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A Day In Palestinian Shepherd's Life.

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

A Day In Palestinian Shepherd's Life. One of several incidents that took place on Saturday 26.3.22 Susya south of Mount Hebron in the words of an activist : "When we arrived in Susya we saw youth from the settlement grazing their herd in private Palestinian fields. From there they continued to a private cistern, one of which later testified that they entered it earlier. When they left the private area, one of the settlers went down to a plot of Palestinian olive trees and damaged one of the trees. At the same time, another group of settlers began grazing in the wadi east of there, also Palestinian private land. We called the police, the policeman who received our call refused to take our request seriously, claimed that we do not know to whom the land belongs, even though we were with the Palestinian landowner. The policeman repeatedly demanded that we move away even though we were far away. The setters threw stones at us for about ten minutes. We updated the police, and yet it took a long time for the police and soldiers to arrive. There is a regular military presence in the settlement ,but it took them a long time till they arrived.When they arrived, both the soldiers and the policeman who accompanied them refused to comment on the documentation of the invasions, the damage and the throwing of the stones - even though the suspects were at the scene. While this was happening, a group of settlers returned to the cistern, drew water from it and pushed an activist to the floor. After a while, the officer issued a closed military area order, which as usual included mostly Palestinian land - thus preventing Palestinians from accessing their private lands because settlers had invaded them. Despite this, the settlers returned to graze again in the closed area and as mentioned is private land. While we were demanding that the army remove the settlers from the area, one of the settlers aggressively pushed one of the soldiers, kicked a human rights activist and hit another activist. This is what the IDF Spokesman said about the whole incident: "Earlier today, verbal friction developed between a number of Palestinians and settlers. "The IDF force reached the point and a closed military area order was announced in order to separate the parties, and they dispersed." We can just imagine what would have happened if the activities were not there.

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