning. Raid and clashes. Wednesday morning, another raid and clashes. Records of stun grenades thrown into a house, where women and children were present. No woundings were reported. Arrests.

7. Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, Tuesday early morning. raid for arrests. Conflicts developed. Exchange of fire. Two killed by gunshots to the chest. The circumstances of their death are unclear. According to Palestinians they were not armed. They were pronounced dead at the hospital. No further woundings were reported. Arrest and withdrawal of the forces. Eleven people have been killed in the camp since the beginning of the year.

8. Rummanah, west of Jenin, Tuesday. The forces fired live bullets at Palestinians near the separation fence, injured one and detained three women for several hours.

9. Huwara checkpoint, south of Nablus, Wednesday morning. The forces fired at a vehicle, injured the driver and arrested him. His condition is unknown. They attacked medical teams who were trying to treat the wounded. According to the forces, there was ammunition in the vehicle.

10. Al-Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, early Wednesday morning. Shortly after fire bombs were thrown at the military tower, a raid that developed into clashes. No woundings were reported.

11. Tubas, Wednesday morning. An armed special forces unit was exposed in a civilian vehicle inside the city, and another force in a mini van at the entrance to the city. Both vehicles withdrew. On Thursday a special forces unit enter the city. Clashes. An unarmed 18-year-old was shot and mortally wounded. The forces prevented an ambulance from approaching for an hour and a half, while he was bleeding.

12. Surda, northeast of Ramallah. A raid on Wednesday early morning. Another raid early Thursday morning. Clashes began. Soldiers were recorded throwing stun grenades into a house. According to the Palestinians, there were women and children at the house.

13. Jenin. A raid early Wednesday morning. Arrests. On Thursday morning another massive raid. Clashes and exchange of fire. The forces fired live bullets and seriously wounded (in the stomach) a nurse from the nearby medical center who was on her way to work. They surrounded a bakery. The requested person agreed to turn himself in. According to his mother, the forces sent dogs to the bakery and then broke in and shot him dead, then they blew up the bakery and retreated. A report of a wounded Israeli soldier.

14. Silwan, Thursday. Clashes in Baten El-A'awa neighborhood. The Palestinians shot off fireworks. In the El Turi neighborhood, minors were arrested, a 12 and a 14-year-old.

15. Raids without confrontations on Wednesday and Thursday morning: Qalqilya, Burqin (west of Jenin), Bethlehem, Umm Safa, Madama (south of Nablus).

16. Burqa, northwest of Nablus, Thursday morning. A raid during which the forces shot at a vehicle, and raided several houses. It was reported that an Israeli soldier was wounded by Israeli friendly fire.


Demolitions, Confiscations and Blocking

1. Beit Sira, west of Ramallah. Demolition of agricultural constructions, stone wall and uprooting of olive trees.

2. Musrara neighborhood, Jerusalem. Muhammad el-Kak was forced to demolish his house. Four people lived in the house.

3. Si'ir and al-Shuyukh, north of Hebron. Siege on both villages, and blocking the entrance with an iron gate.

4. Wadi al-Joz, East Jerusalem. Demolition orders for four buildings.

5. Silwan, East Jerusalem. Earthworks on S'iam family's land, for a new a parking lot for settlers.

6. Qarawat Bani Hassan, west of Salfit. Demolition of a recreation park in the northwestern part of the town. Demolition of paths, lighting poles, benches, solar cells, the uprooting of trees. In addition, confiscation of a bulldozer during construction work on the eastern side of the town.

7. 'Anin, northwest of Jenin. The agricultural lands of the village are located on the western side of the separation fence. The Israeli Supreme Court, sitting as the High Court of Justice, allowed passage twice a week for cultivation. The army decided that twice a year is enough, and once again the farmers' access to their lands was blocked.

8. Shuafat refugee camp. Demolition orders for several houses were delivered in the middle of night.

9. Yatta. Demolition order for a house located east of the city. Construction stop order for a water well.

10. Khalet al-Maiyya, east of Yatta. Construction stop order for a dirt road connecting communities.

11. Kafr Malik, east of Ramallah. About two months after the community of Ein Samia was forced to vacate due to abuse by settlers, the army destroyed the school and declared the place a closed military zone.

12. Humsa, north of the Jordan Valley. Demolition of a house.

13. 'Ein Shibli, south of Tubas. Demolition of two houses.

14. Qusra, southeast of Nablus. Destruction of land in preparation for electricity poles, to connect an outpost and settlements.

15. Mu'arrajat, west of Jericho. Destruction of a water tank.

16. Jinba, Masafer Yatta. Order to stop construction for renovation in... a cave, where six family members live. Confiscation of construction equipment.


Palestinian Attacks against the Occupation Forces (IOF)

1. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron. Fire bombs on the military tower.

2. Dotan checkpoint, southwest of Jenin. shooting.

3. Tayasir checkpoint, east of Tubas. shooting.

4. Al-Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron. Fire bombs on the military tower.


Settlers attacks against Palestinians

1. Burin, south of Hebron. Settlers place caravan. A new outpost.

2. Beit Furik, east of Nablus. Settlers destroy (for the seventh time) the water pipeline in Khirbet Tana.

3. Qusra, southeast of Nablus. Placing caravans. A new outpost.

4. As-Sawiya and Yatma , south of Nablus. Settlers chased children from the villages. The villagers confronted them. The army secured the settlers.

5. Dotan checkpoint, southwest of Jenin. Throwing stones and throwing glass bottles at Palestinian vehicles.

6. Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron. Settlers from Ma'on farm destroyed a building in the El Adra area. Armed settlers with a dog raided a house in the middle of night, threw stones and threaten.

7. Krayot , south of Nablus. Settlers destroyed twenty olive trees.

8. Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem. An elderly Jew was recorded trying to run over a boy.

9. Tel Rumeida. Settlers attack residents, secured by the army. A Palestinian woman is injured by a settler's car.

10. The Old City, Jerusalem. Parade of flags. The police blocked off the Bab al-Yemen area to Palestinians.


Attacks by Palestinians against settlers

1. Turmus Aya, northeast of Ramallah. Stone spraying. The car was damaged.

2. Shaked, west of Jenin. Two separate events of shooting. Damage to workshops.

3. Azzun, east of Qalqilya. Three settlers were injured and their vehicle heavily damaged, after they entered the town and were pelted with stones.


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