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Muhammad Abu Hummus - The voice of a Palestinian activist.

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

My name is Muhammad Abu Hummus, a Palestinian activist. I was born in Issawiya, 57 years old.

Fighting the occupation. I was active in the first intifada, I was arrested and spent seven years in an Israeli prison. I was released from detention in 1997, got married and started being active in the village for the lives of the residents:

We pay municipal taxes to the Jerusalem municipality {property tax} but do not get what we deserve from the municipality like the residents in the west side of the city. Issawiya does not have an outline plan and therefore we do not have the option to build legally.

I am active in the committee in the village for the young people. Ensure adequate education as well as activities so that they do not approach drugs and are active for the village.

In the second intifada that began in 2000, I met various activists. Both from abroad who came to support us, as well as Israeli left-wing activists. Since then, I have joined and participated in various activities and demonstrations for the Palestinians.

I was at demonstrations in the southern Hebron Mountains, in the Jordan Valley, near the fence in Gaza.

Today I am recognized as a Jerusalem activist. I oppose police activity and therefore get beaten and detained many times.

Six years ago, I was at a demonstration near the Qalandiya checkpoint at the entrance to Jerusalem. The occupation forces prevented Palestinians from attending Friday prayers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, so we demonstrated. During the demonstration, live fire was fired. There were three dead [martyrs], 270 wounded. I was wounded by gunfire in the leg, after treatment in a hospital I returned home and also to anti-occupation activities.

For 13 years I have been active in various demonstrations in Jerusalem. Every Friday I demonstrate in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood against the eviction of residents from their homes.

During the demonstrations, I am active in raising the Palestinian flag, so I was arrested many times and received restraining orders from Sheikh Jarrah and also from my neighborhood Issawiya.

Three years ago, for two years there was an ongoing operation by the occupying forces within our village. There was a regular presence of soldiers in the village. Homes were searched, and schools were closed many times. About a thousand residents were arrested, only seventy of whom were indicted.180 residents were injured and one was killed. The operation was stopped when the forces moved to operate in other parts of the city. There was no real reason for its beginning or end.

Our village is now closed like a ghetto, because of what was built around: Jewish neighborhoods, a hospital, the Hebrew University, a road to Maale Edomim and the wall . Because of this we are not able to use our land today. Until the occupation in 1967 there were also farmers in Issawiya and today there are almost none at all. Due to Jewish construction, it is not possible to access the village lands. According to the Ottoman law that still applies to us today, it is possible to plunder land that has not been cultivated for three years. More than 3/4 of the village lands were confiscated.

In Issawiya there is no outline plan so we are not able to apply and build legally. There are demolitions and demolition orders for houses being built. To prevent construction and the natural expansion of the neighborhoods for 55 years, parks and public buildings have been built between the Palestinian neighborhoods.

Member of Knesset Ben Gvir transferred his office from the Knesset into the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, so I set up my own office in front of him. 13 times the police destroyed my office, the settlers also damaged my office and destroyed the sign.

That is why I seek help from the world. As you weep for Ukraine pleasel weep for us. We have suffered for 74 years. I am not against the Jews I am happily cooperating with them. The problem is with the Zionists who do not allow an agreement under the 67 borders but boycott the Palestinian lands. I do not know whether the government supports them or is unable to take control of the settlers. Last week a Palestinian was murdered on his land and Shireen Abu Aqla was also murdered. The world sees and is silent.

I ask the world to go out to demonstrate for the liberation of Palestine. After we are released from the occupation we can decide together on both sides on a solution.

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