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The Numbers

What has happened in recent weeks in the Occupied Territories? Incomplete summary because there are definitely other cases that have not been brought to our attention: During February, settlers attacked Palestinians and / or human rights activists in the Occupied Territories on average once a day (according to B'Tselem) These are the events in the last two weeks of February according to OCHA UN and the Ta'ayush organization: 5 Palestinians were killed . 544 Palestinians were injured, most of them from the occupation forces. 54 of them children. 9 of them by settlers. 198 Palestinians arrested. Most or all of them are in administrative detention. 29 house demolitions 23 damage incidents of Palestinian Property by Settlers. 330 trees were uprooted. 7 families were forced to leave their homes at a time when the IDF was training in their immediate area. 5 times an illegal drone was raised by settlers to scare and expel Palestinian herds. 15 times settlers invaded cultivated Palestinian lands and damaged crops. Palestinian children were prevented from attending school 14 times. 11 times the army assisted the settlers in its illegal activities.

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