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Palestinian Child's Day, 2024

This is not a normal war: The war in Ukraine has killed 500 kids in two years and the war in Gaza has killed over 10,000 in less than five months. We have seen wars before, but this is something that is a dark stain on our shared humanity”, said Dr. Albee, a Canadian doctor volunteering in Gaza, in his testimony to The Guardian reporters. A war in which AI sets the quota of 37,000 times 20 innocents. A quota of hundreds of thousands. Among them are children. So many children.

The Palestinian Children’s Day falls on April 5th, and this is the real picture:

‣ 14,500 children have been killed in Gaza. Every hour an average of 4 children are killed.

‣ 1,000 children (as of January) have lost an arm or a leg.

‣ 17,000 children (as of January) have been orphaned.

‣ 31 children have died of starvation.

‣ Every single day, 15 children suffering severe malnutrition arrive at the Kamal Adwan Hospital in the Northern Strip.

‣ 50,400 children under the age of five suffer severe malnutrition.

‣ 34% of the babies under the age of two years suffer severe diarrhea.

‣ 245 calories a day is the nutrition of a Palestinian in the Northern Strip.

‣ 113 minors have been killed in the West Bank, 739 wounded.

All data above relate to the time between October 7, 2023 and April 5, 2024.


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