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The army came to visit

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Palestinian shepherd was grazing with his sons and came close to the basic training base of the Kfir Brigade in the Jordan Valley. 8 recruits came out of base and started harassing and dispersing the herd. When the soldiers saw that one of the boys was documenting the incident, they confiscated his phone by force. The shepherd called the activists who were in the area to come for help. Then one of the soldiers also attacked an activist who started documenting, hit him and smashed his phone on the rocks. The recruits gathered around the activists, cursed at them, spat at them, and explained to them what they thought of them. There was no unusual conduct on the part of the Palestinians or the activists. After two hours the activist's phone returned to him literally broken in two. The Palestinian's phone was not returned. The role of the Kfir Brigade is to operate in the occupied territories and control the Palestinians. The commanders of the base and the brigade apologized for the incident and promised that the soldiers would be expelled from the training. No update on this topic has been received yet. However, it should be noted that the conduct of the soldiers shows the basic point of view of Jewish supremacy over the disenfranchised Palestinians. Even if it was not explicitly stated as permissible they would not have behaved in such a way if it was clear to them that it was forbidden and if respect for human rights was at the basis of the messages in the training they go through.

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