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The end of humanity

This is the face of the end of humanity. The bearded face of the army-uniformed colonist who shouts “traitor!” at a man who devotes his life to save the State of Israel, and the face of the army-uniformed colonist who shoots and kills the Jewish-Israeli citizen who was protecting Israeli citizens at Jerusalem’s entrance.

Both are the energetic representatives of a radical, crazed messianic group that acts to finish off the State of Israel.

In dystopic films, this is the image of the terminator who runs around finishing off the human face. He shows absolute emotional vacuum regarding humans who are not members of his own group. This enables him to kill unhesitatingly. Begging does not reach him. No logic penetrates his robotic fanaticism. In the case of Israel, anyone who is not a colonist is an enemy. One should know this, for while the state bombs Hamas, it enables its terminators to walk around armed and blood-thirsty in the West Bank or Jerusalem. These people wreak on Israel its last, final catastrophe.

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