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The Daily File - October 15-21, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Sunday through Saturday


West Bank Data

‣ 89 killed, including 30 minors

‣ 1,700 wounded, including 160 minors

‣ 27% of the woundings are by live fire (colonists or soldiers) - 8 times more than reported prior to October 7th.

‣ 103 documented attacks by colonists against Palestinians ending in body or property injuries. Some are backed up by the Israeli army. They average 8 attacks a day.

‣ 13 shepherd communities - 84 families, 545 people, at least half of them minors, have been expelled from their lands in Area C.

Gaza Strip data

True to noon, October 21st, 2023

‣ 4,385 killed, including 1,756 children, 967 women, 37 members of medical teams.

‣ 13,561 people wounded

‣ At least 1000 people missing, presumably buried under the rubble

‣ 164,756 apartments harmed (either completely or partially destroyed) - 42% of all residences

‣ 1.4 million evacuees or refugees

‣ 566,000 finding refuge in 148 UNWRA centers

‣ The amount of water brought in by the humanitarian mission will supply enough water for 22,000 persons for one day. The water available now is 5% of the quantity available prior to October 7th.

‣ Since October 11th, Gaza City is in absolute darkness. There is no electricity.

‣ Initial reports on the outbreak of epidemics related to faulty hygiene and nutrition

‣ 7 hospitals no longer functioning

‣ 17 hospitals have received evacuation orders (by the Israeli army), under threat that whoever remains will be risking their lives.

By October 18 -

‣ 79 families have lost 11 or more family members

‣ 85 families have lost 6 to 9 family members

‣ 320 families have lost 2 to five family members

Data of Israel’s area near Gaza

‣ The number of fatal casualties is between 1,300 and 1,400 depending who is asked

‣ 1,025 bodies have been identified: 709 civilians, 307 soldiers

‣ 200 bodies have not yet been identified

‣ 100 people are missing

‣ 5,132 are wounded, including 28 in critical condition, 382 severely wounded

‣ 212 hostages have been identified


The following events are detailed chronologically and apply (in part) to the West Bank alone.

Sunday, October 15


1. Karem Ayman Dwikat, 17-years-old, from Beita - shot in confrontations begun in response to colonists invading the Jabal ‘Arma area

2. Rami Bilal Hassan, Tul Karem - died of his wounds, incurred in Tul Karem confrontations on Friday.


73 people arrested

Clashes with the army

1. Shuqba, north-west of Ramallah - confrontations, one person wounded by live fire.

2. A-Tur neighborhood, East Jerusalem - suffocations by teargas in confrontations.

3. Tubas - a raid in which clashes began, 3 wounded by live fire, one of them critically.

4. Beita, south of Nablus - soldiers and colonists raid the Jabal ‘Arma area. One person killed by live fire.

5. Ma’in, east of Yatta - live fire at Palestinian car. No wounded reported.

6. Al Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem - army raid, clashes, one person wounded by live fire.

7. Beit Rima, north-west of Ramallah - raid, clashes, one person wounded by live fire.

8. Al ‘Amari refugee camp, south of Ramallah - clashes. One person wounded by live fire.

9. Salfit - clashes. One person wounded by live fire.

Attacks by settler-colonists

1. Burka, north-west of Nablus - colonists attack olive harvesters and prevent the harvest. At another incident they attack a car.

2. Awarta Checkpoint, south of Nablus - colonists congregate and threaten to prevent the funeral procession of the killed man from Beita. Soldiers throw teargas canisters at Palestinians.

3. Umm Al Khair, Masafer Ytta - the houses of Hathaleen family members are attacked, and they are threatened to be killed if they do not leave. The army secures the colonists.

4. Susia, Masafer Yatta - colonists attack a vehicle. 2 people wounded.

5. Sha’ab Al Botom, Masafer Yatta - colonists fire at a vehicle, attack shepherds. 2 people wounded.

6. Dayr Istia, north-west of Salfit - colonists backed up by soldiers attack elderly Yusef Al Salman and his family members. The army arrests the attacked man’s two sons.

Attacks against the army

Shootings at a military force near Bat Hefer.


Monday, October 16


1. Mu’ayen Damu, 21-years-old from the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp - shot with several bullets at close range in a raid on the camp.

2. Inas Raed Mansara, 19-years-old from Qabatia - shot and killed close to Salem Checkpoint and the Separation Wall.


69 people arrested.

Clashes with the army

1. Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, south of Jericho - an army raid in which a Palestinian young man was killed, 3 others wounded by live fire, one of them severely.

2. Al Fawar refugee camp, south of Hebron - the army fires at a vehicle and wounds the elderly driver with shrapnel.

3. Salem Checkpoint, north-west of Jenin - confrontations close to the Separation Wall. The army shoots and kills a young Palestinian, resident of Qabatia.

4. Al ‘Arub refugee camp, north of Hebron - soldiers fire at a vehicle at the entrance to the camp, wounding 2 passengers. Prevented an ambulance from giving the wounded men aid.

5. Al Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem - confrontations in which a Palestinian is shot and wounded, and immediately arrested.

6. Kisan, east of Bethlehem - soldiers attack a father and his 9-year-old son. They are taken to the hospital.

Attacks by settler-colonists

1. Susia, Masafer Yatta - colonists backed up by soldiers destroyed 3 water holes and uprooted 70 olive trees.

2. Farisiya, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley - colonists on a tractor enter the residents’ farming area and begin plowing. A similar incident took place a week ago.


Tuesday, October 17


1. Mohammad Nidal Milhem, 17-years-old from Halhul.

2. Samir Mahmoud Sabara, 72-years-old, from Nablus - wounded on Friday in a raid on a neighborhood in the eastern part of the city. Shot while standing near his window. Died of his wounds.


115 people arrested.

Clashes with the army

1. Halhul, north of Hebron - town raided, Gazan Palestinians working in the West Bank arrested. Their arrest included a raid of the industrial school, equipment destruction. Clashes ensued, in which a minor was killed, and 6 others wounded by live fire.

2. Jilabun, east of Jenin - clashes in which soldiers shot live fire. They overtook two houses and turned then into an army post.

3. Al ‘Arub refugee camp, north of Hebron - the army stopped an ambulance taking a patient to a Bethlehem hospital. The soldiers attacked the driver, fractured his hand and left him with cuts and lesions.

4. Beit Rima, north-west of Ramallah - a raid in which intentional fire at a main transformer damages the electricity supply of the village.

5. Zabuba, west of Jenin - soldiers shoot at olive harvesters near the Separation Wall, preventing the olive harvest.

6. Khan Al Ahmar, east of Jerusalem - inhabitants received an order preventing them to travel the Jericho-Jerusalem Road after 5 p.m.


Wednesday, October 18


1. Ahmad Mo’ayen Al Rimawi, 28-years-old from Beit Rima.

2. Khalil Mohammad Shlesh, 15-years-old from Shuqba.

3. Kais Mohammad Hassam Shlesh, 17-years-old from Shuqba.

4. Baraa Nael Dweikat, 26-years-old from Rojayeb.


72 people arrests.

Clashes with the army

In the previous night, the Baptist hospital Al Ahli in Gaza was blown up. Without getting into who was responsible, hundreds of people were killed. The explosion of the hospital brought about many protest demonstrations throughout the West Bank, resulting in confrontations:

1. Qalqilia, northern entrance - 2 wounded by live fire.

2. Zif Junction, east of Yatta - confrontations, one person wounded in his chest.

3. Bethlehem - rage processions developed into confrontations, Palestinians suffocated by teargas.

4. Silwan - confrontations in the Ein Al Luza neighborhood. Suffocations.

5. Nabi Salah, north-west of Ramallah - confrontations, 2 people wounded. One of them later died of his wounds. Resident of Beit Rima.

6. Jalame Checkpoint, north-east of Jenin - confrontations. Woundings from suffocation and rubber-coated bullets.

7. Shuqba, north of Ramallah - confrontations at the entrance to the village. 2 minors killed.

8. Huwara Checkpoint, south of Nablus - confrontations. One person wounded by live fire.

9. Dar Saleh, east of Bethlehem - confrontations. One person wounded by live fire in his belly.

10. Jama’in, south of Nablus - one person wounded by live fire in his leg.

11. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron - confrontations. One person wounded by live fire in the belly in addition to suffocations.

12. ‘Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem - confrontations and numerous arrests. One person wounded by live fire.

13. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - confrontations. No report of woundings.

14. Idna, west of Hebron - confrontations. 2 wounded by live fire. Their condition is moderate. Another wounded by a rubber-coated bullet.

15. Shuyukh - confrontations - 2 wounded by live fire.

16. Issawiya - raid on the cemetery and taking off Palestine flags from martyrs’ graves killed a week earlier.

17. Al Bira - confrontations at the northern entrance. No woundings reported.

18. Baraka, east of Ramallah - confrontations. 45 people suffering suffocation by teargas.


1. Beit Hanina, East Jerusalem - a house inhabited by 9 people for the past 23 years, and a trading structure.

2. Jinsafut, east of Qalqilia - earth flattened by bulldozer and olive trees uprooted in order to expand the Imanuel colony and Havat Gil’ad.

Attacks by settler-colonists

1. Burqa, north-west of Nablus - colonists attack vehicles. A Palestinian woman is injured in the head. At a different incident, shots at olive harvesters.

2. Bizaria, north-west of Nablus - entrance to village blocked and vehicles shot at, threats of murder.

3. Till - olive trees cut down.

4. Madama, south of Nablus - attack of houses on the northern side of the village, vehicle ignited, all secured by soldiers firing live bullets and teargas.


Thursday, October 19

Palestinians fatalities

1. Mohmmad Hussein Fuaka, 21-years-old from Dura Al Kar’a - shot dead by colonists.

2. Jibril Ahmad Awad, 32-years-old from Budrus.

3. Ahmad Munir Saduk, 14-years-old from Al Deheishe refugee camp.

4. Taha Mahamid, 16-years-old from Nur Shams refugee camp.

5. Ibrahim Alhaj Ali, 24-years-old from Jama’in.

6. Amar Ghanam, from Nur Shams refugee camp.

7. Ahmad Ghanam, from Nur Shams refugee camp, Amar’s brother.

8. Yusef Za’ada, 11-years-old, from Nur Shams refugee camp.

9. Majahid Sa’uda, 15-years-old, Nur Shams refugee camp.

10. Udai Abu Al Heja, 16-years-old, Nur Shams refugee camp.

11. Sari Al Suda, 15-years-old, Nur Shams refugee camp.

12. Mohammad Shana’a, Nur Shams refugee camp.

13. Jamil Ja’ar, Nur Shams refugee camp.

14. Ali Hazana, Nur Shams refugee camp.

15. Rami Hamidi, Nur Shams refugee camp.

16. Kaser Al Saliti, Nur Shams refugee camp.

Israelis fatalities

1. Maxim Rezhinkov - a Border Policeman, killed while explosive charge was exploded during the raid on Nur Shams refugee camp.


150 people arrested.

Clashes with the army

1. Al Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem - raid to make arrests. Confrontations in which a 14-years-old boy was critically wounded and later died of his wound. In addition, 4 wounded by live fire.

2. Budrus, west of Ramallah - raid and confrontations, in which 32-years-old man was killed, his brother killed in the past.

3. Tubas - raid and confrontations. 5 wounded by live fire, among them a minor in moderate condition. In addition, 2 wounded by shrapnel.

4. Beit Laqia, south-west of Ramallah - soldier take a 3-year-old boy hostage in order for his father to turn himself in.

5. Nur Shams refugee camp, east of Tul Karem - the camp is raided from various direction, all vehicular hermetically sealed off, for journalists and ambulances as well. There are Israeli army snipers on the roofs. Confrontations from the beginning, in which a 16-years-old minor is killed, 3 wounded. Soldiers prevent medical attention and he bleeds to death for 40 minutes. The forces bring in bulldozers that ruin the streets, cars, and shop entrances, as well as disconnecting electricity and water. Drones bomb a group of youngsters close to the mosque, 11 more are killed.

The army prevents ambulances from approaching and the bodies and wounded are evacuated into the mosque. Some of the wounded are smuggled out. Homes raided, arrests carried out, the camp’s youth club house is demolished. 15 arrested, 13 killed, among them 5 minors. 25 wounded by live fire. Israeli Border Policeman killed from charge exploded in the confrontations. 10 others wounded lightly.

6. Jama’in, south of Nablus - confrontations in the southern entrance to the village. A 24-years-old man is critically wounded, later dies of his wounds.

7. Al Arub refugee camp, north of Hebron - confrontation at the entrance. A 10-year-old is wounded by a dumdum bullet to the thigh.

8. Tarkumia, north-west of Hebron - confrontations, a person wounded from live fire, suffocations by teargas.

9. Qalqilia, northern entrance - confrontations, one person wounded by live fire.

10. Husan, west of Bethlehem - confrontations, one person wounded by shrapnel.

11. Madama, south of Nablus - confrontations following the colonist attack a day earlier.

12. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - confrontations, one person wounded by live fire in his back.

13. Kibia, west of Ramallah - demolition of home of Palestinian who killed a soldier near Kedumim in July 2023.

Attacks by settler-colonists

1. Dura Al Kar’a, north of Ramallah - colonists attack homes and fire live bullets. The army forces shoot too and prevent ambulance approach. A 21-years-old man is killed by colonist fire.

2. Makhmas, north-east of Jerusalem - colonists throw stones and shoot at vehicles. Several Palestinians wounded.

3. Shufa, south-east of Tul Karem - colonists shoot and wound a Palestinian in the back as he drives near the colony of Avnei Hefetz.

4. Khirbet Al Farisiya, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley - Palestinians claim colonists kidnapped a year-old baby girl and placed her in their car. The villagers and activists prevented them from taking her away and managed to return her to her mother.

5. Manizil, east of Yatta - a group of armed and partially army-uniformed colonists invade the mosque and vandalize equipment, claiming the Muezzin disturbs them.

6. Samu’a, south of Hebron - in the Wadi A-Radhim area, colonists attack Issa Abu Kbash, 77-years-old, and threaten to kill him if he doesn’t leave. He is taken to hospital suffering injuries in his entire body.

7. Al Th’ale, Masafer yatta - colonists throw stones at the family of Yusef Elian and wound his children - ages 4 and 6. In addition, they destroy water tanks and irrigation pipes, and uproot saplings.

8. Sha’ab Al Botom, Masafer Yatta - colonists empty water tanks.


Friday, October 20


1. Udai Fawaz Mansur, 17-years-old from Klil.

2. Suhaib Al Sus, from Bithunia.


87 persons arrested.

Clashes with the army

1. Bethlehem - raid, confrontations, 3 wounded by live fire close to the Al Aza refugee camp in town. Then confrontations at the northern entrance and 3 more wounded by live fire.

2. Bithunia, west of Ramallah - confrontations, one person critically wounded in the chest, died of his wounds later on.

3. Karyut, south of Nablus - soldiers preventing olive harvesters from reaching their groves.

4. Al Bira - confrontations in the northern entrance to the town. 7 wounded by live fire.

5. Beit Furiq, east of Nablus - confrontations, 2 wounded by live fire, one of them a minor.

6. Huwara Checkpoint, south of Nablus - confrontations, one person critically wounded who died of his wounds later on.

7. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - confrontations, one person wounded by live fire. Soldier prevented medical attention for 20 minutes, until they allowed him to be taken to the hospital.

8. Tura, south-west of Jenin - confrontations. A 25-years-old wounded severely by live fire.

9. Idna, west of Hebron - shooting olive harvesters on their way to the grove. 2 wounded by live fire.

10. ‘Urif, south of Nablus - demolition of home of man who shot and killed 4 Israelis close to Eli colony in June. Confrontations, one person wounded by live fire, and suffocations, 16 people had lived in the house now demolished.

Colonist attacks

1. Kufr Al Dik, west of Salfit - colonists from Brukhin prevent Palestinians from harvesting their olives.

2. Yasuf, east of Salfit - colonists from Tapuach colony shoot at olive harvesters. Later they arrive backed up by soldiers and attack homes on the east side of the village. Inhabitants came out to defend their village and were shot with live bullets. The head of the local council and his son were wounded. In addition, suffocations by teargas.

3. Al Auja, north of Jericho - colonists ignite a home, vandalize a 800 meter-long irrigation pipe that waters 3000 dunams.


Saturday, October 21


1. Mohammad Sliman Awajna, 17-years-old, from Aqabat Jaber refugee camp

2. Qasem Alhaj Ahmad Tabel, 19-years-old, from Nur Shams refugee camp. Wounded during the army raid on the camp on Thursday. Died of his wounds. The 14th person to be killed in that raid.


120 people arrested.

Clashes with the army

1. Jericho including the Ein Al Sultan refugee camp and Aqabat Jaber refugee camp - raid on the city and the refugee camps around it. Arrests, demolition of the home of prisoner Maher Shalon who was involved in attacking Israelis. In the confrontations, one person killed and 6 wounded by live fire.

2. Burin and Duma, south and south-east of Nablus - the army forces olive harvesters to stop the harvest and leave the crop in place without picking it.

3. Sebastia, north-west of Nablus - the army precents Palestinians from continuing their olive harvest. They are forced to leave the fruit that has already been picked.

4. Askar refugee camp, east of Nablus - confrontations during a raid, 8 wounded by live fire.

5. Zabuba, west of Jenin - the army prevents olive harvesters from reaching their trees and shoots at them.

6. Dayr Al Sudan, north-west of Ramallah - shooting at a vehicle. The driver is wounded in the back.

7. Al Arub refugee camp, north of Hebron - confrontations, suffocations by teargas.

Colonist Attacks

1. Dayr Istia, north-west of Salfit - colonists attack olive harvesters.

2. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - Colonists prevent farmers from reaching their vineyards and picking grapes. They loot the crop.

3. Beita, south of Nablus - colonists have been trying for some time to take over Jabal Arma (as they did at Jabal Sabih). They came again and began confrontations. A Palestinian was shot and wounded, another was attacked and wounded by colonist fire. The soldiers secured the colonists.

4. Huwara, south of Nablus - armed colonists shoot at houses, ignite 2 vehicles, the army secures them.

5. Yasuf, east of Salfit - update on the event reported a day earlier, in which colonists shot villagers and olive harvesters. 5 Palestinians were wounded by colonist fire.


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