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The Daily File - Summary of the Gaza war, May 9-13, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

1. Attacks

‣ Over 1469 rockets were launched, of which about a fifth fell within the territory of the Gaza Strip, and of those that crossed the border, 437 were intercepted by the Iron Dome and David's Sling system.

‣ Israel attacked 371 targets, using jet fighters, drones and navy ships.

2. Property damage

‣ 940 Palestinian housing units were damaged. 51 of them were completely destroyed, 49 significant damage that does not allow habitation. The rest suffer partial damage. 177 families were evacuated from their homes. 948 Palestinians were left homeless. In addition, significant damage was done to Al-Aqsa Hospital in the town of Deir al-Balah. The hospital is closed. The Indonesian hospital in the north of the Gaza Strip was also damaged and closed, in addition two more medical centers, in Khan Yunis and in northern Gaza. Shrapnel hit four UNRWA schools.

‣ Closing the Kerem Shalom crossing affected the supply of food, medicine and fuel. The Palestinian power station shut down one of its turbines due to a lack of fuel.

‣ In Israel, damage to 125 buildings, in 9 buildings the damage is significant and the families were evacuated to a hotel.

3. Fatalities

‣ 34 dead in the Gaza Strip. Another Palestinian killed in Israeli territory. The Islamic Jihad organization reported that 11 of its operatives were killed. 13 dead were identified as "not involved", including 7 minors, 4 women and 2 men. The involvement status of the rest of the dead is unclear. 147 injured, among them 48 children and 26 women. 342 (partial figure) of patients who were denied passage for life-saving medical treatment in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, due to the closure of the crossings.

‣ In Israel, an Israeli citizen was killed. An elderly woman and, as mentioned above, a dead Palestinian who worked within the Israeli territories. 37 Israelis were treated by Magen David. In addition, a Palestinian was seriously injured.

4. The names of the dead


Inge Abramian, age 80.

Abdullah Abu Jaba, age 39, (Gaza subject)

The Gaza Strip

May 9, 15 dead:

Saed Jawad Abd Farwana, age 28, (Member of the Palestinian Security Forces)

Wail Sabri al-Ar'a, age 34, (A fighter in the military branch)

Khalil Salah Al-Bahtini, age 44, (A senior commander)

Laila Majdi Mustafa Al-Bahtini, age 42

Hajar Khalil Salah Al-Bahtini, age 5

Dr. Jamal Saber Mohammad Khaswan, age 53

Mervat Saleh Mohammad Khaswan, age 45

Yousef Jamal Saber Khaswan, age 19

Jihad Abdul-Hafeth Ghannam, age 63, (A senior member of the Islamic Jihad)

Wafa Shadid Ghannam, age 50

Dania Ala' Ata Adas, age 19

Eman Ala’ Ata Adas, age 14

Tareq Ibarhim Ezzeddin, age 49, (A senior member of the Islamic Jihad)

Mayar Tareq Ibarhim Ezzeddin, age 11

Ali Tareq Ibrahim Ezzeddin, age 9

May 10, 9 dead:

Yazan Fathi Elian, age 17

Rami Shadi Mousa Hamdan, age 16

Lian Bilal Medookh, age 10

Ala’ Maher Baraka, age 27

Alam Samer Abdul-Aziz, age 27

Ayman Karam Saidam, age 26

Ahmad Mohammad Ghanmi Shabaki, age 51

Tamim Mahmoud Daoud, age 5

Mohammad Yousef Abu T’eima, age 25

May 11, 8 dead:

Abdul-Halim Najjar, age 22

Udai Riyad al-Louh, age25

Ahmad Mahmoud Abu Daqqa, age 43

Mahmoud Walid Abdul-Jawad, age 26

Mahmoud Hasan Abu Ghali, age 25

Ali Hassan Abu Ghali, age 46

Hossein Yousef Abdullah Dalul

Mohammad Suleiman Dada

May 12, 3 dead:

Mohammad Walid Abdu Al, age 33, (A senior member of the Islamic Jihad)

Iyad al-Abd Al-Hassani, age 51, (A senior member of the Islamic Jihad)

Elian Ata Abu Wadi, age 38, (A senior member of the Islamic Jihad)

‣ There is a difference between the total number of dead in the UN lists (34) and my list (35). The dead Rami Shadi Mousa Hamdan appears in some lists and in some not. I did not find the reason for the difference.

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