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We all believe that the rule of law must be maintained.

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

We all believe that the rule of law must be maintained. There is no possibility for the State of Israel and the security forces to allow settler violence to rage.

See the map I attached of a focused area in the north of the valley. Individual settlers set up illegal farms and around them set up long miles of fences without permission or regulation. Pastures of the grazing communities that have been grazing there for decades and made a living from it,were deprived of grazing in a wide area.

All law and government officials have recognized the illegality of the outposts themselves and of definitions, in writing and orally. But despite repeated appeals, in front of all levels, nothing has been done to enforce the law. Moreover, despite the illegality and eviction orders that stand against them, government officials support the criminals in water, electricity, road construction and more. Violence and breaking the law won and received award after award.

Early morning on April 30th a group of activists arrived to start putting an end to it. 1,500 meter of fence were cut and shepherds were given the opportunity to return to their territories.

Towards the end of the activity, the thugs of the area gathered and tried to frighten the activists and harm them.

There was a collaboration between the criminals of the outposts and the Military Coordinator who acted without any authority and tried to prevent the activists from leaving, blocking their cars and stealing a car keys.

A policeman who was called to the scene did his job for a change, returned the keys to their owners and dispersed the commotion. The good ones won a small victory.

The moral image of the State of Israel depends on its ability to deal harshly with outlaws in outposts. We believe in the State of Israel and its laws, so we went out of our way to restore the sanity and security that the criminal settlers rob us of.

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