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The Daily File – July 3-5, 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Monday through Wednesday.

Final data: The attack in Jenin

‣ The Jenin Refugee Camp covers 0.42 square kilometers.

‣ About 18,500 inhabitants.

‣ 12 dead.

‣ 1 killed during the support demonstrations.

‣ 140 wounded.

‣ 30 seriously injured.

‣ 3,000 displaced from their homes.

‣ 800 houses were damaged, 300 were completely destroyed.

‣ All the routes connecting the camp to the city were completely destroyed.

‣ No electricity.

‣ No running water.




1. Mohammad Emad Hassanein, 21 years old, resident of Ramallah. Originally from Deir al-Balah (Gaza Strip), but lived in the West Bank in recent years. A student at the School of Police Intelligence, his father served in Palestinian intelligence. He was shot in the head early Monday morning, during a support march that left the city to Bira to the northern entrance. Died of his wounds.

2. Samih Firas Abu Al-Wafa, 21 years old, resident of Jenin. He was killed on Monday, immediately after midnight, in the first aerial bombardment by Apache helicopters on a house where he was staying, which was defined as the headquarters of resistance activists. His father is a senior Petah activist.

3. Aws Hani Hannoun, 19 years old, resident of Jenin. Killed by a bullet early Monday morning. Active in the Jenin Brigade of Al Aqsa Brigades.

4. Husam Mohammad Abu Theeba, 18 years old, resident of Jenin. Killed by a bullet early Monday morning. Active in the Jenin Brigade of Al Aqsa Brigades.

5. Noureddin Husam Marshoud, 16 years old, resident of the Jenin Refugee Camp. Killed at two in the morning during the exchange of fire. A bullet hit his head.

6. Majdi Ar’arawi, 17 years old, resident of the Jenin Refugee Camp. He was shot in the head at two o'clock in the morning. One of three who were shot and seriously wounded when two tried to rescue a wounded man, and the army sniped at them. They lay wounded for a long time without being able to provide them with medical aid.

7. Ali Hani Al-Ghoul, 17 years old, resident of the Jenin Refugee Camp. He was shot in the head and in the stomach during the early hours of Monday morning. Died of his wounds a short time later. One of three who were shot and seriously wounded when two tried to rescue a wounded man. And the army sniped at them. They lay wounded for a long time without being able to provide them with medical aid.

8. Mohammad Mohannad Shami, 23 years old, resident of Jenin. Killed by a bullet to the head during the first hours of the attack (Monday morning).

9. Ahmad Mohammad Al-Amer, 21 years old, resident of Jenin. He was shot in the head and killed during the first day of fighting (Monday).

10. Mustafa Nidal Al-Qassem, 17 years old, resident of Jenin. Grade 1 student. Shot and killed during the first day of fighting.

11. Abdul-Rahman Hasan Sa’abna, 22 years old, resident of the town of Fahma, southeast of Jenin. Killed during the second day of fighting early in the morning. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, he was shot in the head.

12. Odai Ibrahim Khamaisa, 22 years old, resident of Al-Yamun, west of Jenin. Shot and killed during the fighting on Haifa Street. The Palestinians retrieved his body after the forces withdrew and left his body behind.

13. Jawad Mujahed N’eirat, 22 years old, a resident of Meithalun, south of Jenin. In the footage, he is seen walking near a movie theater unarmed and shot in the neck. Died later of his wounds.

14. Abdul-Wahab Khalayla, 20 years old, resident of as-Samu, south of Hebron. Shot by a civilian after running over and stabbing in Tel Aviv. Wounded eight8 of which three were severe. In the videos, it is clearly seen that the citizen shoots him even after he put the knife away.

Eyad al-Hallaq, a Palestinian youth with special needs, was shot and killed by seven bullets fired by an MGB soldier. The Israeli court today acquitted the shooter of all guilt.



1. David Yehuda Yitzhak, 23 years old, resident of Beit El. A soldier in the Nut unit. Shot as the troops made their way out of the camp. The possibility that he was shot by the fire of his colleagues in the unit is being investigated.


Arrests and detainees

1. Arrests

During the period under review, 150 Palestinians were arrested: Aqabat Jaber Refugee Camp 1 (minor); Bayt Rima 1; 'Ayda Refugee Camp 1; Tuqu' 1; Jenin 110 (47 of them are still in custody. There is no information on who the minor is); Huwara 2; Al Aqsa 3 (guardians of Waqf); Fahma 1 (14 years old); Nablus 4; Bethlehem 2; Biddu 3; Silwan 2 (1 minor); Bab al Amoud 1 (minor); Checkpoint in Qalqilya 1; Jalazone Refugee Camp 2; Kafr Qaddum 1; Husan 3; Tubas 2; Al-Bireh 1 (young); At-Tur 1; Ya'bad 1; al-Eizariya 1; Sur Baher 1; Qalqilya 2; Beit Fajjar 1; Silat ad-Dhahr 1.


Attacks by the IOF on Palestinians

1. Jenin. Operation "Home and Garden" (as it was titled) which aimed to destroy the military infrastructure and arrest Palestinian activists, began on Monday shortly after midnight. A series of airstrikes by Apache helicopters and UAVs, shelling targets in the refugee camp and its outskirts. Ten targets including: houses, a refugee aid center, a conference center, a mosque and the main entrance to the camp. In one of the houses that were shelled there was one dead and several injuries.

After the shelling, large forces (about 150 vehicles), accompanied by military bulldozers, were sent in several routes, and surrounded the camp. They cut off the roads between the city and the refugee camp. They seized several houses and buildings overlooking the camp, positioned snipers on the roofs and cut off the power. Residents received messages urging them to stay in their homes. According to IDF spokesperson, the force was the size of a brigade.

The bulldozers started destroying roads, hitting vehicles, walls, houses, and water infrastructures on their way, to isolate the camp from aid forces. Ambulances were prevented from entering and paramedics were forced to move on foot. Exchange of fire. The Palestinians activated improvised explosive devices on the bulldozers.

At that point the infantry were on the outskirts of the camp. Palestinian security forces arrested resistance activists who tried to enter the city. The forces in the camp and in the Mukataʿa in Jenin barricaded themselves inside the headquarters, and avoided action. There was a call, In the camp and its surroundings, to spread wet sheets in the streets and to burn tires, to disrupt the bulldozers and the aircrafts.

In the morning hours, after 7 hours of continuous fighting, the vicinity of the Freedom Theater and the Martyrs Memorial next to it were shelled, and families who found refuge there or lived nearby were affected. At this point there was no power in the camp, no running water and roads were destroyed. The bulldozers moved to demolish walls of houses to create passage openings.

At 11 AM reported seven dead, 30 injured, seven of which are in serious condition, but the final number was not yet clear due to difficulties reaching the injured. The forces shot at ambulances, at the public hospital (teargas and live ammunition), at medical teams and at civilians trying to rescue the wounded.

Monday afternoon: Eight dead, over eighty wounded, seventeen seriously. Monday evening, air raids in the Al Ansar mosque area in the camp. Demonstrations throughout the West Bank, organizing aid packages, blood donations. In the afternoon the funerals of the first dead begin.

At night, hundreds of families, 3,000 of the camp's residents - elders, women, children and those with special needs - were evacuated to the surrounding villages. Some found refuge in the city hospital. The army began to destroy the empty houses. First reports of looting of property by soldiers: an ATM exploded and the money in it was gone, money vanished from houses, photos of Martyres in evacuated houses were violated, food removed and more.

Tuesday midnight: Nine dead, one hundred injured, twenty in serious condition. During the day, twenty targets were shelled. On Tuesday morning, the forces bombed an explosives laboratory and a house. In addition, the forces stormed houses in the Jabariat neighborhood and around the camp. IDF spokesperson reported the destruction of an improvised rocket launcher. Mass arrests.

During the day, the government hospital was attacked for the second time, claiming that shots had been fired from it. Five civilians in the hospital were injured, three of them seriously. The emergency room was hit, and went out of order.

On Tuesday afternoon infantry forces tried to advance from the Jabariat neighborhood towards the center of the camp. Heavy fighting erupted. The cemetery area where resistance fighters were entrenched was shelled. Fatalities and injured. At nightfall the forces began to retreat. During the retreat a soldier from Egoz unit was killed. According to the Palestinians, the withdrawing forces were leaving explosive traps behind.

After the withdrawal of the occupying forces, the Palestinian security forces returned to Mukata'a in Jenin. They were met with calls like "traitors" for refusing to help, and for arresting resistance fighters. Shooting erupted, stones were thrown. The dead were buried the following day, Wednesday, in a mass grave. Fatah activists who came to the funeral are were driven away.

Twelve dead, one hundred and forty injured, thirty of them seriously. 80% of the houses in the camp were damaged. No power, no running water, no streets, the emergency room at the public hospital shut, no cinema, a mosque damaged, the Freedom Theater damaged. The refugees returned to their destroyed homes.

2. Al-Bireh, Monday morning. A convoy of cars protesting in support of Jenin. Clashes at the northern entrance, during which the army fired live bullets. One dead and several injured. Clashes continued throughout Monday. Detentions. Clashes continued on Tuesday as well. live gunshot injury.

3. Aqabat Jaber Refugee Camp, Monday morning. Military activity in the camp. Clashes, including exchange of fire. Raid on a house and arrest of a minor.

4. Bruqin, west of Jenin, Monday morning. Raid on the town and searches in houses.

5. Qalqilya. Marches in support of Jenin. Clashes in the southern entrance area. The forces blocked the entrance. The clashes continued during Monday and Tuesday. The forces fired teargas and stun grenades.

6. Nablus. Parades in support of Jenin, in the old city and in the Askar Refugee Camp. Early Tuesday morning, the troops raided the north and east of the city. Arrests. Confrontations. Clashes, in support of Jenin, also in the Balata Refugee Camp east of the city.

7. Azzun, east of Qalqilya, Monday. Protests in support of Jenin and clashes, during which four were wounded by live ammunition.

8. Bethlehem. Processions in support of Jenin, in the city and in the Dheisheh Refugee Camp (south of the city). During Monday clashes at the northern entrance of the city, and in the 'Ayda Refugee Camp north of the city.

9. Ramallah. Early Monday morning. Processions in support of Jenin. Clashes at the northern entrance, and on Tuesday. The forces entered the city center, and the Jalazone Refugee Camp north of the city. Two live bullets injuries in the camp. More clashes in the al-Am'ari Refugee Camp.

10. Nabi Saleh, northwest of Ramallah. Clashes on Monday in support of Jenin.

11. Beita, south of Nablus. Clashes during processions in support of Jenin, at the entrance to the town.

12. Jericho. Clashes during a procession in support of Jenin, at the northern entrance to the city. The clashes spread to the southern entrance, where one was wounded by a live bullet.

13. Hebron, Monday. Clashes in the Bab al-Zawia area, in the al Fawar Refugee Camp south of the city, and in the Al-Arroub Refugee Camp north of the city, and on Tuesday, in the entrance to the camp. Clashes continued on Wednesday. Wounded by live gunfire and many suffocations.

14. Aboud, west of Ramallah. Clashes on Monday in support of Jenin.

15. Silwad, northeast of Ramallah. Clashes during marches in support of Jenin. The troops shot live ammunition. Raid on the town early Wednesday morning.

16. Beit Ummar, north of Hebron. Clashes during marches in support of Jenin. On Monday, three injuries. One by live shot, and two by rubber bullets. The clashes resumed on Tuesday, at the entrance to the village. Another wounded by gunfire. The forces attacked a passing by vehicle on its occupants, threw a stun grenade inside, and injured the passengers.

17. Husan, west of Bethlehem, on Monday. Severe confrontations, during which snipers were positioned on the roofs.

18. Tuqu', southeast of Bethlehem. Protests and demonstrations in support of Jenin. Confrontations.

19. Beit Ijza, northwest of Jerusalem. Clashes on Monday. On Tuesday, a military vehicle was hit by a fire bomb.

20. East Jerusalem. Clashes in several neighborhoods: Jabel Mukaber, Issawiya, At-Tur, on Monday and Wednesday. Silwan, on Monday. On Wednesday, a military jeep was hit in the Ein a-Luza neighborhood.

21. Al-Ram, east of Jerusalem. Clashes on Monday in support of Jenin.

22. Kafr Dan, west of Jenin. Clashes and exchange of fire.

23. as-Samu, south of Hebron. On Tuesday, the forces raided the home of the Khalayla family (the family of Abdul-Wahab Khalayla, woh ran over and stabbed passersby in Tel Aviv), and detained family members for investigations. They were released, and the house was photographed and measured in preparation for its demolition.

24. al-Khader, south of Bethlehem. Clashes on Tuesday, forces fired rubber bullets, stun grenades and teargas.

25. Silat al-Harithiya, west of Jenin. Clashes on Wednesday early morning. Exchange of gunfire. Three injured, one of them in serious condition.

26. Kharbatha Bani Harith, west of Ramallah. Clashes during which the forces closed all the entrances and fired live ammunition.

27. Atil, north of Tulkarm. Clashes during Wednesday.

28. Ni'lin, west of Ramallah. Clashes during Wednesday.

29. Yatta. Four were injured when their vehicle was hit by a military vehicle during clashes at the northern entrance. The forces prevented medical aid from accessing the wounded.


Palestinian attacks on the Occupation Forces (IOF)

1. Qalandiya Checkpoint, north of Jerusalem. Shooting at the checkpoint, burning tires in protest of the attack on Jenin.

2. Beit El Checkpoint, north of Ramallah. shooting.

3. Nitzanei Oz Checkpoint, west of Tulkarm. shooting.

4. Nablus. Shooting at a military headquarters in the east of the city. On Tuesday, a police vehicle was shot at in the Samaritan neighborhood in Mount Gerizim. Damage to the vehicle. No injuries.

5. Shuafat Refugee Camp Checkpoint, North East Jerusalem. shooting.

6. At-Tur, East Jerusalem. An improvised explosive device on a military force behind the separation wall. A soldier was slightly injured.

7. Kafr Dan, west of Jenin. Pipe bomb explosion near a military vehicle. Damage to the vehicle. No injuries.

8. Beit Fajjar, south of Bethlehem. shooting.


Settlers attacks on Palestinians

1. Burqa, northwest of Nablus. Attacking a house near the cemetery. A mother and her son were trapped in the house.

2. Dayr Dibwan, east of Ramallah. Settlers attacked, using live ammunition. AT Palestinian was injured by a live bullet.

3. Bayt Dajan, east of Nablus. Burning olive trees and bales of hay, in the Zawia area.

4. Kufr al-Dik, west of Salfit. Settlers herd sheep on farmland.

5. Burin, south of Nablus. Arson of agricultural fields.

6. Al-Bireh. Northern entrance. Throwing stones at Palestinian vehicles.

7. The Old City of Jerusalem. Taunting of Palestinian passers-by under the auspices of the police. Nora Sub Laban summoned to be questioned for "harassing the settlers".


Palestinians attacks on settlers

1. Avni Hefetz, southeast of Tulkarm. shooting.

2. Huwara, south of Nablus. Stone Throwing.

3. Si'ir, northeast of Hebron. Throwing stones at a bus.

4. Bnei Brak. A 14-year-old from Jenin stabbed one of the residents, who was slightly injured. He was arrested.

5. Tel Aviv, a Palestinian ran over and then stabbed, injuring eight passersby, three of them seriously. A civilian shot him dead.

6. At-Tur, East Jerusalem. Stone Throwing.

7. Qarawat Bani Hassan, west of Salfit. A fire bomb on a settler's car, who was saved at the last minute. His car caught fire.

8. Za'atara Checkpoint, south of Nablus. Shooting at a settler's car. No casualties.

9. Beit Duqqu, northwest of Jerusalem. An improvised explosive device on the entrance gate to Pisgat Ze'ev.

10. Azzun, east of Qalqilya. Stones and fire bombs on a bus.


Gaza Strip

‣ Monday, protests and processions in support of Jenin, near the fence.

‣ Tuesday, five rockets were fired, one of which hit the roof of a house in Sderot. No casualties. The forces responded with an aerial bombardment on al-Baydar, west of Gaza City, and Beit Lahia, north of Gaza City. Property damage reported.


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