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The Daily File - October 6-14, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Friday through Saturday (a week later).

Data as of now

‣ 2,215 killed in Gaza, at least 650 of them children

‣ 8,714 wounded. An estimated 70% of those killed were uninvolved.

‣ 1.1 inhabitants of the northern Gaza Strip were demanded to leave to the south within 24 hours, about half a million have left.

‣ 75,000 refugees are crowded into UNWRA schools

‣ Two hospitals have collapsed

‣ Fifteen hospitals were shelled

‣ There is no room in the morgues

‣ No access to clean water

‣ Most areas have no electricity

‣ There is severe shortage of food

‣ No fuel

Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip

‣ Over 1,300 persons killed

‣ 3,500 wounded

‣ 25 communities attacked

‣ 7 army bases attacked

‣ Two parties attacked

The West Bank

‣ 55 killed

‣ Over 1,200 wounded


The events by dates and each day’s confrontations, dead, wounded and colonist attacks

Friday, October 6

27 arrested including 13 minors at Huwara.

Main confrontations

1. Huwara, south of Nablus, during and after the funeral of Laviv Al Damidi – 84 wounded, 21 of them from live fire.

2. Yrtach, south of Tul Karem – confrontations.

3. Dayr Istia, north-west of Salfit – confrontations and arrest of a minister in the Palestinians Authority (in charge of resisting the Separation Wall and the settler -colonies).

4. Qadum village, east of Qalqiliya – a journalist wounded by a rubber-coated bullet.

5. Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem – policemen violently attack and arrest 5 demonstrators.

6. Awarta, south of Nablus – an olive harvest is prevented.

Attacks against the Israeli army

1. Salem Checkpoint, north-west of Jenin - gunfire

2. Ofer camp, west of Ramallah – gunfire

Attacks on settler-colonists

1. Gunfire at Elon More.


A resident of Ras Al Amud neighborhood, East Jerusalem, had to demolish his own home.


Saturday, October 7

Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip

Attention trigger - harsh descriptions

Saturday, 6:30 a.m:

The Hamas begins its combined assault: exploding drones, explosive charges placed on the Separation Fence ahead of time, heavy shelling of Israeli communities from the western Negev all the way to the Sharon area, motorized drones, boats at sea (most were caught), and invasion through numerous breaches of the fence. The Hamas entered on motorcycles, pickup trucks, armed and updated in the area’s mapping.

In 8 local army posts and army bases a grave lack of forces is noted. 65% of the army forces have been deployed to the West Bank. The terrorists easily take over these sites: whoever was not killed was taken hostage/

From here on entrance is free

They massacre and loot the army bases, taking ammunition, confidential documents, many hostages. At the same time, they assault 25 communities, the furthest of them being Ofakim. The armed terrorists are accompanied by civilians whose sole wish is to loot, take hostage and fatally impact anyone they come across.

The standby platoons of the Israeli communities can hardly stop them and many of their members are murdered. The invaders go from house to house – murdering, looting, burning, raping, forcing people out of their safe rooms and then murdering or taking them hostage.

Some time after the invasion, they attack a trance party at Kibbutz Re’im. They surround it from several directions and murder 270 of its participants, catching late-comers.

6 hours of almost undisturbed looting, massacre, hostage-taking and rape with free passage between Gaza and the Israeli area.

The Israeli Air Force is first to attack, while the commando units alerted to the area suffer heavy losses.

‣ In 6 hours, 1,354 killed including about 300 soldiers

‣ Over 3,500 wounded

‣ 350 missing persons

‣ So far 159 families have been notified that their loved ones are taken hostage. The youngest kidnapped is a 6-months-old baby. The oldest is an 84-years-old woman.

All of these were kidnapped by Hamas, the Islamic Jihad movement, and civilian initiatives

West Bank

Persons killed (in the West Bank alone)

1. Mahmoud Basem Khamis, 18-years-old, from Beit Ummar

2. Amro Abed Jarbuan, 24-years-old, from Al Bira

3. Ahmad Abed Al Nasir, 13-years-old, from Qalqiliya

4. Yusef Nader Idris, 18-years-old, from Hebron

5. Karm Al Aidi, 22-years old, from Ein Al Sutan camp

6. Amer Ibrahim Abed, 18-years-old, from Bithunia

7 persons are reported killed, but the name of the 7th killed in a stabbing attempt near Ariel was not made public.


25 people arrested.

Confrontations in the West Bank

1. Al Bira, northern entrance – 2 killed, 14 wounded by live fire

2. Jericho, northern entrance – one killed

3. Shu’afat refugee camp – people wounded by live fire and suffocation

4. Qalqiliya, a 13-year-old killed

5. Hebron, Bab A-Zawiya neighborhood – 13 wounded by live fire, 2 killed

6. Al Arub refugee camp, 2 wounded in critical condition

7. Al Khader

8. East Jerusalem, in the neighborhoods of Silwan, Jabal Mukabar, Wadi Joz and the Old City

9. Al Funduq

10. Tamun

11. Azzun

Attacks by settler-colonists

1. Mu’arajat, north of Jericho – gunfire

2. Jama’in, south of Nablus, vandalizing olive groves

3. Hamra, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley, a settler-colonist from a nearby outpost invades a Palestinian shepherd encampment and threatens its inhabitants.

4. Qusra, south-east of Nablus, armed settler-colonists accompanied by soldiers attack a chicken coop, vandalize trees, incinerate farming structures and try to burn down a house. Clashes, wounded Palestinians.

5. Kufr Yasuf, east of Salfit, settler-colonists incinerate 2 houses, clashes develop and the army fires at Palestinians. 2 wounded by live fire, 5 suffer suffocated by teargas.

6. Hebron, Army-uniformed settler-colonists attack houses in the Jaber neighborhood.

7. Taqu’a, south-east of Bethlehem, settler-colonists attack a Palestinian and wound him east of the village.


Sunday, October 8


1. Ahmad Ataf Awda, 19-years-old from Dura. Killed during clashes near Dayr Sharaf

2. Abed Al Rahim Abu Sneina, 17-years-old from Jericho

3. Yassar Tha’ir Al Kasaba, 17-years-old from Qalandiya refugee camp

4. Mohammad Ziad Al Jalil Hamid, 21-years-old from Beit Anan

5. Amjad Elian Khdayr, 36 years-old from Qalandiya refugee camp

6. Mohammad Jawad Abed A-Z’ir, 21-years-old, from Hebron

7. Yusef Nader Idris, 19-years-old, from Hebron

8. Imad Yassin Adili, 15-years-old, from Beita


13 people arrested

Clashes in the West Bank

1. Yatma, south-east of Nablus

2. Zawata, south of Nablus

3. Beit El Checkpoint

4. Qalandiya Checkpoint, north of Jerusalem, 3 killed in clashes, the 4th died the next day

5. Beita, south of Nablus, a minor killed by a bullet to the neck

6. Al Arub refugee camp, clashes

7. Al Fawar, south of Hebron, one person wounded in critical condition

8. Hebron, continued clashes in Baba A-Zawiya, 2 killed

Attacks against the army

1. Hebron, shooting at an army vehicle

2. Nablus, shooting at the army post on Mount Gerizim

3. Salem Checkpoint, north of Jenin - gunfire

Attacks by settler-colonists

1. Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem, vandalized vehicles

2. Mu’arajat, north of Jericho, threats against the Palestinian villagers

3. Ein Rashash, east of Ramallah, concrete blocks are placed to block access to the village.

4. Wadi Al Siq, east of Ramallah, threats against the community

5. Jilabun, east of Jenin, gunfire at Palestinian homes

6. Qusra , houses assaulted, confrontations as the army backs up settler-colonists

7. Kiryat Arba, stone throwing at Palestinian vehicles

8. Einabus, south of Nablus, 2 houses are incinerated, confrontations evolve.

Attacks against settler-colonists

1. Shaked, east of Ramallah, gunfire

2. Homesh, north-west of Nablus, gunfire

3. Azzun, east of Qalqiliya, shooting at vehicles


Monday, October 9


1. Ahmad Khaled Abu Turki, 28-years-old, from Hebron

2. Adam Al Julani, 16-years-old, from Al-Ram. The fourth person killed from clashes at Qalandiya on the previous day.

3. Rajah Abu Sneina, from Hebron

4. Muntaser Za’aqik, 31-years-old, from Beit Ummar


40 people arrested

Confrontations in the West Bank

1. Al Bira, 4 wounded by live fire, 3 wounded by rubber-coated bullets

2. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, the army attacks a funeral of a casualty from yesterday’s clashes and does not permit approaching the cemetery via the main road. 6 people are wounded, one critically, died of his wounds the next day.

3. Nabi Salah, north-west of Ramallah, confrontations

4. Karawat Bani Hasan, west of Salfit, confrontations following arrests

5. Tubas, confrontations

6. Al Jalame, north of Jenin, confrontations. 2 people critically wounded

7. Huwara Checkpoint, south of Nablus, confrontations, 3 wounded by gunfire, dozens suffocated by teargas

8. Beit Furiq Checkpoint, east of Nablus, suffocations during confrontations

9. Issawiya neighborhood, East Jerusalem, confrontations during which a minor was shot in the head and critically wounded

10. Al Arub refugee camp, north of Hebron, 2 severely wounded

11. Beit Hanina, confrontations and suffocation injuries

Attacks by settler-colonists

1. Jericho-Ramallah Road, stone throwing, 4 people wounded

2. Huwara, south of Nablus, homes attacked

3. Duma, olive harvesters attacked, confrontations, soldiers open fire and wound a Palestinian.

4. Karyut, south of Nablus, settler-colonists attack. Palestinians confront them. The Israeli army attacks the Palestinians and fires at anyone approaching the outskirts of the village

5. Kisan, east of Bethlehem, 2 tents ignited

6. A-Tur neighborhood, East Jerusalem, vehicles attacked

Attacks against settler-colonists

1. Etzyon Bloc, bullets fired at a car

2. Kiryat Arba, shooting at a colonist-outpost


Tuesday, October 10


1. Ibrahim Hamed, 20-years-old from Al Arub refugee camp

2. Ahmad Ashraf Awad, 20-years-old from Beit Ummar

3. Mahmud Saba’ana, 21-years-old from Qabatia

4. Ahmad Saba’ana, 25-years-old from Qabatia

5. Abed Al Rahman Faraj, 18-years-old from Silwan

6. Ali Al Abasi, 18-years-old from Silwan


33 people arrested

Confrontations in the West Bank

1. Raids without clashes, at Beita, Till, Qalqilia

2. Nablus, raid on the Old City and fire exchanges

3. Bethlehem, raid and clashes at the northern entrance, a minor wounded by live fire

4. Shu’afat refugee camp, raid and clashes

5. Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, south of Jericho, clashes, 3 wounded by live fire

6. Far’oun, Tul Karem district, close to the Separation Fence, clashes, 2 wounded

7. Beit Ummar, clashes during a funeral, one person killed

8. Al Jalame, north of Jenin, confrontations during which 2 Qabatia residents killed, 2 severely wounded

9. Al Arub refugee camp, north of Hebron, confrontations during funeral, 2 wounded by gunfire

10. Issawiya neighborhood, north-east Jerusalem, confrontations, 1 person severely wounded

11. Till, confrontations, 3 wounded by gunfire

12. Silwan, East Jerusalem, confrontations in the Ein Al Luza neighborhood, 2 people killed. The Israeli army prevented ambulances from reaching them and they bled to death. Bodies taken.

Attacks against the army

1. Jalame Checkpoint, north of Jenin, gunfire

2. Dayr Sharaf, north-west of Nablus, gunfire

3. Sara Checkpoint, south-west of Nablus, gunfire

Attacks by settler-colonists

1. Nima village, colonists chase olive harvesters by threatening them with weapons

2. Ein Kanoub, north of Hebron, armed colonists attack the community and demand they leave within one hour. 3 homes ignited. The entire flock is stolen, 2 Palestinians missing.

3. Simri, south of Hebron, a family with children is attacked with rifle butts, colonists war.

4. Kisan, east of Bethlehem, tents ignited

5. Khirbet Yanoun, east of Nablus, firing bullets at olive harvesters (Area B!)

6. Ramallah-Jericho Road, stone throwing. 4 people wounded

7. Homesh, north-west of Nablus, firing at Palestinian cars

8. Karawat Bani Hassan, west of Salfit, throwing stones at Palestinian cars

9. Hebron, attack against homes at the Al Kasra neighborhood

10. Beit El, firing at Palestinian cars

11. Beit Hanina, East Jerusalem, chasing Palestinians and attacking them

12. Dayr Ibzia, north-west of Ramallah, attempt to ignite a home by fire bombs

13. Ein Kinia, armed colonists walk around the village

14. Dayr Nizam, north-west of Ramallah, shooting at Palestinian homes

15. Duma, south-east of Nablus, raid by armed colonists, shooting, igniting 4 vehicles. Villager wounded by bullets

16. Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, East Jerusalem, throwing fire bomb at a Palestinian home

17. Wadi Al Siq, east of Ramallah, walking around, threatening use of weapons, arresting Rabbi Asherman (one of the protective activists)

18. Huwara, colonists from Nofei Yitzhar throw stones at homes

Attacks against settler-colonists

1. Einav, east of Tul Karem, shooting at the colony. One colonist woman wounded


Wednesday, October 11


1. Abade Sa’ad Abu Srur, of Qusra, shot by colonists/soldiers

2. Mu’aj Aude, of Qusra, shot by colonists or soldiers

3. Hasan Abu Srur, 13-years-old, from Qusra, shot by colonists/soldiers

4. Musa’eb Abu Rida of Qusra, shot by colonists or soldiers

5. Muanes Ziyadat, 16-years-old from Bani Naim

6. Randa Abdallah ‘Ajaj, 37-years-old from Silwad

7. Another person killed whose name was not made public. Killed in the ‘tunnels road’. Tried to escape arrest, was shot and killed.


58 persons arrested

Clashes in the West Bank

1. Huwara, south of Nablus, confrontations caused by Gaza support demonstrations. Soldiers fire at a Palestinian car. A 12-year-old is wounded by live fire shot at his hip.

2. Nabi Salah, north-west of Ramallah, people wounded by live fire

3. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem, confrontations in which a 15-year-old is wounded by live fire.

4. Beit Fajar, south of Bethlehem, confrontations, 3 wounded by live fire

5. ‘Aboud, north-west of Ramallah, confrontations. 2 people wounded by live fire. People suffering from suffocation by teargas.

6. Bani Naim, confrontations. One person killed, a 16-years-old minor.

7. Hebron, confrontations in the center of town around Bab A-Zawiya. 6 people wounded, among them an 11-year-old in critical condition.

8. Al Fawar refugee camp, south of Hebron, confrontations. 2 people wounded by live fire.

9. Kharsa, south of Hebron, confrontations. One person wounded by live fire, another 3 by rubber-coated bullets.

10. Al Auja, north of Jericho, confrontations, one person wounded by live fire.

11. Al Bira, confrontations in the northern entrance. 2 people wounded by live fire.

12. Beit Furiq, east of Nablus, confrontations. One person wounded by live fire, people suffering suffocation by teargas.

13. Burin, south of Nablus, suffocation by teargas thrown during a raid on the village

14. Dayr Istia, west of Salfit, confrontations, 2 people wounded by rubber-coated bullets

15. Silwad, north-east of Ramallah, soldiers shoot at vehicle containing a mother and her son. The woman is killed, the son is severely wounded.

16. Silwan neighborhood, East Jerusalem, access is prevented to the mourning shed of one of yesterday’s casualties.

17. Shu’afat refugee camp, north-east Jerusalem, confrontations

18. A-Tawane, Masafer Yatta, the army prevents shepherds from grazing their flocks. Sheep are shot at. Sheep and goats killed and wounded.

Attacks against the army

1. Salem Checkpoint, north of Jenin, gunfire

2. Ofer Camp, west of Ramallah, gunfire

Attacks by settler-colonists

1. Al Auja, north of Jericho, colonists attack a Palestinian driver and beat him up until he manages to escape.

2. Kufr A-Dik, west of Salfit, colonists shoot at Palestinian farmers

3. Marda, north of Salfit, Palestinian farmers shot at

4. Qusra, south-east of Nablus, 8 masked and armed people, riding 3 ATVs shoot at the village, at a car with its passengers and at a specific house (of a Palestinian martyr), wounding his son and 6-year-old granddaughter. Colonists try to enter a house and ignite a vehicle, in full view of witnessing security officials and soldiers. Confrontations ensue, during which the Palestinians throw stones. The colonists (or soldiers) shoot back and apparently 3 Palestinians are killed. The soldiers continue and kill a 13-year-old minor. Some of the soldiers watch the goings-on from a nearby army watchtower and do not intervene in the shooting. 4 people killed, 15 wounded by live fire. No arrests. Two days earlier the colonists (apparently from the Esh Kodesh outpost) threatened with the following words: “To all the rats in the sewage of Qusra, we wait for you and will have no mercy. The day of revenge is on its way.”

5. Hebron, shooting at Palestinian homes

6. Al Mufaqara, Masafer Yatta, invasion, uprooting of fruit trees, vandalizing water tanks, destruction of solar panels. Threats.

7. Dayr Ibzia, west of Ramallah, armed colonists shooting at the entrance to the village. Several vehicles are hit. The army backs them up.

8. Arabe, south of Nablus, colonists backed up by soldiers open fire. One person is hit in the shoulder by the shooting.

9. Wadi Al-Siq, the shepherd community has decided to leave. They cannot bear the increased colonist violence. Colonists attack the few shepherds left there and their Israeli accompaniers, threatening them for hours with their weapons.

10. Jit, east of Qalqilia, colonists kidnap a Palestinian doctor from inside the village. They release him after several hours, he is injured.

11. Sinjil, north-east of Ramallah, the junction at the entrance to the village is blocked, stones are thrown by colonists.


Thursday, October 12


1. Khaled Mtahsibi, 21-years-old from Beit Hanina

2. Mahatadi Majid Salim, 17-years-old from Jayus

3. Samer Sa’id Raduan, 22-years-old from Nabi Elias

4. Mohammad Ibrahim Ziad, 20-years-old

5. Sliman Malasa, 24-years-old from Dayr Ibzia

6. Zahadi Al Mughrabi from Aqabat Jaber refugee camp

7. Ibrahim Ahmad Wadi, 62-years-old from Qusra

8. Ahmad Wadi, 25 years-old from Qusra


60 people arrested, another 50 workers from Gaza arrested

Clashes in the West Bank

1. Bethlehem, northern entrance, confrontations. Two 14-year-olds wounded by live fire, one of them in serious condition. People are suffocated by teargas. Later, a motorcyclist is shot and wounded.

2. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, several neighborhoods are raided, confrontations. One person is wounded by live fire. Suffocations by teargas

3. Daharia, south of Hebron, elementary school is raided, its entrance gate destroyed, Palestine flag taken down, maintenance woman in charge was attacked with her 9-year-son and they suffer cuts and lesions.

4. Bab Al Amud neighborhood, East Jerusalem (Damascus Gate), A young Palestinian man is attacked, now suffering fractures and bruises.

5. Sinjil, north-east of Ramallah, confrontations and a person wounded by live fire

6. Jayus, east of Qalqilia, confrontations, 17-year-old shot in the back. The ambulance was prevented from reaching him and he died.

7. Qalqilia, northern entrance, confrontations. One person wounded by live fire.

8. Nabi Elias, east of Qalqilia, confrontations. One person killed, one seriously wounded

9. Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, south of Jericho, the army raids at dawn. Confrontations ensue. A young man is missing. His body is discovered in the evening, shot.

Attacks against the army

A Palestinian man attacks policemen at Bab Al Sahara and shoots them with a ‘Carlo’ automatic. Two are wounded, one seriously. The Palestinian is shot and killed.


Al Jania, west of Ramallah, 2 houses are demolished, olive and almond trees uprooted

Attacks by settler-colonists

1. Al-Tawane, Masafer Yatta, armed colonists backed up by the army shoot at houses. They attack Hafez Huraini and wound him. Vandalize vines and hoist the Israeli flag. A colonist shoots Zakariya Al Adara at very close range and wounds him. Documentation shows how the soldier on the spot is accompanied and exits the village.

2. Al Jab’a, south-west of Bethlehem, colonists accompanied by soldiers enter and shoot in all directions at the village’s main entrance.

3. Zanuta, south of Hebron, armed colonists raid the village. The villagers chase them out.

4. Abu Kbash, north of Jericho, colonists attack the encampment, shooting. 2 people are wounded, 3 vehicles ignited. The colonists threaten to kill the villagers if they do not leave.

5. Huwara, south of Nablus, colonists on the main street attack a pizzeria that is supposed to have publicized an inciting and degrading photo of one of the female hostages from the Israeli communities near Gaza. The pizzeria owner claims his account was hacked. The colonists vandalize the pizzeria and harm the cars parked outside as they shoot. The army seals the pizzeria.

6. Nabi Salah, north-west of Ramallah, colonists attack houses. The villagers manage to push them out.

7. Turmus Aya, north-east of Ramallah, 8 colonists wearing parts of army uniforms open fire at vehicles at village entrance, backed up by the army

8. Qusra, south-east of Nablus, the funeral procession of victims from yesterday leaves the Salfit hospital towards the village. Colonists call their Watsapp groups earlier to go out and prevent this procession. Around Kablan they shoot at the ambulances carrying the bodies. A father and son are hit by this shooting. The son is shot in the back while trying to escape, the army prevents an ambulance from reaching him, both father and son die. The army shoots rubber-coated bullets at journalists. Within 24 hours there are 6 people dead in one village from colonist fire.

9. Wadi Al Siq, Ramallah district, colonists steal vehicles from the community about to leave.


Friday, October 13


1. Eyad Issa Jabarin, 17-years-old from Al-Ram

2. Hussein Mu’ataz from Beit Liqia

3. Musa’eb Ahmad Almadhin, 23-years-old from Dura

4. Mohammad Ahmad Besharat, 30-years-old from Tamun

5. Issa Maher Al Amla, 21-years-old from Beit Awala

6. Issa Sami Jibril, 26-years-old from Taqu’a

7. Kassem Harb Kassem, 23-years-old from Tul Karem

8. Bachar Hassan Jama’in, 30-years-old from Tul Karem

9. Samah Aude Abu Tabikh, 25-years-old from Tul Karem

10. Islam Bala Abu Zanet, 23-years-old from Tul Karem

11. Amir Kafat Melitat, 14-years-old from Beit Furiq

12. Lith Abu Mara, 17-years-old from Issawiya

13. Mohammad Taher Mustafa, 17-years-old from Issawiya

14. Ahmad Khaled Id Faraj, 22-years-old from Al Jib


29 people arrested

Clashes in the West Bank

Friday was recognized as a day of rage and support of Gaza. Therefore, most of the confrontations resulted from demonstrations and their suppression.

1. Tul Karem, confrontations in the western part of the city, close to the Separation Wall. Soldiers fired in all direction, without any notice, 3 people were killed, 15 wounded by live fire. Later, soldiers shot at a vehicle carrying 4 passengers, 3 were wounded, 1 killed. In total, 4 people killed in one day.

2. Beit Furiq, east of Nablus, confrontations during a demonstration. A 14-year-old was killed by live fire at his head.

3. Beit Ula, north-west of Hebron, demonstrations that became confrontations. One person, 21-years-old, killed.

4. ‘Atouf, south of Tubas, confrontations following demonstrations. One person critically wounded, later died of his wounds.

5. Qalqilia, northern checkpoint, protest became confrontations. 2 people wounded by live fire.

6. Haja, east of Qalqilia, confrontations. Suffocation by teargas

7. Jalame Checkpoint, north-east of Jenin, one person wounded by live fire after demonstrations

8. Hebron, city center, Bab A-Zawiya neighborhood, lengthy confrontations. One person killed, 14 wounded by live fire

9. Bidu, north-east of Jerusalem, confrontations. One person killed, resident of nearby Al Jib village

10. Qalandiya Checkpoint, north-east of Jerusalem, confrontations. 3 people wounded by live fire

11. Issawiya neighborhood, north-east Jerusalem, confrontations. One person killed by live fire. Several hours later, vehicle shot entering the neighborhood and another person killed

12. Huwara Checkpoint, south of Nablus, confrontations. 24 wounded by bullets, 9 by live fire, 15 by rubber-coated bullets.

13. Budrus, west of Ramallah, confrontations and one person critically wounded by live fire at his chest

14. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem, confrontations and one person wounded by live fire

15. Taqu’a, south-east of Bethlehem, a minor wounded by shrapnel at his neck and chest

16. Al-Ram, north of Jerusalem. In confrontations, one person was critically wounded. He died of his wounds several hours later.

Attacks against the army

1. Merav, east of Jenin, shooting at an army post

2. Zabuba, shooting at an army post

Attacks by settler-colonists

1. Masafer Yatta, armed colonists attack farmers of the Al Nawaj community, destroying livestock pens and agricultural structures, uprooting olive trees, destroying a wall between fields. Threatening to return if the community does not leave.

2. Till, west of Nablus, colonists attack olive harvesters

3. Nahalin, west of Ramallah, colonists shoot at a Palestinian car. One person lightly wounded

4. Silat Al-Daher, south of Jenin, throwing of stones and glass bottles at houses, burning tires at village entrances. Confrontations with villagers

Attacks against settler-colonists

1. Dotan, south-west of Jenin, shooting

2. Shaked, west of Jenin, shooting

3. Homesh, north-west of Nablus, shooting


Saturday, October 14


1. Mohammad Rafat Adwan, 16-years-old from Far’un. Wounded about a week ago in confrontations. Died of his wounds.

2. Amer Ahmad Asmar, 15-years-old from Tul Karem, wounded on Friday in confrontations in Tul Karem, died of his wounds today. The city has now seen 5 people killed.

3. Abed Al Rahman Alamouri from Al ‘Izaria, shot last night at Issawiya, died of his wounds.

4. Mahmoud Shehada, 27-years-old from Jericho


59 people arrested

Clashes in the West Bank

1. Jericho, raid of the city and its refugee camps. One person died of live fire at his head. 3 others wounded, one in critical condition.

2. A-Tur, south-east Jerusalem, confrontations. Teargas grenades lit fires in this neighborhood

3. Sur Baher, south-east Jerusalem. Young people are attacked and beaten supposedly for posting messages on the phone supporting Gaza.

Attacks by settler-colonists

1. Farisiya, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley, colonists attack an encampment and threaten its residents that if they do not leave, colonists will attack them.

2. Wadi Al Siq, Ramallah district, an encampment inhabited by 30 families was gradually deserted. The colonists have been looting.


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