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The Daily File - June 18-21, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Saturday evening through Wednesday midnight.


‣ 135 dead in the West Bank since the beginning of the year. 23 of them are minors. 20 deaths since the beginning of June. About 4,850 injured. About 410 buildings were destroyed. About 650 Palestinians lost their homes. (Data according to the OCHA Opt report and additional updates a few days later).

‣ June 20 was International Refugee Day. According to UNRWA data, 6.3 million Palestinian refugees since 1948.




1. Zakaria Muhammad Alzoul, 20 years old. Resident of Husan (west of Bethlehem). Shot in the head on June 19, during a military raid on the village. According to the Palestinians, the forces prevented the access of ambulances, and they had to evacuate him to the nearby al-Khader Medical Center in a private car. His death was pronounced there.

2. Ahmad Khaled Daraghmeh, 19 years old, resident of Tubas. Shot on June 19, during the clashes in Jenin. According to the Palestinians, he was shot in the head while throwing stones at an armored military vehicle. His death was recorded on camera.

3. Qais Majdi Jabareen, 21 years old, resident of Jenin. Shot and killed during the clashes in Jenin on June 19.

4. Ahmad Youssef Saqr, 15 years old, resident of the Jenin Refugee Camp. Shot in the stomach from a military vehicle during the clashes on June 19. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

5. Qassam Faisal Abu Sariya, 29 years old. Married and the father of a baby girl. A resident of the Jenin Refugee Camp. His brother was killed in 2001.

6. Khaled Azzam Asa'sah, 21 years old, resident of the Jenin Refugee Camp. Shot and killed during the military raid in Jenin.

7. Amjad Aref Al-Ja’as, 48 years old. Resident of Jenin. He was shot in the stomach and mortally wounded during the military raid in Jenin on June 19. He died of his wounds the next day. His son Wasim, 19 years old, was shot and killed on January 26 this year.

8. Sadeel Ghassan Turkman, 15 years old, 8th grade student. A resident of the Jenin Refugee Camp. She was shot in the head and mortally wounded while staying at her home during the raid on Jenin on June 19. Died of her wounds two days later. Her father spent 3 years in an Israeli prison in the past.

9. Nasser Saleh Mohammad Sinan, 55 years old, resident of Jenin. Married and father of 6. Shot in the head during a military raid on May 22. Since then he has undergone several surgeries. Died of his wounds on June 20.

10. Mohannad Faleh Shahada, 26 years old, resident of the village of Urif (south of Jenin). Graduated with a degree in sports teaching. Was shot and killed in an exchange of fire, immediately after he shot and killed 4 Israelis, in a restaurant at the gas station near Eli. Wounded 4 others, one seriously. He was released from prison, where he met his partner in shooting, a year and a half ago.

11. Khaled Mustafa Sabah, 24 years old, rsident of the villager of Urif. Shot from an ambush by special forces near Tubas, while he was on the run to Jenin. Together with Mohannad he shot and killed 4 Israelis and wounded 4 others near Eli. According to the Palestinians, he fuffered many gunshot wounds in the head, chest and stomach.

12. Omar Hisham Abdullah Jabara (Abu Katin), 27 years old, resident of Turmos Aya. Married and father of a child (Abdullah). Soccer Player. He was shot in the chest by a police officer during clashes between Palestinians and settlers who attacked the village. According to the policeman, Omar was armed and posed a threat to his life. According to witnesses - not so. On his Facebook page, he published his wish to live long enough to see his son grow up. His sister said that he recently rejected an opportunity to immigrate to the USA, and decided to stay in Palestine. Went out to defend his home during the attack.

13. S. Suhayb Adnan al-Ghoul, an operative with the Jenin Brigade, in the Al-Aqsa Brigades. Killed by a missile hit from a helicopter on the vehicle in which he and two other squad members were traveling. Suspected of being involved in shooting at the Jalamah Checkpoint.

14. Mohammed Bashar Uweis, was killed in similar circumstances to Suhayb Adnan al-Ghoul.

15. Ashraf Murad Saadi, was killed in similar circumstances to Suhayb Adnan al-Ghoul.


1. Elisha Antman, 18 years old, a 12th grade student at the Bnei Akiva yeshiva in Eli. A resident of Eli. Shot and killed by two Palestinians in a restaurant located at a gas station near the settlement.

2. Nachman Shmuel Mordoff, 17 years old, a resident of the Ma'ale Ahouvya outpost and Ma'ale Ahiya. Shot and killed by two Palestinians in a restaurant located at a gas station near the settlement. His good friend Elisha Yard eulogized him and thanked him for his war on the lands of Israel, and for being a devoted shepherd.

3. Ofer Feierman, 63 years old. Married and father of two. A resident of Eli. Worked as a guard in the settlement. Shot and killed by two Palestinians in a restaurant located at a gas station near the settlement.

4. Harel Masoud, 21 years old. Recently discharged from the military. Resident of Yad Binyamin.Shot and killed by two Palestinians in a restaurant located at a gas station near the settlement.

Return of corpses

Mohammad Osama Abu Jom’a, a resident of At-Tur. 23 years old. Shot and killed on September 22, 2022 near Modi'in, alleging attempted stabbing. However, a knife was not found, and according to eye witnesses, he was involved in an argument with an Israeli who was, apparently, responsible for him at work. A policeman suspected that it was a stabbing and shot him dead. Those who claimed he have been complicit in the "attack" were released unconditionally. His body was returned early Monday morning to his family, under restrictive burial conditions, with a limited presence of attendants. Police officers who were there prevented escorts from entering the cemetery.

Mahdi Samir Mohammad Bayadsa, 29 years old, resident of Rantis.Shot and killed on June 9, at the Rantis Checkpoint, after he tried to stab a soldier, and was shot by another.His body was returned to the family under restrictive burial conditions.


Arrests and detainees

1. Arrests

During the period under review, 56 Palestinians were arrested: Huwara 1; Araba 4 (1 minor 13 years old); Silwan 3; Hebron 3; Bab al Amoud 3 (1 minor); Jenin 2; al-Mughayyir 2; Jalazone Refugee Camp 2; Beita 5; Zeita 2 (1 minor); ʿEin Sultan Refugee Camp 1; At-Tur 5 (2 minors); Burqin 2; Gaza Strip 2; Husan 2 (1 minor); Al-Ram 1 (minor); Beit Ummar 1; Dayr Samet 1; Rantis 1; Al-Aqsa 1; Urif 5; Jabel Mukaber 1; Tammun 1; East Jerusalem 2 (1 minor); Sur Baher 1; Rummanah 1; Aqabat Jaber Refugee Camp 1.

2. Deportation and expulsion orders

Najah Kirat and Hinadi Halwani were ordered to be expelled from Jerusalem for two weeks with the option of an extension, to be carried out within an hour.


Attacks by the IOF on Palestinians

Chronological report and date of occurrence.

1. Arraba, south of Jenin, Saturday evening. A raid on the town. Confrontations . Unfortunately, a 13-year-old minor took pictures of the raid. His arrest was brutal.

2. Husan, west of Bethlehem, early Sunday morning. Clashes at the entrance during which the Palestinians shot firecrackers. No injuries were reported. Monday evening, clashes at the eastern entrance. A 20-years-old Palestinian was killed. First he was hit in the head, but the forces blocked medical aid and the evacuation was delayed. He died of his wounds. Two more were wounded, one of them, a 12 years old, who was hit by a live bullet in his back, is in critical condition. Wednesday early morning, another round of confrontations. suffocation injuries.

3. Faqqu'a, east of Jenin. A raid. Clashes began while the forces retreated towards the Jalamah Checkpoint (to the north). No injuries or arrests were reported.

4. Beita, south of Nablus. Sunday morning. Raid and clashes. Palestinians threw stones. The forces responded with teargas, rubber bullets and stun grenades. Arrests after house searche. On Wednesday, the sirens were activated in the town, calling on the residents to prepare for a confrontation with dozens of settlers, who entered the Eviatar outpost on Jabel Sibaih.

5. Jenin and the Jenin Refugee Camp, Sunday morning. Raid in the neighborhoods near the refugee camp. Clashes and exchange of fire began on the outskirts of the camp. Improvised explosive devices were thrown at the troops. No injuries were reported. No arrests.

Monday at dawn, multiple forces raided the city and the refugee camp. Palestinians sources claim that about 120 vehicles, accompanied by bulldozers, participated in the raid. The purpose of the raid was to arrest wanted persons. Snipers were positioned on the roofs overlooking the camp. The soldiers entered the house of Mousaad al Barmati. Much damage to the contents of the house. Two wanted persons were arrested.

Clashes broke out in several locations. The soldiers fired live bullets, stun grenades and teargas. A military bulldozer hit a central water pipe in the Jabariat neighborhood and caused power outages in the camp.

A military force fired at an ambulance and prevented the rescue of the wounded. Journalists were surrounded in one of the streets, and the forces shot live rounds at them. Journalist Hazem Nasser was seriously wounded by a live bullet in the stomach.

Armored military vehicles were ambushed, and the Palestinians detonated powerful explosive devices (an estimates of 40 kg of explosives). Heavy damage to 5 or 7 (various reports) military vehicles. Eight soldiers were injured, one of them seriously. During the rescue of the wounded, an Apache helicopter intercepted an open area. Massive indiscriminate shooting by the soldiers.

Seven Palestinians dead, among them two minors. 91 injured were evacuated to the hospitals. Of these, 23 are in critical condition. The forces sniped at the entrance to the Ibn Sina Hospital, while rescue of the wounded continued. The fighting lasted for 10 hours.

6. Nur Shams Refugee Camp, east of Tulkarm, early Sunday morning. Raid on the camp. Exchange of fire. No injuries or arrests were reported.

7. Beit Qad, east of Jenin, early morning raid. The Palestinians threw stones at the troops. No injuries were reported.

8. Burqa, northwest of Nablus, Sunday. A raid on the town. Teargas and rubber bullets. suffocation injuries.

9. Silat al-Harithiya, west of Jenin. Clashes at the entrance to the town. Multiple suffocation injuries.

10. Al Fara Refugee Camp, south of Tubas, Monday morning. Detention, during which an exchange of fire began. The sirens in the camp were activated. No injuries were reported.

11. Jalazone Refugee Camp, north of Ramallah, Monday morning. Raid. House searche and arrests.

12. ʿEin Sultan Refugee Camp, north of Jericho. Monday morning raid and searches. Detention.

13. At-Tur, East Jerusalem, Monday morning. Clashes during raid.

14. Al-Bireh. Monday afternoon. Demonstration in support of Jenin. Confrontations. Injuries were reported, but not their quantity or nature. The Palestinian security forces cooperated with the IOF, and conducted house search during the raid.

15. Al-Aqsa. Monday evening. The occupation police evicted all the Itikaf worshipers, as well as the Waqf workers. The reason was not clear. The women gathered near one of the gates and continued with prayers and Takbir. They were evicted from there also. The following day, 350 Jews entered the "sterile" area for prayer. On Wednesday, Bab al-Rahma was raided and the worshipers were driven away.

16. Tura ash-Sharqiya, west of Jenin. A Palestinian vehicle approached the checkpoint in a stampede attempt, according to the soldiers. The soldiers opened massive fire at the vehicle. Its occupants were injured. One of them, a Jordanian citizen who came to visit his family in Ya'bad, was seriously injured. A soldier was slightly injured by the vehicle, and another from shrapnel. The soldiers prevented ambulances from approaching the Palestinians.

17. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron. A raid early Tuesday morning with no confrontations. On Wednesday, the forces attacked again, this time during a funeral procession for two of the town residents, who were killed during conflicts between families. Confrontations. Two injured by live ammunition, one of them is in serious condition.

18. Beit Furik, east of Nablus, early Tuesday morning. Confrontations. Injuries in the chest and face by rubber bullets.

19. Urif, south of Nablus. A raid on the homes of the relatives of the two Palestinians who killed 4 Israelis and wounded 4 others in the restaurant near Eli. Searches. Arrests. Measurements for the demolition of the houses.

20. Silwad, northeast of Ramallah, Wednesday. Clashes at the entrance to the town. No injuries were reported.

21. Kafr Malik, northeast of Ramallah. Wednesday clashes. A minor was wounded in the head by live bullet.

22. Muqeible, northeast of Jenin, Wednesday night. A shell-throwing military drone attacked a squad vehicle, that was involved in multiple shooting incidents at the Jalamah checkpoint. Three members of the squad were killed. Among them a minor. According to senior officials, the Targeted countermeasures were intended to "restore the power of deterrence".

23. Nablus, Thursday morning. A raid on Nablus to demolish the house of the prisoner Kamel Gouri, who is suspected of killing the soldier Ido Baruch, while he was securing a march of settlers to Chomesh. Clashes and exchange of fire. Teargas on ambulances. Suffocation injuries.


Demolitions, confiscations and blockades

1. Biddya, Masafar Yata. The court approved the demolition of the Umm Qussa elementary school, where kindergarten and grades 1-4 students attend. The scholl should be self-destructed within 7 days. A demolition order was submitted last year already, and since then the forces have prevented additions of buildings. The whole structure is made of tin.

2. Umm Al Khair, Masafar Yata. Demolition orders for 10 buildings, to be carried out no later than July 5.

3. Qalandiya, North East Jerusalem. Demolition of an agricultural building.

4. Qarawat Bani Hassan, west of Salfit. Work stoppage order for the preparation of two agricultural paths. In addition, construction has been suspended for 3 residences.

5. Silwan. Demolition of the Tawil brothers' apartments. The police closed off the entire area and prevented the residents of the house from approaching.

6. Al Karmil, south of Hebron. Demolition order for 3 residential buildings, an agricultural building and an agricultural path, connecting two communities.

7. Shuafat Refugee Camp, North East Jerusalem. Bulldozers destroyed a wall, surrounding a house, early Wednesday morning.

8. At-Tur, East Jerusalem. Demolition of 2 housing units on a house's roof. The police prevented the tenants from approaching, attacked one of them and arrested him.


‣ Northern entrance to Ramallah. Blocking the entrance to the villages of Kufr al-Dik, Marda, Deir Istiya, Kifl Haris in the Salfit governorate.

‣ Closing the iron gate at the entrance to Izbat at-Tabib.


Palestinian attacks on the Occupation Forces (IOF)

1. Hamra Checkpoint, Jordan Valley. shooting.

2. Jalamah Checkpoint, northeast of Jenin. shooting.

3. Tura Checkpoint, west of Jenin. Suspicion of an attempt to run over. The soldiers shot and wounded the occupants of the vehicle (details in the Attacks on Palestinians section).

4. Nitzanei Oz gate, west of Tulkarm. shooting.

5. Azzun, east of Qalqilya. Improvised explosive devices on military vehicles.

6. Burqin, west of Jenin. shooting.

7. Husan west of Bethlehem. Fire bombs.


Settles attacks on Palestinians

1. al-Khader, south of Bethlehem. Settlers, accompanied by military force, forcibly entered Solomon's Pools on al-Khader lands, within Area A. The Palestinian Ministry of Health warned against using the pools due to contamination, and bathing is forbiden until they are cleansed.

2. Hebron. Settlers marched in the old city under army protection, chanting racist slogans.

3. Yasuf, south of Nablus. On Sunday, settlers broke into a farm, killed the guard dog, and stole ten sheep, belonging to Murad Obeid. On Wednesday, settlers attacked vehicles at the entrance to the village, and smashed the windows of the vehicles.

4. The old city of Jerusalem. Settlers threw stones, and smashed glass decorations in windows.

5. Al-Aqsa. Another attempt to smuggle a lamb, to sacrifice it in the compound.

6. Burqa, northwest of Nablus. Sunday, throwing stones at vehicles at the entrance to the town.

7. Burin, south of Nablus. Attacking vehicles and houses on the outskirts of the village. The residents managed to fight back.

8. Huwara, south of Nablus. On Tuesday, stones were thrown at Palestinian vehicles. After that, fields were set on fire, shots were fired at the houses, an ambulance was hit with a teargas grenade and set on fire. The forces forced the residents to close shops in preparation for the settlers' invasion.

9. Al-Lubban ash-Sharqiya, northeast of Ramallah. Tuesday, settlers, under army protection, raided the village. Cars and fields were set on fire. They set fire to a room at a gas station. The fire department managed to put it out before it reached the fuel tanks. A settler attacked a car with a family inside. The residents went out to confront the settlers, and the army attacks them. 34 suffocatiion Injuries. Injuries by a rubber bullet, and one child was hit and injured by stones.

10. Baytin, northeast of Ramallah. Attacking businesses and vehicles.

11. Turmus Aya, northeast of Ramallah. Tuesday - arson attempts. Returned at night. The residents confronted the settlers. The army intervened and shot at the Palestinians. A minor was injured by a rubber bullet in the chest.

Wednesday evening - about 200 settlers from the Shiloh area and its satellite outposts, some of them masked, armed with M16s and arsonic materials, attacked the village for 3 hours. The army and special police forces (Yasam) intervened only after an hour and a half, during which the settlers set fire to 30 houses, some of them deliberately on their residents and 60 vehicles. Cultivated fields were set on fire.

The villagers confront them, and the army attacks the Palestinians. People from the surrounding villages came to help, the army prevents their entry. 105 wounded, 8 from live bullets (some from settlers' bullets), one dead. The army's response: We were not prepared. Documenting videos are attached.

12. Mu'arrajat, north of Jericho. Throwing stones at vehicles. property damage.

13. Za'atara Checkpoint, south of Nablus. Throwing stones and damaging the car of the journalist Khaled Taha. He was injured and his car was damaged.

14. Kufr al-Dik, west of Salfit. Tuesday, houses attacked. On Wednesday morning the settlers blocked the roads, and attacked houses on the outskirts of the village. Windows were smashed.

15. Beita, south of Nablus. Dozens of settlers entered the evicted Eviatar outpost to re-settle in.

16. Bab El Amoud, East Jerusalem. Provocations against Palestinians. The police attacked the Palestinians, and performed particularly violent arrests.

17. Giv`at Sal`it, north of the Jordan Valley. Expansion of the settlement by 55 additional housing units.

18. Al-Lubban al-Gharbi, northwest of Ramallah. Burning cars, vandalizing shops.

19. Kisan, east of Bethlehem. Destruction of cultivated fields through sheep grazing.

20. Birin, southeast of Hebron. Settlers attacked Ibrahim Musa Azazma. They injured him and stole his wallet.

21. Bruqin, west of Salfit. A family was attacked in their vehicle, and were injuring.

22. Kiryat Arba. Throwing stones and blocking the road, racist chants.

23. Ein al Hilwa, north of the Jordan Valley. Stone Throwing.

24. Ras Karkar, northwest of Ramallah. stone Throwing.

25. Kafr Malik, northeast of Ramallah. Stone Throwing.

26. Sebastia, northwest of Nablus. Attack on a house. Extensive damage to the contents.

27. Sinjil, northeast of Ramallah. A settler opened fire at Palestinians and at their houses. Clashes began, and the army attacked the Palestinians.

28. Mukhmas, northeast of Jerusalem. A vehicle was attacked. Property damage.

29. Urif, south of Nablus. Dozens of settlers, coming from the Yitzhar area, attacked the village. Confrontations. Eight settlers were injured. The army attacked the Palestinians. protracted conflicts.

30. Nahalin, northwest of Hebron. Throwing stones at vehicles.


Palestinians attacks on settlers

1. Azzun, east of Qalqilya. Throwing stones at vehicles.

2. Husan, west of Bethlehem. Throwing stones at a bus. Two settler vehicles entered the town and were attacked. Complete destruction of the vehicles by the Palestinians. The drivers got out unharmed.

3. Eli, east of Ramallah. Tuesday, Hummus restaurant at the gas station next to the settlement. Two Palestinians entered, opened fire and killed four settlers and wounded four others. One of the shooters was killed on the spot. Another escaped, and was captured and killed by special forces, near Tubas.

4. Shuqba, west of Ramallah. Stone Throwing.

5. Psagot, near Al-Bireh. Fire bombs on the fence of the settlement.

6. Highway 465, north of Ramallah. Stone Throwing.

7. Huwara, south of Nablus. Stone Throwing.

8. Hizma, northeast of Jerusalem. Throwing stones at a bus.

9. Duma, southeast of Nablus. Stone Throwing.

10. al Funduq, east of Qalqilya. Stone Throwing.

11. Jericho. Throwing stones at road 90 bypassing Jericho. One slightly injured by shards of glass.


The Golan Heights

Tuesday and Wednesday. Clashes, for two days in a row, between Druze, residents of the Golan, and police forces. The Druze are protesting the construction of wind turbine farms, on the lands of Mas'ade, Majdal Shams and Ein Qiniyye.

The forces fired teargas using drones, rubber bullets and stun grenades. Injeries, one was injured by a rubber bullet to his eye. Eight arrested. On Wednesday, Druze from the Galilee joined the protest and blocked roads.


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