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The Daily File - March 7-12, 2024

Updated: Mar 22

Thursday through Tuesday.



Sources: Wafa News Agency, Quds News Network, Al Qastal, Silwanci, Palestine DCI, Euro Med-Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, Younis Tirawii, OCHA-OPT, UN Women, Who, Democracy Now, Al Jazeera, New York Times, The Guardian, MOH - Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza, Palestinian Communications Ministry in Gaza,

Save the Children, CNN, Jordan Valley Activists, Mistaclim La Kibbush Baenayim (Looking the Occupation in the Eye) in the southern Palestinian Jordan Valley, Out of the Flock (Masafer Yatta Activists), Risale.

Data about the West Bank - October 7, 2023 - March 12, 2024

Palestinians killed:

‣ Since October 7th, 421 Palestinians killed, 109 of them minors;

‣ Since the beginning of 2024, 125 Palestinians killed, 30 of them minors according to the following division:

1 in the 0 to 8 age group;

2 in the 9 to 12 age group;

3 in the 13-15 age group;

24 in the 16-17 age group.

(Source: DCI Palestine)

Israelis killed:

‣ 15 Israelis killed in terrorist attacks.

Palestinians wounded:

‣ Since October 7th, 4,680 wounded, 722 of them minors.

Israelis wounded:

‣ 99 Israelis wounded.


‣ Since October 7th, 7,565 Palestinians were arrested.

Demolitions and displacement

‣ Since the beginning of 2024, Israel demolished 69 houses in the West Bank.

60% of them in East Jerusalem (demolished by the Jerusalem municipality), due to lack of construction permits which are nearly impossible to obtain.

‣ 219 Palestinians were evicted from their homes.

‣ Since October 7th, 868 Palestinians have been displaced, 358 of them minors, due to house demolitions during military operations. 93% of them in the refugee camps of Tulkarm, Nur Shams and Jenin.

Colonist attacks

‣ Since October 7th, 639 colonist attacks have been documented, 131 of them ending with casualties.


Data about the Gaza Strip - October 7, 2023 - March 12, 2024

Palestinians killed:

‣ At least 32,278 killed;

‣ 72% of them women and children;

‣ 30% women;

‣ 63 women, 37 of them mothers, are killed every day;

‣ 70% of the total number of missing persons (at least 7,000) are women and children;

‣ 27 cases of death due to malnutrition and dehydration, 23 of them children;

‣ 400 persons were killed while waiting for aid in the Northern Strip (due to live fire, bombing and crowding).

Israelis killed:

‣ 1,220 were killed on October 7th;

‣ 247 soldiers killed in the ground invasion;

‣ The number of persons killed among the 134 captives is unknown, anywhere from the 32 reported and 70 according to Hamas reports.

Palestinians wounded:

‣ 73,024 persons wounded;

‣ 75% of them women and children;

‣ 15% of women who recently gave birth suffer complications due to malnutrition and the lack of proper medical care;

‣ The number of premature births among women increased by about one-third;

‣ 1,300 persons were wounded while waiting for the aid packages in the Northern Strip (live fire, bombing or crowding).

Israelis wounded:

‣ About 5,400 persons on October 7th;

‣ 1,475 soldiers during fighting.

Demolitions and displacement

‣ 2,721 lethal attacks (as of March 9th);

‣ 80% of the houses are uninhabitable;

‣ 1.7 million displaced persons.

Graphic data out of the last OCHA-OPT report (March 13th)

Humanitarian crisis

‣ According to estimates of the World Food Plan, all of the Gazan population is suffering some extent of hunger;

‣ 1.17 million are at level 4 hunger distress;

‣ Half a million are on the highest level of classification of food crisis - no. 5;

‣ A survey established that 84$ of the women asked reported that their families were eating at the most half of the quantity they had eaten prior to October 7th;

‣ 84% reported that at least one of their family members gave up meals during the past week (in 95% of the cases these were women giving up a meal for the sake of their children).


Thursday, March 7 - The West Bank


40 persons arrested, 4 women among them (all from the Ramallah district) and one person with special needs.


1. Tubas - special forces and later with auxiliary and bulldozer raid from the eastern entrance to the town. Houses raided. Confrontations including fire exchange and improvised explosive charges. 5 persons wounded from beatings during house searches. Medical teams and ambulance prevented access, care and rescue of wounded. The raid extended to Tammun, south of the town.

Ambulance access prevented in Tubas

2. Nablus - plainclothesmen arrest a Balata refugee camp inhabitant during a raid on a shop.

3. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - raid of the archeological area, use of stun grenades. No casualties reported.

4. Al-Bireh - raid. Confrontations. Arrest.

Attacks against the army

1. Nablus - shots fired at the army post on Mount Gerizim.

Demolitions, confiscations

1. Faqqua, north-east of Jenin - chicken coop and workshop destroyed.

2. Turmus Aya, north-east of Ramallah - 29 dunams confiscated for “security needs”. This land connects between the town and the Nablus-Ramallah road.

Attacks against colonists

1. Karmei Tzur colony, north of Hebron - an improvised explosive charge thrown.

Colonist attacks

1. At-Tuba, Masafer Yatta - armed colonists accompanied by soldiers raided houses and conducted searches claiming a sheep was stolen.

2. Al Jwaya, Masafer Yatta - colonists destroy young plants and graze their flock on tended fields while preventing their owners’ access.

3. Sara checkpoint, west of Nablus - colonists block the road.


Thursday, March 7 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 9 lethal attacks;

‣ 83 persons killed;

‣ 143 persons wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

Soldiers making fun of prayers

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City - shots fired at people waiting for food allotment at Al Nablusi Square, one person killed and others wounded. Al Zeitoun neighborhood bombed, number of casualties unclear.


2. Jabalia - artillery bombing of a house. At least one person killed. In the afternoon - East Jabalia raided.

Fadi Al Zenat, 6-years-old, the Kamal Adwan Hospital

Central Strip

1. Deir Al Balah - aerial bombing of 2 family homes, at least 9 persons killed.

2. Nuseirat refugee camp - bombings from the western side of the camp, 35 persons killed.

Southern Strip

1. Rafah - aerial bombing of the southern part of town, 5 persons killed including 4 women and children. Al Janina neighborhood east of the town raided, persons wounded. 47 bodies of the 100 taken by the Israeli army from a mass grave in town were returned and buried again.

2. Khan Yunis - 4 persons killed of the same family. A minor was rescued after 40 hours among the rubble. A bombing of the European Hospital area - 5 persons wounded.


As the Northern border heats up, reports begin to come in from there too. It is very partial reporting as to sources of fire and extent.
This is also an opportunity to thank volunteers who have begun collecting information and will surely make reporting much easier... [Adi Ronen-Argov]

Thursday, March 7 - South Lebanon


1. 2 inhabitants of South Lebanon, one of them a Hezbollah activist.

Attacks against Israel’s north

1. Dozens of missiles launched towards the Galilee.

2. 2 houses in Metula hit.

3. Another hit inside an army post.

Attacks against South Lebanon

1. Bombing of Shuba, Wadi Al Aziya, Itron, Al Khiam.


Friday, March 8 - The West Bank


1. Mohammad Adel A-Shalabi, 40-years-old from Silat al-Harithiya.


About 24 persons arrested.


1. Silat al-Harithiya, north-west of Jenin - special forces raided the town and surrounded the home of a man wanted for the past 3 months. Auxiliary forces blocked traffic in the town center. According to eye witnesses, the special forces shot many bullets at the wanted man at zero range. He was crucially wounded and arrested. Some hours later his death was reported. His body is held by Israel.

2. East Jerusalem - strict limitations on those coming to the Friday prayers at Al Aqsa Mosque. Policemen attacked people praying at Lions Gate. Groups of people not permitted into the compound gathered at Ras Al-Amoud neighborhood.

3. Azzun, east of Qalqilya - violent arrest at dawn. The detainee was freed several hours later in serious condition and was hospitalized. Afterwards confrontations, activating side charges.

Mohammad Anaya - beaten up and seriously wounded during his arrest in Azzun

4. Qalqilya - confrontations in the southern part of the city, the Al Bithin area.

5. Rummanah, west of Jenin - raid and confrontations. Live fire.

6. Hajjah, east of Qalqilya – confrontations.

7. Jamma'in, south of Nablus - raid including live fire.

8. Usarin, south-east of Nablus - raid. One person wounded by live fire at the thigh.

9. Hares, north-west of Salfit - nocturnal raid. Teargas and live fire. House searches while vandalizing contents, threatening the inhabitants.

10. Zawata, north-west of Nablus – confrontations.

11. Qalandia Checkpoint, north of Jerusalem - a 15-year-old shot and wounded.

Attacks against the army

1. Silat ad-Dhahr, south of Jenin - shots fired at army tower close to Homesh. An army patrol on duty was attacked by an improvised charge. 7 soldiers wounded, 2 of them seriously.

2. Salem Checkpoint, west of Jenin - live fire.

3. Zawata, north-west of Nablus - live fire at the checkpoint.

4. Avnei Hefetz, south-east of Tulkarm - live fire from a vehicle passing the checkpoint.

5. Huwara Checkpoint, south of Nablus - live fire.

6. Nablus, Mount Gerizim army post - live fire.

7. Beit Furik Checkpoint, east of Nablus - live fire.

8. Shavei Shomron Checkpoint, north-west of Nablus - live fire.

Colonist attacks

1. Jit, north of Nablus - stones thrown at Palestinian vehicles.

2. Qaryut, south of Nablus - raid on the village spring for prayer, secured by soldiers.

3. Burqa, east of Ramallah - an attempt to set a house on fire.

4. Ar-Rakeez, Masafer Yatta - colonists attack two Palestinians at home, one of them elderly, and bruise them.

5. East Jerusalem, Bab Al Rahma, the Muslim cemetery - colonists desecrate tombstones and pour cement sacks.


Friday, March 8 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 8 lethal attacks;

‣ 78 persons killed;

‣ 104 persons wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

The names of 13,000 killed children in the Al Jazeera studios

Northern Strip

The good-wish leaflets that the Israeli army shed on the starving Northern Strip

1. Gaza City - in Shifa Hospital another 3 children died of malnutrition and dehydration, raising the number of dead to 23. The Northern Strip, in severe hunger, was showered with leaflets wishing the Palestinians Ramadan Kareem (generous Ramadan month) and a tasty iftar (the meal breaking the fast). Signed: the Israeli army.

Kuwait Square in town - dropped aid packages injured people waiting for them, killing 4 persons, 2 children among them. 2 persons were killed in a bombing of people waiting in line for food.

Bombings of Al Zeitoun neighborhood, Tel Al Hawa, Al Sabra and Al Tufah - 4 persons killed and 15 wounded.


2. Beit Hanoun - aerial bombing, number of casualties unclear.

3. Jabalia refugee camp - aerial bombing of 2 houses. One person killed, 3 wounded.

Central Strip

1. Az-Zawayda - 8 persons killed and 60 wounded most of them children, in the bombing of a 3-storey house.

2. Nuseirat refugee camp - one person killed in an unmanned aerial vehicle attack.

Deir al Balah

3. Deir Al Balah - aerial bombing close to Al Aqsa Hospital - 7 persons wounded.

Deir al Balah

Southern Strip

Mohanam Muqadad died of malnutrition

1. Al Qarara, north-east of Khan Yunis - 12 persons killed and dozens wounded in an aerial bombing.

2. Khan Yunis - 11 persons killed, women and children among them. The Palestinians claim white phosphorus was used.

3. Rafah - 3 persons killed south of the town. 5 persons killed and 22 wounded, mostly children, in a bombing of 2 houses belonging to a single family.


Zoom In


‘Atah Al Moqayad

Khan Yunis - ‘Atah Al Moqayad, 73-years-old. Deaf. Alone in a building. Unarmed. Signals surrender. The body cameras of a military force document him being shot by 4 bullets although he posed no threat. The guys are proud of this. The video is attacked. As publicized by Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera video


This is the Taha family. They escaped to Deir Al Balah. On February 23rd, the entire family was wiped out in a bombing.


Friday, March 8 - South Lebanon


Hezbollah announced one armed man killed.

Attacks on Israel

1. 7 missiles at the Upper Galilee, among others an army post at Dishon was attacked.

2. Hezbollah announces two more attacks on army gatherings.

Attacks against South Lebanon

1. Bombings of Baraachit, Ayta Al Sha’ab.


Saturday, March 9 - The West Bank


At least 15 persons arrested, 2 of them minors. One of them is 7-years-old…

Arrest of a 7-year-old at Qabatiya. Released after several hours at a place unknown to him


Nur Shams

1. Tulkarm and Nur Shams refugee camp (east of the city) - dawn raid by a large army force and 4 bulldozers. The force raided houses in the camp, including firing an anti-tank missile. Confrontations during which an improvised explosive charge was activated against one of the bulldozers and hit it. Indiscriminate live fire, on an ambulance among others.

Bulldozers destroyed farmland with greenhouses, a water pipe at the camp center, a transformer, a tile factory.

2. Qalqilya - raid and confrontations including fire exchange. Arrests.

3. Kafr Thulth, east of Qalqilya - raid. A minor wounded by live fire.

4. Bizzariya, north-west of Nablus - confrontations during a raid.

Attacks against the army

1. Sara Checkpoint, west of Nablus - live fire.

2. Azzun - shots at an army post.

Attacks against colonists

Giv’at Assaf, east of Ramallah - stones thrown at a bus.

Colonist attacks

1. Khirbet al Fakheit, Masafer Yatta - colonists attack shepherds.

2. Sinjil, north-east of Ramallah - tent erected and caravan placed. Probably a new outpost.

3. Salem, east of Nablus - colonists attack a villager as he worked his land.

Attacked by colonists in Salem

4. Jaba', south of Jenin - colonists attacked a 50-year-old man, shackled and blindfolded him, forced him to strip, beat him up. After two hours he was transferred to the army post at Homesh. From there he was released and hospitalized.


Saturday, March 9 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 10 lethal attacks;

‣ 82 persons killed;

‣ 122 persons wounded;

‣ An Israeli soldier killed;

‣ 4 Israeli soldiers wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

He takes leave of a killed baby-girl

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City - parachuted aid packages hit and wounded people waiting for them.

Shots at Kuwait Square at people waiting for food - one person killed and 20 wounded.

Children gathering remains of food from parachuted aid packages

Al Shati (beach strip) - 2 persons killed and 7 wounded in a bombing;

Sheikh Radwan neighborhood bombed - 4 persons killed;

Confrontations between the Israeli army and armed men at Al Zeitoun neighborhood - 6 persons killed;

At Al Shifa Hospital, a young woman and a 2 month old baby died of malnutrition and dehydration, the number of dead rose to 25.

2. Jabalia refugee camp - the Israeli army destroys 3 water holes. A house bombed - 9 persons killed.

Zakaria Al Rantisi, 2-months-old. Died of malnutrition

Central Strip

The target bank at Nuseirat refugee camp. A 5-months-old baby girl. Her name was Zaina

1. Nuseirat refugee camp - 2 houses bombed west of the camp. 13 persons killed, children among them.

Nuseirat refugee camp, survivors being sought

2. Deir Al Balah - a house bombed, 5 persons killed (Al Baraka area).

Deir al Balah

Southern Strip

1. Rafah - 12-story house containing 50 apartments sheltering DPs - bombed. Many persons wounded. Bombings of Al Nasser neighborhood north of town - number of casualties unclear.

12 story Al Masri tower, bombed

2. Khan Yunis - confrontations between armed men and the Israeli army. A soldier killed. 23 killed persons arrived at hospitals from bombings during the night throughout the town and its suburbs. Houses exploded in Hamed. Al Fukheir, east of town - a mosque and 3 houses destroyed.


Saturday, March 9 - South Lebanon


5 persons killed including a pregnant woman at Khirbet Salem.

Attacks against Israel

1. Rockets fired at Yiftach, Malkia and Matat.

2. Rockets fired at a soldiers’ gathering at Shab’a farm.

3. Rockets fired at a soldiers’ gathering at Mt. Adir.

4. Rockets fired at an army base on Mt. Meron.

Attacks against South Lebanon

1. Majdal Zoun - a house hit.

2. Kafra - a house hit.

3. Ayta ash Shab - Lebanese army convoy and UNIFIL force attacked.

4. Khirbet Salem - 5 persons killed (a pregnant woman among them) and 9 wounded.


Sunday, March 10 - The West Bank


At least 22, including a woman. 9 throughout the West Bank and another 13 who, according to the Shabak, were a cell planning a terrorist attack (arrested near Sakhnin).


1. Bir Zeit, north of Ramallah - raid and confrontations. One person by live fire.

2. Silat ad-Dhahr, south of Jenin - Confrontations. The third consecutive day of massive military presence in the town.

3. Hizma, north-east of Jerusalem - raid with live fire.

4. Tuqu', south-east of Bethlehem – confrontations.

Restrictions on people praying at Al Aqsa Mosque

5. Al Aqsa Mosque - Ramadan about to begin, strict restrictions on the entry of people to pray Asha and Tarwih. Border Policemen attacked with clubs close to the Lions Gate. People gathered to pray around the Yeusefiya Cemetery.

Lions Gate

6. Nablus - A-Tur neighborhood (close to Mount Gerizim) raided. Confrontations.

Attacks against the army

1. Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus - shots fired at military patrol drones.


1. Marah Ma'alla, south of Bethlehem - cessation of construction and demolition orders for farming structures.

2. Jiftlik, north of Jericho - a house demolished.

Attacks against colonists

1. Tuqu', south-east of Bethlehem - stones thrown at cars.

2. Bir Zeit - stones thrown at a bus.

Colonist attacks

1. Silwan - colonists throw stones at houses and vandalize 10 vehicles.

2. Ein Sukkut, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley - outpost with tourist nature erected south of the spring.


Sunday, March 10 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 8 lethal attacks

‣ 85 persons killed;

‣ 130 persons wounded;

‣ An Israeli soldier killed in the Southern Strip;

‣ 24 hours.

CNN item about Gazan children

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City:

‣ Tel Al Hawa neighborhood - 10 persons killed in a bombed house.

‣ Kuwait Square (Al Zeitoun neighborhood) - 5 persons killed and dozens wounded in an attack on a line of people waiting for aid.

‣ A house bombed south of the city. Number of casualties unclear.

‣ Al Zeitoun neighborhood - Palestinian attack on Israeli force.

2. Beit Hanoun - Palestinian fire at Israeli military headquarters.

3. Beit Lahia - family house bombed, unclear number of persons killed.

Central Strip

1. Deir Al Balah - 37 persons killed and 118 wounded brought to Al Aqsa Hospital from tonight’s and this morning’s bombings.

2. Nuseirat refugee ramp - a house bombed - 9 persons killed.

3. Al Bureij refugee camp - wounded among farmers.

Southern Strip

1. Al Mawasi, west of Khan Yunis - 15 persons killed in a bombing of DP tents.

2. Rafah - vehicle attacked, one person killed and 3 wounded.

3. Khan Yunis - bombings south of town.

4. Al Qarara, east of Khan Yunis - residential buildings bombed. Number of casualties unclear.


Sunday, March 10 - South Lebanon


1. 3 persons killed of the Al Fajr military branch of the Islamic Movement.

Attacks against Israel

1. 100 rockets fired at the Golan, Mt. Hermon and Shab’a farm.

2. 35 rockets fired at the army base on Mt. Meron.

3. Malkia - attack on a military force, vehicle damaged.

Attacks against South Lebanon

1. Bombings at Kafr Shuba, Habbariyeh, Rachaya Al Foukhar, Kounine.


Monday, March 11 - The West Bank

First day of the Ramadan fasting month

Barbed wire on Al Aqsa wall


1. Mohammad Ja’afar Jaber, from Arraba.

2. Tawfiq Abed Hussein, 25-years-old from Kafarat.


25 persons arrested, a journalist among them. Arrest of 6 persons documented - they were tied together with a rope and humiliatingly dragged along.

Issawiya. Arrest and humiliation

Journalist Bushra Al Tawal was transferred to administrative detention for 6 months.


1. Tulkarm and the refugee camps of Tulkarm and Nur Shams - over 25 military vehicles and 4 bulldozers raided the town in the direction of Nur Shams refugee camp. At the camp confrontations broke out including fire exchange. An improvised explosive charge was activated against a bulldozer. For 5 hours the confrontations continued, while bulldozers destroyed infrastructures. From there the forces continued to Tulkarm refugee camp, where confrontations broke out and infrastructure destruction by bulldozers.

Nur Shams refugee camp

2. Qalqilya - raid and arrests. The army opened fire at a journalist who covered the raid. Confrontations broke out, including fire exchange.

Shots fired at a journalist in Qalqilya

3. Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus - raid and confrontations, fire exchange. Bulldozers destroyed infrastructures.

Balata refugee camp

4. The triangle of Al Sha'rawiya - the villages of A-Till, Illar, Zeita - north of Tulkarm - a special force in a civilian vehicle opened fire at 2 Palestinians while shopping at a grocery. Both were wounded, the force prevented ambulance access. One of the two bled to death and his body was taken. The second was evacuated in critical condition and died some hours later. According to the Israeli army: they were on their way to carry out a terrorist attack inside Israel and one of them was armed.

5. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - confrontations, teargas fired and stun grenades used.

6. Al Aqsa Mosque - for the first time since 1967, barbed wire spread on the Al Aqsa wall around Lions Gate. After last night’s chaos, when restrictions were unclear and the entrance of people to prayer was arbitrary and in the hands of the commander at each gate, this time the instructions were clear. Finally, entrance was flexible, and 35,000 came in for Tarwih prayer. At the Flowers Gate a Palestinian was beaten up and arrested.

7. Al Mughayyir, north-east of Ramallah - shots fired at Palestinian shepherds.

8. Shuafat refugee camp, north-east Jerusalem - confrontations.

Attacks against the army

1. Rachel’s Tomb, north of Bethlehem - improvised explosive charges activated against the army base.

2. Shavei Shomron Checkpoint, north-west of Nablus - live fire.

Demolitions and confiscations

1. Wadi Tiran, south of Hebron - destruction of a room inhabited by an elderly man living there about 20 years. Demolition orders issued to more structures.

2. Nahalin, west of Bethlehem - Area between Nahalin and Husan confiscated, 51 olive trees and 15 grape vines uprooted.


Attacks against colonists

1. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - fire bomb thrown at a vehicle.

2. Pesagot, north of Ramallah - improvised explosive charge.

3. Gush Etzyon, north of Hebron - live fire.

Colonist attacks

1. Fatah Sidra, Masafer Yatta - colonists attacked 3 Palestinians with blows and pepper spray.


Monday, March 11 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 7 lethal attacks;

‣ 67 persons killed;

‣ 106 persons wounded;

‣ First day of Ramadan;

‣ 24 hours.

Babies dead of malnutrition

‣ 75 orphaned children transferred from Rafah to the West Bank via SOS Children Organization.

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City:

‣ Al Zeitoun neighborhood - house bombed, 16 persons killed. 38 persons wounded at an attack on people waiting for food at the Al Kuwait Square.

‣ Fighting between Palestinians and the Israeli army.

‣ Al Sabra neighborhood - wounded persons from a bombing.

2. Al Shati refugee camp - 3 persons killed.

3. Jabalia refugee camp - At Kamal Adwan Hospital, 2 more babies died of malnutrition and the number rose to 27.

Central Strip

1. Az-Zawayda and Al Bureij bombed, number of casualties unknown.

No comment

Southern Strip

1. Rafah, Khirbet Al Adas north-east of Rafah - 3 women killed in a bombed house.

Al Janina neighborhood east of Rafah - 3 persons killed, among them Palestine football team star.

2. Khan Yunis - east of the city- 2 persons killed at Al Qarara.


Monday, March 11 - South Lebanon


1. 2 persons killed - a civilian at Baalbek and a Hezbollah combatant.

Attacks against Israel

1. 22 rockets fired at the Western Galilee.

2. Alarm sirens at Shtula and in the Golan.

3. Army post attacked at Maghar.

4. Missile fired at army post close to Shuba village.

Attacks against South Lebanon

1. Aerial bombings at Naqoura, Baalbek, Ayta ash Shab, Al Jebbayn.


Tuesday, March 12 - The West Bank


1, Rami Hamdan Al Halhuli, 13-years-old, from Shuafat refugee camp.

2. Zayed Ward Shukri Khalifa, 23-years-old, from Biddu.

3. Abdallah Ma’amun ‘Asaf, 16-years-old, from Biddu.

Minor detained at Damascus Gate


At least 26 persons arrested, including a minor.

Soldiers publicizing themselves humiliating detainees in the West Bank


1. Jenin city and refugee camp - raid with bulldozer, home of journalist surrounded. Anti-tank missile fired. His two sons arrested. Confrontations, 2 persons wounded by live fire and shrapnel, soldiers prevented ambulance access and collided with another vehicle.

A bulldozer in Jenin

2. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - confrontations south of the town. Stun grenades and teargas.

3. Anabta, east of Tulkarm - Raid, confrontations. Live fire.

4. Kafr Al Labad, east of Tulkarm - raid, searches with live fire.

5. Shuafat refugee camp, north-east Jerusalem - confrontations during which a Border Policeman shot a 13-year-old who threw a firecracker. The minor was critically injured and later declared dead. Documentation shows that the minor did not pose a danger to the soldiers, despite the police version.

Shuafat refugee camp, the moment a 13-year-old was shot

6. Al Jib, north-west of Jerusalem - shots at a vehicle close to the town. 2 persons killed, 3 wounded, moderate condition.

Attacks against the army

1. Salem Checkpoint, west of Jenin - live fire.

2. Nitzanei Oz Checkpoint, west of Tulkarm - live fire.

Attacks against colonists

1. Azzun, east of Qalqilya - stones thrown. Damage to vehicles.

2. Husan, west of Bethlehem - fire bomb thrown at a vehicle.

3. Sinjil, north-east of Ramallah - stones thrown at vehicles.

Colonist attacks

1. Burin - colonists from a nearby outpost east of the village ignite a vehicle and vandalize two more. Later, according to Palestinian reports, soldiers entering the village injure (not indicating how) a father and his baby son who were in the car.


Tuesday, March 12 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 8 lethal attacks;

‣ 79 persons killed;

‣ 129 persons wounded;

‣ Report that a captive soldier was actually killed on October 7th and his body is held by Hamas;

‣ 24 hours.

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City -

‣ Al Kuwaiti Junction targeted by fire at people waiting for aid - 9 persons killed and 20 wounded;

‣ Al Zeitoun - a house bombed, 7 persons killed including 5 children of one family;

‣ Bombings of Tel Al Hawa, Al Sabra and Sheikh Ajlin - 3 persons killed.

2. Jabalia - bombing. 4 persons killed.

Central Strip

1. Deir Al Balah - a house bombed, 8 persons killed, several missing. 3 houses bombed in the south-eastern part of town - 11persons killed.

2. Nuseirat refugee camp - 2 fishermen shot and killed on the shore.

Southern Strip

1. Al Qarara - 11 persons killed in a bombing.

Bombing of a house in Rafah

2. Confrontations at Hamed.


Tuesday, March 12 - South Lebanon


2 civilians in bombings at the Beqaa (eastern Lebanon).

Attacks against Israel

Dozens of rockets fired at the northern Golan, Rosh HaNikra area, Shtula area, Klil, Zar’it.

Attacks in South Lebanon

Aerial attacks around the Beqaa area (Baalbek district), Al Khiam, Bint Jbeil.


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