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The Daily File - November 24-27, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Friday through Monday.

When you distribute these data, please note my sources. It is important at present. -Adi Ronen Argov


Data of the West Bank, October 7th to November 27th

From OCHA OPT data based on the reports of the West Bank Health Ministry (Palestinian Authority); about the arrestees – WAFA (news agency, identified with the PA)

Soldiers write "Revenge" on a Palestinian vehicle in Jenin


‣ 231 killed, 59 of them minors. Among them 8 (one minor) killed by colonists, 67% in arrest and search operations that developed into clashes. Over half of them were not involved in fire exchange.

‣ According to OCHA, this has been the most lethal year since they began monitoring in 2005. The persons killed at this time constitute over half the killed since the beginning of the year.


‣ 3,093 wounded, 496 of them minors, over half the wounded in demonstrations. 33% by live fire. In addition, 73 wounded by colonist attacks, 18 of them in the presence of soldiers.

‣ On November 24-26. 158 Palestinians were wounded, 124 of them minors during clashes close to Ofer Prison while waiting for arrestees to be freed under the hostage exchange deal.


‣ 3,260 persons arrested since October 7th


‣ 1,014 Palestinians, 388 of them minors, have been forced to leave their home by colonist violence and military restrictions - 15 shepherd communities. In addition,

‣ 181 persons, 93 of them minors, have lost their homes by Civil Administration demolitions in Area C.

‣ 54 more persons, 25 of them minors, had their homes demolished for collective punishment.

Colonist attacks

‣ 287 filmed attacks (more in actual fact), 72 of them ending with casualties; in 33% weapons were used (either for threat of actual firing). About half of the attacks were carried out in the presence of soldiers.


Data of Israeli communities, October 7th to November 27th

From OCHA-OPT reports based on official reports of the Israeli Health Ministry,

and Haaretz daily newspaper (number of persons wounded)


‣ 1,200 of the persons killed on October 7th have been identified, 33 of them minors. 859 civilians.

‣ 75 soldiers killed since the beginning of the ground invasion.


‣ Since October 7th, 9,038 persons hospitalized, 7,036 of them in light condition, 751 moderate condition, 422 severe to critical condition.

‣ About 1,000 soldiers have been wounded since the ground invasion began – 202 of them severely, 320 moderately and 470 lightly.

‣ According to Haaretz, the Health Ministry and hospitals are not allowed to publicize information about the wounded without permission of the military spokesperson, and the spokesperson’s office refuses to release data.


‣ After the release of 50 hostages, 167 are still in captivity, 10 of them minors.


‣ 130,000 from both the northern and southern fronts. No updates at presence.


Data from the Gaza Strip, October 7th – November 27th

Different data have been publicized on casualties and missing persons, by various sources. I have chosen the most conservative, the WAFA report based on the data released by the Communications Ministry in Gaza. The Health Ministry there has stopped reporting since November 11th. The rest of the data are from reports by OCHA OPT.


‣ 14,800 killed, 5,840 of them minors and 3,920 women. About 6,800 missing, of them 4,500 missing minors and women.


‣ Over 1.8 million refugees, about 80% of the Strip’s population; 1.1 million of them sought refuge in 156 UNRWA facilities. Extreme crowding and dire sanitation have been reported, as well as the breakout of epidemics.

‣ 191,000 find refuge in public buildings (schools, community services and hospitals).


‣ 46,000 residences have been totally demolished; 234,000 partially demolished. This comprises about 60% of the total number of residences in the Gaza Strip.


Daily reports from the West Bank brought below are based on reports by activists, Yesh Din Organization, WAFA, Resala, and Al Quds, corroborated with others. I am trying to confirm credibility, but everything right now is speculation. -Adi Ronen Argov

Friday, November 24


1. Muhammad Al Hanawi, 22 years old, from Aqabat Jaber refugee camp.

2. Amr Nazar Khirallah, 27 years old from Tulkarm. Died of his wounds after being shot on November 17.


74 persons arrested, 39 women and minors freed in the hostage exchange deal.


1. Old City of Nablus – night raid to conduct arrests, ignited clashes. The army raided several residences, ignited 2 vehicles and the fire spread towards a commercial building. One person wounded by live fire, 2 arrestees.

2. Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, south of Jericho – morning raid, a house was surrounded where a 22-year-old was shot whose death was announced later. One vehicle confiscated.

3. Rummanah, west of Jenin – house demolished in collective punishment, home of Kamel Abu Baker who shot and killed Tel Aviv Municipality patrol official, Hen Amir, and wounded another on August 5th. 6 persons lived in the house. The soldiers raided several more houses and turned them into army posts, attacking and wounding inhabitants.

4. Wadi al-Joz, East Jerusalem – Border Police forces prevented people from approaching the Al Aqsa compound to pray – they had to pray in the street and were attacked with teargas and beaten up.

5. Teqoa, south-east of Bethlehem – demonstration turned into clashes close to the western entrance. The army fired live bullets, 3 persons wounded, 2 bruised by beatings, 3 arrestees.

6. Deir al-Ghusun, north of Tulkarm – raid with massive use of teargas in addition to live fire. One person wounded by live fire, many suffocation from teargas.

7. Russian Compound, Jerusalem – policemen attack families of arrestees waiting for them to be freed in the hostage exchange deal. Earlier, homes of arrested women from Jabel Mukaber and Beit Hanina about to be freed were broken into with threats not to celebrate their release.

8. Ofer Camp, west of Ramallah – 31 persons wounded including a journalist waiting for arrestees to be freed in the hostage exchange deal – a waiting time that became clashes. 3 persons wounded by live fire (a 12-year-old among them), 4 persons wounded by runner-coated bullets, 22 suffocations. 2 wounded by soldiers pushing them.

9. Ayda refugee camp, north of Bethlehem – raid on inhabitants’ homes with massive use of teargas, many suffocations.

Colonist attacks

1. Ramin, east of Tulkarm – colonists attacks farmers while they worked, beating them with clubs and throwing stones. Vehicle and tractor windshields smashed. Persons bruised and cut. Soldiers present all the while.


Saturday, November 25


1. Dr. Samach Kamal Abu Al Rab, 25-years-old, from Qabatiya.

2. Amer Abu Al Wafa, 21-years-old, from Jenin.

3. Ahmad Abu Al Heija, 20-years-old, from Jenin.

4. Mohammad Sabihat, 27-years-old, from Jenin.

5. Mohammad Riad Salah, 16-years-old, from Al-Bireh.


25 persons arrested.


1. Qabatiya, south of Jenin – morning raid. A house was surrounded, its inhabitants required to come out. During the siege fire was opened at its inhabitants, a physician was killed and his brothers wounded. Both are the sons of the deputy governor of Jenin. Later, confrontations ensued, another Palestinian was wounded by live fire. 3 persons arrested.

2. Qarawat Bani Hassan, west of Salfit – raid causing clashes, one person wounded by live fire.

3. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron – raid led to confrontations. 16-year-old wounded by live fire.

4. Ofer Camp, west of Ramallah – the second day soldiers fire at Palestinians waiting for arrestees to be freed in the hostage exchange deal. 3 persons wounded by live fire, a minor among them. Many suffocations.

5. Dura, south of Hebron – raid, one person wounded by live fire, his condition critical.

6. Jenin (city and refugee camp) – raid accompanied by bulldozers and helicopters. Gunfire in all directions. Bulldozers destroy roads in city and in the camp. 3 killed, 6 wounded by live fire. The army also surrounded the Ibn Sina Hospital and the Red Crescent branch, blocking access. All the wounded and killed were directed to another hospital.

7. Al Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron – raid, one person wounded by live fire. Suffocations.

8. Al-Bireh – soldiers raid the Jabal Al Tawil neighborhood in the eastern part of town and close to the Psagot colony. They fire and wound a minor. Prevent ambulance access for an hour, until he dies.


1. Immatain and Jit, east of Qalqilya – the army flattens 100 dunams of village land close to Khavat Gil'ad colonist outpost and cuts down 150 olive trees, some of them over 50 years old.

2. Jabel Mukaber, south-east Jerusalem – Rami Al Zahir forced to demolish his own house, pressured by the municipality. 4 persons lived in the house.

Colonist attacks

1. At-Tuwani, south of Hebron – colonists dressed as soldiers steal solar panels.

2. Burqa, north-west of Nablus – colonist accompanied by soldiers invade the village farmland. Villagers coming out to push them off are attacked by soldiers’ live fire. An 11-year-old is shot in the belly.

3. Aqraba (around Khirbet Yanun), south-east of Nablus – colonists accompanied by soldiers chase olive harvesters during their harvest.


Sunday, November 26


1. As’ad Al Damaj, 33-years-old, from Jenin.

2. Mahmound Abu Al Heija, 17-years-old, from Jenin.

3. Udai Mosabah Sanobar, 30-years-old, from Yatma.


1. Jenin (city and refugee camp) – in a raid that began yesterday and lasted 12 hours, the army blew up a house where it claimed that at some point the Palestinian who had shot and killed 2 Israelis in Huwara in September was staying. Number of persons killed gone up to 5, wounded by live fire – 15. Persons arrested – 14.

2. Yatma, south-east of Nablus – town raided during the morning, leading to confrontations during which an inhabitant was shot in the face and killed.

3. Ad-Dhahiriya, south of Hebron – raid on the town that expanded into neighborhoods in the southern part of Hebron. 2 persons wounded by live fire, 6 persons arrested.

4. East Jerusalem – raid on homes of families of arrestees expected to be freed in the hostage exchange deal: threats, searches. In Silwan, suffocations due to teargas fired.

5. Ofer camp, west of Ramallah – third evening in which there are clashes nearby, around freeing arrestees in the hostage exchange deal. 2 persons wounded by live fire (a minor among them), a journalist wounded by a rubber-coated bullet. Many suffocations.

6. Al Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron – raid. Shop owners forced to close, led to confrontations. Suffocations.

7. Zanuta, south of Hebron – during the olive harvest, a masked person in army uniform, probably a soldier, confiscates cell phones of harvesters, calls and invites colonists from Meitarim outpost who come and steal 8 sacks of olives harvested that day.

Colonist attacks

1. She’b al-Batem, Masafer Yatta – colonists prevented olive harvest, took away the harvesters’ tractor. Backed up by soldiers.

2. Al Auja, north of Jericho – colonists destroy 3 tents, vandalize and loot contents.

3. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem – colonists with bulldozer flatten 15 dunams of farmland while uprooting 100 olive and almond trees, and grape vines. Destroy 15 bee hives.

4. Aqraba, south of Nablus – colonists flatten 9 dunams of land around Khirbet Yanun, preparing to take over.

5. Hares, north-west of Salfit – demonstration of colonists at the entrance to the town, secured by soldiers. Stones are thrown at Palestinian vehicles and the soldiers fire teargas at inhabitants’ homes. Suffocations.


Monday, November 27


1. Yassin Al Asmar, 26-years-old, from Beitunia.


56 persons arrested.


1. Beitunia, west of Ramallah (close to Ofer Camp) – raid and confrontations. 25-years-old is shot and killed. Another wounded by live fire.

2. Husan, west of Hebron – raid while firing teargas canisters, sun grenades and live bullets. No casualties reported.

3. Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, south of Jericho – raid to conduct arrests, one person wounded by live fire.

4. Balata and Askar (east of Nablus) refugee camps – night raids.

5. Ya'bad, south-west of Jenin – raid and confrontations. 2 persons wounded by live fire. Soldiers tear up martyr photos.

6. Madama, south of Nablus – soldiers raid a home, vandalize property and scribble on the walls: “Death to Arabs”, “Home of Collaborators”, “People of Israel Lives”.


1. Beitin - south-east of Hebron - demolition of 2 residences, leveling of land areas, uprooting of 120 olive trees, demolition of irrigation systems and water tanks.

2. Jabel Mukaber - south-east Jerusalem - Forced to self-destruct a building with 4 inhabited apartments where Talat Hassana, his 3 brothers and their families live.

Colonist attacks

1. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem – second day in which colonists continue to uproot hundreds of olive and almond trees and grape vines.

2. Ein al-Hilwa, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley – colonists burn property of the shepherd community and threaten activists.


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