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Water deprivation in the Jordan valley

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

25.7.22 a tractor hauling a water tank was arrested and confiscated in the North Jordan Valley. A few days later a truck carrying a water tank was confiscated in the same area. About 13 native communities spread out in the area, 40 families, hundreds of men, women and children, thousands of sheep and goats. After a week of struggle and the intervention of members of parliament, the tank was returned without a fine. The authorities admitted that the confiscation was illegal. The Occupation army, calling itself "the most moral army in the world", deprives everyone of the liquid of life.

The person who informs the Civil Administration about the presence of the equipment in the area and activates the army is the illegal settler Asa'el, whose farm was established on a hill near Alon Road, in front of the settlement of Maskiyot. The reason for the confiscation - entering fire zone 901. However, part of Asa'el's farm and the grazing areas for his cows are also in the same fire zone. It goes without saying that he is not evicted and nothing has ever been confiscated from him.

This is a deliberate policy of the Civil Administration, which is carried out throughout the Jordan Valley. A policy aimed at ethnic cleansing the area from Palestinians and turning it into a Jewish one.

On 20.8 morning, the activists of "looking the occupation in the eyes" went to repair the damage to the pipe of the community in Fasail. A pipe that has been vandalized and also damaged by the ravages of time. A pipe that garbage and pollution put into it with malicious intent by settlers to block the passage of water to the community and the sheep. The Civil Administration did not give the Palestinians permission to replace the pipe. It turns out that even water, which is the liquid of life, needs to be approved by the occupying forces and the arms of the Israeli government. As the Palestinians couldn't do it we repaired the pipe.

The settlers vandalized the pipeline after the repair. The activists returned to repair again.

In addition, the activists came to help fixing a water well that the settlers broke and made sure that the Palestinians could fill it with water without interference from the occupying forces or the settlers. We keep on doing it every weekend. How much evil does it take to withhold water from People? Water is life.

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