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Take the fighter pilots, for example

Take the fighter pilots, for example, those who two months ago were the heroes of the protest against the judiciary coup – take their criminal obedience vis-à-vis the recent mission to murder children. As if they had missed the “black flag” lesson.

Take the lawyers who approved this recent action, claiming “justified collateral damage”.

Does a night attack against people’s residence seem reasonable to you? What then is unreasonable?

Take the Israeli army commanders who know this is an ‘operation’ carried out for political purposes without any strategic benefit. “Beheading” is bullshit – two heads immediately grow to replace every beheading. So why? When are you going to say “No”?

Take the chicken-hearted opposition, take the children’s star of the “leftist party” with her shocking keyboard glitch for which she dares not apologize, take “liberal” Lapid who straightens out along ultra-rightist lines, take Benny Gantz who takes pride in killing Arabs. Is this the alternative? Take all those who faked shock at Smotrich’s words about Huwarra and support – with the exact same logic – an action carried out by the same "hill youth" who have become government ministers, through fire bombs in the West Bank and F16 fighter jets in Gaza.

Take the “brothers in arms”, who lead our protest demonstrations, and then stand behind this idiotic operation like rhinoceroses, supporting Ben Gvir’s and Netanyahu’s unity war. Take the leaders of the protest who hide the military occupation under the carpet although anyone with a bit of a brain – be it on the political right or left – knows it is the reason for everything.

Take them all and internalize this – our country has changed. Will it open its eyes?

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