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The Daily File – September 12-18, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Thursday through Monday.


During confrontations near the border fence with Gaza, 7 Palestinians were killed East of the city. 6 of them in an explosion of an unidentified explosive device, and one was shot in the head in Khan Younis.

Killed near the fence:

Ra’ed Rawhi Yahia Ramadan, 17

Baraa Wael Al-Zard, 18

Mohammad Omar Qaddoum, 29

Abdul-Nasser Rami Nofal, 18

Ali Jom’a Ayyad, 24

Majdi Ehab Ghabayen, 18

Killed in Chan Younes:

Yousef Salem Yousef Radwan, 25


Arrests and detainees

1. Arrests

During this documented period, 91 Palestinians were arrested: Rummanah 1; Teqoa 6; Bizarriya 3; Bidu 1; Bethlehem 2; Dheisheh Refugee Camp 1; Salem courthouse 1; Tulkarm 3; Karma 4; Rantis 1; Ein Beit el Ma Refugee Camp 2; Beit Furik 1; Silwan 1. Huwara Barrier 3; Tayasir Barrier 1; Za'atara Barrier 1; Qabatiya 3; Al-Ram 1; Jalakmus 1; Bab Al-Amud 3 ( one minor and two females); Beit Ummar 2; Ayda Refugee Camp 9; Gazza Refugee Camp 1; Qalandiya Refugee Camp 1; Gazza Strip 3; Tell 1; Qalqilya 1; Abu Dis 6 (1 minor); Old City 1; al-Azariya 2; Ein Sinniya 1; Al-Jib 1; Jabel Mukaber 1; Deir Ibzi 1; Al-Aqsa 1; Juwara 1; Beit Rima 1; Beit Awaa 1; Mazmoriya Barrier 1; Bab Al-Asbat 1; Azun 1; Al-Arroub Refugee Camp 4; Imathin 1; Nablus 1; East Jerusalem 1 (minor).

2. Administrative arrests

‣ Nael Al-Assal from Jericho, 6th extension for 3 months.

‣ Ahmad Mussa Al-Hatib from Bidu - transferred to administrative arrest for 6 months.

‣ Muhammad Mustafa Daus from Beit Duqqu - 3rd extension for 6 months.

3. Hunger strikers

‣ Kiad al-Fasfus and Sultan Halouf are striking for over 50 days for their administrative arrest.

‣ Maher Al-Achras suspended his hunger strike.


Attacks on Palestinians by the Occupation forces (IOF)

Chronological report, while stating day of occurrence.

1. Ein Sultan Refugee Camp, North-West of Jericho. Altercations during a raid on Tuesday in the early morning.

2. Aqabat Jaber Refugee Camp, South of Jericho, Tuesday early morning, raid, altercations including shootings, no reports of injured people, Wednesday early morning another raid and altercations.

3. Al-Arroub Refugee Camp, North of Hebron, Tuesday - due to throwing of Fire bombs on military vehicles, raid on the camp with massive shooting of tear gas on private residences, asphyxiation injuries. Wednesday - soldiers attack a 65-year-old male and beat him. He receives contusions to chest and shoulder. He was transferred to the hospital.

Thursday early morning - again, following the throwing of Fire bombs on the military tower, raid and altercations. Monday, throwing Fire bombs on the military tower at the entrance, and the forces fire live fire back.

4. Mu'arrajat Centre, South of the Jordan Valley, North West to Jericho. The “Bible Book Unit” (consisting of outpost settlers) together with settlers raids the community of Arrab Al-Malichat, searches in tents, claiming there was previous shootings, confiscations of cellphones documenting the raid, they handcuff a 17-year-old pregnant girl to a jeep, and then take off. Later the forces shoot a 22-year-old male and arrest him. His condition is unknown.

5. Night raids on Tuesday without altercations: Rummanah (arrests), Bidu (arrest), Teqoa (arrests), A-Tur, Aqraba, Bethlehem, Tulkarm.

6. Beita, South of Nablus, Following the shooting and injury to two settlers in Huwara, a raid on the town on Wednesday early morning. Searches, bulldozed stacking rocks to block roads. The iron gate is shut and the town is seized. There is massive shooting of tear gas during the searches. Asphyxiation injuries. Wound from rubber bullet. The forces prevent access to ambulances.

Thursday early morning - 6 hours of raid. Altercations, during which the local people attack a military bulldozer and the forces fire live ammunition. 3 wounded, including a paramedic who was shot to the leg when the forces fired rubber bullets on the ambulance. Dozens of wounded from tear gas.

Friday morning night raid during which people were removed from their homes to take their picture. At noon the weekly protest march. Tear gas was fired.

Saturday early morning - raid started at 1 Am, houses were raided, content was destroyed, stones were thrown on military vehicles. Tear gas. 63 asphyxiation injuries including a one-year-old infant. And another person who suffered from burns.

On Sunday - the forces fire live ammunition and rubber bullets. During this whole documented attack the siege continues, and includes the farmer’s market which sells produce to the whole area.

7. Beit Furik, East of Nablus, Wednesday early morning - altercations at the town’s entrance. During which the forces fire live ammunition and flash grenades. Monday - raid and altercations.

8. Qabatiya, South of Jenin, Wednesday, special forces raid and then, additional forces come to aid with the siege on the house where arrests were made. No injuries were reported.

9. Qdumim Junction, East of Qalqilya, Wednesday evening - forces fire on a Palestinian vehicle near the entrance to the Qdumim settlement. No one was injured. The people in the vehicle were detained without clear reason.

10. Anata, North East of Jerusalem, Wednesday morning - forces raid the town and settle near a school area, from which tear gas is shot, causing asphyxiation injuries to students. The security cameras are confiscated.

11. Night raids on Wednesday without altercations: Dayr Dibwan, Madamma, Qaffin, A-Ram, Yatma.

12. Al-Auja, North of Jericho, Thursday - raid and altercations. Forces fire tear gas into houses, shatter windows and cause asphyxiation injuries.

13. Thursday raids without altercations: Beit Ummar, Al-Azza refugee camp, Kafr 'Aqab, Qalandiya Refugee Camp, Silat al-Harithiya.

14. Qalqilya, Friday early morning, raid on a few houses in the Al-Qarran neighborhood. Arrest and altercations.

15. At-Tuba, Masafer Yatta, Border patrol police raid the community during the night to evict two of our Italian activists, who escort students to school in the morning, and protect them from harassment by settlers on the way.

16. Abu Dis, East of Jerusalem. Raid on the town, arrests, including one of a minor, massive shooting of tear gas, causing asphyxiation injuries and a large fire in a car junkyard, with a heavy smoke cloud (tires were set on fire).

17. Krayot, South East of Nablus, Friday - raid by forces on the village. Altercations. 4 wounded from rubber bullets, one in his face, 24 asphyxiation injuries. On the background of these altercations, settlers raid the village spring.

18. Bayt Dajan, East of Nablus, Friday - the weekly protest march is attacked with tear gas and flash grenades. Asphyxiation injuries.

19. Kafr Qaddum, East of Qalqilya. In the weekly protest march, altercations develop, in which 2 are injured from rubber bullets, in addition, asphyxiation injuries. On Saturday more altercations. No wounded were reported.

20. Jalbun, North East of Jenin, Friday evening - raid and altercations, confiscation of security cameras.

On Monday evening, another raid to confiscate security cameras, in which the forces shot tear gas and caused asphyxiation injuries.

21. Azzun, East of Qalqilya. Due to multiple events of stone throwing, the town was raided on Saturday, people were photographed, and illuminating bombs were shot. On Monday an additional raid, during which the forces fired at young men, wounded one and arrested him.

22. Shwaike, South of Tulkarm. Altercations during a raid, before that - shooting by forces. During the raid, forces fire tear gas and confiscate security cameras.

23. Zababdeh, West of Jenin. Altercations during a raid on Saturday. Another raid early Monday, its goal not clear, other than some kind of exercise during the night.

24. Bab Al-Silsila, East Jerusalem. Forces violently evacuate Palestinians from Al-Aqsa and its surroundings, to allow for free movement of Jews during the holiday.

During the violent evacuation, they injure Murabittan Abu-Bakher Al-Shimi, as well as Murabitat Nafissa Chawassi and Aaida al-Sadawi.

25. Raids during the holiday without altercations: Beit Rima, Mazra'a al-Arabiya, Faqqu'a, Teqoa, Jabel Mukaber.

26. Shuafat Refugee Camp, North East of Jerusalem. Monday - Altercations near the barrier. The Palestinians shoot fireworks on the military tower.



1. Ad-Duke A-Tachta, West of Jericho. Warrant for the demolition of 3 houses within a week, with warrants to discontinue building 14 more buildings. In addition to the 40 warrants which were handed last week.

2. Jabel Mukaber, South-East of Jerusalem. Demolition of a store. Said Abu-Zaid was forced to ruin his home.

3. Masafer Yatta, South of Hebron. Warrant to discontinue building Jibril Al-Addara’s house. Currently building a wall. Such warrants usually precede a demolition warrant.

4. Furush Beit Dajan, Jordan valley. Demolition of two houses, one occupied, the other is in building stages.

5. Al Jiftlik, North-West of Jericho - house demolition.


Palestinian Attacks against the Occupation Forces (IOF)

1. Mount Gerizim, Nablus – Fire bombs.

2. Nitzanei Oz Checkpoint, West of Tulkarem - Shooting at military vehicles.

3. Issawiya, North East Jerusalem - Firing gas balloons towards soldiers.

4. Beit Furik Checkpoint, East Nablus - Shooting.

5. Awarta Checkpoint, South Nablus - Shooting.

6. Jenin Refugee Camp - Shooting at IDF soldiers.

7. Beit Ummar, North of Hebron - Remote-controlled explosives on the military tower.

8. Al-Arroub Refugee Camp, North of Hebron - Several incidents of fire bombs thrown at the military tower.

9. Teqoa, South East of Bethlehem - Igniting a Philbox (improvised explosive device).

10. Azzun, East of Qalqilya - Fire bombs on military vehicles.

11. Dotan Checkpoint, South East of Jenin - Remote-controlled explosives.

12. Mizmoriah Checkpoint, South of Jerusalem - Attempted stabbing; soldiers fired at the assailant, injured and detained. Condition unclear. Palestinians claim his hands were behind his back.

13. Dir Sharaf Checkpoint, West of Nablus - Shooting towards the military tower.

14. Salem Checkpoint, North of Jenin - Shooting.

15. Meirav, East of Jenin - Shooting at military vehicles.


Settlers attacks against Palestinians

1. Ein Rashash, North East Ramallah - Tuesday: Disturbance by playing loud music in the middle of the night to harass the residents.

Thursday: Armed settlers from Malachei Hashalom outpost invaded the tent, taking photos and threatening the residents. Later, they attempted to scare the herd using loud noises.

Friday: More threats and intimidation.

Sunday: Settlers on a tractor approach the tent, push a companion, and film while making threats.

2. The Old City, Jerusalem - Settlers take advantage of the night to invade the home of the Idris family, prompting neighbors to call the police.

3. Burqa, North West of Nablus - Palestinians were attacked in two separate incidents. In the first incident, stones were thrown, causing damage and injuries.

In the second incident, pepper spray was also used.

4. Khirbet Makhoul, Jordan Valley - A young settler drives into a flock of sheep with his car during the holiday, causing panic among the sheep.

5. Tel Rumeida, Hebron - Settlers attack Palestinians and stab a resident in the back. No arrests are made.

6. Karyot, South East Nablus - The city is attacked, and fields near the spring are set on fire. Residents manage to repel the settlers, and the army forces arrive only after the incident has ended.


Attacks by Palestinians against settlers

1. Hawara, South of Nablus - Shooting at a vehicle with two passengers. Both were injured from gunfire.

2. Azzun, East of Qalqilya - Several incidents of stone-throwing at cars, including three incidents involving buses. All resulted in vehicle damage.

3. Wadi Jericho, South of Jericho - Shooting incident.

4. Tell, South West of Nablus - Stone-throwing incident.

5. Al Funduq, East of Qalqilya - Stone-throwing incident.

6. Beitar Illit, South West of Bethlehem - Fire bombs.

7. Revava, North West of Salfit - Fire bombs thrown at vehicles.

8. Tel Aviv - Explosion of an explosive device in the Yarkon Park. No injuries reported. Later, two individuals suspected of involvement were arrested on Highway 431 near Ramle, both were residents of Al-Eizariya. Explosive materials were found in their vehicle.

9. Jordan Valley - Shooting at a passing vehicle.


Gaza Strip

During the entire covered period, daily demonstrations near the fence east of Gaza. The demonstrations are in protest of worsening of the prisoners’ conditions, marking 18 years of siege, and the desecration of Al-Aqsa during the holidays.

The Palestinians burn tires, throw stones, throw improvised explosive devices, Fire bombs. The forces use live fire, rubber bullets, tear gas, stun grenades.

An explosive device exploded near the fence (according to the Palestinians it was planted by Israel).

So far 7 dead (6 of them in the explosion of the bomb), so far 50 injured from gunshots or shrapnel from the bomb, among them 3 journalists.

In addition, 2 fishermen were injured by gunfire from navy boats northwest of Gaza.


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