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To the leaders of the left-wing parties

Anyone, who is clear-sighted and whose worldview steers clear of messianism and populism, understands that at the root of the disaster that befell us on October 7th lies in the neglect of the supremely important Palestinian arena. The absurdity of the idea that it is possible to continue ruling over another people and at the same time manage to have a safe, liberal, modern, and thriving state has never been more evident.

Every thinking person understands that the root cause of the insanity that preceded the “Black Sabbath,” namely the attempt to sabotage democracy, is the intent to eliminate all obstacles to the right-wing strategy of annexation and racial supremacy.

Israel’s internal state is worse than ever, and its international standing is at an all-time low. The western world would like to help us climb out of the hole and together deal with the threats that are looming over us and it. Same goes for the pragmatic Arab countries, yet they have one condition - Take care of the Palestinian issue! Work towards political solutions! Control and restrain your fundamentalists and stop the sinful acts!

We can no longer cover the annexation policy with the lie of temporariness. We can no longer behave like naughty children hiding behind Mother U.S. We can no longer wave the flag of mock democracy while we maintain and nurture an occupation regime.

If you are calling on the public to trust and send you to the Knesset and the government - you must place the most crucial issue at the top of the public agenda. Working towards a political solution should be first on your platform - no matter when the elections take place. You must set and lead the public discourse! You must avoid being dragged to the side alleys that the right and center parties will attempt to lure you into.

Face reality. Name it. Loudly state what is evident to all. Be honest with yourselves and look your children in the eye with your head held high.

Do not hide behind obscure phrases to gather a few fictional right- wing votes. Do not avoid the crux of the matter by focusing on issues that may be important but are secondary at this time.

Do all this together, collaborate with each other. First and foremost, needs to be the collaboration between Arabs and Jews. Clearly state that the Arab parties are welcome and have a place in your coalition, because when the priorities are set correctly, the differences and disagreements are dwarfed by the grave danger posed by staying on the same path and being overpowered by the right wing. The Israeli left is at an all-time low. It only has one hope - to return to its roots, fight for its ideals and work hand in hand together. The crisis is also an opportunity.

We are not afraid to look the occupation in the eye and are not afraid to look at you and examine how you choose to act.

It's time for you too to be fearless and get going!

Looking Occupation in the eye

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