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The Daily File - January 2-6, 2024

Updated: Jan 28

Tuesday through Saturday.

The West Bank

The Gaza Strip



The West Bank - DATA as of Saturday, January 6th

Sources: Palestinian Journalist Syndicate, Adameer, Wadi Hilwa Center, WAFA news agency, OCHA-OPT, Peace Now.


‣ 324 Palestinians, including 81 minors, since October 7th (as of morning, January 7th);

‣ 514 Palestinians, including 127 minors, since the beginning of 2023.


‣ 4,150 Palestinians, including 610 minors, since October 7th, one-third of them by live fire;

‣ 12,600 Palestinians since the beginning of 2023.


‣ 11,000 Palestinians arrested in the West Bank since the beginning of 2023, including 1,085 minors and 300 women;

‣ After October 7th, 5,500 Palestinians were arrested, including 355 minors and 184 women. This does not include the people arrested in the Gaza Strip, held in Israeli jails or in the Sdeh Teman camp;

Jabel Mukaber

‣ At present, 8,800 arrestees and prisoners are held in jail;

‣ 3,291 are administrative detainees, including 20 minors;

‣ Over 5,500 administrative orders were issued since the beginning of 2023, 3,891 of them new. This is the top record of the past 30 years;

‣ 10 detainees died while in jail since the beginning of 2023, 7 of them since October 7th;

‣ Reports of harassment included stripping several times a day, beatings. Female detainees have reported threats of rape.

Beit Safafa


‣ The rate of unemployment is 46%;

‣ Holders of permits to work inside the Green Line (Israel proper) are prevented from accessing their workplaces;

‣ Farmers are prevented from accessing their fields.

Displaced Persons

‣ 1,208 Palestinians, including 586 minors, displaced by colonist and Israeli army violence, since October 7th;

‣ 444 Palestinians, including 224 minors, displaced by house demolitions in Area C and East Jerusalem. 1,153 since the beginning of 2023;

‣ 537 Palestinians, including 238 minors, displaced by demolition of 82 houses totally destroyed in military operations since October 7th;

‣ 95 Palestinians, including 42 minors, displaced by demolition as collective punishment, since October 7th.

Colonist violence

‣ 381 documented attacks since October 7th. 84 ending in casualties and the wounding of 103 Palestinians;

‣ Since October 9th, 9 new colonist outposts were erected, mostly on privately owned Palestinian land. 18 new lanes and Jews-only roads paved. At times, colonists block access roads;

‣ 49 cases in which colonists attacked journalists, mostly with soldiers present.


Fighting in the Gaza Strip - Data as of Saturday, January 6th

Sources: WAFA news agency, OCHA-OPT, partly relying on some data from the West Bank Palestinian Health Ministry, Gazan Red Crescent, New York Times (rape cases), Israeli army spokesperson.

Palestinians killed

‣ 22,722, including 9,730 minors;

‣ About 7,000 missing persons;

‣ 1,876 families who lost more than 2 members;

‣ 106 journalists, including 13 women;

‣ 144 UN employees:

‣ 42 civilian rescue personnel;

‣ 374 medical team members.

Israelis killed

‣ 174 Israeli soldiers killed in the ground invasion;

‣ 1,241 killed in the October 7th massacre;

‣ 25 killed captives whose bodies are held by Hamas;

‣ 3 captives killed by Israeli army fire.

Palestinians wounded

‣ 58,166 persons;

‣ 764 medical team members.

Israelis wounded

‣ 5,431 wounded in the October 7th massacre;

‣ 1,020 Israeli soldiers wounded since the beginning of the ground invasion;

‣ At least 30 cases of rape reported, some of those raped were murdered.


‣ 65,000 residences uninhabitable;

‣ 290,000 residences damaged.

Gaza City. Here stood a mosque

Displaced persons

‣ 85% of the Gaza Strip inhabitants are displaced;

‣ About 1.4 million persons are at present in displaced persons shelters, most of them in the 99 shelters of the Southern Strip;

‣ Rafah district is now inhabited by about a million persons;

‣ 900,000 inhabit the shelters.

Humanitarian crisis

Access to medical services

‣ 9 out of 36 hospitals are partly functional, all in the Southern Strip;

‣ 19 out of 72 medical centers are partly functional, all in the Southern Strip;

‣ Only 150 out of 325 shelters (some of them the UN’s) have access to medical services;

‣ The average capacity of hospitals now is 351%, in intensive care units – 261%.

‣ 942 wounded and ill persons have been evacuated to Egypt, out of 5,300 persons registered;

‣ 52,000 pregnant women, 188 births a day. 5,500 babies have been born in December 2023;

‣ 130 premature-babies in the Northern Strip, with no electric power for the incubators;

‣ 294 attacks on health facilities and personnel;

‣ 94 health facilities damaged;

‣ 76 ambulances totally destroyed.


‣ 179,000 cases of acute respiratory tract infections;

‣ 136,000 cases of diarrhea (in one week the number of reports among children under the age of 5 has risen from 48,000 to 71,000, namely an average of 3,200 cases of ill infants a day!);

‣ 55,472 cases of itching and lice;

‣ 38,010 cases of skin rashes;

‣ 5,330 cases of chicken pox;

‣ 1,100 patients need dialysis, among those reaching health centers and reporting.

Children scavenging for food

Water, food, hygiene, sanitation

‣ 930,000 have reached stage 4 hunger (defined as emergency);

‣ 378,000 are at stage 5 (defined as catastrophic);

‣ 90% of persons under the age of 2 consume 2 food groups a day (mostly cereals and milk), defined as acutely malnutritional;

‣ 25% of the pregnant or nursing mothers have consumed only one food group;

‣ Diapers supplied only to 25% of the babies in shelters;

‣ No clean water in the Northern Strip. The Southern Strip water supply is based on a single pipe.


Tuesday, January 2 - The West Bank


1. Walid Radwan, 18-years-old from Azzun.

2. Qusai Jamal Radwan, 21-years-old from Azzun.

3. Eyad Shbeita, 22-years-old from Azzun.

4. Mohammad Radwan, 29-years-old from Azzun.


42 persons arrested, including 2 women and a minor. The Israeli court has announced the beginning of investigation into the circumstances of prisoner Abed Al Bahash’s death at Megiddo Prison, on January 1st, 2024.


1. Khirbet Yanun, east of Nablus - villager detained at the checkpoint. He was violently attacked and his vehicle confiscated. Released, needing medical care.

2. Azzun, east of Qalqilya - army raided the town. Houses searched. During confrontations, 4 persons were killed, 6 others wounded. The killed persons’ bodies were taken.

3. Beita, south of Nablus - town raided, using live fire and teargas. No casualties reported.

4. Hebron - during a raid, soldiers attacked a person with special-needs at a shop entrance. He was urgently taken to hospital, suffering from lesions and contusions all over.

5. Al Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron - quiet demonstration protesting the goings-on in Gaza was attacked by soldiers with teargas and stun grenades. Suffocations. Then the camp was raided, houses broken into and contents vandalized during searches.

6. Al Mughayyir, north-east of Ramallah - the village raided with teargas and stun grenades. No casualties reported.

7. Jenin - large army forces raided the city from various directions, firing live indiscriminately and disconnecting electrical supply. Confrontations, especially in neighborhoods neighboring the refugee camp. One person wounded by live fire.

8. Ya'bad, south-west of Jenin - raid and confrontations. No casualties reported.


Beit Safafa, south Jerusalem - soldiers with bulldozer raided the land of the Alian family. Family members were distanced with harsh violence and preparation began for a route for Jews-only leading to Giv’at Matos.

20 dunams confiscated through uprooting of olive trees. Earlier, the court prevented this work. Later, confrontations and arrests begun.


1. Atuf, east of Tubas - a group of colonists backed by soldiers prevented Palestinian farmers from accessing their land. Soldiers confiscated farmers’ IDs and detained them for several hours.

2. Khirbet Thal’a, Masafer Yatta - colonists attack Palestinian farmers and prevent them from tending their land. The Israeli army declares the site a closed military zone and then detains the attacked farmers and conducts a humiliating body search (they were forced to strip and lie on the ground).


Tuesday, January 2 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

207 Palestinians killed, 338 wounded.

Northern Strip

1. Gaza City - the Israeli military retreated from sone of the neighborhoods (the Gaza Port, Al Shati refugee camp, Sheikh Radwan, Al Daraj, Al Shuja'iyya, Al Tufah and Al Zeitun). The extent of destruction is beginning to be revealed. Bodies strewn in the streets in a stage of advanced decomposition, prey to wandering dogs.

Entire areas are now nothing but rubble, no houses, no water, electricity or sanitation infrastructure. No paved streets. In other areas, snipers are at work, and rescue teams cannot approach.

Aerial bombing of Ansar Square, around the boys’ school sheltering displaced persons. 16 persons killed.

Sheikh Radwan neighborhood

2. Al Jabalia refugee camp - flooded with water and sewage as a result of damage to the central pumping station. Actual threat to displaced persons communities.

Central Strip

1. Deir Al Balah - 40 bodies and about 100 wounded persons reached hospital, released from rubble. In addition, 5 persons killed in a house bombing.

2. Al Nuseirat refugee camp - a house bombed, 9 persons killed, mostly children. Another child killed in another bombing.

Southern Strip

Al Amal Hospital, Khan Yunis

1. Khan Yunis - Al Amal Hospital with its 14,000 sheltered persons - bombed. Headquarters of Red Crescent bombed, killing 5 persons including a 5-day-old baby. Red Crescent communications center hit, its ability to communicate with the ground disrupted.

Joy in a shelter where electrical supply was renewed after 86 days


Wednesday, January 3 - The West Bank


37 persons arrested, including 2 minors.


Nur Shams

1. Nur Shams refugee camp (east of Tulkarem), Tulkarem city and refugee camp - nightly raid lasting 40 hours! Begun with a drone that directed a missile into the Tulkarem camp. People wounded. Then the camp raided with a bulldozer. Raid on hospital at camp entrance, main doors exploded and it became a military post. Confrontations began at this time.

At Nur Shams camp - arrest campaign included violent attacks against inhabitants, one of them lost consciousness. Curfew declared in the camp until further notice, snipers stationed on rooftops. Bulldozers destroyed a martyr memorial and seriously damaged infrastructures.

Tulkarem City - two hospitals surrounded (continued soon).

2. A-Ram, north of Jerusalem - night raid. Live fire and rubber-coated bullets, stun grenades, teargas. A 16-year-old critically wounded by live fire in belly and neck.

3. Al Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron - confrontations close to military watchtower at camp entrance. Live fire and teargas. No casualties reported.

4. Al Funduq, east of Qalqilya - an inhabitant shot and arrested, medical care prevented. His condition unclear.

5. Umm Al Kheir, Masafer Yatta - One person wounded by live fire, also beaten up.

6. Qalqilya - raid and confrontations. 3 persons wounded by live fire. Several persons arrested.


1. Jabel Mukaber, south-east Jerusalem - raid with bulldozer with intent to destroy a house and a shop. The house was broken into, its dwellers violently evicted, arrested.

Several persons wounded. Confrontations broke out and soldiers prevented medical teams from aiding the wounded. The house finally destroyed.

2. Umm Safa - digging works continued (probably infrastructure for colonist outpost). Soldier opened fire at inhabitants trying to get to the site.


1. Qusra, south-east of Nablus - colonists placed 4 new caravans on village land - a new colonist outpost.

2. Nahalin, west of Bethlehem - colonists uprooted 100 olive trees and grapevines.


Wednesday, January 3 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

128 Palestinians killed, 261 wounded. 2 Israeli soldiers killed.

Loren Al Komei killed on December 18th in Khan Yunis along with her family members

Humanitarian aid

13 trucks arrived bearing vital medical supplies including anesthetics, passed through Rafah crossing to Southern Strip hospitals.

No way of bringing supplies into Northern Strip - the Israeli army prevents, rejects and even hits them. A delegation with medication answering the needs of 100,000 people for 30 days including 8 food trucks is delayed and cannot reach the north. 105 trucks of food entered through the Rafah and Kerem Shalom Crossings into the Southern Strip.

Northern Strip

1. Jabalia Al Balad - entrance to school serving as displaced persons shelter - bombed. A child killed.

2. Jabalia refugee camp - a residential building bombed. People killed, their number unclear.

Central Strip

1. Al Maghazi refugee camp - several persons killed in bombing of a house behind an UNRWA school. Several persons killed.

2. Nuseirat refugee camp - aerial bombing of residential towers. Number of persons killed unclear.

3. Deir Al Balah - constant bombing for 2 hours. 10 persons killed. The Israeli army added 2 new targeted areas in a total area of 1.2 that must be evacuated immediately. 4,700 people inhabit this area, as well as a hospital.

4. Al Bureij - aerial bombing, persons wounded, mostly children.

Southern Strip

1. Rafah - mosque area is bombed, 4 persons killed. East of the city, a house is bombed killing 3 persons of a single family.

2. Khan Yunis - Al Amal Hospital bombed for the second day running. 4 killed women. West of the city bombed, killing 20 persons. South of the city bombed killing one woman and several wounded. North of the city bombed - 7 persons killed.


Thursday, January 4 - The West Bank


1. Wassid Jawad Bani Aude, 29-years-old from Tammun.


27 persons arrested, including photojournalist of WAFA News Agency.


During raid and searches south of Nablus - soldiers vandalized a Koran

1. Tulkarem, Nur Shams refugee camp, Tulkarem refugee camp - raid continued for the second day. Focus on Nur Shams and Tulkarem camps. 500 Nur Shams inhabitants including women and children taken in for investigation. A 65-year- old was beaten up.

The army has turned some of the houses into army posts and questioning rooms. Bulldozers continued to destroy Tulkarem camp and damaged water infrastructure. Smashed show windows, commercial establishments and several houses. Massive firing indiscriminately.

At Nur Shams - houses raided, their contents vandalized. Numerous arrests. Army retreated after 40 hours of curfew.

2. Sir, south of Jenin - house surrounded and raided. 3 persons arrested. After several hours, village raided again. Confrontations. The army prevented journalists from covering it, and even opened live fire. No casualties reported.

3. A-Thal’a and Umm Al Kheir, Masafer Yatta - works begun to pave road for Jews only, connecting Benei Hever colony to Havat Maon and Carmel colonies. Stun grenades and teargas thrown at Palestinians who arrived to protest.

4. Ein Ghurab, east of Bethlehem - a 16-year-old shepherd was attacked by soldiers. Arrested. All 60 sheep confiscated.

5. Tubas and Tammun (south of Tubas) - town raided, later extended to Tammun. Confrontations began. One person killed, shot in the back, one person arrested.


1. Kisan, east of Bethlehem - colonists attacked a Palestinian farmer, beat him up, according to him they also set their dogs on him. He was hospitalized with lesions and bruises all over. In the meantime, colonists destroyed his tent and vandalized its contents.


Thursday, January 4 - The Gaza Strip

"The battle is on Gaza, the war is over Temple Mount"

Killed and wounded

125 Palestinian killed and 318 wounded.

Humanitarian aid

177 trucks bearing equipment crossed through the Rafah and Kerem Shalom crossings.

Northern Strip

1. Sheikh Radwan neighborhood - a residential building bombed - 8 persons killed. Dozens wounded.

Central Strip

1. Al Maghazi refugee camp - artillery bombing. People killed. Many buried under the rubble.

2. Nuseirat refugee camp - a vehicle is bombed killing 5 persons.

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - a house bombed west of the city (Al Mawasi) - 14 persons killed, including 9 children and 2 women. It belongs to the Salah family and sheltered displaced persons. Aerial bombing of farmland - 6 persons killed. Around the European Hospital, aerial bombing killed one person and wounded several. The Al Amal Hospital area is bombed for the third day running - 2 persons killed. The Red Crescent appealed to the International Red Cross and the International Red Crescent to intervene immediately and protect the hospital from further bombing. There are 14,000 displaced persons sheltering there.

An infant and her sister survived a bombing

2. Rafah - a residential building bombed, killing 5 persons, including 2 children and a woman. 3 persons wounded.

Zoom In
Here are the names of the Abu Khatab family members killed in Al Mawasi, and their ages:
Mohammad Abu Khatab, 40-years-old • His wife Ja’ahrat Abu Khatab, 39-years-old • Maram Abu Khatab, 13-years-old • Riza Abu Khatab, 12-years-old • Mohammad Abu Khatab, 9-years-old • Izan Abu Khatab, 8-years-old • Lama Abu Khatab, 8-years-old • Ahmad Abu Khatab, 5-years-old • Lian Abu Khatab, 5-years-old • Hamza Salah, 14-years-old • Maram Salah, 9-years-old • Jamal Salah, 11-years-old.

Friday, January 5 - The West Bank


Wassid Anis Al Rimawi, 17-years-old from Beit Rima.


22 persons arrested.


1. Beit Rima, north-west of Ramallah - houses, shops and a local café raided. Confrontations. Soldiers lay ambush to a group of youngsters and shoot them all. One person killed, 7 wounded.

Beit Rima from two angles ↑↓

2. Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus - night raid with bulldozer. House searches, vandalized contents. Bulldozer destroyed infrastructures. Confrontations. 2 persons wounded by live fire. According to the Red Crescent, the Israeli army fired directly at ambulance and prevented the team from rescuing the wounded.

3. Madama, south of Nablus - large military force entered the village, shooting indiscriminately. Teargas fired at homes. Suffocations. In addition, mosque and funeral home attacked during noon prayers. Damage to structures.

4. Wadi Joz, East Jerusalem - Today, 13th Friday running, harsh restrictions on people praying at Al Aqsa Mosque - 15,000 instead of the usual 70,000 allowed.

People gathering to pray in the street were attacked by Border Police forces with stun grenades, teargas, and a ‘skunk’ water cannon. A woman was attacked by the police near Lions Gate. Journalists attacked as well.

5. Ya'bad, south-east of Jenin - town raided with massive fire. 12-year-old wounded in the head from shrapnel while at home. Confrontations.

6. Tura, west of Jenin - raid and teargas firing which set fire to a family home. All members of the family were wounded. Shops fired into, damage done.

7. Yatta, south of Hebron - raid and confrontations, no casualties reported.

8. Halhul, north of Hebron - raid and confrontations. Publishing house searched, equipment confiscated. No casualties reported.

9. Arraba, south of Jenin - raid and shots at vehicle. No casualties or arrests reported.

10. Al Arroub refugee camp - raid and confrontations. Live fire and teargas, suffocations.


1. Surif, north-west of Hebron - colonists from Bat Ayin fired and wounded a villager.

2. Al Shuyukh, north-east of Hebron - colonists attacked houses and vandalized farming equipment and a storage caravan.


Friday, January 5 - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

162 Palestinians killed, 296 wounded.

Humanitarian aid

80 trucks crossed though Rafah and Kerem Shalom crossings.

Collecting flour remains from house rubble

Northern Strip

Jabalia refugee camp - a drone bombed Al Faluja cemetery - 5 persons killed.

Trigger warning! The video shows snipers hitting a woman in the northern Strip

Central Strip

1. Al Maghazi - home of director of camp’s Red Crescent HQ bombed. At least 2 persons killed.

2. Al Nuseirat - bombings. 5 persons killed.

3. Al Zawida - 2 persons killed and people wounded in bombing.

Southern Strip

1. Khan Yunis - Al Amal Hospital bombed for the fourth day running. Bombing of the European Hospital and the western part of the city. At least 9 persons killed.

2. Rafah - 5 persons killed in a bombing at the town center.


Saturday, January 6 - The West Bank


41 persons arrested, including 2 women.


1. Nablus - a publishing house raided, vehicle and equipment confiscated at Al Ma’ajin neighborhood. Houses in the Old City raided. Confrontations. No casualties reported. Confrontations extended to Balata and Old Askar refugee camps, both east of the city. No casualties reported.

2. Qatanna, north-west of Jerusalem - town raided, confrontations. 2 persons wounded by live fire. 18 arrested.

3. Bal’a, east of Tulkarem - town raided in the morning. Snipers on rooftops. Shop raided in center of town, after doors were exploded and shopkeeper arrested. One person wounded by live fire.

4. Anabta, est of Tulkarem - confrontations. 3 persons wounded by live fire.

5. Zeita, north of Tulkarem - town raided. Searches. Confrontations. 4 persons wounded by live fire.

6. Aqraba, south of Nablus - raid. Massive use of teargas. Suffocations.

7. Sebastia, north-west of Nablus - raid. Confrontations. One person wounded by live fire.

8. Tell, south-west of Nablus - night raid and confrontations. No casualties reported.

9. Shu’afat refugee camp, north-east Jerusalem - night raid and confrontations. No casualties reported.

10. Kabalan, south of Nablus - raid using teargas. Suffocations.

11. Al Khader, south of Bethlehem - raid and firing of teargas and stun grenades at shopping center. Suffocations.


Dura, south of Hebron - residential tent destroyed.


1. Hebron - armed colonists accompanied by soldiers, attack houses in Al Jaber neighborhood of the Old City. Would-be searches in houses. Civilians prevented from standing on their porches/near windows/at house entrances.

2. Al Rakeez, A-Tawane, Al Mofaqara, Susia, Masafer Yatta - colonists grazed their flocks on Palestinian lands, protected by soldiers. Tree saplings vandalized.

3. Teqoa, south-east of Bethlehem - colonists placed their caravans in areas eaPst of the town and raised the number of caravans there to 5. In addition, installed a metal gate to prevent Palestinian passage. Connected a house whose owners have been chased away in the past.


Saturday, January 6th - The Gaza Strip

Killed and wounded

122 Palestinian killed, 256 wounded. An Israeli soldier killed.

Northern Strip

1. Beit Lahia - aerial bombing of house. Girl killed.

2. Al Shuja'iyya - house bombed. Number of persons killed unclear.

3. Gaza City - aerial bombing. 10 persons killed.

Central Strip

1. Nuseirat camp - a child killed, others wounded. Again, allegations of white phosphorous bombs.

2. Deir Al Balah - 3 persons killed in bombing.

3. Al Maghazi camp - house and UNRWA school bombed - 16 persons killed, 50 wounded.

Southern Strip

1. Rafah - a child shot to death by snipers.

A girl after a shelling in Rafah

2. Khan Yunis, west of the city - house bombed. 4 persons killed, 3 of them children, East of the town - one person killed. Al Amal Hospital - drones bomb, number of persons killed unknown.


TikTok Trend

In the Gaza Strip: "Take a picture, take a picture..."

In Nablus: "Do you like Hamas?"


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