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The Daily File - November 19-23, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Sunday through Thursday.

The reports are partial. Because of the many events, only ones with casualties are reported.


From the Gaza Strip as of November 22nd

In data about casualties there are gaps between the different sources.

All the reported data and their sources are represented.

‣ Killed according to EUROMED Human Rights Organization: 7,144 killed, 7,208 of them children.

‣ Killed according to the Communication Ministry in Gaza (replaced the Health Ministry that has ceased to report): 14,500 killed, 6,000 of them children, 4,000 of them women.

‣ Missing: All sources report over 6,500 missing, 4,500 of them children and women.

‣ Wounded: All sources report 33,830 wounded.

‣ Refugees: Over 1.7 million. 945,000 congregating in 156 UNRWA facilities. Since November 2nd, 9.576 holders of dual citizenship and 425 wounded have crossed to Egypt through the Rafah Crossing.

‣ Demolitions: 56,450 residences totally demolished. 162,950 partially demolished and uninhabitable. This comprises 45% of the residences in the Gaza Strip.

Data from the West Bank, as of November 22nd

Taken from the OCHA OPT reports, based on data given by the Palestinian Authority Health Ministry.

‣ Killed: Since the beginning of the year, 450 killed, 100 of them minors. Since October 7th, 209 killed, 52 of them minors – by army or police. In addition, 8 Palestinians, one minor among them, were killed by colonists since October 7th. 47% of the killed since the beginning of the year were killed since October 7th. 66% of these in confrontations, 24% in demonstrations, 7% while attacking Israelis, 2% killed by colonists. 1% during demolitions as collective punishment.

‣ Wounded: 2,842 Palestinians, 364 of them minors, wounded by Israeli soldiers, 33% by live fire. In addition, 75 wounded by colonists.

‣ Refugees: 1,014 Palestinians, 388 of them minors, were violently expelled from their homes by colonists. 15 communities have left their home. 162 Palestinians, 82 of them minors, became homeless during demolitions in Area C.

‣ Colonist attacks: 277 attacks since October 7th. 76 ended with death or injury.

‣ Arrests: 3,130 Palestinians arrested since October 7th.

Data about Israel since October 7th

1,200 killed on October 7th, near the Gaza Strip - most of these have been identified – of them 859 civilians and 33 minors. 75 soldiers have been killed in combat so far. 4 Israelis were killed in the West Bank, 2 of them, civilians.

235 were taken hostage – 40 of them minors. 4 freed, 1 released by the army, 3 hostage bodies released by army.


Sunday, November 19


1. Isam Alfaid, 46-years-old, from Jenin, with special needs.

2. Omar Al Laham, from Al Deheishe refugee camp.


1. Jenin - Dawn raid accompanied by bulldozers and helicopters. Several confrontations broke out in some neighbourhoods as well as the camp itself. A person with special needs was shot at the entrance to the camp and ambulances were prevented from approaching. The Israeli army blew up doors of several houses, and surrounded a house demanding its inhabitants to turn themselves in. One person killed, 5 wounded by live fire, 0 arrested and more destruction of streets.

2. Al Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem – hours after last night’s raid, the soldiers returned and shot a young man in the head, preventing ambulances from approaching. Confrontations broke out.

3. Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus – hours after last night’s raid, army forces returned and destroyed the Fatah HQ they blew up yesterday. 6 wounded by live fire, persons wounded by soldiers beating them up, 2 women and an elderly man among them. The Red Crescent reports that the Israeli army shot at an ambulance on a rescue mission and blocked another.

4. Al Daharia, south of Hebron – raid and confiscation of 3 vehicles belonging to inhabitants.

5. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron – the town raided, several houses taken over and their roofs turned into army posts. Soldiers threatened the villagers that if they confronted soldiers, they would be killed. Note, the main entrance to Beit Omar has been closed since October 7th.

6. Burkin, west of Jenin – raid during which a family under armed threat was taken out into the rain to serve as a human shield while a nearby house was surrounded.

7. Qalandia refugee camp, north of Jerusalem – raid to conduct arrests, 2 persons wounded by live fire.


Monday, November 20


1. Mohammad Adel Al Sarahin, 21-years-old, from Beit Ula, shot and killed in his car close to the Al Arub refugee camp.

2. Mohammad Ali Said Awis, 25-years-old, from Jenin, died 2 weeks after being wounded during a military raid of the town and camp.


50 persons arrested. As of now, 2,200 administrative detainees, 26 of them minors.


1. Al Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron – soldiers shot at Palestinian vehicle close to the watchtower at the entrance to the camp. The 2 passengers wounded. Ambulances were prevented access. One of the persons wounded died and his body was given to the Red Crescent. The second was arrested, his condition unclear.

2. Arabe, south of Jenin – Confrontations during the raid. One person wounded severely in the belly by live fire.

3. Al Far’a, south of Tubas – raid. Confrontations. One person wounded by live fire.

4. Baraqa, east of Ramallah – town raided. Confrontations. No report of wounded or arrests.

Attacks against Israelis

1. A-Zawiya, west of Salfit – 2 vehicles shot. Damages to the cars, no casualties.


Za’im, east of Jerusalem – 4-storey building demolished.

Colonist attacks

1. Taqu’a, south-est of Bethlehem – colonists attacked a shepherd from Kisan and stole sheep.

2. Sha’ab Al Botom, Masafer Yatta – colonists destroyed a living room, water tanks, solar panels, and uprooted 40 olive saplings.

3. Tuba, Masafer Yatta – colonists destroyed livestock feed, cut water pipes.

4. Khirbet Manizal, Masafer Yatta – a group of colonists attacked a 70-years-old man, leaving him on the ground with a head wound and bruised all over.

5. Al Rakiz, Masafer Yatta – army-uniformed colonists attacked villagers and several activists and international journalists, injuring them. Soldiers raided a house inhabited by the activists and journalists and confiscated their cell phones and cameras, while cursing them.


Tuesday, November 21


1. Hussein Abu Ghasa, 51-years-old, from Balata refugee camp.


45 persons arrested.


1. Doha, west of Bethlehem – raid and confrontations. A 19-year-old wounded in the pelvis by live fire.

2. Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus – for the third time in 24 hours, raid accompanied by bulldozers. Confrontations during which 5 were wounded by live fire, one of them a minor. One of the wounded later died of his wounds. The army vandalized stands in the market street and a bulldozer destroyed the street. 3 persons arrested.

3. Fundukmia, south of Jenin – soldiers and colonists invaded the village. Snipers situated on roofs close to the schoolhouse. Confrontations broke out. 2 wounded by live fire, and many suffocations by teargas.

4. ‘Asira al Qiblia, south of Nablus – raid and confrontations. 2 wounded by live fire, suffocations.

5. Jericho – raid on the city and the Aqbat Jaber refugee camp to the south.

6. Ras Al Jora, north of Hebron – soldiers shot at a vehicle and wounded its driver. An ambulance was prevented from approaching and the driver was arrested. His condition unclear.


1. Issawiya, north-east Jerusalem – house with 5 inhabitants demolished. After the owner was demanded to pay steep fines.

Colonist attacks

1. Awarta, south of Nablus – stones thrown at cars, damages to a car.

2. Yanun - south of Nablus – colonists attack olive harvesters, shoot them, vandalize olive saplings, smash windshields and chase harvesters away.

3. Zanuta, masafer Yatta – about a month after colonists expelled 36 families from the village, after 2 attempts to incinerate the school, today they burnt up 3 classrooms.


Wednesday, November 22


1. Amir Abed Al Rahma Majd, 30-years-old from Azzun.

2. Rami Al Shumali, 37-years-old, from Tul Karem refugee camp.

3. Udai Al Ziat, 33-years-old, from Tul Karem refugee camp.

4. Ahmad Salit, 20-years-old, from Tul Karem refugee camp.

5. Mohammad Abu Anin, 37-years-old, from Tul Karem refugee camp.

6. Basam A Shaf’I, 50-years-old, from Tul Karem refugee camp.

7. Firas Awad Balauna, 28-years-old, from Tul Karem refugee camp.

8. Mo’ataz Anas Mansur, 16-years-old, from Burin.


38 persons arrested.


1. Azzun, east of Qalqilia – two persons shot. Ambulances prevented from approaching. One person critically wounded in his back, died of his wounds later and was given to then Red Crescent. The second person is arrested, his condition unclear.

2. Tul Karem refugee camp – some time after midnight, a weaponized drone shelled a building. 6 killed, at least 3 wounded, two of them severely. Ambulances prevented from approaching the wounded. Later hospital in Qalqilia was surrounded, emergency ward raided as well as ambulances in an attempt to grab bodies and arrest wounded persons. 2 bulldozers destroyed streets.

3. Bithunia, west of Ramallah – raid and confrontations. One person wounded by live fire. 2 persons arrested.

4. Burin, south of Nablus – raid and confrontations. 16-year-old critically wounded in the back. Underwent life-saving measures but died in the hospital.

5. Zeita, north of Tul Karem – confrontations. 16-year-old wounded by live fire.

6. Sebastia, north-west of Nablus – confrontations, one person wounded of live fire, suffocations by teargas.

7. Al Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron – confrontations and live fire. No wounded reported.


1. Beit Dajan, east of Nablus – 2.5 dunams sequestered to pave a road for Jews only, connecting the hill and a colony in the Palestinian Jordan Valley.

2. Burin – 3 dunams sequestered for military purposes.

3. Sha’ab Al Boom, Masafer Yatta – 6 residential shanties demolished, as well as a sheep pen and irrigation system. Solidarity activity stopped.

4. Khaledia, Masafer Yatta – water hole destroyed.

5. Wadi Jheish, Masafer Yatta – irrigation pipe destroyed.


Thursday, November 23


1. Az a Din Hafi, 18-years-old, from Balata refugee camp.

2. Khader Alwan, 46-years-old, from Bitin. Shot and killed in Barqa.

3. Mohammad Ibrahim Adili, 12-year-old (!..) from Beita.


76 persons arrested.


1. Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus – in a raid that lasted 12 hours and confrontations erupted anew, one person was killed and 3 wounded, among them a minor. The soldiers detained all ambulance teams that tried to rescue wounded persons, confiscated cell phones an keys.

2. Jabel Mukaber, south-east Jerusalem – minor shot near the Separation Wall. Detained when wounded, his condition unknown.

3. Barqa, east of Ramallah – shooting at vehicle. 3 persons wounded, one killed.

4. Habla, south of Qalqilia – raid and confrontations. Several houses raided. One person wounded in the head by a rubber-coated bullet.

5. Beita, south of Nablus – confrontations during which a 12-year-old was shot in the chest and later died of his wounds.

6. Al Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron – raid, searches. Bullets fired at inhabitants including school children. Several wounded, unclear how many.

7. Al Tuba, Masafer Yatta – soldiers attacked Awad Ibrahim at his home, destroyed his cell phone, verbally attacked his family members. Detained and released.

Colonist attacks

1. Salfit – colonists prevent villagers from reaching their land west of Salfit to collect their olive harvest. Loot olive saplings and harvested olives.

2. A-Tawane, Masafer Yatta – armed colonists vandalized fruit trees, destroyed a tent, stole farming equipment and irrigation pipes.

3. Al Kanub, north-east of Hebron – a shepherd community was expelled about a month ago. They were prevented from taking any equipment along. Now they discovered that colonists have vandalized everything left behind.


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