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Updated: Apr 22, 2023

We are five women our age range between 68 to 78, that are weekly driving about two hours to the Jordan Valley, in order to accompany Palestinian shepherds with their flocks to the pasture ,to prevent violence from the illigal outpot Mevuot Jericho or Ayanot kedem. Last week, when we escorted shepherds at that area, around 1:00pm, we were approached by 3 youths on their way to the flock. When they saw us, the Israeli escorts, they changed their plan and began to swear and curse us, comparing us with members of the oldest profession in the world, accusing us of not being Jewish and more. In the verbal exchange, we learnt that they were students in a Yeshiva called Mevuot Jericho. We heard terrible racist language and it became clear the extent of their brainwashing. In the confrontation, they told us how important it is to study at a Yeshiva. We feared that they would be violent against us and the shepherds, so we called the police, but they never arrived. The shepherds left, and we also left when we saw that the youths were on their way. Near the restaurant of the illigai outpost Ayanot kedem the youths blocked the road with stones and heavy rocks, to prevent us driving past. We managed to move most of the stones, that could harm us and or any car passing on the road .While driving on back we met a police car. We reported to the officer about the road block, showed him photos of the youth, but we didn't press charges. Until today, we have no idea if the behavior of these youths was brought to the attention of their teachers or Rabbis, and if it was, what might have been said about "values and ethics".

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