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Aseel Jafari - The voice of a Palestinian activist

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

My name is Aseel Jafari and I come from Dheisheh camp, Bethlehem, Palestine.

• I am 30 years old and hold a bachelor's degree in Sociology, branch of social work from Palestine Ahliya University.

• I am a very active person in my community and because of my hard work and dedication to improving the lives of my fellow citizens I have received a number of prizes and recognition, including the ideal volunteer prize in Palestine 2010, being an Arab-minded youth ambassador in Palestine during 2012-2013, and have attended a variety of international conferences and trainings in such countries as Jordan, Tunisia, Poland, Italy, Malta.

• Over the past two years I have participated in the UNDP implemented Young Leadership Regional Program in the Middle East.

• My work in NGO has helped me to understand the different innovative tools available to me to find alternative solutions to problems facing the community I reside in.

• my work as a coordinator has also given me the critical ability to take an idea and develop it though using various processes such as design thinking, using journey maps and business campuses, as well as how to conduct resource mobilization through various means, such as crowdfunding.

• I have made every effort that whatever I have learned over the past two years from UNDP, I transfer that knowledge to young Palestinians through a workshop that I conduct on the ground in Palestine.

• Changing the world, begins with a small group of thoughtful, committed people who work on raising awareness and advocating for rights, and because of that we have established Ikhilya initiatives.

Like any Palestinian under occupation, I lived the harsh conditions of life in harsh conditions in the camp with my mother and my brothers and sisters without my father, as I used to visit him in prisons because of his refusal to live as a refugee and the policy of the occupation is unjust. News, camp life, and demonstrations.

I worked with the Students’ Forum Foundation after my graduation in 2014 as a program manager, where I was an essential part of planning community initiatives aimed at supporting Palestinian farmers, enhancing the stability of the population in marginalized areas, and empowering women. I was part of the pressure and advocacy campaigns on various issues in the homeland.

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