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The Daily File - December 28, 2023 - January 1, 2024

Updated: Jan 28

Thursday through Sunday.

The West Bank

The Gaza Strip


Total 2023 data for the West Bank (emphasis on data since October 7th)

Taken from OCHA-OPT, HaMoked (Israeli Human Rights Organization), DCI P, WAFA News Agency, West Bank Palestinian Health Ministry.

Killed including East Jerusalem


‣ 507 persons killed, 127 of them minors, 319 (80 of them minors) since October 7th;

‣ 10 of those killed since the beginning of the year were killed by colonists (8 of them since October 7th);

‣ Number of minors killed in the West Bank since October 7th is double the number of all minors killed in all of 2022 (considered the most lethal year until 2023);

‣ 72% of those killed since the beginning of the year were killed in military operations;

‣ 50% of them were killed in incidents where no fire exchange was involved (4 times the number killed in 2022).

Minors killed since the beginning of the year, by age groups

4 minors ages 0-8;

7 minors ages 9-12;

45 minors ages 13-15;

71 minors ages 16-17.

Israelis killed

‣ 36 persons killed, 6 of them minors;

‣ 7 persons killed since October 7th.

The data above refers to the West Bank only. Data on the attack of October 7th will be surveyed separately.

Wounded including East Jerusalem


‣ In 2023, 12,532 Palestinians were wounded. At least 1,800 of them are minors;

‣ 4,052 Palestinians (593 of them minors) were wounded since October 7th;

‣ 33% of them were wounded by live fire (9 times the number of those prior to October 7th);

‣ 103 persons were wounded by colonists.


‣ 249 Israelis were wounded in 2023. 7 of them minors.

‣ 48 Israelis were wounded since October 7th, 10 of them minors.

The data above refer to the West Bank alone. Data on the wounded in the October 7th attack will be surveyed separately.

Arrests including East Jerusalem

Following the number of arrests since the beginning of the year is very difficult. The data refer to the current situation, unless reported differently.

Wadi Joz

Held in custody inside Israel right now:

‣ 2,114 Palestinian prisoners;

‣ 2,543 Palestinian detainees;

‣ 3,291 administrative Palestinian detainees. These data do not include an unknown number of detainees at Sde Teiman (Gazans whom Israel has not decided whether to expel or incarcerate). They are held there in harsh conditions and violent harassment;

‣ 7 prisoners and detainees have died since October 7th, one of them displaying signs of extreme violence.

According to the East Jerusalem data only:

3,081 detainees, 318 of them minors, since the beginning of the year.

Colonist violence

‣ Since the beginning of the year, 1,227 attacks by colonists were recorded, 316 of them ending in casualties.

‣ Since October 7th, 372 attacks by colonists were reported, 83 of them ending in casualties.

Demonstrators attacked in the Armenian Quarter (Jews are masked)

Displaced persons


‣ 1,539 Palestinians, 756 of them minors, were evicted whether by colonist violence or ever-harsher military restrictions;

‣ Since October 7th, 1,208 Palestinians were evicted, 586 of them minors. Most of them from 16 communities in the Palestinian Jordan Valley, the West Bank hill range, and Masafer Yatta.

House demolitions in Area C and East Jerusalem

‣ Since the beginning of the year, 1,153 Palestinians lost their homes in demolitions carried by the Civil Administration/Jerusalem municipality. Since October 7th - 422 Palestinians, 217 of them minors.

House demolitions during military operations

‣ 908 Palestinians lost houses demolished during military raids. Since October 7th - 537 Palestinians, 238 of them minors.

Houses demolished as collective punishment

‣ 173 Palestinians lost their home to demolition due to the policy of collective punishment. Since October 7th - 95 Palestinians, 42 of them minors.


The Gaza Strip - war data since October 7th

Taken from the Hamas-led Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza, OCHA-OPT, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, and Israeli army spokesperson.

Taking leave of his infant son



‣ 22,185 Palestinians killed, 9,000 of them minors, 1,506 women;

‣ 1,838 families lost more than 2 members;

‣ Among the dead: 144 UN employees, 326 medical staff, 207 journalists;

‣ 7,000 persons are still missing, presumably buried under the rubble.


‣ 1,328 Israelis and holders of other citizenships killed since October 7th, 36 of them minors;

‣ 508 of them soldiers - men and women, 171 of them killed in Gaza warfare.



‣ 57,035 persons wounded;

‣ 5,300 of them in a severe condition, needing evacuation to Egypt. So far, only 645 have been evacuated.


‣ 4,834 Israelis wounded on October 7th;

‣ Over 2,000 soldiers wounded, 983 of them in Gaza warfare.


‣ 248 Israelis were kidnapped;

‣ 129 are still held captive, some of them killed, unknown how many or what their condition is. 31 are definitely known to have been killed by the Hamas/Israeli army bombings and gunfire. Some of their bodies have been returned.

Displaced persons


‣ 85% of the population of the Gaza Strip are displaced;

‣ About 1.8 million residents - 1.4 million of them are sheltered in displaced persons shelters. 9,000 of them are children, and 50,000 pregnant women.


‣ About 160,000 Israelis have been evacuated in the north and south of the country.


‣ 70% of the houses in the Gaza Strip have been demolished, half of the houses damaged significantly or totally;

‣ 370 institutions of learning;

‣ 25 hospitals, 53 health centers;

‣ 3 churches;

‣ 120 mosques;

‣ 38% of the Strip’s farmland destroyed;

‣ Wall Street Journal estimates that a year will be needed to remove the rubble and another 7-10 years to restore the houses;

‣ 29,000 bombs were dropped until mid-December (compared to 3,700 dropped in the 4 years of American fighting in Iraq).

soldiers bring in a Torah to a house deserted/its inhabitants killed

Humanitarian crisis

Prior to October 7th, Gaza was inhabited by 2.3 million persons, 1.06 million of them minors. The area of the Strip totals 365

Grandpa, I’m cold. Deir Al Balah


‣ Prior to October 7th, water supply per person was 82.7 liters a day (this supply falls short of the recognized vital requirement of 100 liters a day).

‣ Since October 7th, the average water supply is 1-3 liters of water person a day;

‣ One pipe alone supplies water in the southern Strip;

‣ No access to clean water in the northern Strip.

Food: According to UN data:

‣ 2.08 million people reach stage 3 hunger (high shortage level);

‣ 930,000 are at stage 4 (emergency level);

‣ 378,000 at stage 5, the highest grade (catastrophic level);

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry:

‣ 50% if the pregnant women in shelters suffer malnutrition and dehydration;

‣ 50% of the children in shelters are exposed to conditions of malnutrition and dehydration.


‣ 9 hospitals are partly functional;

‣ 4 hospitals do not accept patients and under siege;

‣ 23 hospitals have been destroyed;

‣ 104 ambulances totally destroyed;

‣ 180,000 reports of upper respiratory tract illness;

‣ 136,000 cases of acute diarrhea (over half of them ages 0-5);

‣ 55,400 cases of lice and scabies;

‣ 5,330 cases of chicken pox;

‣ 12,700 cases of skin disease;

‣ 4,685 cases of acute hepatitis;

‣ 126 cases of meningitis.

All of these are persons presently in displaced persons shelters.


Thursday, December 28 - The West Bank


1. Hazem Al Katawi from Bithunia. Killed during a raid and confrontations in Ramallah (detailed later).

2. Tareq Maher Shakhshir, 21-years-old from Nablus – shot on December 18th during a raid and confrontations, died of his wounds.

3. Mohammad Al Jundi, 38-years-old from Yatta.

4. Ahmad ‘Alian, 23-years-old from Jabel Mokaber.


39 persons arrested. Most of them money changers.


1. Ramallah – dawn raid on the city center. Especially of money changer shops including searches and money confiscations. Some of the shops sealed. Raid on a residential building. Confrontations around Al Manara Square (city center). Live fire from Israeli army. From Palestinians – fire bombs and stone-throwing.

Ramallah. Wounding of the journalist

One killed person and 14 wounded, including a journalist. According to reports, a soldier was wounded during the raid and confrontations.

2. Tulkarem – dawn raid, especially money changer shops. The forces situated themselves in the western, southern and northern suburbs. 7 persons arrested. Confrontations. Casualties unreported.

3. Nablus – night raid on money changer shops and money confiscations, including vandalism and sealing. A 17-year-old wounded by live fire.

4. Ein Sultan refugee camp, north-west of Jericho – night raid on houses with bulldozer. A Palestinian wounded by live fire. The army denied ambulance access to the camp.

5. The Tunnels Checkpoint, west of Bethlehem – bullets at a Palestinian car, one person killed.

6. Halhul, north of Hebron – night raid on money changer shops and residences. Arrests, confrontations. 9 persons wounded, including 2 minors.

7. Jenin – night raid on money changer shops including sealing.

A money changer shop in Jenin

8. Bayt Rima, north-west of Ramallah – raid on the town. Searches in a house, confrontations. 2 persons wounded by live fire and a third person beaten up harshly.

Attacks against the Israeli army

1. Mazmoria checkpoint, north of Bethlehem – 2 soldiers wounded by stabbings close to the checkpoint. The stabber was shot to death. Later, his house was raided.


A-Sawiya, south of Nablus – destruction of a junkyard containing a storehouse (some of which served as a residence).


Thursday, December 28 - The Gaza Strip

Palestinians killed

210 persons killed, 325 wounded.

Halaa Ali Azeji wrote a page with wishes for after the war: eat take-way for 30 days, watch TV and go to sleep late, eat whatever she wishes, go wherever she wishes, talk with dad for hours, buy a beautiful dress, and God willing – visit Switzerland. Halaa was killed along with her entire family in an aerial attack.

Israelis killed

3 soldiers killed.

Humanitarian crisis

1. Southern Strip – in recent days, 100,000 new displaced persons crossed over into the Rafah area. This is in addition to the present crowding of 12,000 persons per one in Rafah.

2. At Rafah Crossing, 76 aid trucks crossed into the Strip (daily average prior to October 7th – 500 trucks a day).

Northern Strip

1. Beit Lahia – bombing of residential bloc where three extended families concentrated, including at least 30 persons killed, among them a journalist and a photographer.

2. Sheikh Radwan neighborhood – aerial bombing of Al Taqwa Mosque east of the neighborhood.

3. Beit Hanun – aerial bombing of a group, killing several persons, their exact number unknown.

Central Strip

1. Al Maghazi refugee camp – bombing of 2 houses close to the UNRWA clinic. 10 persons killed, among them 8 women.

2. Nuseirat refugee camp – house bombed, at least 7 persons killed.

3. Deir Al Balah – house bombed, killing 8 persons. Bullets fired at a private car evacuating wounded persons and another person killed.

Grandpa, I’m cold. Deir Al Balah

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis – Bombing of Al Amal Hospital, sheltering 14,000 displaced persons in addition to wounded persons and medical staff. 17 persons killed, including 5 children. 15 persons wounded, mostly paramedics. This bombing of a hospital is the second in 24 hours and the fifth this week. A neighborhood to the east of the city – bombed, killing 11 persons.

2. Rafah – Shaboura refugee camp south of the city bombed, 21 persons killed and 50 wounded.


Friday, December 29 - The West Bank


1. Amro Abed Abu Hussein, from Al Fawwar refugee camp.

2. Mahmud Othman Warani, from Al-Aizariya.


‣ 41 persons arrested, 3 minors among them.

‣ 70 arrests continued or administrative detention ordered.


1. Hebron – night raid on neighborhoods in the northern part of the city, especially shops. No electric power in parts of the city. Drone photographing among houses. Children’s toys worked by remote control confiscated.

2. Arraba, south of Jenin - night raid on several neighborhoods, during which teargas and stun grenades were used. No casualties reported.

3. Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus – an army force with a bulldozer raided the camp. No clashes reported.

4. Rafat, north-west of Jerusalem – night raid using teargas and stun grenades, totally burning a vehicle.

5. Yatta – raid on several areas in town. Confrontations. 4 persons wounded by live fire.

6. Ein Sultan refugee camp, north-west of Jericho – house raided, minor arrested.

7. Al-Bireh – night raid on a neighborhood. Confrontations. No casualties reported.

8. Qalqilya – confrontations around the eastern entrance to town, 2 persons wounded by live fire. Their condition is moderate.

9. Kafr Qaddum – weekly protest march. A minor wounded in the belly by live fire. Suffocations.

10. Wadi Joz, East Jerusalem – twelfth Friday on which people are prevented from attending the Friday prayers at Al Aqsa Mosque (permits for 12,000 instead of 70,000). The people spread out on Wadi Joz and Silwan streets. Attacked by teargas, rubber-coated bullets and a ‘skunk’ water cannon.

11. Al Far'a refugee camp, south of Tubas – special forces penetrated the camp. Army auxiliary force followed. Surrounded a house and demanded its inhabitants give in. Confrontations. 3 persons wounded by live fire. One of them taken into custody from inside the ambulance. 5 persons arrested, 2 minors among them (14- and 17-years-old).

12. A Tayibe, west of Jenin – one person wounded in critical condition by live fire close to the Separation Wall.

13. Teqoa, south-east of Bethlehem – raid and confrontations. A 20-year-old shot in the belly, his condition serious.

14. Al Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron – shots from the checkpoint at the houses. One person wounded in moderate condition by live fire.

15. Al-Aizariya, east of Jerusalem – Confrontations during a raid. One person killed.

16. Dura, south of Hebron – raid and arrest. One person wounded by live fire.

Soldiers leave a ‘souvenir’ on a house gate in town

17. Jinba, Masafer Yatta – 3 soldiers attack 2 shepherds and fire at them. Soldiers kidnap one of the shepherds. His cousin is an activist and photographer who came in order to be kidnapped as well. Since then, to this day, we do not know what has happened to them. The Israeli army refuses to pass on any information.

18. Qalandia refugee camp, north of Jerusalem – camp raided. One person wounded by live fire.

Attacks against the Israeli army

1. Al Fawwar refugee camp, south-west of Hebron – in the morning, around Wadi Jeheish, a Palestinian driver rams 4 soldiers. Shot to death. Later, the camp is raided. Violent arrests of his family members. A minor wounded by live fire during confrontations.


Friday, December 29 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

‣ 187 Palestinians killed, 312 wounded.

‣ One Israeli soldier killed.

An injured baby. His father tries to calm him

Humanitarian crisis

1. No aid trucks crossed Kerem Shalom December 25-28, because of repeated attacks against the convoys. 4 workers were killed in one of the attacks. On December 29th aid was renewed. 81 trucks crossed through Kerem Shalom and Rafah Crossings (daily average prior to October 7th – 500 trucks a day).

2. According to Palestinian Health Ministry report, diseases are spreading among the displaced persons:

‣ 180,000 persons suffer from upper respiratory system illnesses;

‣ 136,000 cases of acute diarrhea (over 50% are children under the age of 5);

‣ 55,400 cases of scabies and lice;

‣ 5,330 cases of chicken pox;

‣ 12,700 cases of skin illness;

‣ 4,685 cases of acute hepatitis;

‣ 125 cases of meningitis.

Northern Strip

An UNRWA representative reported that an aid convoy on its way to the Northern Strip was attacked by the Israeli army although it took the route assigned to it by the army. A truck was damaged.

Mother of 8-year-old twins, Jihan and Ahmad Nasser, takes leave of them. Deir Al Balah

Central Strip

1. Nuseirat refugee camp – artillery shelling of 3 houses. At least 20 persons killed. In another bombing, 5 persons killed from the same family, including children – the family of a journalist.

2. Al Bureij refugee camp – 2 displaced persons were killed in a bombing of a school where displaced persons were sheltering.

3. Al Maghazi refugee camp – a series of aerial bombings, at least 14 persons killed.

Talk with a girl at the displaced persons camp in Rafah

Southern Strip

Most bombings focused on Khan Yunis, especially its eastern part. Number of persons killed unclear.

South of Rafah where 30 members of the same family were killed yesterday


Saturday, December 30 - The West Bank


1. Mohammad Hussein Masallah, 22-years-old from Beit Awwa.


26 persons arrested, 2 minors among them - one taken out of an ambulance taking him to the hospital.


1. Qalqilya - confrontations at the eastern entrance to the city. A 17-year-old was shot in the chest and critically wounded. Taken into custody out of the ambulance denied access in spite of his critical condition. 2 more persons arrested.

2. Azzun, east of Qalqilya - confrontations close to the northern entrance into town, during which live bullets were fired and teargas and stun grenades used. No woundings reported.

3. Silwan, East Jerusalem - Confrontations. No casualties reported.

4. Jalazone refugee camp, north of Ramallah - extended arrest operation. 10 persons questioned, 7 of them taken into custody including a minor.

Attacks against the Israeli army

Al Fawwar refugee camp, south-west of Hebron - a 22-year-old rammed and lightly wounded a soldier. Shot to death in his car. Left bleeding in the car until he died. Later, a raid on his residence at Beit Awa (west of Hebron). Confrontations, suffocations, 4 persons arrested, 3 of them his brothers.

A checkpoint next to Al Fawwar refugee camp. Ramming attempt


A supervisor for the Jordan Valley Regional Council confiscated cows that were freed (not by their Palestinian owner) and the Council demand 49,000 NIS from him to get them back.


1. Sarta, west of Salfit - colonist destroy a farm structure.

2. Khirbet Tana, east of Nablus - colonist dressed as soldiers deny the local Palestinians access to the spring.


Saturday, December 30 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

165 Palestinians killed, 250 wounded.

2 Israeli soldiers killed.

Father carrying his killed son on a bicycle, to be buried

Humanitarian crisis

600,000 vaccine doses for babies brought into the Strip.

Northern Strip

1. Jabalia refugee camp - bombings. Number of persons killed unclear.

2. A neighborhood east of Gaza City - artillery shelling, at least 5 persons killed.

Father carrying his daughter killed in a bombing east of Gaza City

3. According to Euro Med Human Rights Monitor: Numerous testimonies of looting by soldiers during arrests or after leaving - gold jewelry, laptop computers, cash. Especially in the neighborhoods of Al Zeitun, Shuja'iyya and Sheikh Radwan. Soldiers have filmed themselves with property they took.

Central Strip

1. Nuseirat refugee camp - house bombed. A journalist and his family killed.

2. Al Maghazi refugee camp - one person killed, 2 wounded.

3. Al Boureij refugee camp - aerial bombing series for the 4th day running.

4. Deir Al Balah - Old City mosque was damaged.

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - 4 persons killed in a bombing around the boys’ elementary school where displaced persons have been sheltering.

2. Rafah - bombings east of the border crossing.


Sunday, December 31 - The West Bank


1. Mu’atasem ‘Awisat, 21-years-old from Al Sawahira.


22 persons arrested, including a woman and 2 minors.


1. Tulkarem and Nur Shams refugee camps - third raid in 5 days, from a little past midnight and lasting 10 hours. All entries to the camps blocked. At Tulkarem a drone bombed, no casualties. Shortly later bombed again - 2 persons wounded, one of them severely. At Nur Shams camp a drone bombed and wounded 2 persons.

Because of blocking the entrances to the camps, and blocking ambulances at the city’s hospital - no ambulance access to the persons wounded. Drone bombings in other neighborhoods.

Blocking ambulances in Tulkarem

Extended arrest operations and investigations on the ground. The military force at the entrance to Tulkarem camp fires live bullets. Snipers on rooftops. A bulldozer damages houses, vehicles and infrastructures. Confrontations break out at Nur Shams camp.

A soldier confiscates a scooter. Why? Nur Shams refugee camp

2. Bani Naim, east of Hebron - confrontations, one person wounded by live fire. An arrest of a 62-years-old man and his son.

3. Al Fawwar refugee camp, south-wets of Hebron - raid of houses using rubber-coated bullets and teargas. Soldiers filmed on security camera beating up a service station worker.

4. Old Askar refugee camp, east of Nablus - raid and confrontations. 3 persons wounded by shrapnel of live fire.

5. Ein Sultan refugee camp, north-west of Jericho - confrontations, 2 persons wounded by live fire.

A wounded person at Ein Sultan refugee camp

6. Azzun, east of Qalqilya - raid and confrontations, soldiers firing in all directions. No arrests or casualties.

Attacks against soldiers

Mishor Adumim colony cluster, near Al-Aizariya, east of Jerusalem - A Palestinian stabs and wounds 2 security guards. Shot and later died of his wounds. His house was then raided. Family members attacked and shot with rubber-coated bullets and teargas.


1. Shi’b Al Butm, Masafer Yatta - a villager forced to demolish the roof of his tin shanty. This home has been repeatedly attacked by colonists.

2. Umm Safa, north of Ramallah - for a while now colonists and soldiers have been busy with the village land for what looks like preparations for a new colonist outpost. Routes there have been blocked by dirt dykes. Soldiers fire stun grenades at whoever comes near.


In various cases at Masafer Yatta (Al Jwaya and Khalet Al Adara) armed colonists chase away Palestinian shepherds and their flocks.


Sunday, December 31 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

150 Palestinians killed, 286 wounded.

His name is Hutheifa Alwai, 11-years-old. Killed with his whole family by an aerial bombing

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City - massive bombing at city center: 48 persons killed at Al Zeitun neighborhood, 20 others around the Al Aqsa University sheltering many displaced persons.

2. Sabra neighborhood - 5 persons killed, 40 missing.

Child searching for water among the rubble

Central Strip

1. Nuseirat refugee camp - bombed. 3 persons killed.

2. Al Maghazi refugee camp - 3 persons killed.

3. Al Bureij refugee camp - bombing continued for the 5th day. Number of persons killed unknown.

4. Al Zawida - 12 persons killed, mainly children.

Soldiers joyous at house demolition

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - 8 persons killed.

2. Rafah beach - One person killed.


Monday, January 1 - The West Bank


32 persons arrested, 2 women among them.

Another prisoner died at Megiddo Prison, the 7th since October 7th, the third in the same prison. Basen Albahash, 23-years-old from Nablus. Dead. Nothing known about the circumstances of his death.

Testimonies growing lately of extreme violence and medical neglect of prisoners and detainees at this prison.

Arrestees at Qatanna


1. Qalqilya - raid and extended confrontations. One person wounded by live fire. Filming of violent treatment while wounded, during his arrest.

2. Azzun, east of Qalqilya - raid and confrontations. No wounded persons reported, but the raid continued until January 2nd and will later be widely reviewed.

3. Silwad, north-east of Ramallah - night raid of the town and searches.

4. Zeita, north of Tulkarem - confrontations during a raid. Massive use of teargas.

5. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - residence sequestered and roof turned into an Israeli army post.


1. Nabi Ilyas, east of Qalqilya - destruction of farm and industrial structures.

2. Al-Maniya, south-east of Bethlehem - 5 farm structures destroyed.


1. Hebron - colonists raid a house in the western part of the city, smash windows and vandalize its contents.


Monday, January 1 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

156 Palestinians killed, 246 wounded.

Car-park turned burial place

Humanitarian aid

Cooperation between the Gaza Red Crescent and the Egyptian headquarters - erection of a displaced-persons camp organized with medical services and welfare. 1,000 tents at Khan Yunis.

Northern Strip

1. Jabalia - aerial bombing, at least 6 persons killed.

Central Strip

1. Al Maghazi refugee camp - at least 15 persons killed

2. Deir Al Balah - at least 15 persons killed

3. Al Zawida - killed persons, their number unclear.

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - at least 9 persons killed.


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