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The Daily File – June 9-12, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Friday through Monday.


On 10.6.2006, Israel shelled a Gazan family that went out for a day of recreation on the northern coast of the city. The father and six of his children were killed. Huda Aliyah, then 12 years old, was the only survivor.



1. Ismail Salman Ayad, 73 years old, a resident of Zeitoun (east of Gaza), was mortally wounded in an aerial bombardment on May 12. He was operated several times, but his condition remains critical. Died of his wounds. He is the 34th person killed in the Israeli attack on Gaza during the month of May.

2. Mahdi Samir Mohammad Bayadsa, 29 years old, resident of Al Fara Refugee Camp. According to the army, he was driving a stolen vehicle, and during an inspection at the Rantis Checkpoint (northwest of Ramallah), he attacked a soldier and tried to steal his weapon. Another soldier shot and killed him on the spot. The soldiers blocked access of medical aid to the place.

3. Firas Hashash, 19 years old, resident of the Balata Refugee Camp. Shot and mortally wounded today (Tuesday), during a military raid on the camp. He was taken to Rafidia Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

4. Ahmed Taha, 39 years old, a resident of Biddya. Shot and hit by a large number of bullets from point blank range on April 27, when he was ordered to stop his vehicle and to get out. He reached out to take his ID, and was shot on the spot. On Friday, Israel announced its intention to return his body to the family, under restrictive burial conditions.


Arrests and detainees

1. Arrests

During the period under review, 46 Palestinians were arrested: Nabi Saleh 2 (wounded); Abu Dis 1; Beita 3; Hawara 5. Beit Sira Checkpoint 1; Az-Zuweidin 4; Ras Al-Amoud 2; Za'atara Checkpoint 1; Ya'bad 3 (minor); Issawiya 1 (minor); Krayot 2 (father and his minor son); Askar Refugee Camp 1; Seida 1; Tarqumiyah Checkpoint 1; Dura 2; Jalazone Refugee Camp 1; Husan 2 (minor); Nazlat Al Sheikh Zeid 1; Hebron 1; Dheisheh Refugee Camp 2; Biddu 1; Bayt Surik 1; Shuafat Refugee Camp 2; Silwan (14-year-old minor); Aqabat Jaber Refugee Camp 1; Bethlehem 1; Illar 1; Jabel Mukaber 1; At-Tur 1.

2. Detainees

Jamal and Hamza al-Aul, two residents of Ras al-Amoud with special needs, were arrested after being attacked.

Muhammad Harizat, 23 years old, was detained for 6 hours at the Hawara Checkpoint, when he dared to protest after being brutally attacked by the soldiers. Was dumped and admitted to the hospital.

‣ Journalist Lama Ghosha from Sheikh Jarrah, is under house arrest for the last 11 months, for posts on social media.


Attacks by the IOF on Palestinians

The report is chronological and the day of occurrence is specified.

1. Jenin, early Friday morning. A raid by reinforced forces, to arrest or assassin a wanted person. Clashes. The forces positioned snipers on the roofs, and the Palestinians used improvised explosive devices. They failed to arrest the wanted person. On their way out, they hit an electrical transformer, causing it to ignite. They prevented the Palestinian Fire Services from reaching the place, and as a result, neighborhoods were cut off from power.

Early Tuesday morning, a special force entered the eastern neighborhood of the city, apparently for an arrest or assassination mission. They shot at a car with passengers in it. A Palestinian was wounded by live ammunition. They threatened the wanted person to turn himself in or be killed. He managed to escape. In the meantime, they encountered massive resistance and retreated.

2. Beita, south of Nablus. Raids every night, for 5 days in a row. Apparently in search of an active resistamce cell. On Friday morning raid on houses and arrest. On Saturday early morning, merchants were forced to open their businesses, in order to confiscate video from closed circuit security cameras. Massive firing of teargas during the raid. Another raid and arrests on Monday early morning.

3. Bayt Dajan, east of Nablus, Friday. In the weekly protest parade against the land grabbing, the forces attacked the protestors with teargas and stun grenades. 15 suffocated.

4. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, Friday. A funeral procession on its way to the cemetery on the main road, was blocked by the military. The forces fired teargas indiscriminately at houses as well. 2 injured by rubber bullets.

5. Kafr Qaddum, east of Qalqilya, Friday. A weekly parade protesting the blocking of the main road and the land grabbing was attacked by the forces. 3 injured by rubber bullets and many from suffocation injuries.

6. Krayot, south of Nablus, Friday. As the Palestinians protested the settlers' invasion of the village spring, and the land grabbing, clashes began with the forces. Suffocation injuries.

7. Nabi Saleh, northwest of Ramallah, Friday. The forces raided a house, attacked the family members and arrested 2 young men, who were in recovering from head injuries from previous clashes.

8. Dayr Dibwan, east of Ramallah, Friday. The forces forcefully removed a tent set up by the villagers as a means of protection against settlers invading their land. 4 were arrested.

9. Teqoa, southeast of Bethlehem, Saturday. Clashes at the entrance to the village.

10. Ya'bad, southwest of Jenin, early Sunday morning. A raid on the house of a former prisoner, searches while causing a lot of damage to the contents. Clashes began and the forces fired teargas and stun grenades. Arrests, including a person with an amputated foot from a previous arrest, and a 16-year-old minor.

On Tuesday morning, another unsuccessful raid. On Tuesday afternoon, following the shooting at a vehicle and the wounding of the settler and the soldiers (will be detailed later), another raid on the town. The forces demanded the principal of the elementary school to open the gates so that its yard can be used as a parking lot for the troops. A siege on the town. A raid on houses. Exchange of fire. The residents report random shooting at residents and vehicles. The event lasted while the brief was written.

11. Zeita, north of Tulkarm, Sunday. Clashes during which the Palestinians threw firecrackers.

12. Husan, west of Bethlehem, a raid on Sunday night. Arrest of a father and his minor son (14). Clashes in protest of the arrests. Massive firing of teargas on houses. Dozens suffered from suffocation inside their homes.

13. Nablus, Monday morning. 8 months after his murder, the forces raided the house of Didi al-Hoch, one of the senior members of the Lions' Den group. They were looking for a wanted person, causing damage to the contents and vandalizing a nearby cafe. Failed arrest. Exchange of fire. Withdrawal.

Early Tuesday morning they raided again, this time in order to take measurements for the demolition of the house of Mu'taz Al Masri (one of the perpetrators of the attack in which the members of the Dee family were killed). The raid also extended to the Askar Refugee Camp, (east of the city). Arrests.

14. Zababdeh, south of Jenin, Monday. A raid on the village. Confrontations. Firing teargas and live ammunition. A Palestinian wounded by gunfire, and many more from suffocation.

15. Rummanah, west of Jenin, Monday. Raid and clashes. No injuries were reported. Another raid early Tuesday morning, and a set up of a military checkpoint.

16. Balata Refugee Camp, east of Nablus, Tuesday early morning. Special forces raid. The sirens in the camp were activated and the troops withdrew.

later in the afternoon, another raid by special forces. They surrounded a wanted person house, and announced the people to exit. The wanted person was not there. They shelled the house and caused it to burn. They surrounded another house and locked all family members in one room. Clashes. 8 injured, including a 10-year-old boy. One killed.

The forces prevented the access of ambulances to aid the wounded. According to the Palestinians, the forces shot bystanders with live ammunition while they were trying to rescue the wounded.

17. Jericho, raid on Tuesday morning. Clashes. Exchange of fire.


Demolitions, Confiscations and Blockades

1. Shu'afat Refugee Camp, North East Jerusalem. Demolition of a car wash facility. In addition, a decision to destroy the home of 13-year-old Mohammad Zalbani, who is accused of a stabbing attack at the Shuafat checkpoint, in a case that ended in the death of a police officer backing up from his colleague's fire.

2. Ein AL-dyouk Al-foqa, west of Jericho. Demolition of a junkyard and removal of 100 vehicles.

3. The old city of Jerusalem. Nora Sub Laban and her family members who live in the Muslim Quarter are scheduled for eviction and deportation from their home on June 11 (the end of the ultimatum for voluntary eviction), in favor of settlers and the Ateret Cohanim organization, as part of the project for Judaizing of the Muslim Quarter. Still in her home along with solidarity activists, she refuses to evacuate voluntarily.

4. Azun Atme, south of Qalqiliya. Demolition of a boundary fence of an agricultural farm, in addition to an expropriation order for 16 acres of cultivated land, in favor of the expansion of Sha'arei Tikva settlement.

5. Hizma, North East Jerusalem. Demolition of a shack, a dirt road and a water well.

6. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron. Stopping the council's work on the renovation of a water pipe on the Hebron- Bethlehem main road. Confiscation of council vehicles and equipment.

7. Jalamah Checkpoint, northeast of Jenin. On Saturday, a business day where many Israeli Palestinian citizens go through the checkpoint to shop in Jenin - the checkpoint, as well as other checkpoints around the city of Jenin, was closed without prior notice.


Palestinian attacks on the Occupation Forces (IOF)

1. Jalamah Checkpoint, northeast of Jenin. shooting.

2. Rantis Checkpoint, northwest of Ramallah. A suspected stolen vehicle was stopped for inspection. According to the army, the Palestinian driver attacked a soldier at the checkpoint and was shot dead by another soldier.

3. Hawara, south of Nablus. Sarah Aziz, 15, was shot with a taser gun and arrested after trying to stab a soldier. From postings on her social media pages, she asked to join the shahid Didi al-Hoch, member of the Lions' Den. During her arrest, a settler called for her execution.

4. Shavei Shomron Checkpoint, northwest of Nablus. shooting.

5. Tayasir Checkpoint, east of Tubas. shooting.

6. Marj Ibn Amer, west of Jenin. shooting.

7. Ya'bad, southeast of Jenin. Shooting at a vehicle with a settler and soldiers in it. 5 wounded - the settler and 4 soldiers. Their condition is average. The vehicle from which they were shot fled the scene, and was found burned near the town.


Settles attacks on Palestinians

1. Turmus Aya, northeast of Ramallah. Settlers set fire to Palestinian agricultural fields, and the soldiers prevented Palestinians from defending their lands.

2. Hares, west of Salfit. Settlers rebuilt the Ma'ale Yonatan outpost.

3. Baytillu, northwest of Ramallah. Settlers established an outpost.

4. Hebron. On Saturday, settlers, secured by the army, raided neighborhoods in the old city, threw stones, incited dogs, attacked shops. A number of Palestinian wounded. On Sunday, settlers attacked Palestinians on Shuhada Street. The army prevented the Palestinians from reacting, and arrested one of them.

5. Wadi Tha'la, Masafer Yatta. Settlers grazed their herds on Palestinian cultivated fields. The army denied the Palestinians access to their fields. The settlers destroyed a water well.

6. Ras El Amoud, East Jerusalem. Settlers attacked a Palestinian youth. The forces secured them.

7. Jalud, southeast of Nablus. Settlers attacked vehicles. A number of injured, including children. The soldiers avoided intervention.

8. Asira al-Qibliya, south of Nablus. Burning Palestinian fields.

9. North of the Jordan Valley, near Beka'ot. Settlers grazed on Palestinian cultivated fields.


Palestinians attacks on settlers

1. al-Khader, south of Bethlehem. Fire bomb on a car. No casualties.

2. Kfar Ezion, north of Hebron. Fire bomb set fields on fire.

3. Hizma, northeast of Jerusalem. Throwing stones at a bus.

4. Azzun, east of Qalqilya. Throwing stones and firecrackers on vehicles.

5. Husan, west of Bethlehem. Stone throwing and car damage.


Gaza Strip

A fisherman was injured by multiple rubber bullets, fired from navy ships. A lot of damage to fishing boats.


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