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The Daily File - June 22-27, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Thursday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon.


1. Tareq Mohammad Khalil Idrees, 39 years old. Resident of Askar Refugee Camp. Father of four, including a one month old baby girl. Commander and founder of the armed resistance group in the camp. A senior in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades. Wounded in the stomach on Friday, during the clashes in the camp. He remained injured and bleeding for a long time without access to medical aid. Died of his wounds on Saturday. He is the 6th person killed in the camp since the beginning of the year.

2. Ishaq Hamdi Amin Al-Ajlouni, 17 years old. Resident of Kafr 'Aqab in northern Jerusalem. He was shot and killed in an exchange of fire, when he fired an automatic rifle at the security forces at the Qalandiya checkpoint. According to witnesses, a medical aid was denied, and he bled to death for a long time.


Arrests and detainees

1. Arrests

During the period under review, 87 Palestinians were arrested in the West Bank: Dheisheh Refugee Camp2 (1 minor); Ni'lin 1; Silwad 1; Hebron 6 (1 minor); Jenin 3; Beit Ummar 2; Askar Refugee Camp 1; Nablus 8 (3 minors); Bethlehem 3; Dayr Sharaf Checkpoint 1; Dar Salah 1; The Old City Jerusalem 1; Wadi al-Joz 1; Duma 1 (minor); Seida 1; Dura 2; Urif 1; Kafr 'Aqab 3; Bab al-Rahma 2; Huwara Checkpoint 1; Nabi Saleh Checkpoint 1; East Jerusalem 1; Ein Ar Rashash 3; Arraba 2; Ya'bad 1 (age 12); At-Tuba 2; Qalandiya Checkpoint 1; Ras Al-Amoud 1; Aqabat Jaber Refugee Camp 1; Baytin 5; Al-Arroub Refugee Camp 1; Tuqu' 1; Anabta 1; Beit Sira Checkpoint 1; Beit Ummar Checkpoint 1; Abu Shukhaydam 3; Al Buweib 2; Balata Refugee Camp 2; Zawata 1 (journalist); Beit Fajjar 1; Husan 2 (minors); al-Mughayyir 4; Al-Ram 2; Issawiya 3.

A child detention in Hebron

2. Administrative detentions

Anis Zaher Alawna, renewed for the third time, for 6 months (in administrative detention since June 27, 2022).

Suhair Afana, from Sur Baher, was transferred to administrative detention for 6 months.

‣ Four administrative detainees started a hunger strike: Mahmoud Talhama, Muhammad Ahmad Dandis, Abdullah Abdo, Anas Shadid.

Three minors detention in Nablus

3. Detainees

Ahmed Shahin, from East Jerusalem, was released today from 22 years in prison, met his son, and was immediately arrested again.

‣ The petition for the early release of Walid Daka due to his very serious medical condition was rejected.

Ahmed Manasra at the time of his arrest, when he was 13 years old (left). And today (right).

‣ The hearing on the petition to end the isolation for Ahmed Manasra, 21 years old, was postponed for 20 days despite his deteriorating mental condition and the doctors' recommendations.


Attacks by the IOF on Palestinians

The report is chronological and the day of occurrence is specified.

1. Nablus, Early Thursday morning. The demolition of the house of Kamel Jouri, who was involved in the killing of the soldier Ido Baruch in October 2022. The house is on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. Reinforced forces called on the residents of the other apartments to leave. Clashes and exchange of gunfire began. Thirty three were reported injured from suffocation, three from bruises. After several hours, the house was blown up.

Sunday, another raid, during which three minors were arrested. The forces imposed severe restrictions at all checkpoints and prevented entry into the city. Clashes began. No injuries were reported.

Early Tuesday morning. A raid on the Sufian neighborhood in the center of the city, and on the Balata Refugee Camp in the east. The forces were positioned near the school building. Exchange of fire, and in the camp improvised explosive devices were used. Two wounded, one shot in the pelvis, another by shrapnel in the eye. In addition, suffocation injuries. Arrests of six, including a journalist.

On Tuesday afternoon, the forces demanded the closing of the shops, despite the lively trade ahead of the approaching holiday. Stun grenades on commercial buildings.

2. Dheisheh Refugee Camp, south of Bethlehem, on Thursday. A raid for arrests. The forces fired live ammunition, teargas and stun grenades. A house was searched and its contents was damaged. One minor was arrested. One wounded by live ammunition.

3. A Ram, north of Jerusalem, Thursday afternoon. Clashes. The forces fire teargas massively. suffocation injuries. Clashes again on Monday.

4. Jabel Mukaber, southeast Jerusalem, Thursday evening. Confrontations. No injuries were reported. Clashes on Friday as well.

5. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, early Friday morning. Raid on Bayda area. Two were arrested after their homes were searched. Exchange of fire. No injuries were reported.

6. Askar Refugee Camp, east of Nablus, early Friday morning. A combined force of the army, the Shin Bet and the Israel Border Police raided the camp, and arrests three (among them brothers of martyrs who were involved in the killing of the Dee family members in the Jordan Valley). They raided five houses. Clashes, including exchange of fire. Two wounded, one seriously wounded who later died of his wounds. 30 suffocation injuries.

7. Jenin, Friday morning. A raid on the outskirts of the city. Exchange of fire. The army withdrew and returned again. Another round of gunfire.

In Jenin refugee camp, residents hung sheets to block the field of vision of Israeli drones and snipers.

8. Bethlehem, Friday. At 01:30 undercover forces shot at a Palestinian vehicle that was on its way to the Hilwa cemetery. One arrest. Conflicting reports of injures.

9. Silwan, Friday morning. Forces raided and attacked the house of the Abu Sanina family. Confrontations. Twenty injured, five of whom required medical treatment. Another raid on Sunday, and another on Monday morning. Clashes. One more on Tuesday. Soldiers were positioned on the roofs of houses.

10. Bayt Dajan, east of Nablus, Friday afternoon. In the weekly protest march against the land grabbing and the blocking of access to agricultural lands, the forces fired rubber bullets and teargas. Five injuries were reported.

11. Beita, south of Nablus. In the weekly protest against the land grabbing in Jabel Sabih, and in the presence of dozens of settlers who re-staffed the Eviatar outpost, the army fired live bullets, rubber bullets, and teargas. Suffocation injuries were reported.

12. Kafr Qaddum, east of Qalqilya. Four were injured by rubber bullets in the weekly protest march against the blocking of the entrance, and the land grabbing.

13. Sarra, northwest of Nablus, Friday. Khaled Akram Malalha, 5 years old, a resident of the town, drove with his father and uncle to a family wedding party. He was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle that was part of a convoy. Clashes broke out at the entrance to the village, and the vehicle pulled over to avoid the conflicts. The army started shooting, and Khaled was hit by a rubber bullet in his eye. He was rushed to the hospital, but the doctors could not save the eye and had to remove it surgically. IDF in response: We'll inquire.

14. Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem. The police violently attacked the weekly demonstration, for carrying Palestinian flags.

15. Anabta, east of Tulkarm. Raid and confiscation of video from closed circuit cameras, after the shooting at Avnei Hefetz. Monday morning, raid and clashes. Exchange of fire. Arrest.

16. Tulkarm and the Nur Shams Refugee Camp, early Saturday morning. The forces stormed the city while firing massive teargas. Suffocation injuries. Later, a Shin Bet officer called a number of resistance fighters and threatens them with murder. Early Monday morning, another raid on the city and the refugee camp. Exchange of fire. The Palestinians used improvised explosive devices.

17. Husan, west of Bethlehem. A raid on Saturday early morning, and again on Sunday morning. Clashes. Suffocation injuries. Arrests. Tuesday morning, another raid. The forces threw stun grenades at houses.

18. Arraba, southwest of Jenin. A raid for arrests. Clashes during which a young man was injured. Another young man, who was injured during clashes a week earlier, was arrested as well. Arrest of a 12 years old minor. All were taken to the nearby detention center, claiming that all the detainees are connected.

19. Marj Ibn Amer Valley, west of Jenin. Shooting at the separation wall. Confrontations. A Palestinian was injured by live ammunition.

20. El Haresh, west of Jenin, early Sunday morning. Clashes and exchanges of fire. No injuries reported.

21. At-Tuba, Masafer Yata. After clashes with settlers on Saturday (to be reported later), a night raid (2:00 AM). The force roamed the village and terrorized the locals, cuts car tires, woke residents and searched houses. No arrests made.

22. Shuafat Refugee Camp, northeast Jerusalem, Sunday. raid. Tuesday, another raid.

23. Issawiya, North East of Jerusalem, Monday morning. Raid and clashes.

24. Aqabat Jaber Refugee Camp, southeast of Jericho, early Monday morning. A raid for serving a demolition order to Maher Shalon's house. Clashes and exchange of fire. No known injuries.

25. Al-Arroub Refugee Camp, north of Hebron, early Monday morning. Raid and clashes. Arrests.

26. Hebron, Monday morning. During a Raid on houses and a businesses, all checkpoints around the city were closed, and Hamas operatives were threatened and interrogated in the field. Clashes began.

27. Sebastia, northwest of Nablus, Monday. Assault under massive use of teargas. Suffocation injuries. The reason was not known. No arrests made.

28. Rummanah and Zababdeh, west of Jenin, Monday. A raid on both towns. Clashes during which one was seriously injured. The forces withdrew without arrests.

29. Fasa'il, northwest of Jericho, Monday. Raid. House searches. Damage to the contents. Firing of teargas and stun grenades at the houses.

30. Silwad, northeast of Ramallah, Monday. Confrontations at the entrance. No injuries or arrests were reported.

31. Beitunia, west of Ramallah. Clashes near the Offer military camp, on the lands of Beitunia. No injuries were reported.

32. Khallet ad-Daba'a, Masafer Yata, early Tuesday morning. Soldiers raided houses, took pictures of houses and residential caves, and confiscated a generator.

33. al-Mughayyir, northeast of Ramallah, Tuesday. Confrontations and arrests.


Demolitions, Confiscations and Blockades

1. Umm Tuba, East Jerusalem. Dozens of olive trees were uprooted, and an animal pen was destroyed.

2. Duma, southeast of Nablus. The entrance to the village was blocked with piles of dirt and rocks.

3. Nahalin, southwest of Bethlehem. The iron gate on the road connecting with Jaba' was closed, and the forces shot at the residents who tried to open the it.

4. Hammamat al Maleh, north of the Jordan Valley. Three residential buildings were demolished.

5. East Jerusalem. Night raid on 16 houses of prisoners and ex prisoners. Confiscation of vehicles, money given by the Palestinian Authority (contrary to the new law), and additional property (ie. jewelry). Demolition of the contents of the houses. No arrests.

6. Al Buweib, Masafer Yata. Demolition of terraces and leveling of land while damaging crops. Activist arrested.

7. Khallet Al Louza, south of Bethlehem. 160 olive trees were uprooted.


Palestinian attacks on the Occupation Forces (IOF)

1. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron. An observation post at the entrance was ignited.

2. Qalandiya Checkpoint, North Jerusalem. A Palestinian minor approached the checkpoint on foot, and opened fire at the security guards. They fired back and killed him. A security guard was slightly injured.

3. Jalazone Refugee Camp, north of Ramallah. Fire bombs on the military tower next to the camp

4. Tayasir Checkpoint, east of Tubas. shooting.


Settles attacks on Palestinians

1. Al-Lubban ash-Sharqiya, northeast of Ramallah, Thursday. Construction of a new outpost. Six mobile buildings and infrastructure.

2. Jalud, southeast of Nablus. Seventy to Eighty settlers, apparently from Shiloh, Kida and Shvut Rachel settlements, attacked and set fire to houses in the village. The settlers were accompanied by soldiers that secured them. The Palestinians, organized in defense groups, went out to confront them. The accompanying forces fired live rounds at the Palestinians. Five gunshot injuries, two with head injuries.

3. Turmus Aya, northeast of Ramallah, Thursday. Another attempt at setting fire to houses. The Palestinians confronted the settlers, and managed to drive them away. Friday evening, the settlers attacked again. Residents of the nearby al-Mughayyir came for help. The settlers fired live rounds during their retreat. One Palestinian was injured. Sunday, one acre of agricultural crops was set on fire.

4. Urif, south of Nablus. Records of the attack from last Wednesday night: a school was set on fire, a mosque and Koran books were vandalized, an electrical transformer was set on fire. That caused a power outage into Thursday.

On Saturday at 17:30, they attacked again, this time they tried again to get to the school to burn it. The forces fired teargas at the Palestinians who came out to defend the school.

During the attack MK Zvi Sukkot (Yitzhar) was recorded watching the events.

5. Nahalin, southwest of Bethlehem. Settlers, secured by soldiers, blocked the entrance and attacked Palestinian vehicles, through Thursday night. Early Friday morning, clashes broke out, during which the Palestinians threw stones at the settlers. The forces fired live rounds at the Palestinians.

6. Dayr Dibwan, east of Ramallah. Settlers attacked residents' homes. Conflicts developed. A Palestinian was seriously injured by live ammunition in the chest.

7. Umm Safa, west of Ramallah, Early Friday morning, settlers attacked the village, and clashes began. The forces fired teargas, and hit an ambulance. Saturday, about seventy settlers, followed by the occupation forces, arrived at the village. They started setting fire to houses on their occupants. Houses were selected based on presence of residents in them.

The Palestinians went out to confront the settlers, and the forces fired rubber bullets and teargas at them. Twenty vehicles and fifteen houses were set on fire, including a house where thirteen people had to be rescued, children and babies among them. The settlers hit an ambulance that was on its way from Bayt Rima to Ramallah. The driver was injured. Eleven gunshot wounds in total. The settlers shot live rounds unimpeded, and damaged the equipment of a camera crew that was on one of the roofs.

The Palestinians set fire to a military vehicle. An Israeli soldier was slightly injured during the clashes. According to witnesses, the soldiers blocked the roads and prevented Palestinians from nearby villages to approach, especially from the city of Rawabi. The settlers fled to the Ateret settlement, and sabotaged the entrance gate, but Minister Ben-Gvir claimed that the army blocked the settlers. Early Sunday morning, settlers burned an electrical transformer and cut off the entire village from power.

8. Sinjil, northeast of Ramallah, Thursday evening. Settlers tried to attack houses on the outskirts of the town. The residents went out to defend the town. The army confronted the Palestinians. One wounded by Rubber bullet in the face.

9. Al-Bireh. Settlers attacked vehicles at the northern entrance, threw stone and damaged vehicles. On Friday at noon they gathered at the northern entrance, and attacked again Palestinian vehicles.

10. Baytin, east of Ramallah. Throwing stones at vehicles.

11. At-Tuba, Masafer Yata. Settlers, apparently from Ma'on ranch, attacked residents with pepper spray and sticks, causing significant damage to one of the houses. The occupation forces arrested a Palestinian resident and solidarity activist.

12. Deir Istiya, north of Salfit. A new outpost was constructed on a resident's land, and near his house (100m). The settlers threatened the residents. The army secured the outpost, preventing Palestinians from accessing and praying on their lands. The settlers blocked dirt roads from the village to the lands.

13. Mu'arrajat (Center), northwest of Jericho. A new outpost. On Tuesday, five settlers attacked a Palestinian boy while in grazing. Israeli activists who were present called the police. When the police arrived, they arrested the two activists (who were released after a few hours), and abandoned two more activists in the area, but they were rescued by other activists who came for help. The injured child needed medical attention. Two other shepherds were also injured.

14. Mukhmas, northeast of Jerusalem. A new outpost.

15. Hebron. Palestinian vehicles were attacked at the checkpoint south of the city. On Saturday, settlers marched in the old city, secured by the army, while chanting racist chants.

16. Si'ir, northeast of Hebron. Settlers set fire to olive groves.

17. Ein Ar Rashash, northeast of Ramallah, near Alon road. Settlers raided six tents. An eighty years old man was brutally beaten. A tent was set on fire next to gas canisters. The army arrested three Palestinians.

18. Qibya, west of Ramallah. Settlers threw stones at vehicles in Ein Ayub square.

19. Shufa, southeast of Tulkarm. Settlers sprayed Nazi graffiti on Palestinian greenhouses, next to the military checkpoint. Two donkeys were also stolen.

20. Zawiya, west of Salfit. Settlers attacked a Palestinian. According to the reports, they tried to amputate his finger. He was rushed to the hospital.

21. Fandaqumiya, south of Jenin. Shooting at a Palestinian vehicle, damaging the windshield. No casualties.

22. Duma, southeast of Nablus. Burning of lands on the hills near Naser valley.

23. Dayr Sharaf, west of Nablus. A new outpost.

24. Tuqu', southeast of Bethlehem. The army secured three settlers who entered the town for prayer.

25. Jaba', north of Jerusalem. Throwing stones at Palestinian vehicles.


Palestinians attacks on settlers

1. Jenin. A failed attempt to launch a rocket towards the 1948 territories.

2. Ya'bad Checkpoint, southwest of Jenin. Stone throwing and car damage.

3. Husan, west of Bethlehem. A settler was injured after his car was hit.

4. Beit Horon, west of Ramallah. Stone throwing and car damage.

5. Deir Istiya, north of Salfit. Stone throwing and car damage.

6. Birzeit, north of Ramallah. Throwing stones at a bus.

7. Avnei Hefetz, east of Tulkarm. shooting.

8. Huwara, south of Nablus. Two stone throwing events. In one of the cases, two were injured.

9. Azzun, east of Qalqilya. Two were injured and their vehicle vandalized after entering the town. In another incident, a settler was injured by throwing stones at a bus.

10. Sinjil, northeast of Ramallah. Throwing stones at settler’s vehicles.

11. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron. Stone throwing.

12. Umm Salmuna, south of Bethlehem. A settler was injured by throwing stones.


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