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The Daily File - February 5-8, 2024

Monday through Thursday.

The West Bank

The Gaza Strip



Data about The West Bank - October 7, 2023 - February 8, 2024

Sources: WAFA News Agency, Resala, Michutz La’eder, OCHA-Opt, Quds News Net.

Palestinians killed

‣ 385 Palestinians killed since October 7th, 96 of them minors:

‣ 44 schoolchildren;

‣ 2 killed by Palestinians;

‣ 8 killed by settlers;

‣ 2 killed by settler-soldiers.

In January 2024, 64 Palestinians were killed, 14 of them minors. In addition, 8 Palestinian prisoners/detainees died since October 7th. Circumstances of their death being presently investigated.

Israelis killed

10 Israelis killed since October 7th, 4 of them soldiers. 1 of them killed another Israeli.

Palestinians wounded

‣ 4,433 wounded, 671 of them minors since October 7th:

‣ 283 schoolchildren;

‣ 33% of them by live fire.

Israelis wounded

73 Israelis wounded since October 7th.


‣ 6,920 arrested since October 7th, about 410 of them minors:

‣ 1,236 arrested during January 2024, 30 of them women, 73 of them minors;

‣ By the end of January 2024, 3,484 administrative detainees (no trial or visible evidence),

40 of them minors, 10 of them women;

‣ Since October 7th, 3,400 administrative edicts were issued (new or renewed).

‣ 9,000 persons held in prison (detainees, administrative detainees and prisoners), about 200 of them minors:

‣ 52 journalists arrested since October 7th.

Demolitions and displacements

‣ 508 displaced persons, 248 of them minors following demolition in Area C and East Jerusalem.

During January 2024 - 58 demolitions:

‣ 112 displaced persons, 47 of them minors by collective punishment (23 homes);

‣ 775 displaced persons, 322 of them minors by house demolitions in military operations.

Huwara. Settlers try to ignite a house

Settler attacks

‣ 514 settler attacks since October 7th, 107 of ending in casualties;

‣ 185 attacks held in January alone.


Data about the Gaza Strip - October 7, 2023 - February 8, 2024

Sources: Palestinians Ministry of Health in Gaza (Hamas controlled), Red Crescent, OCHA-OPT, WAFA News Agency, Palestinian Ministry of Education, Israeli Army Spokesperson.

Palestinians killed

‣ 27,840 Palestinians killed (not including those buried under the rubble);

‣ 12,150 of them minors, 4,851 schoolchildren;

‣ Over 8,000 of them women;

‣ Missing persons estimated at over 8,000;

‣ 17,000 minors remained without parents or even extended families, some are unidentifiable;

‣ 154 UN employers;

‣ 399 members of medical staffs;

‣ 46 rescue workers;

‣ 122 journalists;

‣ 239 teachers.

Israelis killed

‣ 1,220 Israelis killed on October 7th, 36 of them minors;

‣ 225 Israeli soldiers killed since the beginning of the ground invasion;

‣ Of the 136 captives in Gaza, 32 are estimated killed;

‣ 3 of them definitely killed by Israeli soldiers after raising a white flag;

‣ 3 others killed in the tunnels, apparently because of chain reaction to Israeli bombing;

‣ 1 killed in a rescue attempt;

‣ 1 killed apparently in an aerial bombing (according to Haaretz daily newspaper as of today);

‣ According to the New York Times, 20 others possibly killed.

Palestinians wounded

‣ 67,317 Palestinians wounded;

‣ 8,227 of them schoolchildren;

‣ 1,200 wounded and ill evacuated through the Rafah Crossing. 8,000 defined as needing urgent evacuation.

Israelis wounded

‣ About 5,400 Israelis wounded on October 7th;

‣ 1,314 Israeli soldiers wounded since the beginning of the ground invasion.


‣ 75% of the Gaza Strip population are displaced (1.7 million persons);

‣ 1.3 million concentrated in the Rafah district which was the residence of 250,000 before October 7th;

‣ 92% educational facilities serve as shelters for displaced persons;

‣ 67% of the Strip has been declared by the Israeli army as having to be evacuated;

‣ 33% in the “safe” Southern Strip are bombed as well;

‣ The UN warns against extending the ground invasion into the Rafah district, for this might lead to war crimes which are avoidable at any cost.

DP camp in Rafah. 1.3 million persons. Tent costs 1,000 shekels, a can of tuna - 100 shekel


‣ About 66,000 tons of bombs have been dropped on the Gaza Strip;

‣ 60% of residential units destroyed;

‣ 390 educational facilities;

‣ 183 mosques;

‣ 3,000 homes ignited by the Israeli army.

Health System

‣ Not a single hospital or medical center in the entire Gaza Strip is fully functional;

36% partly functional;

‣ 3 hospitals are under siege (one in the Northern Strip, 2 in the Southern Strip);

‣ Khan Yunis’ Al Amal Hospital is still under siege after 17 days;

‣ Khan Yunis’ Nasser Hospital (second biggest in the entire Strip) is under siege and according to the Red Crescent, 300 staff members, 450 wounded persons and 10,000 displaced persons in the hospital compound are in critical condition: acute lack of fuel, total lack of anesthetics, equipment for intensive care and operations. The Israeli army prevents the movement of ambulances, removal of medical waste, water supply, or arrival of wounded persons;

‣ In the Northern Strip, siege has been laid on Al Shifa Hospital. All aid delegations to this hospital have been rejected by the Israeli army.

Humanitarian crisis

‣ 379,000 are at present graded at the highest starvation level - 5;

‣ 939,000 are at level 4;

‣ 3,500 children under the age of 5 were reviewed, finding that 9.6% of them suffer serious malnutrition leading to maldevelopment. The numbers are higher in the Northern Strip - 16.2%;

‣ According to WFP - World Food Program - since October 7th, 1,940 food trucks managed to reach the Northern Strip. The last one arrived on January 23rd. According to reports, in the Northern Strip dog food is ground in order to produce flour;

‣ According to Action Aid International, 10,000 cancer patients in the Gaza Strip are untreated since the hospital specializing in oncology was closed on January 11th, due to much damage to the structure.

Left: Aid delegations to the Northern and Southern Strip and the reasons they are not allowed in

Right: Aid trucks crossing to the Gaza Strip since October 7th

Aid delegations

According to OCHA data, during January only 10 of the 61 aid delegations to the Northern Strip actually got there (16%), and 65 out of 114 delegations to the Southern Strip (57%).


Zoom In

The West Bank

While gathering the cruel data of reality in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, at times I run into an item - laconic as it were - that only in time reveals the drama and extent of cruelty

it entails. Here is one example:

His name is Ibrahim Jamil Hashash. He is 4-years-old, residing in the Balata refugee camp.

Original item: This morning, Israeli special forces raided the camp. Snipers were positioned on rooftops. A bulldozer destroyed the road. 2 persons wounded by live fire and shrapnel, and a 4-year-old child was bitten by a dog that accompanied the forces.

The cruel truth: 6:45 a.m. Amane Hashash begins to wake her children. She hears voices from the rooftop and outside the home, shouting. She hurries to gather her 4 children, carrying young Ibrahim. The soldiers charge the home with an attack dog. It jumps at Amane and bites Ibrahim. Its jaws lock. Amane yells, frightened. Ibrahim sustains 42 stiches in his little body. No arrests. A routine morning in the refugee camp. A routine morning of Israeli denial, mixed with nationalism. Looking at Occupation in the Eye.

The Gaza Strip

“Imagine your beloved son, your treasure, crosses the street. He runs towards to you, happy to meet you. And then he is killed. Time stops. You try to run to him, rescue him, hug him, take leave of him. But you cannot because a sniper will shoot you. You stand helpless, weeping, giving him up to God”, says Ahmad’s father.


An update:

In the previous Daily File collection I wrote about Hind Rajab. 6 years old Hind Rajab was trapped in a vehicle alone with the bodies of 6 of her family members. She was wounded and whispering for help on her mobile phone, next to an Israeli army force. Two paramedics, Yousef Zeino and Ahmed al Madhoun, went out to rescue her. The fate of Hind and of the two paramedics was unknown since the incident occurred on Monday, January 29th. The bodies of Hind and the paramedics were now found in Tel al-Hawa, Gaza... Adi Ronen Argov


Monday, February 5 - The West Bank


Wadi’a Awisat, 14-years-old, from Jabel Mukaber.

14-years-old Wadi’a, neutralized. Then shot again at close range


22 persons, 3 of them minors.


1. Al Ein refugee camp, west of Nablus - raid with live fire. House surrounded. Arrest. No casualties reported.

2. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron - night raid on houses of released prisoners, arrest of family members. Damage to contents of houses. Later, new military watchtower erected and caravans (military camp) placed on farmlands planted vineyards and almond trees. Camp construction will not enable tending the groves.

3. Halhul, north of Hebron - town raided, arrest of released prisoner and his son, his vehicle vandalized.

4. Tubas - night raid from eastern entrance to town. Confrontations. Army auxiliary forces accompanied by bulldozer, snipers on rooftops. Houses raided, contents damaged. 20,000 shekels confiscated.

5. Arraba, south-west of Jenin - several neighborhoods raided. Searches. Confrontations, live fire. 10 released prisoners questioned in the street. All of them freed.

Palestinian attacks on army

Al Izariya, east of Jerusalem - 14-year-old draws knife at entrance to locality, knife taken away. He runs away. Shot in the back while without the knife. Still bleeding, a girl-soldier shoots him at zero range. Ambulance access prevented, he bleeds to death.


Dura, south of Hebron - 2-storey house containing 7 persons demolished.

House demolition in Dura

Settler attacks

1. Nahalin, west of Bethlehem - settlers attack vehicle of resident close to Beitar Ilit colony. Car damaged, no casualties.

2. Ya'bad, south-west of Jenin - settlers ignite far structure (storehouse of electrical and farming equipment). Totally incinerated.

3. Zibda, south-west of Jenin - settlers chase away farmers from their fields.

4. Susia - armed settlers accompanied by soldiers raid the village and houses claiming to search for “stolen” sheep. Threaten villagers and cause damage. The sheep were discovered close to one of the settler outposts. The settlers left.


Monday, February 5 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 13 attacks;

‣ 113 Palestinians killed;

‣ 205 Palestinians wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

ack to this picture po9sted by soldier Yossi Gamzu (who has since erased and closed off his Instagram account). Taken at Al Rimal neighborhood, Gaza City. The name of the Palestinian is Hamza, from Shuja’iya neighborhood - his father, sister-in-law and 2 nephews (one of them a baby) killed in bombing. His brother was killed in 2014

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City - massive bombings of Al Rimal neighborhood. Drones fire at group of people around the Gaza Wadi. Several casualties.

2. Tel Al Za’atar - bombing, 2 Palestinians killed.

3. Aid convoy intended for the Northern Strip was fired at. No casualties.

Aid truck attacked

Central Strip

1. Deir Al Balah - massive bombings. 15 bodies extracted from rubble. Aerial bombing of a house - 4 persons killed.

2. Az-Zawayda - house bombed. At least 8 persons killed.

Her name is Hiwar, she lost her two hands in a bombing. Every day, 10 children lose limbs

Southern Strip

1. Rafah, eastern part of the city - 4 persons killed, 2 of them children, as house bombed.

Celebrating “Launch on three”

2. Khan Yunis - for the fifth time, shots at group of people waiting for food from an aid truck. Al Zahara School serving as shelter for displaced persons - sniper fire. One person killed. Series of bombings especially at western parts of the city - 14 persons killed.

Siege on Al Amal and Al Nasser hospitals - drones shoot anyone coming out. Director of Al Amal hospital and administrative director arrested and taken to unknown destination. This, after Israeli army agreed on safe corridor to evacuate people.

3. Bani Suheila - a woman killed by sniper fire close to bakery.

They shoot sheep, too


Tuesday, February 6 - The West Bank


Mohammad Saud Al Titi, 18-years-old from Balata refugee camp.


1. Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, south of Jericho and Ein Al Sultan refugee camp, north-west of Jericho - night raid on homes of martyrs on anniversary of their death. Confrontations including live fire. No casualties reported.

Palestinian attacks on army

A Palestinian drew rifle (probably toy) and was shot. Soldiers prevented ambulance access and he bled to death.


1. Silwan, Al Bustan neighborhood - the Jerusalem municipality demolishes a part of a house.

2. Nueima, north of Jericho - house demolished, demolition order issued for 6 other houses.

3. Bani Naim, east of Hebron - 80 meters long wall demolished.


Tuesday, February 6 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 12 attacks;

‣ 107 persons killed;

‣ 143 persons wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

‣ An Israeli soldier killed.

Firing at anyone leaving Al Nasser Hospital compound in Khan Yunis

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City - bombings of Al Sabra and Al Zaitun neighborhoods - 10 persons killed. Tel Al Hawa - 5 persons killed, 15 wounded. 4 bodies extracted from rubble of building bombed a day earlier. Mass arrest west of city of 14-85-year- olds (Al Jami’a area).

2. Jabalia refugee camp - 10 persons killed when house bombed.

Southern Strip

1. Rafah - sewage water flood tents in the DP camp. Police car bombed in the western part of the city, having secured an aid truck - 6 persons killed. House bombed in the western part of the city - a journalist, his mother and sister are killed.

Police car that was bombed. 6 persons killed

2. Khan Yunis - house bombed in the Hamed area north-west of the city - 6 persons killed. Bombing of Al Hinawi school - 14 displaced persons killed. Shots at displaced persons sheltering in UNRWA school in town - 2 persons killed. Al Burak neighborhood west of the city - 5 persons killed. North-western part of the city - night bombing of residential building - 6 persons killed. Al Mawasi - one person killed by sniper fire.

Evacuating old woman from Al Amal Hospital

Al Amal Hospital - Red Crescent announces that 8,000 displaced persons were evacuated. 40 elderly persons, 80 wounded persons and 100 staff members remained in the compound under siege.

Evacuation of Al Amal Hospital


Wednesday, February 7 - The West Bank


1. Ziad Ali Da’ama, 39-years-old from Nur Shams refugee camp.

2. Islam Ibrahm Al Ali, 36-years-old from Nur Shams refugee camp.

3. Mu’atasam Al Ali, Nur Shams refugee camp.


29 persons arrested.


1. Jenin - dawn raid of city by large military force accompanied by bulldozers beginning demolition of Al Zahara neighborhood close to the camp. Drones above the city, snipers on rooftops. 5 persons arrested. Clashes in several places. No casualties reported.


2. Tulkarm and Nur Shams refugee camp east of the city - 6 hours raid. Bulldozers destroy infrastructure, house walls and shops in the camp. Indiscriminate shooting at cars standing in traffic jam, shots near government hospital. Siege on house, shot by anti-tank missiles.

The house incinerated, 3 persons killed (body of one of them taken by the army). 4 others wounded, a girl among them. Ambulance access prevented until retreat from city and camp. 76 persons killed in Tulkarm district since October 7th.

Nur Shams

3. Wadi Al Far’a, south of Tubas - Raid. Confrontations. One person wounded by live fire, one person arrested.

4. Dura, south of Hebron - reinforced units raided town and began house searches. Vandalized property, confiscated cellular phones, forced men to exit homes and be questioned outside.

5. Tammun, south-east of Tubas - several houses raided. Cellular phones confiscated. 5,000 shekels confiscated. Clashes. 2 persons wounded by live fire and shrapnel.

6. Khirbet Al Tha’le, Masafer Yatta - soldiers accompanied by settlers chase shepherds and farmers from their land. In addition, a closed military zone was issued for 30 days forbidding Palestinians to approach their lands.

7. Al Jwaya, Masafer Yatta - a policeman chases away shepherds claiming that all state land is the private property of one of the settlers.

Masafer Yatta. Shepherds being chased


Jawawis, Masafer Yatta - 4 settlers in military garb caught 6 shepherds, confiscated their cellular phones, and detained them. A military force arriving at the site ruled that this detention was illegal. Settlers continued to detain them. Police that arrived also ruled that this was unlawful, and only then were the shepherds released. One of the attacking settlers was accused in the past of violence towards Palestinians.


Wednesday, February 7 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 16 attacks;

‣ 123 persons killed;

‣ 169 persons wounded;

‣ 24 hours;

‣ An Israeli soldier died of infected wounds.

Her name was Rawa and she was shot by an Israeli sniper while trying to pass over water to those under siege in Al Nasser. The sniper wouldn’t let her be extracted and she died

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City, Al Rimal neighborhood - at lest one person killed in bombing. Al Zaitun neighborhood - 6 persons killed by sniper fire while waiting for water. Al Ahali Hospital - one paramedic killed, 2 others wounded after being shot during rescue operation.

Shots at civilians waiting for aid truck

Southern Strip

1. Rafah - 12 persons killed in bombings. In another bombing, mother and daughter killed.

This is how water is passed to persons under siege at Al Nasser Hospital, Khan Yunis

2. Khan Yunis - southern part of city bombed, number of persons killed unreported. Young woman killed by sniper fire while entering Nasser compound, trying to help giving water to persons under siege.

Bombing of an ambulance

4 persons killed were extracted from the rubble. A nurse was shot and critically wounded at Al Nasser Hospital while he was working in surgery. 77-year-old woman died at Al Amal Hospital because of lack of oxygen.

Wounded person by sniper fire near Al Nasser compound


Thursday, February 8 - The West Bank


1. Mohammad Khalil Berghouti, from Kafr Ain. Was wounded two weeks ago in a raid. Died of his wounds.

2. Mansour Mahmoud Al Jaber, 27-years-old of Jalqamus;

3. Mohammad Al Sebar, 21-years-old of Al Dhahiriya. Has been in administrative detention since May 2022 (a year and 9 months). Died. Circumstance of his death unclear. He is the eighth detainee/prisoner dying in Israeli prisons since October 7th.


1. East Jerusalem - Lailat Al Isra and Al Mi'raj holiday - the police arrested 10 persons praying, including a journalist and 6 women (4 of them minors). Attacks persons praying.

2. Beit Furik, east of Nablus - town raided. Confrontations. No casualties reported.

3. Beit Fajjar, south of Bethlehem - town raided, confrontations. No casualties reported.

4. Jayus, north-west of Qalqilya - confrontations close to Separation Wall.

5. Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem - teargas canister hits cooking gas tank that explodes. 9 persons wounded.

Palestinian attacks on army

1. Deir Sharaf Checkpoint, west of Nablus - shots at military force. The force returns fire. Wounds 3. Prevents ambulance access until one wounded person dies of his wounds. His body is taken. The 2 others are arrested.


1. Hebron - house of Hassan Kapish demolished - he was involved with 2 others in the November 16th shooting of security guards at the Tunnel Checkpoint. He was shot dead at the time. An Israeli soldier was killed and 5 others wounded at the said attack.

2. Yatma, south of Nablus - demolition of shack serving as sheep pen.

Settler attacks


1. Bazariya, north-west of Nablus - settlers throw stones at Palestinian cars. No casualties reported.

2. Umm Al Kheir, Masafer Yatta - settlers with soldiers attack shepherds who needed medical treatment afterwards. Dogs were ordered to chase them.

3. Huwara, south of Nablus - attempt to incinerate house and vehicle vandalized.

4. East Jerusalem - during Muslim holiday, provocative march of Jews with racist cries.


Thursday, February 8 - The Gaza Strip

‣ 15 attacks;

‣ 130 persons killed;

‣ 170 persons wounded;

‣ 24 hours.

‣ 71 persons arrested, 10 women among them, released and returned through Kerem Shalom. Unknown how many are held in Israel.

Life reality of children in Gaza

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City - aerial bombing of Shifa Hospital - 5 persons killed. City center - drones over vehicle - 2 persons killed. Bombings of Al Zaitun and Al Rimal neighborhoods - people killed, their number unclear, impossible to reach bodies and extract them.

Bombing of group of people waiting for water. 13 persons killed, 7 of them children

Central Strip

Deir Al Balah - house bombed. Journalist and his son killed. 10 others wounded.

Southern Strip

1. Rafah - Tel Al Sultan in the western part of the city -14 persons killed, 5 of them children.

Tel Al Sultan neighborhood, 14 persons killed, 5 of them children

2. Khan Yunis - group of people in top floors to be treated by access to internet - one person killed, several wounded. Al Amal Hospital walls demolished where DPs were staying, residential building bombed next to it. Number of persons killed unclear. Bombings around Al Aqsa University area - people killed, number unclear.


Another selection of news ended. Lately, unsurprisingly, all my data concerning Palestinians receive minimal exposure. Please share. Whoever is willing, of course… Adi Ronen Argov

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