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Support our Shepherds Accompaniment

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Please Support our Shepherd Accompaniment Project of the shepherd accompaniers in the Palestinian Jordan Valley (Underwritten by the Association Torah of Justice nonprofit no. 580651).

Please Note:
The donation page indicates a tip to the website Yisrael Toremeth - Israel Donates - that hosts our campaign. This is at your discretion.

We are a group of Israeli volunteers that escorts of Palestinian shepherds in the Palestinian Jordan Valley. We turn to you, asking to support our project in order to ensure the welfare and survival of the Valley’s Palestinian shepherds.

This escort activity has existed for many years now. However, lately in shadow of the war on Gaza, colonialists in the West Bank have greatly escalated their harassment of the shepherds, and this activity has become a critical threat to the communities’ survival and wellbeing of the shepherds and their families. Unfortunately, many communities have recently been expelled by the colonialists from the areas where they have grazed and lived for generations, and we are trying hard to preserve the remaining communities. In the future, God willing, we shall bring back the exiled communities.

Throughout the Palestinian Jordan Valley, the violent colonialists are in charge. Israeli ‘security forces’ do not prevent their criminal activity and even help them. The colonialists now are not satisfied ‘just’ to harass the shepherds and their flocks – they enter residences, beat up family members, steal, burn and more.

Our volunteers are the only buffer between the shepherd communities and these colonialists. We are there nearly every day and do our utmost to prevent violence.

Our presence in the Palestinian Jordan Valley is also important for gathering data and documenting the illegal actions of the colonialists and soldiers and informing the public and decision-makers in Israel and abroad. We are helped by legal experts as well in order to fight injustice and its perpetrators.

Every day, several teams of accompaniers go out to the Palestinian Jordan Valley. This activity takes place in all seasons and adheres to grazing hours: 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the summer due to the heavy heat in the Valley, winter 8 a.m. until late afternoon. In addition to the grazing escort, we often are required to have a ‘protective presence’ in the threatened communities at all hours in times of need.

We act on the ground in two groups: ‘Jordan Valley Activists’ in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley, and a group of ‘Looking Occupation in the Eye’ in the southern part of the Valley. The groups cooperate with one another, the money is raised together, and expenses are returned to activists directly, not through their groups.

With the help of your donations, we can continue being the largest and most active civilian organization that fights for human rights in the Occupied Territories today. This volunteer work, conducted by dozens of activists has been going on already for about 6 years is the single largest activity of Israeli citizens in the occupied territories.

Our campaign continues one that began about 2 years ago, when about 90,000 NIS were raised. However, we are running out of funds. In order to maintain the activity and continue the communities’ presence in the Palestinian Jordan Valley, we are required to raise another 100,000 NIS to cover the following needs:

‣ Fuel expenses paid directly to volunteers who arrive in their private vehicles. An average accompaniment day involves about 250-300 km driving, and several vehicles may be involved.

‣ Maintenance of vehicles belonging to our association – there are three such vehicles now and we need to maintain them and cover fuel expenses.

‣ Legal accompaniment and consultation


Thanking you in advance for your generous donation,

Jordan Valley Activists

Looking the Occupation in the Eye


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