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The Daily File - May 9-11, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Tuesday through Thursday evening.


May 11th, the anniversary of the death of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh by an Israeli sniper. The Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate reports that since 2001, 20 journalists have been killed by Israeli military fire, 18 Palestinians and two foreign journalists. Only in one case, the death of a British journalist, an investigation was opened.

Journalists killed by Israel since 2001



Since the beginning of May, 13 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank and East Jerusalem (109 since the beginning of the year), and 25 in the Gaza Strip (all in Operation Shield and Arrow). Of the dead in the West Bank since the beginning of the year, 20 are minors. Of the dead in the Gaza Strip, 7 were minors (all in Operation Shield and Arrow).

Fatalities in the West Bank

1. Rani Walid Ahmed Qatanat, 24 years old, a resident of the Jenin refugee camp. He was shot and killed during a military raid on Wednesday morning on the town of Qabatiya (south of Jenin), while he was in a vehicle that was the target of heavy fire. The army prevented the access of medical teams and withdrew only when it was confirmed that he was dead (according to reports). In the car with him were two other Palestinians who were also killed.

2. Ahmed Jamal Tawfiq Assaf, 19 years old, resident of Qabatiya. He was shot and killed in the vehicle he was in during a military raid on the town. The circumstances of his death are the same as that of Rani Qatanat.

3. Awas Jamal Hamamada Kamil, 30 years old, resident of Qabatiya. Shot and mortally wounded in a military raid on the town of Qabatiya. under the same circumstances as mentioned above. Died of his wounds on Thursday morning.

4. Ghazi Yosef Mustafa Shahab, 66 years old, shot and mortally wounded during a military raid on the Nur Shams refugee camp (east of Tulkarm) on Thursday morning. Died of his wounds after a few hours.

Fatalities in the Gaza Strip

1. Yazan Fathi Elian, 17 years old, a resident of Gaza. Killed on Wednesday. Conflicting versions. The Palestinians claim an air attack. The Israeli army claims a failed launch of a rocket.

2. Lian Bilal Medookh, 10 years old, resident of Gaza. There are conflicting versions regarding her death. The Palestinians claim an air attack, the Israeli army claims a failed launch of a rocket.

3. Rami Shadi Mousa Hamdan, 16 years old, resident of Beit Hanoun. Here, too, there are conflicting versions between an air attack and a failed launch.

4. Ahmad Mohammad Ghanmi Shabaki, 51 years old, resident of Beit Hanoun. Killed in the same circumstances in which Rami Hamdan was killed and in the same conflicting versions.

5. Tamim Mahmoud Daoud, 5 years old, resident of Gaza. Only son. Died of heart failure during an acute panic attack in response to an air raid.

6. Ala’ Maher Baraka, 27 years old, from the area of al Fukhari (east of Khan Yunis). Farmer during the day, a kiosk owner at night. His accomplice had been killed some time before.

7. Mohammad Yousef Abu T’eima, 25 years old, killed during an air attack on fields east of Khan Yunis on Wednesday morning. According to the Israeli army, the target was a missile launch squad of the Al-Aqsa battalions. According to Palestinian sources, he was killed while working in the fields as a farmer when a rocket fired.

8. Alam Samer Abdul-Aziz, 27 years old, killed in an airstrike east in Rafah.

9. Ayman Karam Saidam, 26, killed during an air attack east of Rafah.

10. Mahmoud Walid Abdul-Jawad, 26 years old, resident of Hamad City in Khan Yunis. The apartment where he was staying was bombed by a drone (AKA Suicide Drones by the Palestinians) together with his uncles.

11. Mahmoud Hasan Abu Ghali, 25 years old, killed under circumstances similar to those mentioned above in an apartment that was the target of a targeted killing.

12. Ali Hassan Abu Ghali, 46 years old, resident of Hamad. He was wanted as the head of the rocket array in the Islamic Jihad. Killed in the apartment where he was staying with his brother and nephew. 7 others were injured.

13. Ahmad Mahmoud Abu Daqqa, 43 years old, killed during a targeted bombing of his house in Bani Suheila east of Khan Yunis. Ali Hassan Abu Ghali's deputy in the rocket array of the Islamic Jihad. Along with him, 4 members of his family (his wife and children) were injured, some of them seriously.

14. Abdul-Halim Najjar, 22 years old, killed on Thursday evening in an airstrike on Jabalia.

15. Unknown, killed in an Israeli attack on Shuja'iyya neighborhood. His name has not yet been released.

16. Unknown, killed in an Israeli attack on Shuja'iyya neighborhood. His name has not yet been released

17. Unknown, killed in an Israeli attack west of Nuseirat Camp. At the time of writing the report, details have not yet been published.

18. Unknown, 70 years old, killed by a direct hit by a rocket in an apartment in Rehovot. His name has not yet been released.

With the death of a Palestinian in Nuseirat, the number of dead in Gaza rose to 26.

Bodies Return

1. On Tuesday, the body of Sharif Hasan Rabba’, 22 years old, from ad-Dhahiriya was returned. He was shot and killed on February 9, near the Al Fawwar Camp.

2. Suleiman Awad from the Aqabat Jaber camp who was killed on April 24, during clashes in the camp

3. Aref Abdul-Nasser Lahlouh, 22, from the Jenin camp, who was killed in clashes on 26.1.


Arrests and detainees

During the period under review, 83 Palestinians were arrested.

Yatta 7; Hebron Governorate 13 (including 6 minors); Nablus 2; Silwad 1; Khirbat Ma'in 1; Al Mughayyir 12 (1 minor); Sira Checkpoint 1; East Jerusalem 1 (minor); Nur Shams Camp 5; Duma 1; Usarin 4; Urif 4; Kafr Ni'ma 3; The Old City, Jerusalem 2; Krayot 4; Tubas 2; Tamun 1; Qasra 2; Zweita 1; Bethlehem 2; Dura 3; Bayt Awa 1; Khirbat 'Abu Falah 1; Qabatiya 7.

The Old City, Jerusalem

Attacks by the IOF on Palestinians

1. Isawiya (northeast of Jerusalem). A settler bus was set on fire by a firecracker. No casualties. The IOF entered and extended conflicts developed, during which, the IOF fired tear gas, rubber bullets (rubber-coated metal) and used a skunk launcher. 120 suffocation injuries, 7 rubber bullet injuries.

2. Al Aroub refugee camp (north of Hebron). Clashes on Tuesday evening during which the IOF fired tear gas and rubber bullets. Clashes also on Thursday including live shooting with no casualties. The clashes resumed on Thursday evening after a 19 years old woman was run over by a settler. No other casualties were reported.

3. Husan (west of Bethlehem), clashes on Tuesday during which the IOF fired tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets. A Palestinian was injured by a rubber bullet. The clashes resumed on Thursday early morning with another raid of the IOF.

4. Beit Ummar (north of Hebron), clashes during which a Palestinian was wounded in his leg by a live bullet.

5. Qabatiya (south of Jenin), Wednesday, 2 o'clock in the morning, the IOF raided the town, and announced a curfew through loudspeakers. They raided houses, but the wanted person they were looking for escaped, leaving damage to the contents of the houses. They shot heavy fire at a vehicle with 3 Palestinians in it. 2 were killed on the spot, a third died of his wounds later. According to reports, the IOF prevented the access of medical teams until the names of the two were confirmed. Clashes including exchanges of gunfire began.

6. Tarqumiyah (west of Hebron), a raid on early Wednesday morning during which Palestinians blocked the entrance and threw stones at the raiding forces.

7. Aqbat Jaber refugee camp (south of Jericho), Wednesday morning. Confrontations.

8. Noor Shams refugee camp (east of Tulkarm), early Wednesday morning, raid, arrest and exchange of fire. Early Thursday morning, the troops, accompanied by a bulldozer, raided. The bulldozer was recorded destroying vehicles and causing a lot of damage, in addition to prolonged confrontations including exchanges of fire.

A 66-year-old was fatally injured and later on died of his injuries. Another live gunshot wound. An Israeli soldier was also injured. Much damage to property in the camp at the end of the raid.

9. Bethlehem, on Wednesday an assault on the Wadi al-Jamal area. On Thursday early morning again a raid, arrests and confrontations. No injuries were reported.

10. Tubas, Wednesday, clashes and exchanges of fire. Thursday, a raid with heavy shooting, the IOF surrounded a house while demanding that the wanted person turn himself in. Clashes and exchanges of fire began. 2 were wounded in the leg and the back by live shots. Arrest and withdrawal. It was reported that an Israeli female soldier was injured.

11. Tamun (south of Tubas), clashes over a raid for the purpose of arrest. Burning tires and throwing stones.

12. Sur Baher (southeast Jerusalem), severe clashes. A Palestinian was shot and seriously injured. He was arrested after receiving initial medical aid in the field. His parents were not allowed to visit him at the hospital.

13. Jabel Mukaber (Southeast Jerusalem), clashes and improvised explosive devices. No injuries were reported.

14. Dheisheh refugee camp (south of Bethlehem), raids on Wednesday and Thursday (simultaneous with the raids on the city). Confrontations. Suffocation injuries.

15. Nablus, Thursday. Raid on the neighborhood of al-Makhfiya. Exchange of fire. Arrests.

16. Qalqilya, clashes on Thursday, during which a Palestinian was wounded by live fire.

17. Kafr Ni'ma (west of Ramallah), clashes during a raid and searches.

18. Shuafat checkpoint (northeast Jerusalem), clashes with Palestinians from the refugee camp.


Demolitions, confiscations, blockades

1. Shufa (southeast of Tulkarm) under siege for 11 days.

2. Jabel Mukaber (southeast Jerusalem), demolition of 2 residential houses with 10 residents. Most of them are children.

3. Al-Dyouk (north of Jericho), demolition of 3 private houses under construction.

4. Az-Zuweidin (East of Yatta), demolition of a store for construction products.

5. Khirbat Ma'in (Masafar Yatta), confiscation of an excavator during work to extend a water pipe. Arrest of the bulldozer owner.

6. Tarqumiyah (west of Hebron), uprooting 600 olive trees and demolishing 20 water tanks as part of land acquisition for the purpose of expanding the settlement (according to a report).

7. Hebron, re-closing of 4 shops next to the expropriated old city hall building at the entrance to the old city.


Palestinian attacks on the occupation forces (IOF)

1. Tulkarm, shooting at a military force near Bat Hefer.


Settler attacks on Palestinians

1. Dayr Dibwan (east of Ramallah), settlers attacked (again) Palestinians and caused them injureis. Two wounded by live shots (17 and 18 years old) and another 21 year old Palestinian suffered bruises as a result of beatings.

2. Hebron, Jaber neighborhood. Settlers in a parade of flags and provocative chants. The IOF provided and in the security.

3. Ya'bad (west of Jenin), the Return to Zion march to mark the 75 years anniversary the Nakba. A settler arrived to confront, and according to the documentation pulled out a gun. This is in the presence of the members of the committee for opposition to the fence and the settlements.

4. Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, Aroub branch (north of Hebron), a settler threw stones at vehicles and caused damage.

5. El Aroub refugee camp (north of Hebron), a 19-year-old Palestinian girl was run over by a settler vehicle. Her condition is mild-moderate.


Palestinian attacks on settlers

1. Issawiya (north-east Jerusalem), setting fire to a bus by means of a fire bomb. The bus was completely burned. No casualties.

2. Gush Etzion road (north-west of Hebron), throwing a fire bomb on a bus. No casualties.

3. Azzun (east of Qalqilya), throwing stones at vehicles.

4. Zaatra checkpoint (south of Nablus), shooting at a bus. No casualties.

5. Tira Ramallah village (north of Ramallah), throwing a fire bomb on vehicles on road 443.

6. Qusra (southeast of Nablus), shooting at a bus. No casualties.


Gaza Strip

Thursday evening, the third day of the war:

Over 800 rocket launched, 180 of which were intercepted. 620 crossed the border. One killed from a direct hit of an apartment in Rehovot. Injureies at various scenes in Netivot, Sderot, Ashkelon and Rehovot. Exact number not found. An estimate of the number of Israeli wounded in 3 days of fighting is about 30.

In the Gaza Strip air attacks by various means including the use of rockets, as well as shelling from the sea. In various locations: Gaza City (Tuffah neighborhood) in Shuja'iyya, Beit Lahia, Khan Yunis and its surroundings, Rafah, Jabalia. Mainly residences of senior members of the Islamic Jihad. So far 26 dead, 7 of them minors, in the Gaza Strip alone. 94 injured, among them several seriously injured. At the moment there is a halt in the ceasefire negotiations.

Jihad demands: the cessation of targeted killings, the return of the body of Sheikh Khader Adnan (who died during a hunger strike), and the cancellation of the flag parade. Israel's declared goal - to eliminate as many jihadists as possible.

The Egyptians claim: The three senior officials who were killed on the first day of fighting were on their way to the Egyptians for discussions on a prolonged truce. Israel took advantage of this for the purpose of assassination.

The data is current until Thursday midnight. and changes rapidly.

Israel prevents the entry of foreign reporters. The Red Crescent appealed to the international community to open a supply corridor for essential medical equipment. Israel prevents.

Israel prevents the passage of goods, disrupt the fuel supply and power supply, and the entry of patients to the West Bank. 342 patients (including cancer patients) are prevented from receiving adequate medical treatment.


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