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The men in white come on the Sabbath

They come in white or in startling army uniforms, but festive. With their tassels and their large Sabbath yarmulka. Yes, Sabbath. It’s their day of recreation. Not praying, not hanging out with the family, not feasting in food and drink. They devote their Jewish holy day to violent intimidation.

These Jews, these observant men, worship their Sabbath. With evil work they desecrate the day on which the Highest of the High, Lord Almighty, ceased his own work.

The order comes from on high, but nor the Highest, that much is clear. They come out of their warm homes to harass Palestinians. Their target, on the Sabbath that just ended, was Ma’arajat villagers – one of the only communities that have remained on the land coveted by the colonists. This is Area C, Palestinian-owned for generations. Several families live in this compound, numbering a few dozens. This afternoon the white-clad came over the hill, threw stones at the homes and yelled “Nakba! Nakba!”

The police were summoned and they disappeared. When evening came, they returned, this time with a roaring ATV and powerful lights. They rode among the houses and blinded the inhabitants. In the total darkness that falls upon the desert, this is frightening.

After all, this is the colonists’ purpose: to terrorize the shepherd communities to the point that fear would become unbearable and they would leave. This is what happened to neighboring communities. They were forced to desert their land under never-ceasing harassment.

In the meantime, this community holds on to its land. Human rights are with them day and night. This ethnic cleansing, taking place with full backing of the government and the war, must not be made possible.

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