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A Home for Everyone

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

A short introduction: even in the past two months (the October 2023 War) alone we called the police hundreds of times in order to stop attacks by Jewish terrorists in the West Bank, and you know as well as I do that nothing came out of these calls.

But even these days we dream of a better future in this piece of land, so we began to build a Palestinian-Israeli center in the West Bank. Thus, we came last Saturday, a group of about 30 Palestinians and Israelis, for our first work day there – we planted trees, painted a bit, and brought some order to the place, and all the while we were watched by soldiers, and a police drone documented what we did, but luckily they did not interfere in our work.

All this changed when we began to pack up and planned to enter our vehicles and drive home.

Suddenly, on our way more than ten army and police vehicles showed up, and about 50 soldiers and police personnel disembarked and surrounded us. They didn’t really talk with us but did take our IDs and in fact detained us for over an hour on the ground. Eventually our IDs were returned but one activist was detained for questioning and taken to the Binyamin police station.

All the rest were free in fact, but less than one kilometer later on we were ‘welcomed’ once again by soldiers and police who simply inspected each and every car as though in a fitness test.

So, the saplings have been planted and we only actually began, and although we know it will not be easy, still – as you have already had the chance to know us – we have no intention of surrendering, and as always you are heartily invited to join us and build a better future for us all.

In conclusion, let me say that we wish the occupation forces would act with equal efficiency and determination against the Jewish terrorist gangs active in the area, and in Occupied Palestine in general, but that is a bit of a problem when most of the uniform-wearers and their commanders adhere to Jewish racial ‘purity’ (Jewish exceptionalism).

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